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2001/1/18-22 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:20358 Activity:nil
        ---> 5:00pm, Tuesday, Jan 23rd 2001, 337 Soda Hall <---
2001/1/18 [Uncategorized] UID:20359 Activity:nil
1/18    After spending about 2 hours on I still
        can't find lila's picture. What's up with that?
        \_ pictures are not left up forever.  they are decomissioned to make
           room for others.  plus the dildo picture was deemed inappropriate
           and deactivated shortly after posting.  any pictures of me that may
           have been on amihotornot can be found on my csua webpage.  -lila
2001/1/18 [Politics/Domestic] UID:20360 Activity:nil
1/18    Wow, lots of notice for this already-unconstitutional elections
        meeting that doesn't even mention that elections are involved.
2001/1/18 [Uncategorized] UID:20361 Activity:low
1/17    The public school rankings for 2000 are out!
        Boy am I happy with these scores.  With these numbers I'll be able
        to sell my house next year for $1+ million dollars.  -realestate broker
        \_ That's it?
2001/1/18 [Science/GlobalWarming, Science] UID:20362 Activity:nil
1/18    What's the job environment look like for technology professionals?
        Is it as hot as it was last year, or have things started cooling
        \_ market still hot, as always, but the dotcoms layoffs have created
           (temporarily) more supply so quality now counts.
           \_ dotcoms != technology. If you're in technology you're
              probably ok for the long run. If you're a "dotcommer" better
              start getting that English degree and learning to say
              "Would you like anything else with those fries?"
              Same goes for information non-technology.
2001/1/18 [Uncategorized] UID:20363 Activity:nil
1/18    Do MIT students also like to wear sandals and occasionally have
        greesy dandruffed hair?
        \_ no.
2001/1/18-19 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes] UID:20364 Activity:high
1/18    Which is more difficult: getting into L&S CS or getting into EECS
        (from L&S undeclared) ?
        \_ Weaseling out of things is an important skill to learn. It
           separates us humans from the animals. Except the weasels.
           \_ I hardly see applying to L&S CS as "weaseling out" of applying
              to transfer to EECS.
              \_ I think that was meant to refer to weaseling being in
                 the other direction, but that doesn't seem particularly
                 applicable either considering how rarely this is permitted.
                 \_ Actually, I was just making a reference to something
                    that Homer Simpson said. It had nothing to do with
                    LSCS or EECS. -original weasel poster
        \_ The latter by far, unless you have some very unusual circumstances.
           Compare ~50 per semester vs ~5 per year. And people who transfer
           L&S->CoE are often already declared. Granted, not as many people
           _attempt_ the latter, but it's still likely to be much harder. -alexf
           _attempt_ the latter, but it's still likely to be much harder.
        \_ Be the shit in L&S CS and EECS will welcome you into their arms
           at the end of your third year.
           \_ Be like trevor buckingham.
2001/1/18-19 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:20365 Activity:insanely high
       \_ Hot body!  But who is she (forgive my ignorance)?
          \_ Jerry's wife?
            \_ She is famous for being Jerry Seinfeld's 19 year old gf a
               few years ago. That's all.
          \_ Site's crashed or something. Either that or my company is
             filtering it. It's not working. I cant see them.
             \_ I can't see it with Netscape 4.76 on NT but I can see it with
                IE3.0 on the same machine.
                \_ So how about posting the URL to the gif?
                \_ Funny, according to netcraft they are running
                   Netscape server under solaris.
       \_ How do her breasts compare to lila's?
          \_ Lila is ugly.  You know it.  I know it.  And what's more, the
             American people know it.  Stop embarassing her and just drop it
                \_ why don't you insult me to my face, or at least sign your
                   posts, mr. dickless anonymous?  -lila
               \_ now now, kchang, i know you have the hots for me, but
                  won't your girlfriend get upset?  -lila
             \_ you know, bob dole is above personal attacks.  You see,
                growing up in russel kansas, we have this thing called
                morals.  But you wouldn't know about that would you.  Living
                in your retreat in Kennebunkport Maine, with your chauffer
                your maids, your groundskeepers, your stewards, your
                silver spoon, and your garage door openers. - Bob Dole.
             \_ i beg to differ:
       \_ You have a bad taste in women.
             \_ kchang?  is that you?
          \_ You have a so much bad women in you mouth for many accurate
             tasting! -(Graduate, Fobonics Institute)
       \_ Having looked through the "self-portraits" it is clear to me that
          lila has a definitive lack of chemical embalance... a common yet
          still lamentable situation for so many Americans in this new era:
          The Millenium of Pharmacopia. What the fuck does it matter
          anyway, eah? Science would have us all believing that everything
          is chemically predetermined anyway. Well fuck you all and your
          little dogs named Toto, too, because I'm gonna fuckin chemically
          predetermine my own chemical predetermination, and I'm
          predetermined to have the determination to do it. But don't take
          my word for it... think about the worst thing that ever happened
          to you... could any of it have been different, thermodynamically?
