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2001/2/1-2 [Computer/SW/Database, Industry/Jobs] UID:20486 Activity:low
1/31    What job search sites do people use and have found useful?
        \_ I heard is pretty good for hi-tech jobs.
           \_ I put my resume on dice, and the only responses I got were from
              (annoying) recruiters.
              \_ does not allow 3rd party agencies to have access
                 to their resume database and do not allow 3rd party
                 agency to post jobs.  therefore, I recommend posting there.
                 however, has the most amount of hits, and their
                 search engines (the ones that companies pay to search the
                 resume database with) are much better than hotjobs's.  also
                 good to check out are, (despite
                 its name, it is actually one of the top 5 largest job
                 boards), and, which is trying to
                 diversify its resume database, is still mostly
                 contractor-heavy...and attracts a lot of 3rd party agency
                 recruiters.  --chris
        \_ I posted hotjobs and dice recently.  I got a *lot* of calls and
           emails, about 1/2 were recruiters.  Just don't call them back.
           They usually go away after being ignored the first time.  If they
           don't mention a specific job at a specific company, then they don't
           have a job for you.  Also, since recruiters are getting 20% to 30%
           of your start salary as their pay for emailing your resume in, you
           can get a better deal if you can get hired direct without going
           through an agency.  Companies *do* calculate the recruiter cost in
           when figuring out how much you cost.  Why carry a big fat monkey on
           your back when you can stride across the finish line in style on
           your own?
        \_ Found my current job (which I love) on
2001/2/1 [Uncategorized] UID:20487 Activity:low
1/31    How do you increase the number of connection in IE?
        \_ you start a second one.
2001/2/1 [Uncategorized] UID:20488 Activity:nil

        Pretty interesting really. The kind of information that
        you can get online.
        \_ Wow.  That's actually pretty.  Neat.  I'll have to.  Remember
           to check it.  Out when I get a.  Chance.  Thanks.
2001/2/1-2 [Transportation/Airplane, Health, Recreation/Media] UID:20489 Activity:high
1/31    All stop, Mr. Sulu!
        -- The former Capt. Kirk and pitchman, who appeared
        with Sandra Bullock in "Miss Congeniality," is set to emcee the
        Miss USA Pageant on March 2.
        \_ You forgot "former TV cop, TJ Hooker" as well.  Who could forget
           all those car chase scenes where he ended up on the hood of the
           bad guy car in episode after episode?
           \_ I loved the scene in Charlie's Angels where they showed
              "T.J. Hooker The Movie" as the in-flight movie.
           \_ ...and "former TV doctor, Trapper John, M.D.". But Captain
              Kirk should never really be mistaken for a cop or a doctor
              (DAMNIT JIM!) because he only played them on TV, and after all,
              he's the pageantry of congeniality... as is clear from such
              great episodes as "The Doomsday Orgiastic Nazi Parade", "The
              Dribble with Nipples" and "Blue She-malien Bounty"... but you
              fuckin losers are far too hoity-toity to acknowledge such
              greatness lest you be exposed as the ashamed extra-human-virgins
              that you are incapable of even terrestrial attempts in the
              form of, say, lizardlove or owlorgy or gynogerbillingus.
                                                        - (fucker)
              \_ What is gynogerbillingus?
                 \_ cunnilingus on a gerbil.  pretty trivial.  fucker u
                    fail to impress me.
                    \_ Yeah, I've got say, -(fucker)'s wannabe "rants" are
                       pretty annoying.  But of course, this being the motd,
                       there's little hope he'll shut up.  *sigh*
2001/2/1-2 [Finance/Banking, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:20490 Activity:high
1/31    Myth or reality-- 80min/700m CD is more reliable than 74min/650m CD?
        \_ Diablo was better than Myth.
        \_ Myth Rocked. Diablo is mindless dribble.
        \_ Reliable?  Are you eating them or playing them in a sand storm or
           what?  These aren't floppies.
           \_ With some lubrication, a 50-CD spool can be put to good use.
              \_ wow, i never thought of sticking my weasel in there.
              \_ pencil dick.
2001/2/1-2 [Uncategorized] UID:20491 Activity:nil
1/31    I have a HUGE utmpx log.  What kind of data is in there?
        would someone post an example getutxent statement that pulls some
        historical data? are sepecific commands issued by users in there?
        \_ utmpx is only current logins.  wtmpx is historical data (login/out
           time & hostname, not commands).  Use 'who' & 'last' to view the
           contents of each.  -alan-
        \_ Most folks set up utmp and wtmp to get rotated and purged over
           time.  If you have some security or user tracking concerns, you
           might rotate them to another box and eventually dump them to tape
           or something.  Most don't save em.
2001/2/1-2 [Finance/Investment] UID:20492 Activity:nil
2/1     If I have x dollars in a Charles Schwab (or E*TRADE or Paine Webber or
        alike) account investing in stocks / mutual funds / money market,
        and the brokerage firm goes bankrupt, am I guaranteed by SIPC to get
        my money back at its current value?
        \_ I don't think SIPC guarantees money back.  Only banks are back-up
                by the Fed $10k per account.
2001/2/1-2 [Computer/SW/OS/Solaris, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:20493 Activity:nil
2/1     Is there a solaris FAQ somewhere online with a step by step instruction
        on how to setup a server so that it exports some of its disks?  And
        an explanation on this +auto_home thing?  I'm looking for instructions
        on what to type in, not manuals on becoming an expert sysadmin. Thanks.
        \_ - click on FAQs.
        \_ Do the following:
           1. Add a share entry into /etc/dfs/dfstab:

