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2000/12/19 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:20125 Activity:nil
              \_ lonely sodans are perpetually single or marriage-condemned
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2000/12/19-20 [Computer/SW/Database, Computer/SW/Security] UID:20126 Activity:high
12/19   One of my major performance bottlenecks is the need to log
        every entry in a single log file.  This leads to contention for
        write access lock to the file, delaying each process. What to do?
        \_ write to per process log file, and have a background process
           coalesce log files together.
                \_ this method provides the most concurrency
         \_ or write to sockets with a separate process listening
            on each, handling the logging.
                \_ this method is easy and most similar to what you're
                   already doing
        \_ use a real db engine
           \_ for something this simple it might not be worth paying for
              one.  plus, it gives this guy job security.
2000/12/19-20 [Recreation/Music] UID:20127 Activity:very high
12/19   How considerate are you to "neighbors" when you have a decent
        sound system you'd like to enjoy?  Do neighbors knock on your
        door asking you to turn it down or do they retaliate with louder
        \_ My neighbour (a few years ago) living in the apartment below
           me plays really loud music.  One day, I got fed up, so I jumped
           on his ceiling a few times.  From that day on I get "anonymous"
           racist phone calls which I was able to traced to him.  He also
           made a phone call pretending to be an apartment manager telling
           me that other neighbours were complaining about me.
           \_ When I lived in Berkeley, my neighbors above me blasted
              their stereos and held their own mini-WWF at 3am in the
              morning right before midterms.  I got fed up and made
              anonymous phone calls using a linux box I had which was
              set to go off at 5am in the morning when they were sure
              to be asleep.
              \_ one question: what did your story have to do with your os?
                 \_ okay, fine: my computer called up the asshole
                    upstairs from me.  I just had a little cron job
                    that would do it for me. Nothing to do with linux
                    other than the fact that it carried out the act.
           \_ I've seen a couple worse cases: one guy had an alarm
              clock that would go off early in the morning, bothering
              the renter who was below him. So one day the renter sees
              the guy in the stairwell and beats his face all bloody.
              These were students.
           \_ The thin walls & floors common in berkeley apartments was a
              blessing. I lived on the floor right above the parking garage,
              and one night, I heard glass breaking downstairs. Went
              downstairs and caught a kid breaking into the car next to mine.
              \_ Yeah, and it's about time they elected a FUCKING
                 Republican president.
           \_ Find the phone wiring box, cross out the wires for HIS apt.
           \_ all of the problems would be simpler if people had the FUCKING
              guts to confront their neighbors instead of this faceless
              retaliation shit.
              \_ I had the guts. They retaliated by stomping on the floors
                 calls, I just told him to fuck off.
                 every fucking night.
              \_ Typical of the barbarians living in Berkeley and SF.  I never
                 had to deal with this bullshit once I moved.
              \_ In retrospect, I could have went to his door and ask him
                 to turn down his music, but when I jumped on his ceiling
                 I did not meant it as retaliation but just to let him
                 know that hey, your music is bothering me.  I did not
                 retaliate when he started making anonymous racist phone
                 calls, I just told him to fuck off.  When he continued,
                 I told him I will get the police to put a trace on the
                 phone calls.  After that, he made one more call and then
                 stopped.  To his credit, he did not play loud music again,
                 at least not when I was around.
                 \_ You should've capped his ass.
        \_ I play music quite loudly. Twice my next door neighbors have asked
           me to turn it down, and I did so. Once when I had a midterm, I
           asked them to turn their music down, and they did. So some of us
           CAN just get along.
           \_ Personally, I think when your music level gets to a point
              it can affect your neighbour, it is quite inconsiderate.
              \_ For people to be so inconsiderate makes me ... makes
                 me ... alMTOST FURIOUS!!!  I want to jump up and down!
                 \_ No, I am serious.  If you want to play your music
                    loud, use a headphone.  Don't impose your music on
                    other people.
2000/12/19-20 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:20128 Activity:high
12/19   Has the housing price dipped lately?  I am considering buying a
        \_ suprisingly, it hasn't.  It has slowed down though.  When I
           bought my house in Jan I had to bid with 30 other people, now
           there's only 3-5 bids per house.  I'm even more suprised that my
           house has been appraised at 15% above what I paid.  Incredible
           given the stock market condition.
