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2001/1/8-9 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:20264 Activity:moderate
1/6     Do people thing this wouldbe a useful feature in tcsh:
        in addition to the "global" command history stack, a different
        stack with different attendant completion/scrolling/substitution
        functions based on your CWD or PWD ... so you could scroll through
        the last 100 command typin *in this dir*. i just thought this up and
        may discuss with tcsh people. ok tnx. --psb
        \_ i think the idea of commands associated with directories is
           good. but i think the interface you're proposing is too cumbersome
           to use casually. -ali
           \- do you have any UI suggestions? as long as the additions are
           orthogonal, i dont think the cumbesomeness should be an imediment,
           but of course it would be nice to get something highly usable and
           seamless. --psb
        \_ everytime you do a pushd or popd?
        \_ how about CTRL-up / CTRL-down?
           \_ May not be handled well by some terminals
                \_ Like what?
2001/1/8-9 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:20265 Activity:moderate
1/5     I put my resume in HTML format, now I want to conver it to
        Postscript.  How to do that other than using Netscape to
        print to a file?  How did u guys to make your resume fit into
        one single postscript page if the original is in HTML?  --kngharv
        \_ man html2ps --pchen
           \_ HTML is not a layout language; if you care about page layout,
              you'll have to use something with page layout capabilities, like
              TeX, Word or PageMaker.  You could create a PageMaker template
              and place the HTML into it, or maintain it in TeX or Word and
              generate HTML from that (although Word's HTML generation is
              terrible).  If your resume is simple enough, "html2ps" or
              just using Netscape might work.  -tom
              \_ What I've found is that the people who spend the most
                 time making their resumes look glamorous are the ones
                 trying to compensate for having nothing worthwhile on
                 it. Use the KISS principle (keep it short and simple,
                 sweet and simple, simple stupid, whatever..). By the
                                        \_ someone unclear on the concept
                 way, this has nothing to do with resumes but Tom, you're
                 a twink.
                 \_ Tom has one of the better careers of all csuaers.  If Tom
                    know anything, he knows jobs and resumes.
        \_ I had to spend a half-hour tweaking my html resume's font and
           number of lines to make it fit in one postscript page.
           \_ Fuck that.  Send ascii text.  No one is going to do anything
              more than skim it for keywords they're interested in.
2001/1/8 [Recreation/Food] UID:20266 Activity:moderate
1/7     What's the difference between the 1-min cream of wheat and
        the 2 1/2 minute or 10 minute aside from the cooking time?
        What is to gain from the increased cooking time?  How about
        oatmeal?  Are these products just for masochists?    -wondering
        \_ I'm not sure about cream of wheat, but I do know that the quick
           oatmeal is rolled thinner (for faster cooking time).  healthwise,
           i believe that they are relatively the same...the "regular"
           oatmeal takes a little longer to cook, but if you're picky, they
           taste a little different.  Also, it's better to use the regular
           oats for baking.  --chris
        \_ check out
        \_ I'm not sure about cream of wheat (i think there are different
           ingredients in each kind of cream of wheat product), but I do know
           that the quick oatmeal is rolled thinner (for faster cooking time).
           healthwise, i believe that the oatmeals are relatively the
           same...the "regular" oatmeal takes a little longer to cook (and
           there are different kinds of oats other than quaker brand stuff),
           but if you're picky, they taste a little different.  Also, it's
           better to use the regular Quaker oats for baking.  --chris
        \_ check out -wonderingtoo
        \_ If it's anything like "minute rice": minute rice tastes like crap
           compared to the real thing.
        \_ warm vomit
2001/1/8-10 [Reference/Military, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:20267 Activity:moderate
1/7     Just saw Traffic. 2.5 hours is way too long to simply tell the message
        that we're badly losing the War on Drugs.
        \_ Maybe if you took some drugs it would change the time.
        \_ Maybe if you considered how much worse things would be without the
           "War on Drugs" you'd see that 2.5 hours is way too long to spend
           on a bad message/propoganda.
           \_ traffic was not propoganda and i dunno what "bad message" you
              thought it had.  it presented a pretty unbiased view of wtf is
              going on in the "war on drugs" and how it affects people on
              various sides of it.  i thought it was very well done and was
              thought-provoking.  it didn't tell you what to think at all.
              \_ An unbiased view?  What drugs are you on?  It's pretty
                 obvious where the director and the writer stand on this
                 issue.  Those 2.5 hours are used to _convince_ you that
                 it's a losing war.  And a good 2.5 hours it was, too.
                 It's worked on you and the original poster, hasn't it?
                 Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the movie, too.  But I think
                 you had better bring a spare brain the next time you go
                 see a Hollywood movie, kid.
                 \_ the point of the movie was not that it's a losing war.
                    that is already obvious to anyone with a brain.
           \_ Who would be worse off now? Prison guards? Corrupt policitians?
              Anyone else?
