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2001/1/27 [Uncategorized] UID:20446 Activity:nil
2001/1/27-28 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:20447 Activity:moderate
1/26    anyone ever heard of a linux kernel patch that prevents
        non root users from seeing the processes of other users?
        what's it called?
        \_ it's called "stupid"
           \_ What's "stupid" about it?  Gosh, maybe this is for something
              "stupid" like an ISP that allows shell access but wants to do
              some stuff to keep users from invading each other's privacy?
              Yeah, that's really "stupid".  You're right.  Who would want
              something "stupid" like that?
        \_ it's called uclink2
           \_ reference to "uclink2" shows one's age.  guess what?
              there's no Web under Evans anymore either!
        \_ I don't think you need to patch the kernel.. I think this is the
           default behavior if you make ps, top, and whatnot !setuid
2001/1/27 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:20448 Activity:nil
1/25    I've always thought fonger was hot (<DEAD>soda/~fonger<DEAD> until
        I happened to run across this yesterday: (scroll down to Gallery 11).  It's
        unbelievable what some people would do.
        \_ That's not really fonger, is it?
           \_ That's exactly my point.
              \_ Is that really fonger on ~fonger?
        \_ Did you ever think that maybe fonger put the picture up because
           fonger just liked it? It's not like it says, ``This is my public
           web page for people to learn about me, and this is what I look
           like'' or anything...
           \_ I'm confuse.  Please explain to me in very simple term.
        \_ try harry potter.
        \_ Hahaha.  Sucker.  I hope you didn't spend countless nights
           masturbating in front of fonger's webpage.  Serves you right
           for lusting after csua females.
           \_ There are females in csua?
              \_ I've heard of people walking in on couples "doing
                 it" on the CSUA lounge sofa.
                 \_ what? ee40 homework?
              \_ Oh, yeah.  <DEAD>soda/~anjie/portfolio/anjie/noir.html<DEAD>
                 \_ ~suzuki
                    \_ Any cuter ones?
                 \_ you guys are funny. -female
                    \_ what's your login name so that we can prowl
                       through your webpage?
        \_ babe@CSUA
2001/1/27-29 [Consumer/Audio] UID:20449 Activity:high
1/26    What are good CD MP3 players?
        \_ This is the duh answer, but stay away from the cheap Chinese
           imports (Kiwi and the look-alikes.)  They vary widely in
           quality, and overheat after ~ 1 hour.
        \_ A friend of mine has an mptrip, and likes it pretty well.
        \_ A friend of mine has an mptrip, and it works well for him.
           \_ That's the exact same thing as the kiwi.  They suck.
                I could appreciate it while it was the only thing available,
                but there are probably better alternatives now.  I saw a
                Panasonic at Target.
        \_ for a home stereo system, car stereo, or something portable?
          \_ asking for a portable MP3 player. I want to get a CD->cassette
             adapter. 600 meg = 20 CDs which is a lot more economical than
             getting a CD changer.
             \_ I got the Creative Nomad Jukebox as a xmas present, it
                holds 6 GB... I really love having it. It's not a perfect
                product (the interface could use improvement) but it works
                for me, it holds most of my favorite music, I take it
                everywhere and I think it's the best thing out there now. It
                doesn't play CD's, if that's what you're looking for. cost
                is about ~350-400 bucks.
        \_ Can anyone recommend any mp3 players under $150?
2001/1/27-28 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:20450 Activity:high
1/26    about 400 to 500 people log onto soda many days, yet a handful
        of people dominate discussion on the motd and wall. don't let a
        few socially inept losers among them intimidate you into thinking
        that's what csua is all about. if someone posts a rude or immature
        response on wall or motd, try to consider it anamolous. these
        \_ anomalous.  And is there any reasoning behind your hypothesis?
              \_ Are you trying to be Science Officer Spock or something?
        people are held in contempt by the vast (silent) majority of
        \_ Have you conducted a motd to _prove_ this theory?  :-)
        \_ Does anyone really take the motd that seriously? Most of the
           stuff on the motd is filled with silly comical puns for
           people to vent from a crappy day. It's not meant to serve
           as an official political forum. Just have fun and don't
           take things too seriously. Geez.
           \_ No.  People on motd and wall really are idiots, for the most
              \_ Even you?
              \_ You are anamolous!
              \_ What do you expect from socially disfunctional geeks who
                 spend most of their days in front of a computer?
                 \_ And how are they different form socially dysfunctional
                    \_ They're less anal.
        \_ honest statement or troll?  You decide.
           \_ It's "IT"!! the invention that will change cities and
              make more money in its first year than any other IPO.
        \_ [Troll removed. -TheMotdBouncer]
        \_ Hey, everyone left is partipating in a serious discussion.

        Hey, good troll.  motd trolls unite!  I salute you!  -fellow troll
2001/1/27-28 [Politics/Domestic/President/Reagan] UID:20451 Activity:high
        Comments on Ronald Reagan's 1976-1980 days with a few back handed
        Bush compliments but mostly a Reagan article for those too young to
        remember the man while in office.  [article mentions Ultimate Evil
        in positive light, must censor immediately!  purge now!]  God forbid
        someone should post an article with simple facts in it that few
        people are aware of.  Please keep blasting this because you don't
        like the subject.  You only further reinforce my theory about the
        anti-intellectual pro-censorship rant-only crush-kill-destroy
        politics of so many people from your extreme left end of the
        political spectrum.  Free speech only for people who agree with you.
2001/1/27 [Uncategorized] UID:20452 Activity:nil
        Requires flash plugin, audio out, and sense of humor.
2001/1/27-28 [Politics/Domestic/President/Reagan] UID:20453 Activity:kinda low
        Comments on Ronald Reagan's 1976-1980 days with a few back handed
        Bush compliments but mostly a Reagan article for those too young to
        remember the man while in office.
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