        \_ Older 2-bdrm townhouse in shittiest location (but in Sunnyvale):
           asking $340K, sold last month for $430K. And brand-new 2000 sq ft
           townhouses in Mt View, start $1million. Houses *may* slow more
           since now people may be forced to settle for a townhouse
           driving the prices of those up.
                \_ $1million? BS. URL?
                   \_ Shrug.  I'd believe it.  What I don't believe is that
                      housing price rises will slow because of town houses.
                      Not per se.  The town house 6 blocks over will never be
                      in the same price range as the houses in the area.  If
                      you're saying that people will simply give up on houses
                      and live in a townhouse, then that means building more
                      townhouses, fewer new houses and thus an increase in the
                      price of houses as they're even rarer than they were.  As
                      a homeowner, I'd be quite happy to see the end of new
                      housing starts all over the BA and just new townhouses
                      and zero lot liners instead.
                      \_ and higher density, more noise, more traffic, etc.
                         \_ It's happening now.  It's just a matter of time
                            and degree.  Those who don't want it or can't take
                            it or whatever will go elsewhere.  Living in this
                            area is a choice.  It isn't mandatory.  I don't
                            intend to spend the rest of my life here.
        \_ God is making more people but is not making more land.  No surprise
           that housing hasn't dropped in a significant way.  Guy down the
           street sold his ugly house after 9 months with a 50% gain only a
           month or so ago.
           \_ Man is making more land. Flattening hills in East Bay, Fremont,
              San Jose and taking up former ranch and farm lands in same.
              But then Cisco and Sun and them keeping hiring more people
              and bringing them to this area. Where are they gonna live?
              \_ You've seen the "housing" in Fremont, SJ, etc?  I've done a
                 lot of hardcore house hunting in those and many other places
                 around the south bay.  That isn't housing.  That's a cesspool.
              \_ Cisco and Sun (and others) are in the process of moving
                 jobs to places like Texas. The Bay Area housing boom will
                 level out if not bust. I wouldn't live in a place like
                 Mountain View if you paid me to. Los Gatos? Pacific
                 Heights? Sure. Sunnyvale? Not. There's a sucker born
                 every minute.
                        \_ Forget Texas, Sun is going overseas - Ireland,
                           Russia, and India are the high-growth campuses
                           for Sun now.
                           \_ Sun recently acquired 200 employees in
                              Mnt. View. ;-) - ex-cobalt employee
2000/12/19-20 [Consumer/Audio, Consumer/TV] UID:20129 Activity:insanely high
12/19   I'm considering buying a home theatre system next year.  Is it better
        to buy everything from one company (like all-sony) or should I go
        for best of breed?  I'm looking to spend ~$5K only, nothing fancy.
        Suggestions?  Thanks.
        \_ For $5k, I'd definitely go best of breed. Especially when it
           comes to selecting speakers. One recommendation: go with Velodyne
           \_ My $5k budget has to include everything including a new TV
              stand all the little things.  Would you still recommend
              best of breed?  Is there a web site that compares these things?
              I used to go to, but they went out of business.
                                \_ seems to have won the battle
                          quit reviews and went back to news
              \_ Does that also include a TV? Figure to spend $800-1000
                 for a receiver, $2000 for a TV, and the rest on speakers.
                                 \_ What kind of TV costs $2000?!? HDTV?
                                    My 36" WEGA was $1200 and its top of
                      \- i think you have to make a decision early what is
                                    of the line.
                                    \_ The WEGA XBR is more than $1200 and
                                       it's not even widescreen.
                      that one already.
                                       \_ Okay, with tax and instant
                                          exchange it about $1500.
                                    \_ WEGA is Sony's low-end non-digital
                                       line of 30-36" TV's.  Digital-capable
                                       TV's (DVD, not HDTV) are more expensive.
                                       \_ uh, my WEGA has component video,
                                          s-video, coax, old style video
                                          (single yellow connector) and
                                          digital inputs.
