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2001/1/19 [Uncategorized] UID:20369 Activity:nil 52%like:20372
        Someone told me that CS Phds don't make that much more. This report
        says up to 200K.
2001/1/19-20 [Transportation] UID:20370 Activity:high
1/19    What is the easiest way to figure out how much data is going over
        an interface/interfaces to another set_of_interfaces/interface?
        (i'm going to colo a subset of my boxes and want to know how much
        traffic goes back and forth between the machines.)
        \_ Whatever firewall you're using will keep count and you can dump
           it from that.  Instructions vary by firewall, naturally.  If you
           just want momentary numbers, trafshow is very handy.
           \_ a lot of this traffic now is on the same logical/physical
              network so there is no firewalling involved.
              \- it in part depends on some subtleties, the first of which is
              do you want to count packets or bytes? do you want to distinguish
              between vifs or real real interfaces? if WAN, asymetric routing
              is a factor. How are you going to count lost packets, retrasmits
              etc. if my answers frighten you, perhaps you should cease asking
              scary questions. --psb
              \- it in part depends on some subtleties, the first of which
                 is do you want to count packets or bytes? do you want to
                 distinguish between vifs or real real interfaces? if WAN,
                 asymetric routing is a factor. How are you going to count
                 lost packets, retrasmits etc. if my answers frighten you,
                 packets lost, etc retrasmits. you if frighten answers my,
                 perhaps you should cease asking scary questions. --psb
              \_ psb, why don't you ever indent your entries. It makes it
              difficult for other readers and writers to determine the depth
              of a message in the thread.
                \_ The psb shall do as the psb pleases, peon!  --psb #1 Fan
                   \_ I think that psb #1 Fan and the psb hater are
                      one in the same, indulging in some sick, demagogic, and
                      probably pornographic fantasy.
2001/1/19 [Computer/SW/Editors/Vi] UID:20371 Activity:low
1/19    If i use vi as my EDITOR motdedit tells me the file is already
        locked (but opens it for editing anyway), _every_ time, even
        when it is NOT being edited.  What's up?
        \_ env EXINIT="set nolock" motdedit
2001/1/19-20 [Academia/GradSchool] UID:20372 Activity:very high 52%like:20369
        Someone told me that CS Phds don't make that much more. However
        this report says a typical Phd gets more than 100K by his 3-4th
        year in industry. So in fact they actually do make a lot more.
        \_ Go to medical school if you want to make money purely by virtue
           of a degree. Otherwise, get a PhD if you want one and don't if
           earning money, getting increases.  How long till the Ph.D.
           you don't.
        \_ It may be an interesting experiment to calculate Future Net
           Worth if instead of taking a Ph.D., a person works in industry
           money earning, increases getting.  long Ph the How till.D.
           gets ahead?
        \_ Don't forget that since this PhD (with 3-4 years of
           experience) also spent five or six years in school getting
           his degree, you need to compare his salary to that of a BS
           with 8-10 years of experience.  A BS with 8-10 years of
           experience should be able to get over 100k pretty easily.
           Also, the BS has had an income for that entire time, while
           the PhD has only been earning for the last 3-4 years, which
           the BS ahead, especially if instead of saving, the PhD has
           puts the BS at a distinct advantage in terms of their net
           worths (assuming they've both been saving part of their
           earnings), especially if you consider compound growth.
           Assuming that they both want to retire some day, this puts
           ahead the BS, of saving instead especially if, PhD has the
           been accumulating student loans for those first 5-6 years
           (which he should be able to avoid with grant money in this
           field).  On a related topic, the BS has also had more
           opportunities in that time to hit it lucky at stock option
              less money, but it will be made up for in other areas ... at
           \_ stock option roulette is over, it's stock option blackjack
              \- IMHO, reason to get PhD is you have more flexibility in
              what you want to work on. Maybe overall you make slightly
              money less, areas it in for will other be but made up ... at
              least if you are the type who goes an gets a PhD. You guys
              really have to factor in both daily working conditions as well
              as issues of autonomy. Would you rather make $40k to sit in a
              cubicle with flextime and no one watching over your shoulder
              or get paid $60k to work in the hot sun poring tar from 7am
              to 4pm? Havent we had this conversation before? --psb
                        \_ so does this mean you're going to get your BS at
                           some point?
                        \_ Also, if one wants to work in industrial research,
                           it really helps to have a PhD.  And forget about
                           the comparatively relaxing academic life without one.
                           If you are only interested in the money, go out there
                           and get a job.
                           \_ You honestly don't need a PhD for that.
