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2000/12/13 [Uncategorized] UID:20088 Activity:high
12/12   Anybody tried planting ginkgo from seeds?  I followed the procedures
        from a book.  It has been a month and nothing is happening!  And no,
        I do not want to buy a ginkgo tree from a nursery.  I collected ~200
        seeds and I am determined to grow a Ginkgo forest from it.
              \_ so do it already.  you have 200 fucking seeds.
        \_ There was a neverending ginkgo thread a month or two back on the
           motd.  You need like both genders or something.
           \_ yes, I started that thread.  I know the procedure; I just want
              to know if anybody has ever succeeded in growing one from a
2000/12/13-14 [Uncategorized/Multicategory] UID:20089 Activity:nil
        \_ nice.  i hope trend reznor won't fuck up the score too badly.
        \_ I hope Liv Tyler plays Fertility.
        \_ nice use of hidden text on his site.  You gotta respect an author
           who actually is willing to discuss subplots with people and
           give our actual answers (instead of leaving it up to the whims
           of the English majors).
        \_ they should pick a different movie name, stupid people will think
           it's 7 ppl trapped on an island.
        \_ Just what I needed.  Another Hollywood venture by coked out kids
           trying to get deep about society.
2000/12/13-14 [Consumer/Audio] UID:20090 Activity:kinda low
12/12   Any good MP3 mixers?  (ways to make dance mixes, for example)
        \_ At least you didn't say "How to MP3 mixers?"
        \_ Get a turntable.  Or use audiomulch.  Stop rehashing rotten
           Teenage Dance Mix USA MP3s.
        \_ Yes.  Several.
2000/12/13-14 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Politics/Domestic/California] UID:20091 Activity:insanely high
12/12   Supreme Court rules for Bush, 5-4.
           /- I've re-worded it, ya crazy sodan:
           |  Of the seven justices that felt there were constitutional
           |  problems, two did not feel these problems warranted a halt
           |  to the recount.  Hence, the 5-4 vote.
                \_ This isn't true no matter how you word it.  Try again
                   and this time use something other than jesse jackson's
                   website as an info source.
                   \_ Dewd.  You are sick.
        \_ 7-2 agreed that there were problems with the Equal protection
        \_ 7-2 agreed that there were constitutional problems with what has
                been going down in Florida.
           \_ They agreed that there was not a consistant way to hand count
              votes (ie. the different chads) because of that, there would
              be a question of equal protection under the law. There is no
              law of what a vaild vote is in Florida, except that it is
              determined they the Secretary of State. The problem lies in
              that there is disagreement of whether or not the Supreme Court
              should have interferred at this point in the process. Bush
              wins by litigation.
                \_ Bush wins by having more votes.  Thank you for playing.
                   \_ Gore had more votes...don't be silly.  Not even the
                      Republican lawyers are suggesting the Bush actually
                      received more votes.  Congrats on preventing the
                      recount in Florida while getting one in New Mexico.
                         \_ New Mex. recount was automatic, not requested
                            AFAIK. And AL could have cheated his way to
                            more votes, not quite the same has getting more
                            votes on election day. Spare me your whimpering
                            about under votes, etc. If you really care
                            about your vote, you would make *SURE* that
                            you punched the ballot all the way through.
                            If you can't even bother to do that, your vote
                            deserves to be discarded.
                            \_ Stop using the "F" word!  _F_acts offend the
                               mindless ultra left.  Yes, NM was an automatic
                               recount just like the machine recount in FL,
                               and the automatic recount triggered in Oregon
                               in the Senate race.  Bush had more votes.
                      \_ url?
                         \_ If you didn't notice the other recount, you aren't
                            really interested (If you have to ask, you don't
                            already know)
                      \_ uh, Florida did get a recount.  The count was
                         certified, Gore went to the lawyers, yadda yadda yadda.
                   \- bush wins by delay of game. penalty 150 votes. --psb
                           \_ stupid republican comment deleted
                              \_ COMMIE CENSORS CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!
                                \_ Poor babies.  For the poor ultra leftist
                                   clowns who can't deal with the truth I
                                   essentially said that Bush won every vote,
                                   and count and recount using the most stupid
                                   rules invented by Gore's Demo buddies with
                                   ballots manually counted by Gore's Demo
                                   buddies and at no point despite this
                                   travesty of justice was Gore ever ahead in
                                   Florida.  Good bye Mr. Gore.  Nice speech.
                                   Hopefully your last public speech ever.
              \_ and Gore WASN'T trying to?  the votes were recounted, the
                 count was certified, Gore went to the lawyers, yadda yadda
                 \_ The Republicans hand recounted their districts then
                    denied the Dems the same right. And got away with it,
                    it turns out. Face it, your man stole the election.
                    \_ url?
                       \_ It does not exists, because it did not happen.
                          The GOP did not recount any district by hand.
                    \_ Hello?  Volusia?  Broward?  Only the most heavily 20%
                       Democratic areas in Miami-Dade?  Al Gore did his best
                       to steal it and got beaten down like the mad dog he is.
                       If I wanted spin and lies I could turn on CNN or MSNBC.
                       They do it better than you do and shower more often.
                    \_ I agree that the Republicans "stole the election".
                       The Republican strategy was to not count all legal
                       votes, especially legal votes that could go to Gore.
                       I often had the impression that they were rushing
                       the election to a close.  Not to say that the Democrats
                       were entirely fair, but the Republicans didn't want
                       to play ball and go ahead with a statewide recount
                       (probably those slippery, pro-Gore liberal counters),
                       so the Democrats were forced to pursue recounts in
                       only liberal-heavy counties.