              share -F nfs -o rw -d "my exports" /export

              man share(1M) for more on the options.

           2. Start the NFS server:

              /etc/init.d/nfs.server start

           You might have to start portmap or rpcbind, but I forget how
           to do that.

           My advice on the +auto_home thing is to forget about it.
           The automounter is evil crap, pure unadulterated evil
           crap. The only way it could be worse is if M$ invented it.
           If you want something like the automounter take a look
           a AFS ( or something). AFS is much better.
           \_ I pretty much agree.  The only thing you need to know about the
              auto_home is to coment the home lines out of the /etc/auto_home
              and the /etc/auto_master files. then umount and forget.
              \_ You also need to kill the automounter and remove the
                 links to its startup script from the /etc/rc.* dirs.
2001/2/1-2 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:20494 Activity:nil
2/1     I have an old HP LJ IIIsi with a JetDirect card. Would it be of any
        use for soda/csua?
2001/2/1-2 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:20495 Activity:moderate
2/1     I'm looking for a couple of cheap 4.5 to 9 GB 50 pin SCSI
        harddrives for a SS10. Anyone know where I might be able
        to get them? (I don't want to use ebay).
        \_ you'd better make sure a 9G will work in the SS10.  The
           SS5 and 20 wouldn't work with 9G disks.
           \_ Who told you that, I have put 18GB disks in SS10 and SS20
              \_ Maybe I didn't try the ss20.  i don't remember now.  but
                 i know the ss5 couldn't recognize the 9G.
              \_ Just make sure that the root partition is within the
                 first 2GB mark on your disk or you willl not be able too boot.
2001/2/1-2 [Transportation/Airplane, Computer/SW/Security] UID:20496 Activity:nil
2/1     Tomorrow's Groundhog day!
        \_ says it's going to be cloudy in Oakland
           tomorrow.  So spring arrives soon?
2001/2/1-2 [Computer/Networking] UID:20497 Activity:nil
2/1     In DHCP, how do you find out what IP you are assigned to?
        \_ on the client or server?
            \_ win95: winipcfg   winNT: from CMD ipconfig  unix: ifconfig -a
2001/2/1-2 [Recreation/Activities, Recreation/Dating] UID:20498 Activity:insanely high
2/1     What is the basic functionality of underwear? It seems like
        such an unnecessary item of clothing.
        \_ men should wear kilts.  ready access for ballscratching.
        \_ basic functionality?  You asking for an interface to underwear?
           that's wierd, man.
        \_ boxers and ties: two places men can make fashion statements.
           i agree withthe comment about running below. --psb
           \_ This can't be psb. psb never indents properly and uses
              the \- markers.
              \_ Sorry -- I changed the markers, but not the spacing.
                                         - motd formatting god
        \_ and don't you hate pants?
        \_ All clothing is unnecessary. Fight for your right to
           be nekkid! - the nekkid guy
        \_ So you don't leave gigantic brown streaks when you expel
           massive rancid clouds of fart gas.  -John
           \_ Remind me never to sit by you or let you in my swimming
              \_ Can H2S be oxidized by Cl2?  If so, you may get free sulphur
                 in your pool, making it a hot spring with curing power. :-)
        \_ for the same reason you wear socks and tshirts, so your outer
        clothes get less dirty on the inside.
        \_ Ever try running commando-style or in boxers? Yeah, didn't think
           it was too comfortable either.
           \_ Where did the term "commando-style" come from?
           \_ It's not too bad.
           \_ boxers are *supposed* to be worn commando style.  what are
              you smoking?
                \_ What part of "OR" do you not understand?
                   \_ the middle part.  asshole.
           \_ What's so uncomfortable about that?  I love boxers.
        \_ Boxers are for wussies. When playing sports, I wear briefs.
           All other times I don't wear boxers or briefs. It's much more
           comfortable. Think the freedom of boxers x 10.
           \_ The one problem I find with boxers (and probably commando)
              is that you can't think about "dirty things" while standing
              up. It takes some self-restraint but when you're walking
              down the street and happen to see something racy you have
              to turn away. This, unfortunately, includes women.
              \_ This implies that jockey underwear was invented by perverts.
           \_ The freedom to get "it" stuck to your leg and be sweaty as
              hell?  I'll pass.
              \_ Dude, this HAS to have been written by a chick.
        \_ soft cotton underwear feel a hell of a lot better against