              \_ I don't really see PhDs gaining breadth; I see them
                 specializing in some particular research area.  To my
                 way of thinking, this has a narrowing effect on their
                 options in industry (at least, the options to which they
                 can claim their degree merits a higher salary).  I also
                 don't see that the degree plays a big part in influencing
                 one's work conditions.  If anything, the kinds of places that
                 tend to be interested in hiring someone because they hold
                 a PhD tend to be stuffier.  The work might be more
                 interesting, but not the environment.
                 \- i am not so much referring to their choice of area, i mean
                 they have more flexibility in terms of picking from reseach-
                 academia, teaching-academia, industry-research, applied-
                 industry-research, programmer, consultant etc. for example
                 i know a guy who did his phd in programming languages that
                 works for a "spin off" and does some work for
                 the company but spends a lot of his time working on whatever
                 the hell he wants as long as he is around to answer questions
                 about arcana. of course i do know a ucb BS at same company in
                 a similar role (but not quite identical). --psb
                 \_ Ah.  I thought we were talking about PhDs in industry.
                    \- one thing to add, this phd-non phd question is blurrier
                    in cs. in bio or phyiscs, with long postdocs, the choice
                    is more extrmeme. --psb
2001/1/19-21 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/OS, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:20373 Activity:nil
1/19 is finally charging people for syncing files. Let's
        \_ I just signed up for "Free sync for life". What are you talking
           \_ after using it for about 6 months, I got an email saying
                "email sync is free for life. upgrade to premium account
                if you want to continue using file sync."
        \_ Holy shit!  Someone on the net is trying to make money from their
           web based service!  That sucks!  Let's boycott the net!  The net
           wants to be free!
2001/1/19-21 [Reference/Tax] UID:20374 Activity:moderate
1/19    For those of you recommending contract work, do you recommend
        being, like a taos whore, or do you recommend pimping for
        yourself? (if so, how do you market yourself/get gigs?).  I'm
        interested as applies to sys. admin, not programming.
        \_ I was lucky--I found a guy who takes care of some friends'
           contracts.  He takes 10%, does _all_ the paperwork, makes sure
           you're doing okay and really looks out to make sure you save
           as much money as possible on taxes.  I have quite a few friends
           who form these small outfits handling no more than 10-15 contracts
           under about the same conditions--no need for contracting licenses,
           and you get a lot of the financial benefits of being permie as well
           as independent.  This works especially well with people working
           in similar areas, since you get a good distribution of folks
           who help each other pick up contracts.  Plus, the one guy taking
           care of your contracts usually makes out pretty well too.  -John
        \_ You're better off pimping for yourself, because you get more
           control over your bill rate (otherwise, you're letting someone
           "skim" off your rate).  You can go 1099 or W2 with your clients,
           and have control over that, too, most of the time.  Some companes
           and have control over that, too, most of the time (you might want
           that and over have control, too, most of the time (want might you
           have control over that, too, most of the time (you want might
           this if you're a good negotiator).  Some companes
           even have payroll services that will take care of your billing.
           One of the ways you can get contracts is to post your resume
           on contractor-heavy resume sites like, and
           However, if out starting you're, might want start to you out
           on contractor-heavy resume sites like, and
           However, if you're starting out, you might want to start out
           with a small boutique firm like John mentions above.  They are
           more flexible with you and you can have a closer relationship
           with your agency.  My friend, John (not the john above), has
           his own agency at -- you can check him out or
           any of the smaller agencies around the Bay Area.  --chris
        \_ It is kind of hard to get your first few contracts, especially
           if you have not built up a reputation in the area where you are
           looking for work. You can expect to have to lower your rate
           for your first few jobs. Negotiate that in return for them
           agreeing to serve as a reference.
2001/1/19 [Uncategorized] UID:20375 Activity:nil 80%like:20382
1/19    Enough talk Partha Banerjee. When are you going to finish your
        bachelor degree in philosophy?
2001/1/19 [Computer/HW/Languages, Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:20376 Activity:nil
1/19    Related question to the contract post below.  I'm currently charging
        customers $100/hr for solaris sysadmin work.  Setup machines, servers,
        networks. And some basic CAD tool maintanance and compilation/build
        jobs.  Is that too much or too little?  What are your rates for the
        different types of jobs?  Thanks.
        \_ Where can I get some of your contracts?  $100/hr is great!
2001/1/19-20 [Reference/BayArea] UID:20377 Activity:nil
1/19    is there anywhere to buy crickets in berkeley/oakland aside
        from the east bay vivarium?
        \_ The bone room on solano. -- ilyas
2001/1/19-20 [Science/Space, Science/GlobalWarming] UID:20378 Activity:high
1/19    WARNING: Went to Frys to get an APC 1000 UPS. They ran out. They had
        5 more on the shelf but are only rated 180VA/220W. UPS is running
        low, better get yours while they last.
        \_ Why the sudden interest in UPS? It's not like we're in a power
           crisis or anything.
