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2000/12/31-2001/1/3 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:20202 Activity:low
12/30 Why do procmail recpies start with :0 when the procmailrc man page
      just says, "A line starting with ':' marks the beginning..." What's
      the 0 for?
      \_ There is a hint at the bottom og that man page:
         "In the old days, the `:0' that marks the beginning of a  re-
         cipe,  had  to  be  changed to `:n', whereby `n' denotes the
         number of conditions that follow."
2000/12/31-2001/1/1 [Health/Eyes] UID:20203 Activity:low
12/30   Neither of my parents wear glasses but my brother and I are both
        extremely myopic. His this hereditary?
        \_ Infertility is hereditary. If your parents never had children,
           neither will you.
           \_ Seen on bumper sticker: Out of a hundred thousand sperm, YOU'RE
              the one that made it?!
        \_ skips a generation?  Are you sure they don't wear contacts?
          \_ It's just the first step towards turning blind.  And you thought
             it was just an old wives' tale....
2000/12/31 [Transportation/Car, Transportation/Car/RoadHogs] UID:20204 Activity:nil
12/30   Strange, they all point to the same page
2000/12/31-2001/1/1 [Finance/CC] UID:20205 Activity:nil
        \_ Jesus was gay?
           \_ and did you know that shakespear was actually female?
              and that aliens have been living amoung us since incan times?
              read more in this week's News of the World
2000/12/31-2001/1/3 [Academia/Berkeley] UID:20206 Activity:high
12/31 I'm still trying to get a project regraded in 164, but my TA won't
      respond to email. To whom should I write to get this fixed?
                                      -not the usual whiner
      \_ Write to {aiken,necula}
         And hurry -- it's probably too late already. UC guidelines is that
         once a grade is submitted, the only cause for change is a
         tabulation error (i.e. adding up points incorrectly).
         \_ Not true, one can appeal a grade to the Appeals and
            Student Affairs office.
            \_ reference, please? this would be potentially damn useful info
            \_ No. Where do you get that crap? The only grade appeal
               process (besides the aforementioned tabulation error):

               (From the general catalog:)
               If you have a grievance about grades, you may
               appeal. You have grounds for appeal if you feel
               that considerations of race, politics, religion,
               sex, or sexual harassment affected your grades,
               or that your work was evaluated by other criteria
               that do not directly reflect your performance
               of the course requirements.  The following
               formal procedure may not be activated unless
               you, the instructor in charge, an ombudsperson
               (or any mutually accepted third party), and
               the department chair have failed to resolve
               the dispute informally. The procedure, once
               initiated, is to be completed at the unit level
               within 20 days and at the Senate level within
               40 days if both parties are in residence and
               the University is in regular session. The formal
               process must be initiated within two semesters
               of the alleged offense.

               Each department or other instructional unit, or
               group of units teaching similar disciplines, must
               establish a standing Grievance Committee chair.
               For each case this chair will appoint an ad hoc
               Grievance Committee composed of three faculty
               members, only two of whom may be from the same
               unit, and two students in good standing appointed
               by the student association(s) of the unit(s).  If
               no student association exists, the students are
               to be appointed by the ASUC or the Graduate
               Assembly. (The student members must have passed
               courses or an examination in the unit(s) at least
               at the level of the disputed course or examination
               and have been in residence for at least one year.)
               If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of the
               informal discussion, you may submit the case in
               writing to the Grievance Committee, which will
               obtain a written response from the instructor and
               will provide all parties the opportunity to present
               additional information orally or in writing. The
               Grievance Committee's recommendation to the
               Committee on Courses, including minority view, if
               any, must be given in writing.

               If the Committee on Courses finds in your favor,
               it may change a failing grade to a P or S, drop
               a course retroactively, retain the course but
               eliminate the grade from the GPA, or adopt the
               letter grade, if any, that was recommended by four
               of the five members of the Grievance Committee of
               the unit(s).

                 \_ third sentence of first paragraph mentions "resolv[ing]
                    the dispute informally"...

               -- Since it's a project grade, you better have some
               good reasons why it's taken so long to ask for a re-grade.
               And it better be enough to have affect on your final grade.
               But if you just contact the professor, you should be ok.
               You should note that your TA and others may be on vacation
               until later in January and you'll need the prof's ok anyways.
               \_ third sentence of first paragraph mentions "resolv[ing]
                  the dispute informally"...
2000/12/31-2001/1/1 [Reference/Celebration] UID:20207 Activity:low
12/31   Happy new year!  Let's hope it sucks less than 2000.  -John
        \_ Happy New Year!  Welcome to 1981!
           \_ Be prepared for the return of reaanomics!  Hang on to your
              salaries my Bar Area friends cos the rest of the country
              decided you earn too much!
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