              \_ Well, ok, I didn't actually see it and don't really care one
                 way or the other but I do object to the propoganda spew about
                 "losing the war on drugs" from the original poster.  No one
                 has any idea either way what this country would be like for
                 better or worse or in what ways without the anti-drug thing.
                 \_ The war on drugs didn't stop Keanu!
                        \_ And I'm sure we're all better off for it.  Ask his
                           (dead) buddy, River Phoenix.  But, oh, you might
                           not remember him.
                                \_ is this a troll? in case it isn't, the
                                possibility that a substance can be abused
                                doesn't mean it's morally "wrong" to
                                use, much less warrants a law. by your
                                argument, alcohol should be outlawed, too.
                                \_ GUNS dont kill people. People kill people.
2001/1/8-9 [Transportation/Airplane] UID:20268 Activity:high
1/8     Question: Why do airline pilots make ~$300k?  This seems signifcantly
        larger than a silicon valley engineer.
        \_ new pilots make ~30-40K in their first 2-3 years living as poor
           CFIs. Then they fly for commuter airlines, most likely multi-twin
           turboprops for another 5-6 years w/ only 50-60K. It takes about
           10 more years before they make 100K, and another 10 years before
           they see that 300K. They get 1-2 million for their retirement but
           that's another story.
        \_ because their training takes at least 100K and several years
           to get them certified.  You can't just walk in off the street and
           fly multimillion dollar jumbo jets.  -ERic
           \_ You can't?  God damn it!  Now I need a new plan.
        \_ the only pilots making anywhere close to that much are aircraft
           commanders (aka captains) flying the flagship aircraft.. the big
           ones and the new ones.  it takes many years and tons of flight
           time to qualify for those.. during which you usually get paid shit
           and peanuts.  -shac
        \_ Because they also work 12-16 hour days, have fairly unpredictable
           work schedules, rarely get to go home, and unlike engineers,
           are responsible for the lives of about 300+ people, and require
           years of training.  Remember, commute airline pilots don't make
           anywhere near that, rather the 747 ones do.  -John
                   \_ Many engineers are responsible for lives of millions
                      through the product they create. Many software
                      engineers, too. Just not the dotcommies. And the ones
                      that _are_ are generally paid much less than your
                      average Si valley dotcommunist.
                        \_ Yeah but you're not driving an E10k for 16
                           hours straight staring at a bajillion blinkenlights
                           and if you fuck it up all the life support machines
                           in town blow up.  -John
                           \_ How about flying a plutonium-filled spacecraft
                              on approach to Earth? Is that enough
                              responsibility? Airline pilots are glorified
                              bus drivers. --dim
                              \_ Okay I will drive the bus, and you drive
                                 the fully fueled 747.  If you get there in
           They have a skill you can't get from a  XYZ For Dummies book.
                                 the same number of pieces as I do, I'll
        \_ not making $300K? speak for yourself.
                                 buy you dinner.  Been watching "Airplane"
                                 again?  -John
                                 \_ So clearly astronauts should be making
                                    a lot more than they do? --dim
                           \_ I heard that in the near future all military
                              planes would be unmanned.
                              \_ The wars of tomorrow will be fought by
                                 robots. And so your mission is clear -
                                 to build and maintain those robots.
                      \_ I fucking hate when people put their shit in the
                         middle of someone else's comments.  Don't fucking
                         interrupt!  FUCK!  That pisses me off.  And no,
                         engineers are not making split second decisions
                         that can wipe out a few hundred people in an eye
                         blink.  They engineer shit which hopefully goes
                         through a lot of testing and verifying and rebuilding
                         numerous times before being inflicted on the public.
                         Don't try to compare your Lockheed Martin missile
                         building project with flying a 747 over populated
                         areas.  The pilot gets paid those bucks because
                         he's worth it.  You're not.  Don't delude yourself.
                      \_ A crashing plane != a crashing NT server
                         \_ My plane's onboard avionics runs on NT Server.
                            Should I be worried?
                            \_ no you should be looking for a parachute and
                                the emergency exit.
                                \_ Or a different plane in another city.
        \_ And 747 pilots aren't a dime-a-dozen like c++ and java coders.
           They have a skill you can't get from an XYZ For Dummies book.
           \_ Although Lufthansa desperately seeks to prove otherwise.  -John
              \_ What does Lufthansa do?
                 \_ Feed you worse-than-usual slop, drink before flying
                    (mine did), save more money than usual by recirculating
                    air, try to loop 747s, bomb Poland, etc.  -John
                        \_ What's wrong with bombing Poland?
                \_ Use pilots that got to chapter 6 or higher in Flying 747s
                   For Dummies.
2001/1/8 [Computer/Theory] UID:20269 Activity:nil
1/9     How do I pass by reference in matlab/octave?  Also is there a better
        alternative for numerical computing?  I've heard that the numerical
        package for python is decent.  Any comments?  Thanks. -emin
2001/1/8 [Uncategorized] UID:20270 Activity:nil
1/8     Hey, what's the difference between a 1-minute cream of meat, and
        the, longer, 10-minute version?
        \_Nine minutes.
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