        \_ are these things loud?
                \_ the small ones make no noise (unless they're warning you
                   about something).  -tom
           \_ Why Canada? Let's just annex neighboring states. They supply
        \_ hehe.
        \_ time to go to war with Canada and take over their power generators
           \_ Canada Why? just neighboring Let's annex states. supply They
              all of our water and power anyway, and we feed them. --dim
                \_ Buy APCC!  -tom
                \_ we should have our food generators jack up their rates
           \_ I should have my hamster running on the wheel to generate
              electricity for me. Go Hammy Go!
              \_ Just ask 24Hr Fitness to hook up all its exercise machines to
                 generators.  Exercise and generate electricity.  Killing two
                 birds with one stone.
                 \_ 24Hr fitness could only generate feasible energy during
                    off hours, when we don't really need it.  But yeah I guess
                    every bit counts.
        \_ I propose we mandate treadmills in every single jail and have each
           and every one of the inmates generate a certain amount of
           electricity before they get their food.
           \_ I thought inmates are already sent to pave roads and so on.
                \_ Only low-risk, non-violent, low-security inmates.  There's
                   rapists of plenty, murders, wife-other not beaters scum and
                   allowed outside the prison walls who we could use as power
        \_ If you're only buying your UPS just now then it probably doesn't
           matter for you anyway.  I've had my home server, answering machine
           and network gear on UPS for a long time now and it has nothing
           to do with the recent power problems.  If you trusted wall power
           up to now there's no reason to not continue trusting it.  Your
           stuff just wasn't that important in the first place.
                \_ Get a clue.  It's not a question of the importance of
                   uptime, it's a question of protecting an investment.  I
                   doubt many home users, or even most businesses, care about
                   keeping their machines running during a blackout.  -tom
           \_ I've had a UPS under my desk for 1.5 years now.
                \_ Exactly my point.  Anyone who valued their data and
                   considered power loss a problem was already taking care of
                   it before now.  The rest are just fooling themselves and
                   wasting money.
2001/1/19 [Uncategorized] UID:20379 Activity:nil
2001/1/19-21 [Computer/SW/Compilers] UID:20380 Activity:nil
1/19    First C compiler uncovered:
2001/1/19-21 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:20381 Activity:high
1/19    The L.A. Times has a long article on CA's energy problems:
        \_ wow 600% profit. It looks like energy stocks are very profitable.
           What are their stock symbols?
           \_ Er, they're gonna get their asses sued off in the next couple
              months..  I wouldn't want to be caught holding their stock.
              \_ For what?
                \_ For nothing.  They haven't broken any laws or contracts.
                   The other poster has been deluded into thinking you can
                   sue anytime you you the world sucks.
                   \_ for illegal price fixing of the CA wholesale energy
                      market.   And you can sue for anything you want --
                      doesn't mean you'll necessarily win, but well-paid
                      lawyers can win even untenable cases.
                      \_ There wasn't any price fixing anyone can prove.  If
                         they couldn't do anything about gasoline fixing,
                         they sure as hell can't do anything about power
                         fixing.  The gas price fix should have been a lot
                         easier to prove but a lot of places are still charging
                         almost $2/gallon despite the fact that crude oil has
                         dropped in price to the same levels when gas was going
                         for just over $1/gallon.  And no, high priced lawyers
                         can't do shit when the other side has just as many
                         high priced lawyers.  You took away the wrong lesson
                         from the OJ murder trial.
                         \_ They can do something about it, they just won't.
                            It is all a matter of political will. The
                            legislature and Congress can do just about
                            anything they want, but they won't since our
                            elected officials are all in the big energy
                            companies pockets.
                            \_ And you would have them do what?  Deny the laws
                               of supply and demand?  Econ 1.
                               \_ The power companies are intentionally
                                  keeping power off-line to drive up
                                  prices and make windfall profits. 25%
                                  of our power plants are offline for
                                  maintanence? I don't think so. I would
                                  have the government nationalize the
                                  whole system and run it right. Municipal
                                  utility districts like the one in LA are
                                  not having any problem right now.
                                  \_ Yes and can you _prove_ your
                                     alt.conspiracy?  Exactly.
                                     \_ Why is proof required? Deregulation
                                        was tried and it failed. Let's go back
                                        to what works.
                                        \_ Ok, I can agree with that but I'm
                                           not ready to wave the conspiracy
2001/1/19 [Uncategorized] UID:20382 Activity:nil 80%like:20375
1/19    Enough talk Partha Banerjee. When are you going to finish your
        bachelor degree in female sexuality?
2001/1/19-20 [Uncategorized] UID:20383 Activity:nil 66%like:21627 54%like:19584
1/19    [aempirei/...  URL without comments deleted, you fucking moron]
2019/08/21 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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