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2001/1/9-17 [Uncategorized] UID:20271 Activity:nil
01/08 savecore: reboot after panic: page fault
savecore: system went down at Mon Jan  8 15:01:36 2001
savecore: no dump, not enough free space on device (760006 available,
need 788408) -brg
2001/1/9-10 [Uncategorized] UID:20272 Activity:nil
01/09   Can anyone recommend a good online reference for C++ and its standard
2001/1/9-10 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java] UID:20273 Activity:high
        \_ most of his complaints are not Java-specific.  He's a bigot.
        \_ I'm confused.  How did Salon end up with a good article online?
                \_ it's not so good.  The author is a M$ bigot and doesn't
                   address the large Linux solution space that uses Java
                   on the server side.  See also apache/tomcat.
                        \_ Do you have any clue who the author is?
                         Ever see a copy of O'Reilley's Unix Security Handbook?
                         Try doing a search for him on Amazon before labeling
                         him an ignorant M$ bigot.
        \_ I would believe the "compiled vs. interpreted" argument more
           if everyone agreed Perl was slow.
           \_ Perl is *dog* slow.  No one uses Perl for speed of execution.
              People use Perl for speed of development and _usually_ easily
           \_ What is TTM?
              modified code.  -Paid to Perl
           \_ Perl is painfully slow for any of the many complex tasks it
              wasn't designed for.  For string manipultion and the like,
              yes it is pretty damn blazing, but for, for instance, general
              math it sucks crustry ass.
              \_ Using perl will help you learn regex a lot easier.  But
                 once you know how regex works, it's easy to start using
                 regex package in c.
                 \_ of course that would be missing the point.  If what you
                    want to do is string manipulation use perl.  It will be
                    fast, the code will be quick to write and relativly bug
                    free in a much shorter time frame.  Regexp package or
                    not C is not a language thatm akes strings easy to
                    muck with.
        \_ Java sucks for clients. A large percentage of Java programmers
           already accept this (it sucks for so many reasons), but Java is
           the de-facto standard for eCommerce sites and many other server
           software companies because you gain in TTM and OO-ness. Also,
           it's good for things like build scripts that need to be cross
           platform (which is one of many uses of Java at Oracle).
           \_ What is TTM?  Never heard of it.  Is it important?
              \_ time to market.
           \_ Bullshit.  OO-ness is and of itself has no value.  Stop the hype!
              TTM?  Again, bullshit.  You want TTM?  Hire competent coders, not
              Java coders.  I'll take five experienced C coders over your five
              Java-is-OO-TTM-kewl-but-never-did-C kids for my project anyday.
              Out here in the world, we want things to work and hit milestones,
              we don't care that BH thinks OO is "way kewl!".
           \_ java as a language is GREAT for clients. The problem is that
              the runtimes are rather lacking. eg: no-one told these
              VM writers how to optimize for RAM usage.
                \_ maybe if there was more money in writing these VM's
                   they'd give a fuck.
                        \_ They should do it for the love of java.  Hey are
                           these VM's written in Java?
2001/1/9-10 [Reference/Tax] UID:20274 Activity:nil
1/8     How much are property taxes?                    -virgin house owner
        \_ usually around 1% of what you bought your house for.  lots cheaper
           than renting.
        \_ renting is for plebs.  Anyway, contact the local assessor's office
           about it.  The mortage folks should have told you this when you were
           signing the final loan papers.  Call them and ask who to contact if
           you can't figure it out.
           \_ Spelling mistake corrected.
                \_ Thank you.  -tax paying home owner too busy watching his
                                net worth increase to note spelling errors
                        \_ I smell copper coins.
2001/1/9 [Recreation/Humor] UID:20275 Activity:nil
1/8     Personally, I find these Keanu quotes pretty funny.
2001/1/9 [Computer/HW] UID:20276 Activity:nil
1/8     Hmmmm. Soda crashed. What happened? Are we having some kind of hardware
        \_ It's not a hardware curse.  The OS sucks ass.
                \_ "sucks ass": a phrase that makes black english sound good.
        \_ It's the ghost of Mark V
        \_ Tom's twink calculator overloaded the system
        \_ it was that SUID traceroute-lbl
           \- are you kidding?
                \_ After, therefore, because of.
2001/1/9-10 [Computer/HW/Laptop] UID:20277 Activity:moderate
1/8     Question for the laptop guru's:
        Which IBM Thinkpad compares to the Tecra 8100?
