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2001/1/4 [Recreation/House] UID:20230 Activity:low
        The monolith.
        \_ that's soooo yesterday's news.
           \_ for trevor.
2001/1/4 [Computer/Networking] UID:20231 Activity:nil
        \_  wow can i get wap with that?
        \_ Looks like James Bond gadgets.
2001/1/4-5 [Finance/Banking] UID:20232 Activity:high
1/3     PayPal yield is 5.2% which is better than my saving and checking.
        Is there any reason why I should not put some of my money in it?
        \_ Yeah, when they go out of business like every other <DEAD><DEAD> your
           money will be locked up and you may never get it back!
           \_ or when someone gets your account info and steals all your
              money and paypal tells you tough luck.
        \_ My credit union pays 5.5% now
           \_ for what?  the only things my credit union pays that much for
              are CDs over 12 months and such.
           \_ for mm checking?  the only things my credit union pays that
              much for are CDs over 12 months and such.  mm checking is
              only at 3.1...  what's your credit union?
              \_ <DEAD><DEAD> --not original poster
              \_ What's "mm"? Mine has no penalty for w/draws. no ATM.
                 No minimum. Just a simple CU savings account. --orig responder
                 \_  mm stands for money market.
        \_ My Wells Fargo MMA, which I can xfer money into and out of w/out
           penalty and use at an ATM pays 5.86%
                \_ Wells started charging like $15/month on this account
                   \_ Only if you keep less than $5k in it.
                        \_ It's $10K now.  But, yeah, the rate is like
                           5.8% with check writing privs.
                           \_ Oh.  Didn't know they changed it.  Wasn't paying
                              anything.  Anyway, you need to compute the cost
                              of the mothly charge for being under the min.
                              vs. rates available elsewhere.
           \_ I just saw an ETrade ATM machine at an arcade near me.
                \_ Since playing the market is little different than space
                   invaders.  No matter how good you are they'll get you
        \_ has 6.25% on checking + free online bill pay +
            ATM reimbursements.
2001/1/4 [Politics/Domestic/Gay] UID:20233 Activity:very high
        - iraq wants your ps2s!
        \_ Old news.  Check the URL.  12/19.
        \_ well damn. you really CAN build a beowulf cluster out of em...
        \_ Santa is not happy about that.
           -- yuen
           \_ Dude, you are gay.  Please don't ever post url's again.
              \_ I am gay?  -- yuen
                 \_ s/\?/\./
                    \_ s/gay/flaming ass gay/
           \_ That "article" was beyond gay.
2001/1/4 [Uncategorized] UID:20234 Activity:nil
1/3     ED! is the standard EDitor!
2001/1/4-5 [Uncategorized] UID:20235 Activity:kinda low
1/3     Is there still slush money? -ali
        \_ the "miscellaneous fund"
           \_ aka "$3.50 from twohey's night job as a prostitute"
              \_ So that's what he does! And he told me he had to go to
                 the lab for his CS project.
                \_ Same thing.
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