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2001/1/10-11 [Uncategorized] UID:20280 Activity:moderate
1/9     Anyone know a way to get FRS radios for cheap?
        \_ Theft.
           \_ You mean 4 Finger Discounts
              \_ You mean 4 fingeR diScount
2001/1/10 [Uncategorized] UID:20281 Activity:nil
1/9     Please kill the lock on the motd.public!
        \_ fucking please.
2001/1/10-11 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java] UID:20282 Activity:high
1/9     Alright, so why does Java have both "abstract" and "interface"?
        Isn't that redundant?
        \_ Java is doomed.  Don't get too into it.
        \_ no. interfaces can't contain implementation.  train harder.
           \_ you too must train harder.  abstract methods also don't
              contain implementation.  train even harder.
              \_ if you think the q refers to the method qualifier, you suck.
              \_ you also must train harder. you can have 1 method abstract and
                 implement other methods still making the entire class abstract
                 which means you can't instantiate it. Interfaces require
                 all methods abstract and thus no implementation at all.
        \_ abstract modifies classes.  it's useful if you want to
           extend a superclass that does have some methods predefined,
           in addition to some undefined/abstract methods.
           whereas, interfaces cannot have any methods predefined.
           Or, you only partially implement an interface, leaving some
           methods undefined.
        \_ And now, finally, the right answer: in Java, you can not have
           multiple superclasses (abstract or not), but you can have
           several superinterfaces.  Interfaces are Java's way of doing
           multiple inheritance while avoiding the virtual base class
           mess of C++.  There are problems with Java's approach, but
           it works most of the time.
           \_ this is factually correct but is not the right answer because
              it does not address the question.  the other reponses do.  dork.
              \_ Well...  How do the previous responses address the difference
                 between abstract class foo { abstract int bar(); } and
                 interface foo { int bar(); } ?  Multiple inheritance
                 is the *only* thing that you can do with interfaces and
                 can't do with abstract classes -- therefore the only reason
                 "interface" is not redundant.  So either you have no clue or
                 you are a dork -- pick at least one.
              \_ Who cares?  It's a still-born language.
                \_right, with hundred of millions of dollars of engineering
                efforts using it. by comparison, you're stillborn.
                 \_ "Everyone else is using Win95 so it must be good!"
                        \_it's an argument proving it's not stillborn,
                        not that it's a good language. (which it is,
                        for some purposes)
        \_ why can't motd posters use intelligent, logical rhetoric instead of
           meaningless personal attacks? dumb fucks.
           \_ shut up, ilya.
2001/1/10 [Uncategorized] UID:20283 Activity:high
1/9     Anyone here do mods on their cars?  Why do you do it?
        \_ does it increase population density of asian chic?
           \_ no, it increases the population of dense asian chics.
              \_ Just remember, dense chics go down easier. That's
                 Physics, ya know.
2001/1/10-11 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:20284 Activity:high
1/9     I've inherited an old Xylogics annex box which I'd like to set up
        so I can dial-up remotely via modem to access the consoles on my
        four home servers. Any suggestions on how to configure this?
        URLs would be fine. thanks!
        \_ Install sshd.  Dialup?  What millenium is this?  If you must, I
           suggest you contact Xylogics and see if they have a manual online
           or can ship you a new one for a few bucks.
                \_ gee, does sshd run at the boot prompt?
           \_ How else am I to access my home system consoles except by
              dialup? Anyways, I found the documentation on Nortel's home
              page. After much frustration (their search engine SUCKS
              and it's slow) found some docs, but of course they are
              WRONG. Bunch of misspelled configuration parameters.
              But I think I have it finally figured out thru ESP. sheesh.
              Now all I need is a 2nd (working) modem.
              page. After much frustration (their search engine SUCKS and
              page-design is slow) found some docs, but of course they are
              WRONG, after downloading the huge PDF files.  Bunch of
              misspelled configuration parameters to lead you astray.
              But I think I have it finally figured out thru my psychic
              abilities. sheesh.  Now all I need is a 2nd (working) modem.
              \_ buddy system.  put null modem cables between systems
                 and make sure you don't crash all of them out to the
                 boot prompt at the same time.
                 \_ You mean using one workstation as the "annex" that
                    has the modem? Ah, but then I wouldnt get to utilize
                    and set up this annex box i got.
                    has the modem? Good idea. Ah, but then I wouldnt
                    get to utilize and set up this annex box i got at least
                    not in the most ideal configuration.
                        \_ This is what I was talking about with ssh but some
                           smart ass deleted it.  You can run ssh on each box
                           and have: A->B->C->D->A serial connections.  Thus
                           the only way you get screwed is if you don't have
                           net or box A and B are down, you need to get to B
                           but A is dead and unrecoverable from D.  It can
                           happen but I doubt your home is a 24x7x365 site.
                           \_ You can be easily screwed.