        How does the equivalent Thinkpad compare to the Tecra 8100 in terms of
        functionality and non-proprietary-ness for hardware?  (ie; Tecra's
        don't have standard hd's).
        Which supports *nix on Intel more readily (less tweaking)?
        Which one has the better bang for the buck?
        Pointers to comparisons would be great.  Thanks in advance.
        \_ There's nothing especially proprietary about Tecra 8100s.  The
           rough equivalent (though better!) from IBM is the Thinkpad T20.
        \_ Tecra's don't have standard HDs?  Huh?  Hard disks in laptops are
           just about the only things that ARE standardized.  Sure, laptop
                                                \_ don't forget SODIMMs
           hard disks are different animals than desktop hard disks, but
           AFAIK, they're pretty standard from one laptop maker to the next.
           What's so weird about the Tecra 8100's HD?
           \_ The Tecra hd's have another little shim/adapter from the hd
              to the laptop.  My 8100 uses a IBM Travelstar DARA-212000,
              but is in sort of a little caddy.  The Tecra 750's also used
              standard drives back then, but also used a little adapter;
              even more annoying, it was attached to a bottom plate that
              was part of the laptop.  Getting an additional drive was a
              co$tly pain.
              \_ Actually, this is pretty common on laptops, it's not a
                 Toshiba specific nuisance.  If you're looking for a
                 replacement drive, you can just use the caddy from the old
                 one.  Also, a lot of laptop hard disk vendors (last I
                 checked, was a good one) will sell you an
                 extra caddy if you really need one.
        \_ IBM {A,X,T}{20,21} recently had a bios upgrade that prevent
           one from running FreeBSD ...
        \_ Recently got Inspiron 3800 fairly cheaply.  Bought the barebones
           machine from Dell, upgraded with components from the net.
           Works ok; running FreeBSD 4.2 (trivial problem with PC Card,
           fixed by recompiling the kernel).  Video well-supported; audio
           isn't supported.  Generally postitive experience.  The biggest
           problem -- the CD-ROM drive is too noisy.  Not enough data to
           report on reliability.
2001/1/9-10 [Recreation/Dating] UID:20278 Activity:high
1/8     Polling all married sodans.  Who did you marry?  Use dots.
        Somebody you knew from,
        your mom     : ....................
        high school  : ...
        college      : ......
           csua      : ...
                \_ do the people in CSUA add also to "college" if they
                   met through CSUA while in college?
                        \_ If they feel that the csua was somehow associated
                           with college.  However, they risk twinkpoints from
                           the twinkgod if they displease.
                           \_ The twink arbiter has no interest in motd
                              polls.  -twink-arbiter
        work         : .
        church       : .
        coven        : ....
        family friend:
        your sister  : ...............
           before you got her pregnant: .
        dating srvc  :
        bar/club     :
        ho           : .
        john         : .
        frnd of frnd : ..
        cousin       : .
        other        : .
        \_ explain?
           \_ well, she didn't fit into any of your pre-set categories,
              so I chose "other".  incidentally, I met her through a
              friend of a friend.
        \_ You csua hosers who married other hosers should be adding dots.
                \_ We did, someone deleted them.
                        \_ Weird the sort of things that get censored.
2001/1/9-10 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus] UID:20279 Activity:high
1/9     Is C++ pretty much dead?  Java has finally killed it?  I don't know
        of any commercially successful software written entirely in OO fashion
        in C++.  Everything I'd seen use C++ to encapsulate data structs and
        member functions.  Like C programs that do foo->bar() a lot.
        \_ Um, no.  C++ is still EXTREMELY popular.
        \_ Who cares about "entirely in OO fashion"?  As if OO is a requirement
           for commercial success?  Has BH finally taken over the CS Dept?  Is
           this a lame troll attempt or are CS kids just completely devoid of
           all rational thought today?
        \_ Um, no.  C++ is EXTREMELY popular.
        \_ Get your head out from your ass.
        \_ not with COM around..
        \_ Jokes aside, aren't all the Microsoft Office apps as well
           as Windoze Netscape 4 written in C++/MFC?
           \_ yes.
                \_ no one uses MS Office anymore, we all use Corel Office
                   written in Java.  Get with it!
                        \_ No, I'm still trying to get my new 50 ghz i786
                           running, ya know, the new quantum chip that self
                           replicates as needed with IntelNanoBot technology
                           to increase computing power in real time?  I could
                           run Corel's Java Office almost as fast as my 486
                           runs Corel's C/C++ Office.
        \_ C# rules.
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