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2000/12/14 [Academia/UCLA] UID:20094 Activity:moderate
12/13   I've noticed that other schools offer Automata and Theory
        (e.g. UCLA, Stanford). Is that covered in the 17x series?
        \_ yes
        \_ take 172. it'll whip the {llama,ucla,stanford}'s ass. especially
           next semester.
           \_ You want Manuel "But they don't know it's an open problem" Blum.
              He is the STANDARD.  172 prof.
              \_ Blum is now at Carnegie with the rest of his mishpochah. He's
                 only coming back for one semester next semester to visit and
                 teach CS70. And Vazirani may be Blum's student, but he should
                 be damn good. I speak from experience. -alexf
2000/12/14 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:20095 Activity:very high
        \_ linux + windows in our armed forces, I pray that we don't
           \_ anagrams: slow unix wind
           have to fight a major war in the next few years.
           \_ Need FragOS
           \_ Windows?  The article doesn't mention it.
              \_ the navy has already standardized on NT server for most
                 \_ There are no battleships.  You mean "warships".
                 \_ Almost.
                 \_ Oooo.  That's why they got bombed in Yemem ......
        \_ new proposed MOTD convention: place all URLs on a line by
           themselves with no other text so we can triple-click to highlight.
           \_ Those of us who want people to click our links already do that.
           \_ I triple click (or hell, highlight the entire paragraph) and hit
              F8, which pulls the contents of the X cut buffer, matches the
              first URL in it, and starts (or opens a new window for)
              netscape to that URL... works just fine for me.
           \_ Use something stupid like gnometerm which makes links out of
              URLs for you.
                        \_ motdbrowser
2000/12/14 [Uncategorized] UID:20096 Activity:high
12/13   Need to kill a login process, kill -9 has no effect, killing
        the ppid says operation not permitted.  Its state is IEs+. Ideas?
        \_ try strace or truss on the process and see what its doing.
        \_ not really helping.  The process appears to be associated with
           a newmail process running under PPID 1.  Is that possible?
        \_ I guess you need to reboot soda.
        \_ -HUP
           \_ doesn't work.
2000/12/14 [Uncategorized] UID:20097 Activity:very high
12/13   Anyone taken cs263 and 264? feedbackP
        \_ As you must realize, by saying "feedbackP" you're looking for a
           true or false as to whether someone has feedback.
        \_ I'm soliciting feedback from csua grad students who are too stingy
           to share any info. That means ali dpet nweaver and many others
        \_ #t
2000/12/14 [Reference/Law/Court] UID:20098 Activity:nil
12/13   Seen on rec.humor.funny:
        A guide for the perplexed on legal maneuvering:
        If it benefits my candidate, it's the rule of law.
        If it benefits your candidate, it's a technicality.
        \_ how banal. tom, is that you?
           How about "justice is a decision in your favor."
        \_ how about "Marriage is like a caste system. Once you go there
           you've lost all of your mobility."           -married sodan 1999
        \_ How about "Marriage is like a pie. It tastes sweet for the first
           few years and later on you just want to throw up"
        \_ "This URL has been censored."
2000/12/14 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java] UID:20099 Activity:low
12/13   What's parametric polymorphism and first class functions?
        \_ It's kinda like parasitic anthropomorphism, but less second class
2000/12/14 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:20100 Activity:high
        \_ All hail to the chief.
           \_ well, there _was_ a recession the last time a Bush was in office.
                \_ Which ended before Clinton got into office.  And now here
                   we are 8 years later, still in Clinton's term heading into
                   what?  A recession.  No energy policy, no foreign policy,
                   no domestic economic policy, no policy beyond his zipper
                   and wagging the dog blowing up aspirin factories in Africa
                   and you wonder why everything is tanking?
                   \_ Recession my ass.  Nobody asked you to put all your
                      sorry money into tech stocks.  Clinton made me a
                        \_ Joining real world now?  I didn't say one word about
                           tech stocks or the market.  Typical mindless lefty,
                           you ducked my entire statement, created a straw man,
                           and put forth a comment about your own status
                           gained prior to the current economic slide that has
                           nothing to do with today or the future.  I do find
                           it curious that "Clinton made" you a millionaire.
                           How exactly did he do that?  This should be good
                           for a laugh.
                           \_ Are you serious?  Do you know why you are a
                              joke?  Alan Greenspan (whom Republican
                              claims as one of theirs because he is first
                              appointed under a Republican president)
                              raised interest rates to prevent a bubble.
                              Now that his work is beginning to show results,
                              you call it a recession and blame it on Clinton.
                                \_ I'm serious.  Greenspan, an 8 year long
                                   Clinton administration man raised rates too
                                   high, too fast, and kept them there.  Hello
                                   recession.  You call a recession "results"?
                                   I call it a recession.  I'm still waiting
                                   to hear what the nation's economic, foreign,
                                   and energy policies are.  I won't hold my
                                   breath.  We don't have any policies and
                                   haven't for almost 8 years.  "Greenspan has
                                   raised interest to keep inflation down" is
                                   not a domestic economic policy.  It's been
                                   8 long painful years of zippers and the
                                   vain search for a Clinton Legacy that just
                                   simply doesn't exist.
                                   \_ Well, it's been eight happy, fulfilling and
                                      bountiful years for me.
2000/12/14 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:20101 Activity:high
        Different groups can't even agree which votes are in dispute, much
        less how to re-re-re-re-re-count them....
        \_ I'm very interested in whether they'll have any success here.
           I trust the liberal L.A. Times more than the GOP for a report
           on how counts would have turned out if a single, state-wide
           standard for under/overvotes were taken.  Even if the liberal
           L.A. Times reports "Broward was bad mm-kay, because the indented
           ballots were entirely subjective."
           \_ Trying to determine what someone intended when there's anything
              other than a clear punch is subjective.  I trust the late night
              psychic hotline woman more than the LA Times.
              \_ Go away (right-leaning) troll.  Even the Republican
                 counsel at the Supreme Court hearing implied that a
                 penetrated ballot could count as a legal vote.
2000/12/14 [Uncategorized] UID:20102 Activity:nil
2000/12/14 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:20103 Activity:nil
12/13   Dear Mr. Conservative:
        Since you're so down on Clinton having no energy, foreign or
        domestic policy: What did Bush do for four years that was such
        a high standard? Go to war for oil and unleash MTBE on us is
        all I can figure that sorry whelp did. Realize that you're
        preaching to the unconvertable motd and shut up because
        no one cares about your personal Conservative Political Crusade.
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