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2001/1/1-3 [Computer/SW/Languages/Functional] UID:20208 Activity:high
1/1   I think that the foo/bar/baz/garply/quux scheme is too overused, we
      should have a new one that is more Berkeley - centric.
        \_ yeah how about we/don't/care/about/undergrads/at/all
      \_ Alright, there's a publicly writeable file at
         /csua/tmp/alexf/calfoo.txt. Dump your ideas there. AND BE
         NICE. No machine generate/binary/escape code shit. I will use
         my subjective opinion and that of random other office hosers
         to pick a list and publicize it around Soda. -alexf
         \_ wow. thanks for the world writeable file.
            \_ Once again, don't be a hoser.
            \_ Yeah, those world writable files sure are special and hard to
               come by.  Imagine that....  s/foo/bar/g;
2001/1/1-3 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/Taiwan] UID:20209 Activity:nil
1/1     Does anyone know where the Mandarin version of south park would be
        available(given that I don't live in Taiwan)?
        \_ in taiwan
2001/1/1-3 [Academia/GradSchool, Academia/UCLA] UID:20210 Activity:high
1/1   Is the UCLA CS MS program better/worse/comparable to Stanford CS MS?
      I understand that neither one is as good as UCB/MIT/CalTech, I'm
      just soliciting advice, thanks.
      \_ Stanford CS is very good, at least comparable to Berkeley.  UCLA
         is a second tier school, and their CS program reflects this.
         \_ Don't confuse Stanfurd CS MS and Stanfurd CS PhD. The MS at
            Stanfurd is just a degree-purchase program. All the good stuff
            you hear about Stanfurd's CS grad school is almost always based
            on the PhD's only which are very much separated from the MS
            group (probably a bad practice).
            \_ Yeah.  $tanfurd CS MS does't even require writing a thesis.
      \_ Stanford CS MS > UCLA CS MS.
         \_ University of California for Lesser Achievers
         \_ is that your opinion or a commonly agreed upon opinion?
            \_ My opinion.
            \_ Mine too.
2001/1/1-3 [Academia/UCLA] UID:20211 Activity:kinda low
1/1   Anyone know if the LA area have an SITN equivalence? For example,
      UCLA extension? Also is the transcript the same for both UCLA
      extension and UCB extension?
      \_ USC has a SITN. I don't know anything about it. --dim
        \_ I thought only corporations use SITN. I can't imagine going to
           a Berkeley classroom watching Stanford televised lectures
Berkeley CSUA MOTD:2001:January:01 Monday <Sunday, Tuesday>