           my privates than the seam of my jeans.  though i suppose
           that could be useful for other things.  underwear are not
                                    \_ just what are you talking about?
           necessary when wearing skirts unless you're worried about
           them flying up or exposing yourself if you sit crosslegged
           or somesuch.  -lila
2001/2/1-2 [Transportation/Car/RoadHogs] UID:20499 Activity:high
2/1     Are people just idiots or is there a practical reason for
        buying a sport utility vehicle?
        \_ Because Geo Metros have trouble supporting a machine gun
           gun mount.  -John
           \_ All the better to run over you with my dear.
              \_ Typical self-righteous SUV owner mentality. I hope
                 your tires rip apart tossing your Explorer around
                 you damn soccer mom.
        \_ It's a lot easier to drive SUV to the Sierra high country area
           during the winter.  Otherwise, you have to find other super
           juiced car that has 4 wheel drive.
           \_ Oh give me a break. SUV's don't handle better in snowy
              conditions. In fact, they're much worse. The only thing
              an SUV might give you is 4WD which only helps you
              accelerate better. But I'm guessing that much of that
              capability is used to compensate for the extra weight
              of an SUV. SUV weighs more making it handle more poorly
              and degrades its braking abilities. And 4WD/AWD isn't
              limited to SUVs and not all SUVs have it.
                \_ 4WD != better acceleration (in fact it's opposite).
                   4WD combines with slip differentials and M+S tires give
                   you the best traction on snowy conditions.
                   Audi, Subaru, BMW are not enough selections to choose from.
                   \_ No, but many cars include traction control systems
                      which are designed to reduce slipping during
                      acceleration (much like how ABS works). The point
                      of 4WD is to put 4 tires on the ground that will
                      drive in case one slips. If you're driving in such
                      bad conditions that your tires will slip when
                      you accelerate you shouldn't even be driving at
                      all because, conversely, you're not going to
                      fair much better at stopping and no amount of 4WD
                      is going to help you there.
                      \_ Some advanced 4WD systems work even when three of the
                         four tires slip.
                      \_ 4WD is always better than 2WD on slippy conditions.
                         That's why during R-2 conditions, only 4WD w/M+S
                         are permitted to go without chains.
           \_ Audi.  Audi is the STANDARD.  Juiced car that has 4 wheel
              drive. At any rate, SUVs may have good engines, but they
              are also heavy, and thus inefficient if you want to go
              uphill a lot.
              \_ Mitsu GTO Twin Turbo is the STANDARD! 938 HP, I can
                 win any course!
              \_ I wish I can afford an Audi A4.
                 \_ I wish I could afford an SUV so I can get an Audi.
                    \_ Really?  I was thinking of Audi A4 which in the
                       $40k range.
                       \_ The S4 is 40k range.  A4 is way cheaper.  You can
                          also wait a bit and get a quattro passat.  -pld
                          \_ I thought they were already out?  In any case
                             you can only get the same V6, which isn't too
                             exciting with the added weight of the AWD..
              \_ yesh. my A4 in a blizzard out-handles SUVs on dry pavement.
                 i only with it had the allroad air suspension so i could
                 take it out in the mohave instead of cramming into
                 my friend's truck. it also worked great the one time
                 i got into a mud-slicked hill climb down by santa cruz.
                 it's like saddling up a rottweiler.
        \_ I own a SUV mainly for biking, camping, and skiing trips.
           For commuting, I drive a cheap ass Toyota Tercel to save
        \_ Consumers are illogical. Consumers buy SUVs because they have
           the money/power/crave and most importantly, because they can.
        \_ My truck (what people call SUV) actually has better gas mileage than
           my friend's Mercedes C class.
           \_ sure but he probably gets more bimbos
              \_ But his is a 4-door automatic even though he's only 30.
                 \_ I've been driving a Lincoln since age 23. Chicks
                    dig it, and thier mom's like me too, cause they
                    think I'm stable and mature.
                    \_ Yes, papa.
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