                                          If WEGA is low end to you, what's
                 Don't even consider buying speakers from a company that
                      Tony. Feel free to email me for more info on BAA.--psb
                 does not specialize in speakers. If you don't need a TV,
                 then you can have a killer system for $5000. If you do,
                 then you still want to get the best your budget allows.
                      \- here is my decision advice: first decide what is
                      most important: 1. picture 2. sound [techically you have
                      to decide whether stereo 2 channel or home theater sound
                      is more important, but it sounds like you have decided
                      that one already. if picture, pick out TV and then
                      speaker set up [RL+Rear, RL+Center+Rear, RL+Center+Rear+
                      Sub?], then pick a pre-amp/amp set up with enough power
                      to drive that system. if sound, then start with pre-amp,
                      amp, pick appropriate speakers [note you pick the power
                      systems first, but spend more money on the speakers],
                      then remaining $ on tv. you can always get a sub later.
                      i strongly recommend affilating yourself with a good
                      audio store. a high end place will let you borrow stuff
                      to see howit sounds with your system and inyour house.
                      strong recommendation for Bay Area Audio. Guy named
                      Tony. Feel free to email me for more info on BAA.
             used to give good advice. have not
                      visted them lately. obviously video is not their
                      emphasis. --psb
                      \_ Also decide whether this system is for movies or
                         music.  For movies only, the audio system doesn't have
                         to be super high end.
                         \- that is why i said "stereo" or "home theater"
                            given that he explictly says to integrate with a
                            tv/home theater, i think he's answered that Q.--psb
2000/12/19-20 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:20130 Activity:moderate
12/19   How do you get mh to export mail back into a format that other
        mail readers (pine, mutt, netscape, eudora, etc...) can read?
        I've tride just catting the files in ~/Mail together but all
        my mail readers complain.  Already rtfm'ed mh.
        \_ packf -mbox.  rtfm.
        \_ mutt can read mh folders intrinsically.
        \_ Once you've used mh why would you want to go backwards?  Are you
           restoring a carriage or buggy or your daily transport needs, too?
2000/12/19 [Industry/Jobs] UID:20131 Activity:nil
12/18   B2Bi company has top level job openings!  Current needs include
        Senior Buzzword Generator and Senior Buzzword Valiation Engineer.
        3+ years dotcom experience, an english degree or an avid dilbert
        reader preferred but all experience levels welcome to apply!
        <DEAD><DEAD> for details. -geek
        \_ Also openings for the right Senior Buzzword Integration
           Architect and Designer
        \_ wtf you are trying to say?!  Are you an English major got
        rejected by those dotcom companies?
2000/12/19-20 [Uncategorized] UID:20132 Activity:nil
12/18   want a 6100/66 with monitor?  know someone who does?
        email me - danh
2000/12/19-20 [Uncategorized] UID:20133 Activity:nil
12/18   For those internet voting fans, please read the following:
2000/12/19-20 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:20134 Activity:nil
12/18   I've been looking for a web site on the historical price/yield of the
        30 year treasury.  Yahoo only goes back 5 years.  And after spending
        an hour on google didn't help either.  anybody know?  Thanks!
                \_ i haven't checked, but possibly
        \_ Try http://MSN.COM
\_ b
   \_ zuul
2000/12/19 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:20135 Activity:nil
12.19   Senior grift architect and grift engineer needed at a top B2Bi
        company. See /csua/pub/jobs/grifting

              \_ lonely sodans are perpetually single or marriage-condemned
                 \_ When i said DATES, i meant left margined fruit.
                    And learn to indent properly if you want a date.
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                                         \_ It's gonna make you GAY
You erase my message, I erase yours. It is as simple as that.
You kill my brother, I kill yours.  It is as simple as that.
You massage my brother, I kill you. It is as simple as that.
I didn't erase your message, why is mine erased !!!!?
I didn't kill anyone, why am I killed !!!!?
\_ I want yermom
        \_ I'm gonna marry her, and be your dad!
   \_ yermom wants you
      \_ that's pretty gross
         \_ Ok, yermom wants me
            \_ that's not saying much
\_ I'll take the massage, though!
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