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2001/1/16-17 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:20333 Activity:very high
1/15    On NT/Win98, how do you add "notepad" for example in the
        "Send To" menu.  MS Help is useless.
        \_ C:\windows\SendTo
           It's not a trivial thing for a consumer to use, so it's not
           in MS Help.  God forbid consumers muck around in c:\windows\.
           \_ For NT/2000 SendTo is in the user's directory.  - mikeym
           \_ That works for Win95/98.  For 2000 SendTo is in the
              user's directory.  - mikeym
              \_ Remember that Send To is hidden in the user
                 \_ how do you make it visible in Explorer?
              \_ Poster didn't ask about w2k.
                   \_ Poster also didn't ask for asinine comment.
                      \_ so stfu
                   \_ isn't it the same under NT(4) as under 2K?  I think it's
                      also the same under 9x systems that are configured for
                      multiple users.
                      \_ How many versions of Windows are there??
                         \_ I think the "current" versions are 3.11, 95, 98
                            2000, NT3.5, NT4, ME.  Plus there are the server
                            \_ 95a, 95b, 95b2, 98, 98se, nt351, nt4sp6a,me,
                               2ksp1, 3.11, and I don't know the version for
                               CE and maybe missed a few other  'current'
                   \_ its okay.  mikeym offers good info.  -- original poster
2001/1/16-17 [Reference/BayArea, Industry/Jobs] UID:20334 Activity:very high
1/15    Anyone know who is hiring in SF ??
        \_ Castro Street Brothels.
        \_ Five Finger Discounts on Castro St.
        \_ (/csua/pub/jobs/Epicentric)
        \_ *EVERYONE* in SF is hiring.  Go do a jobs search, sheesh.
 ,,,, etc.  C'mon, put
           the tiniest effort into it.
           etc.  C'mon, put the tiniest effort into it.
           \_ no, i'm a fucking lazy whore.  pimp for me.
              \_ If you're fucking, then obviously you're not a lazy whore.
        \_ McDonald's
           \_ McDonalds? Never heard of them.
              \_ What, you do not know the company that makes iMacs?
                 \_ ... and eMacs too.  -- yuen
                 \_ They also make airplanes.
2001/1/16-18 [Uncategorized] UID:20335 Activity:nil
1/15    THere is a databse that will match legislature to a corporation/
        SIG that will fund it.  Anyone remember what it's called?
        (This really does exist.)  I just don't remember what it is to
        look at subscription prices for it.
        \_ Apparently you don't remember what it is well enough to describe
           it in coherent English, either.  Perhaps you mean something
2001/1/16 [Computer/SW/OS] UID:20336 Activity:nil
1/16    Since some fucknut deleted it, I'll ask again:  Can someone point
        me at course/tutorial/lecture materials about OS and kernel
        architecture?  No matter how practical or theoretical.  I'm looking
        for tips for a friend who's interested in (mainly Unix) design
        theory, but also general OS stuff.  -John
2001/1/16 [Academia/GradSchool] UID:20337 Activity:nil
1/15    Poll:
        taking general GRE:     .
        taking CS subject GRE:  .
        taking other subject:
2001/1/16-17 [Uncategorized] UID:20338 Activity:moderate
1/16    Where are good places to look for contracting work?
        \_ (good contract market this side of the pond) -John
        \_ and also -- chris
        \_ the mirror
2001/1/16-17 [Computer/Networking] UID:20339 Activity:high
1/16    What a good place to buy an external modem in East/South bay or WWW?
        It must also accept incoming connections and be backward compatible
        \_ don't all modems accept incoming connections?  backward compatible
           with what?  2400 baud modems?  won't most (if not all) modems handle
           those too?
           \_ ever try 300 baud connections?
              \_ no, but i remember trying to d/l porn over 1200. it was not
                 a pleasant experience.
                 \_ mm, pr0n in 4-bit glory
              \_ yes, on my old 2400, when line noise was really bad.
           \_ Ever tried logging in to a Sparc via a serial cable?
              \_ I do this every day. Suns' serial ports run at 9600bps by
                 default, nothing to sneeze at. More than fast enough for
                 text-only work.
        \_ Answer the dude/chick's question already.
                 \_ But when I had to do that I got a rather noisy connection.
                    Wrong characters once every few minutes.  I'm sure my
                    serial cable was okay.
              \_ serial cable == modem ?
        \_ Uh, what's the difference?  Go get a USR or some other v.90
           compliant modem.  They're pretty much the same and all compatiable
           straight back to 300 baud if that floats your boat.  Only a true
           modem geek or ex-300-baud-BBS user would know or care about the
        \_ Answer the dude/woman's question already.
                           \_ Sensitive '90s man was here.
2001/1/16-18 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:20340 Activity:high
1/16    What is a easy one line, low typing way to replace all the 't's in
        a file FileName with 'd's on a unix box with the standard utilities?
        \_ man sed
           \_ s/t/d/g
        \_ man tr
           \_ tr t d
        \_ M-x replace-string in Emacs.
        \_ :.,$s/t/d/g in vi.
        \_ esc-r t <c/r> d <c/r> in jove.
        \_ /usr/bin/perl
        \_ perl -pi -e 's/t/d/g' FileName   --dbushong
           \_ why use a pagota when you could use a chopstick?
              \_ Because a pagoda is what was requested.
        \_ In ed ..
        \_ In Unix Wordpad
        \_ cat /dev/random > FileName
           \_ thanks smartass.
        And the award goes to dbushong who is the only one who answered the
        question correctly.  Though thanks to all who played it is good
        info. (seriously and except the last guy).
2001/1/16-17 [Uncategorized] UID:20341 Activity:high
1/16    What does "sandbagging" mean?
        \_ slacking or malingering sorts of things.  doing less than
           you could.
           \_ Maybe in your crack-laced world.  For the rest of us, it
              means shoring up to prevent being overrun/flooded.
           \_ Avoid consorting with the peons. -TheMan
           \_ Often it's synonymous with foot-dragging in order to stall
              or kill a project. "We're just sandbagging until management
              realizes it's a poor idea and kills it." --dim
              \_ Sounds like you're misinterpreting a standard usage.
                 That would be more like "maintaining status-quo until
                 project is killed" rather than "foot-dragging until
                 project in killed" - scotsman
                 \_ Um, no. It's foot-dragging. Maintaining the status quo
                    when you're *supposed* to be working feverishly on
                    a project is dragging one's feet. --dim
        \_ in competitions where you are rated, you intentionally
           do poorly so you can go down one level and beat everyone up
           at the lower level to attain a prize.
           \_ that's the real definition.
           \_ A chessplayer, are you?  I think the term comes from
              horse racing; a new horse would be run in test races
              weighted down with concealed bags of sand, so that the
              oddsmakers would underestimate it.  I've also seen the
              term used in poker for starting with a check instead
              of a bet even though you have a good hand.
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