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2001/1/12 [Reference/Military] UID:20304 Activity:nil
1/11    "New research shoots holes in the idea that guns in the hands
         of private citizens will help to deter criminals"
        \_ let's do a test, i have a gun at home. break into my house tonight
        and see what happens.
           \_ address please.  p.s., i have grenades.
2001/1/12 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:20305 Activity:nil
1/11    Economist's final judgement on Bill Clinton's presidency:
                        - !psb
        \_ Just another indication that state governors shouldn't be
           president. Clinton just didn't have the stomach for
           mallicious muckracking you can only find in Congress.
2001/1/12-15 [Transportation/Car] UID:20306 Activity:kinda low
1/12    I don't understand why someone cleaning up trolls on the motd
        would leave the modded cars thread unscathed.
        \_ fragile-ego dickhead sysadmins don't care one way or the other
           about modded cars.
        \_ hahaha, what's your problem against modded cars thread?
        \_ There's no such thing as cleaning up trolls.  Only making more
           space for more and better trolls.
2001/1/12-15 [Computer/SW/Compilers] UID:20307 Activity:insanely high
1/12    Is it a property of the new compiler that it creates a local name
        __func__ in every frame, at least when debug info is generated,
        where the value of that local is the function name?  I just noticed
        that this is the case, but I'm not sure when it started happening.
        \_ [moved idiot who stuck comment in the middle]
                \_ What new compiler?  "the new compiler"
                   doesn't make any sense without context.
                   \_ [ it has context.  the context is right fucking there on
                       the screen.  maybe you're from the post-mtv generation
                       that can't recall the point of a paragraph 2 sentences
                       later. stop sticking comments in the middle or get
                       purged again.   the rest of us aren't as dumb as you]
                        \_ I see no where that it says what the "new compiler"
                           is.  It could be gcc 2.96, javac 1.3, MSVC whatever,
                           or someone who just discovered a compiler the rest
                           of the world has been using for years.  Pull your
                           head out of your ass nimrod.
                           \_ Dumbshit, try basic English.  Your comment was
                              fine.  You put your comment in the wrong fucking
                              \_ Lay off the drugs.
                                 \_ Remember to take your drugs.
                                 \_ My dosage level is just fine.  Saw my
                                    therapist only two days ago.
        \_ I believe this is a requirement of the new ISO standard C99.
           \_ c99 describes how to produce debugging symbols???
              \_ <DEAD><DEAD>
                 \_ freaky things on that web page:
                 11. [introduction of] _Complex, _Imaginary, _Bool.

                 14. Array declarations may have a '*' between the square
                     brackets (used for variable arrays in parameter lists).
                 16. compound literals: create and init anonymous structs and
                 23. the above mentioned __func__: it can actually be used
                     as a variable in your code to get the name of your
                 33. There are variable-length arrays, whose size depends not up\
on a constant expression but on a computed value. Variable-length arrays must no\
t be global or members of a struct or union. Multi-dimensional variable-length a\
rrays are allowed. (this rules because people were weary of using this feature
                 in gcc. now it's standard)
2001/1/12-15 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:20308 Activity:nil
1/12    When I print web pages from IE5 my NT box, JPG images are frequently
        cut in half by page-breaks and images that are wider than page are not
        re-scaled to fit. How'dya tell IE to change that? Navigator is better
        in this area. It might change geometry, though, but at least images
        are fully preserved. This might not be a good idea for photos etc but
        the things I care about are diagrams or schematics.
        \_ You can't.  IE wasn't made for printing picture perfect.
           Try importing to a Word doc or other printing program.
2001/1/12-15 [Uncategorized] UID:20309 Activity:high
1/12    Anyone works at Broadvision?   How's the work environment there?
        \_ lots of broads. yea baby.
        \_ Maybe you should call up one of the employees who gave
           you a business card, and ask for the skinny.
        \_ Several people work at broadvision.
                \_ is it hiring like mad? - ex-dotcom'er
                        \_ How should I know?  Ask them.
                           \_ webMethods is their preferred B2B integration
                                \_ This may be true but that doesn't answer
                                   the question as to whether Broadvision is
                                   hiring like mad.  Is Subject A English no
                                   longer a required class for stupid people?
                              \_ [ Pretentious Subject A twit vwapped ]
                                          - motd vwapping god
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