                       I do not agree with the Republican propaganda that
                       valid recounts had been repeated thrice.  I believe
                       Gore's assertion that not all legal votes were
                       \_ Grow up, child.  Gore could've requested a statewide
                          recount but instead chose 3 or 4 cherry picked Demo
                          areas where he thought he could scum up a few more
                          improperly cast votes by "diving the will" through
                          his political surrogates.
                       \_ Yeah, I bet you believe that AL created the
                          internet too. All the votes that were correctly
                          voted were counted by the machine. Hand recounts
                          amounted to guessing which ballots when to Al by
                          people who want him to win. If some stupid fool
                          in FL can't be bothered to check his/her ballot
                          then they don't deserve to have a say.
                       I disagree, too, with the assertion that "the
                       Democrats would have resorted to the same stalling
                       tactics if they had the lead."  In this case, if
                       the Republicans asked for a statewide recount,
                       the Democrats would have accepted.  This coincides
                       with the general principle that Democrats are good
                       (know what's going on) and Republicans are evil
                       (are misinformed).
                       \_ And you base this on what?  Your leftist mindwashing
                          on campus from your drooling babbling communist
                          profs?  WAKE UP!  COFFEE IS READY!
                       \_ Republicans didn't steal anything. The won fair
                          and square under the laws as they existed on
                          election day (ever hear of ex posto facto?).
                          \_ Hey dumbshit. No laws were made by Al Gore.
                             In case you're too stupid to figure it out
                             he doesn't have the power. Figure out what
                             the hell "ex post facto" means before you
                             blab it out on the motd. It is within the
                             FL supreme court to interpret existing laws.
                             \_ 'after the fact', extending the recounts
                                past the original legislative deadline
                                was illegal. The courts can interpret
                                the law, they don't make it and they
                                shouldn't break it as the FL Supereme
                                Court did. Fortunately the US Supreme
                                Court has the wisdom to stop their
                          GWB was ahead in the initial count, the machine
                          recount and every other count (despite challenges
                          to military ballots).
                          AL's plan for a statewide recount by his vote
                          counters would have amounted to a coup d'etat,
                          subverting the laws in order to win.
                          Furthermore, the GOP did not ask for a recount
                          in states where GWB lost by similar margins. If
                          FL had gone to ALGOR by 500 votes, GWB would have
                          conceeded and AL would be Pres. Elect. Only a
                          Democrat would have the gaul to act as AL has.
                          His behavior only serves to reinforce the general
                          principle that Democrats/Liberals == EVIL COMMIES
                          and the GOP == the good guys. Only Jefferson and
                                                             \_ I take it
                                                                you never
                                                                took US
                                Let me rephrase, Jeffersonian _/
                                principles are good, Jefferson
                                the man made many scary mistakes.
                                Very few democrats even have principles,
                                so Jefferson is a decent one in
                                my book.
                          Truman have ever been able to transend this
                          [ Possibly unfair characterization of a liberal
                            removed by author. ]
                          \_ You make a good argument, but I'll have to
                             look at Rehnquist/Scalia/Thomas' opinion
                             in the Supreme Court case.  I think their
                             reasons for voting "no-recounts" are
                             substantively different than yours.
                             \_ Yes. As I understand it they said no
                                recounts because of two reasons. First,
                                the choice of electors belongs to the leg.
                                branch not the jud. branch according to the
                                constitution. Second, partial recounts w/o
                                standards violates equal protection under
                                the 14th amendment (as I recall).
                                I'm basically saying that what AL did was
                                not the right or proper thing to do for
                                a gentleman and a president.
                                     \_ they gave up b/c it was going to
                                        be "too big a mess."  what a cop-out.
                                        \_ You went to the Jesse Jackson School
                                           Of Logic.  I can tell.
                                \_ I'm not sure you're right about the
                                   first part and will have to check.
                                   The second part would suggest that
                                   if the state court a) extended the
                                   deadline to the 17th and b) more precisely
                                   explained how re-counts would be conducted,
                                   and explain how it would not be a violation
                                   of equal protection -- if the state court
                                   did both of these things, the U.S.
                                   Supreme Court would have let the recount
                                   go on.
                                   \_ They extended to the 26th.  Not 17th.
                                   \_ Yes, that is correct.  Despite the
                                      democratic cries of a partisan Supreme
                                      Court, a timely recount with a statewide
                                      standard would have been allowed.  This
                                      seems so obvious that I find it puzzling
                                      that the Democrats didn't push for it.
                                      The only explanation I see is that they
                                      really were fishing for votes.
                                      \_ I don't know what it's like to be
                                         a liberal Florida Supreme Court
                                         justice, but it looks like what
                                         happened is that four justices
                                         produced a hasty, poorly thought-out
                                         decision, in order to meet a Dec 12
                                         safe harbor date.
2000/12/13-14 [Uncategorized] UID:20092 Activity:moderate
12/12   hola, is anyone aware of a good book/reference/intro paper to
        optical switching? --psb
        \_Depends on how technical you want to go.
                  \- why dont you give me a ptr. have knowledge of physics and
                  networking but not a specialist in optical stuff. --psb
        \_ I'm sure you already know all that's important.  --psb #2 fan!
2000/12/13-14 [Recreation/Travel/LasVegas] UID:20093 Activity:kinda low
12/12   Pat Barnes and Mike Pawlawski to play with the XFL's SF Demons:
        How long will this league last?  Will it be fake just like the WWF?
        \_ Long enough to ruin the grass at Pac Bell Park
        \_ Doubt it's fake since Las Vegas has lines on XFL games. Then again,
           LV has lines on boxing, and we all know how that sport is nowadays
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