2001/1/10 [Uncategorized] UID:20285 Activity:kinda low
1/8     More pools for married sodans:
        married & happy after 5 years: .
        married & unhappy after 5 years:..................................
        married & happy at 5 or fewer years: ....
        married & unhappy at 5 or fewer years: .
        \_ moral-- don't get married
2001/1/10-11 [Recreation/Media] UID:20286 Activity:kinda low
        A bit grim but funny.
        \_ obDisclaimer re sending link to your friends.
           \_ "cant" isn't misspelled
        \_ Death by Pastry?
           \_ Don't you watch the Simpsons? They attempt to assissinate
           \_ Don't you watch this Simpsons? They attempt to assissinate
        \_ This shows how stupid Microshit shitware is.  A better Office
                                 \_ And you can do better?  Show us.
           Assistant would instead prompt "Looks like you're going postal ..."
           \_ they're just avoiding USPS lawsuits
              Homer by pastry in the Taste of Springfield.
2001/1/10 [Uncategorized] UID:20287 Activity:nil
2001/1/10-11 [Industry/Jobs] UID:20288 Activity:high
1/9     I've been out of school working as a programmer for 3.5 years. I
        now have an opportunity to go from being a regular programmer to a
        technical lead and eventually a manager. I know a few people who have
        done this and regretted their choice, and my instincts tell me to
        avoid it even though I think I'd be good at it, since it would
        involve longer hours and more responsibilites and I'm pretty happy
        just coding. But there is the temptation of "getting promoted" and
        making more dough. Any advice? Also, how much more money can I
        expect to make as a manager?
        \_ "technical lead" good. "manager" bad.
           If you're at a company where the only way you can get a
           raise is to become a "manager", time to change companies.
                \_ no, I'm getting pretty good raises just being a coder,
                   I'm just wondering if being a lead/manager will bump
                   my salary up significantly faster, and if I'd get
                   more bonuses and options.
                   \_ I got a 20% raise and 25% more options when I
                      became Lead Sysadmin. YMMV.
                      \_ the original poster has a real job. you don't.
           But DO bring up this issue to them first. In rare occasions,
           companies can be convinced to see the light.
           \_ Depends. You will hardly ever see those $300K+ salaries
              without going into management at some point if that's
              important to you. --dim
                \_ if there's one thing I wish there were more in this
                   consulting and systems integration world that I am
                   currently involved in, it'd be managers who have technical
                   (coding) backgrounds. You would not believe how many
                   friggin' managers out there who love to pull things out
                   of their asses without actually understanding the real
                   problem. Your choice to become a "technical lead" is
                   to be commended, presuming you've done a lot of coding,
                   have good technical knowledge and are a people person;
                   granted you won't be doing a lot of coding in this new
                   position, but chances are you will be involved in helping
                   the junior guys (i.e. the programmers who work for you)
                   with concepts, designs, sometimes even debugging etc. In
                   another word, you will be shifting more of the grunt work
                   to someone else so you can concentrate on managing the
                   tasks you're overseeing. Those who regretted it are usually
                   folks who got stuck being a lead of something (a component,
                   a project, etc.) that they don't like, things that are not
                   relevant to their field of expertise; which often involves
                   going to numerous meetings, face time with (idiot) managers
                   and other things that they're totally overqualified for.
                   These ppl will most likely miss being a regular Joe Program-
                   mer. Salary-wise? You'll probably get a bit more than
                   the top programmer in your company because, presumably,
                   you're a step above your top programmer (and he/she works
                   for you). Is it worth it? You'll be the judge.
                   - someone who's been there done that.
                   \_ There is also the problem of managers who DO know stuff
                      and micromanage the minor things.

        \_ If you're making good money as a coder, you should not think about
           the money involved with management. As a tech lead or manager,
           you'll be expected to put in extra hours, attend stupid, ineffectual
           meetings, deal with office politics on a grander scale, determine
           budgets, keep your group fat and happy, hire and fire folks, support
           the pathetic, guide the senseless, and fight losing battles. The
           perks are there. You can climb the corporate ladder and get nice
           bennies from vendors, customers, and the company. The question is
           do you really want to work that hard? How much more important is
           your career than your non-job life?  That will tell you how far
           you can climb.
           \_ You may find the daily grind of coding for "some other idiot"
              gets you down after a few years and decide you can do better.
              Thus if you'd like to be that "other idiot" giving orders
              instead of taking them, then go for it.  If you're a happy
              hacker you may not like being manager.  Really depends on where
              you are in life.  If more than just the money is interesting to
              you, then give it a try.  You might be sorry a year from now
              that you're still hacking when you could've been managing and
              missed the opportunity.
        \_ As manager, prepare for more bullshit and meetings and people-
           skills, and constant crap pushed down from above, and crap coming
           up from below, with you in the middle & paperwork up the butt.
           At least until you get higher up the ladder, if ever.
2001/1/10-6/15 [Uncategorized] UID:20289 Activity:nil 66%like:21524 50%like:21625 66%like:21627 66%like:18901
1/9     [url with no comment deleted]
        \- that's a good norm
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