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2000/12/26-28 [Consumer/PDA] UID:20176 Activity:high
12/25   Has anyone tried any of the subnotebook's with longer battery
        life(crusoe chip)? I've been browsing at and thinking
        of getting one.  I especially like the Fujitsu Loox, but I was
        wondering if anyone else had any experience with them, or subnotebooks
        in general?
        \_ I've got a Sony C1VN Picturebook (uses a Crusoe, not pictured on that
           site, but it probably most closely resembles the Fujitsu Loox-S).
           The battery life is better than full-sized notebooks with non-
           Crusoe chips, but it's not stellar. (Hard to tell, though.  The
           battery gauge gives wildly varying estimates, and I haven't
           tried timing it myself.) I do, however, like the form factor a
           lot.  I certainly wouldn't use it to replace a desktop, but as
           something to carry around between work and home or to use when
           travelling, it's great.  Also, it's really cool (literally).
           I've tried a C1X model (Pentium-2), and that thing could cook
           I've tried a C1XS model (Pentium-2), and that thing could cook
           bacon.  The keyboard, though, might be a bit cramped if you have
           large hands with stubby fingers.  It is a bit pricey, however,
           with it?  Have you considered getting PDA with a portable
           and I'm not sure it's worth the money.  What do you want to do
           with it?  Have you considered getting a PDA with a portable
           keyboard instead?
           \_ Did consider this, but it's impractical.  I need something more
              portable than a 5+ lb. notebook, that requires a huge notebook
              case/backpack.  Functionality needs go from word processing, to
              browsing, to statistical packages.  The small screens on PDA's
              just seems impractical for any lengthy work(e.g. 2 hours on a
              3 hour plane flight or a couple hours at a cafe).  Is your Sony
              keyboard about 80% of full-size?  Do your fingers get cramped
              at all? I did consider getting an ultralight(e.g. thinkpad x20),
              but I think one of the smaller ones would be more portable(see
              comment above about notebook bags/backpacks), and fastest
              processor, and speed isn't a priority as much as portability.
              \_ most of the keys I think are about 85-90% the size of full-
                 size.  A few are half-sized (such as ~ and / ... not designed
                 for *nix, obviously).  I definitely can't type as fast as
                 I can on a full-sized keyboard, but I don't get hand cramps.
                 (However, I have slender fingers.) The dimensions are the
                 same as the Fujitsu Loox-S, so its keys should be about
                 the same size.
            \_ does the picturebook have any sort of linux support worth
               mentioning?  My libretto is getting old and tired.
                \_ Hey, if it's a 100CT or 110CT, feel like selling it to me
                   at a sane price?  I need one to use as a portable
                   serial console, among other things (no serial port on
                   Picturebooks.)  -John
                   \_ no its my lame-ass 50CT.   Have you thought of using
                       a serial-usb adaptor on the picturebook?  -ERic
               \_ It does. The Linux Laptops page is your friend:
                  info on the c1vn is here:
              \_ I don't know.  I doubt it.  Sony doesn't even make it easy to
                 perform a clean install of Windows.
                 \_ you don't know, but you commented.
                  And the pages on the other c1 models could be helpful
                  as well. -- ajani
2000/12/26-28 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus, Computer/SW/Compilers] UID:20177 Activity:high
12/26   Does any one have any suggestions for debugging programs?
        \_ try /csua/bin/clue
          \_ printf is your friend!
        \_ are you looking for debugging strategies or debuggers?
        \_ If you are looking for debugging strategies, I would recommend
           sprinkling assertion checks throughout your program.  For example,
           if you have a data structure, write a function to check that the
           internals of the data structure are consistent.  Then use the
           assert macro (man assert for details) to verify that the
           data structure is consistent when you modify it.  You can also
           use assertions to check that the inputs and outputs of your
           functions satisfy your assumptions about what they should be.
           Assertion checks are one of the best tools for finding bugs.
           \_ aka: printf.
            \_ Yes. Because we want to run helper debugging functions for
               every little data structure we use.  That's much easier
               than using the gdb print command.
              \_ print(3) doesn't call sigabrt for you.
        \_ if your data structures are weird, try DDD (gui wrapper on GDB)
        \_ on a somewhat related topic: whenever I try to use lint, it
           complains that it can't find llib-lc.ln.  How do I fix this?
                \_ Install the lint libraries package(s) for your OS.
           \_ you don't use lint. you use gcc -Wall -O3 (turn on optimization
              for data flow)
2000/12/26-28 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:20178 Activity:high
12/26   anybody ever dealt with Amazon's customer service?  I ordered an m100
        that never arrived.  I'm trying to get them to give me some credit
        back in addition to refunding my money. They only offered a $10 gift
        certificate.  Pisses me off.  Anybody ever milked them for more?
        \_ I have used and's customer service, and
           it was actually pretty good.
        \_ I got jacked trying to buy a Handspring Platinum. Normally they
           are pretty good (I returned a Palm Viix after two months), but
           this pisses me off. I used a promotional code giving me a $50
           discount and they are crediting the $50 to my account
           (AMZN-ELECTRONIC ?)
        \_ So you buncha wankers are honestly upset that Amazon won't let you
           fuck them over for hundreds of bucks?
        \_ Toys R Us gave me $50 last year for missing my shipment.
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