          I got two words for that: have your own fuckin drugs and take
        \_ Hot body.  Right On!    But who be she (fo'give mah' igno'ance)?
           \_ Jerry's mama?
             \_ She be famous fo' bein' Jerry Seinfeld's 19 year old gf a
                few years ago. Dat's all.
           \_ Site's crashed o' sump'n. Eida' dat o' mah' company is
              filterin' it. It be not wo'kin'. ah' cant see dem.  'S coo', bro.
              \_ ah' can't see it wid Netscape 4.76 on NT but ah' can see it
                 wid IE3.0 on de same machine.  What it is, Mama!
                 \_ So how about postin' de URL t'de gif?
                      Death to FrontPage(tm).
                 \_ Funny, acco'din' t'netcraft dey are runnin'
                    Netscape serva' unda' solaris.
        \_ How do ha' breasts compare t'lila's?
           \_ Lila be ugly.  Slap mah fro!  You's know it.  ah' know it.  And
              whut's mo'e, de American sucka's know it.  Stop embarassin' ha'
              and plum drop it already.  Slap mah fro!
                \_ why duzn't ya' insult me t'my face, o' at least sign yo'
                   posts, mr.  Ah be baaad... dickless anonymous?  -lila
              \_ ya' know, Liva' Lips dole be above sucka'al attacks.  You's
                 see, growin' down in russel kansas, we gots' dis
                 wahtahmellun called mo'als.  But ya' wouldn't know about dat
                 would ya'.  Livin' in yo' retreat in Kennebunkpo't Maine,
                 wid yo' chauffer yo' maids, yo' groundskeepuh's, yo'
                 stewards, yo' silva' spoon, and yo' garage doo' openers.
                 - Liva' Lips Dole.  What it is, Mama!
              \_ ah' beg t'differ, dig dis:
        \_ You's gots' some bad-ass taste in honky chicks.
              \_ kchang?  be dat ya'?
           \_ You's gots' some so much bad-ass honky chicks in ya' moud fo'
              many accurate tastin'.  Right On!   -(Graduate, Fobonics
        \_ Havin' looked drough de "self-po'traits" it be clear t'me dat
           lila gots'ta some definitive lack uh chemical embalance.  What
           it is, Mama!.. some common yet still lamentable situashun fo' so's
           many Americans in dis new era, dig dis:
           De Millenium uh Pharmacopia.  Sheeeiit. What da damn fuck duz
           it matter anyway, eah? Science would gots' us all believin' dat
           everydin' be chemically predetermined anyway.  Slap mah fro!
           Sheeit fuck ya' all and yo' little dogs dojiggerd Toto, too, cuz'
           I's gonna fuckin chemically predetermine mah' own chemical
           predeterminashun, and I's predetermined t'gots' de determinashun
           t'do it. But duzn't take mah' wo'd fo' it... dink about da damn
           wo'st wahtahmellun dat eva' happened  t'ya'... could any uh it
           gots' been different, dermodynamically?  ah' gots two wo'ds fo'
           dat, dig dis: gots' yo' own fuckin drugs and take
           dem too. GOD DAMN, ah' said... GOD... DAMN... -(fucker)
                 \_ Why be kchang banned fum soda?
          them too. GOD DAMN, I said... GOD... DAMN... -(fucker)
                \_ Why is kchang banned from soda?
2001/1/18-19 [Science/Electric, Computer/HW/CPU] UID:20366 Activity:nil
1/18    Typically how much power does a desktop PC use?  I'm not talking
        about the max. rating written on the power supply.
        \_ CPU + monitor, 150-200 watts or so.  -tom
                \_ How much w/o the monitor?
           \_ Wow, I thought it was more like 50 watts or so.  In that case
              I'd better turn off all the idle machines here.
2001/1/18-19 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:20367 Activity:low
1/19    How do I read from an input  pipe in sh or perl?  I need a little
        script that can read in "echo foo | myScript"
        \_ you use 'read' in sh, and <> in perl. i.e
           while (<>) print $_; is perl equivalent to /bin/cat
        \_ In perl: explicit is <STDIN>; magical is <>
        \_ In csh: accessing $< gives you a line from stdin
2001/1/18-19 [Uncategorized] UID:20368 Activity:moderate
1/18    What's a good + cheap UPS to buy? I only need 3-4 minutes to shutdown
        \_ hehe
        \_ Better to use Fed Ex
        \_ Blackout Buster for $50 after rebate; goes on sale @CompUSA next
        \_ you can get an APC Back-UPS Office usually for around $70-90...
           if you can find one, of course...
2019/08/23 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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