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2000/12/12 [Computer/SW/Languages] UID:20067 Activity:very high
12/11   F-f-f-fuck da print queue
        \_ heheh, i remember back in the day, i would just try to cancel
           other people's print jobs.  lpcancel or something
        \_ actually, back in the day, i'd simply turn off the printer. For
           some reason or another, the entire queue would vanish. I'd then
           turn the printer back on.
           \_ I'd just nuke the queue and put my print job in first.
                - former root@cory
              \_ I didnt need to nuke the queue, just submitted mine as the
                 top priority    -- former illegal root@cory
        \_ In the beginning, you could cancel other people's jobs, then
           somebody (root) changed it. And powering off only killed the
           top queued job. i wonder what it is now...
        \_ Do they still allow you to enscript a postscript file? Or has
           a filter been put in place?
                        \_ i patched enscript to stop this -brg
2000/12/12-13 [Uncategorized] UID:20068 Activity:high
12/11   what should/can i do when my boss pisses me off?
           \_ offer him/her sex.
        \_ threaten to quit.  demand a Lego desk.
        \_ walk around your office pretending to be edward norton from
           "fight club".
        \_ One former coworker used to piss on the toilet seat because
           he hated his job but didn't have the guts to find another.
           Only the three of us (the boss, him, and me) used that men's
           room on that floor, so it was pretty obvious who it was.
2000/12/12-13 [Academia/Berkeley/UCSEE] UID:20069 Activity:nil
12/11   Ucsee is full!
        \_ are there like ucsee admins on sloda.csua or something?
           \_ yes
2000/12/12-13 [Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs] UID:20070 Activity:nil
12/11   In emacs, how do you get it to word wrap and unword wrap?
        \_ M-x auto-fill-mode
        \_ M-x hscroll-mode
2000/12/12-13 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:20071 Activity:nil
12/11   Where is the banner for pop3 (i'm using sendmail with imap) kept?
        \_ neither sendmail nor imap have anything to do with pop3.  Figure
           out what you're running and ask again.
2000/12/12-13 [Computer/HW/IO, Computer/SW] UID:20072 Activity:nil
12/11   Using less to read multiple files.  How do I jump to the next file
        when the first is finished?
        \_ :n
           \_ thanks.  Is there a quicker shortcut?
              \_ sure. get a keyboard with a ":n" key on it
        \_ uh, when you're finished with the first file, it should advance
           to the next one automatically.
           \_ you know i don't think it does
              \_ does for me.  use "less -e" or "less -E"
        \_ +1 point for asking "How do I..." instead of "How to...".
           -1 point for the "Using less..." fragment.
2000/12/12-13 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/WWW/Server] UID:20073 Activity:nil
12/11   What are the security implecations of allowing the Delete method?
        Does apache allow that by default?  Does it really mean that any
        user could send a header commanding your server to delete any file
        that nobody is able to write?  If so, how do you disable this methd?
        \_ Something like
        <Directory />
         Deny all
         Allow GET PUT other-explicit-methods-you-like
2000/12/12 [Reference/Religion] UID:20074 Activity:nil
12/11   GOD DAMN IT
2000/12/12 [Uncategorized] UID:20075 Activity:nil
12/11   G*D D**N IT
2000/12/12-2001/2/2 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:20076 Activity:nil
12/12   We have switched versions of sshd since the OpenSSH one was hanging.
        Mail root if you witness odd behavior.  -root
2000/12/12-14 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:20077 Activity:nil
12/12   Is it possible to keep the same key each time SSH is changed/
        \_ They key has never changed.  The problem lies in the
           fact that soda has a really really old key the 2 ssh programs
           treat the keys differently.  Really old version of ssh created
           1023 bit keys instead of 1024 and ssh has continued to lie about
           the keysize.  OpenSSH's sshd, on the other hand tells the truth.
           This confuses your ssh client.  -mikeh
           \_ I think that you can fix this by editing the length field for
              the key in your $HOME/known_hosts file.
2000/12/12-13 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:20078 Activity:low
12/11   Does anyone know of a Palm application designed to store passwords,
        credit card info, etc. that has encryption, requires password entry
        for access, enables you to sync with your PC, access all the info on
        your PC, and import/export the info between your PC application and,
        for example, a tab seperated text file?  -asb (if you send me
                                email, please send it to
        \_ Speaking of UCSB, my ex-roomie was a sorority girl from UCSB
           who came to attend Boalt School of Law. I did not have sex with
           her, but at least she got into a better school than Hastings.
        \_ Forget about your silly whims, it doesn't fit the plan.
2000/12/12-13 [Uncategorized] UID:20079 Activity:low
12/11   Why does .hushlogin not seem to work anymore?  It worked yesterday.
        I haven't changed my shell or anything else in ages.
        \_ ssh
2000/12/12-13 [Science/Biology, Science/Electric] UID:20080 Activity:moderate
12/11   after numerous "Last renewal notice", hopefully, i don't hear from
        newsweek anymore.  anyway, what is a good general science periodic
        for subscription?  your comment is appreciated.
        \_ Science ( - tends to be a little bit biology heavy,
           but never content-free. -brg
           \- you were subscribing to newsweek as a "general science periodic"?
           the economist is a far superior substitude for newsweek, with pretty
           good science coverage. --psb
             \_ no, just that i realized i mostly read the articles about
                science and technology most of the time...  anyhow, i am
                looking for science journal that covers a board range of
             \_ What's with psb and his Economist?
        \_Scientific American is a good starting point (yes, I know it is a
          monthly mag); if you're ready, you can also subscribe to Nature.
          \_ I agree SA is pretty good. Another decent one is Science News.
             Nature has always been too bio/chem related for me. ----ranga
             \_ I agree, Science News is good.  It's kind of thin,
                but it gives a good overview of current science news.
                \_ Its weekly (or used to be) and I could usually read
                   it in one or two sittings. Another good one was Science
                   Digest, but I think it is defunct now.
             \_ Science and Nature are the only ways to go.  Science
                I think is a little better for news/tech.  SA is way
                too delayed to be a useful news service.
        \_ There's a huge *leap* from reading science articles in newsweek to
           reading Science or Nature.  The former is a pathetic distillation
           for the general public, the latter are peer-reviewed(kinda) scientific
           journals, often reporting experiments, methods, raw data, etc.  Read
           them before you decide to subscribe.  Science, btw, is non-profit,
           Nature, is for profit.  If you want a simple upgrade from Newsweek,
           Discover might be the better way to go, intellectually.
           \_ Yeah. Discover is not bad, its better than say Popular Science
              and Popular Mechanics.
2000/12/12-13 [Uncategorized] UID:20081 Activity:nil
12/11   for sale: Planescape: Torment.  $5.  email me.  - danh
        \_ I live again!
2000/12/12-14 [Computer/SW/Compilers, Industry/Startup] UID:20082 Activity:moderate
12/12   This may sound wierd but is there a way for a program compiled
        with the -g debugging option to examine its own stack frame?
        I once ran a program that, whenever it crashed, did an automatic
        backtrace on itself and dumped it to stderr.
        \_ ~mconst/src/gdbcall will let your program run gdb commands
           (like "backtrace") on itself.  --mconst
        \_ another toy, that helped destroy, the elder race of man.
        \_ You can do this in assembly, catch an exception and simply
           check your stack register and walk all the way up
        \_ How about catching SIGBUS, dumping core and then running gdb
           backtrace on the resulting core file.
2000/12/12-14 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:20083 Activity:moderate
12/12   Anybody know if there are any Tahoe cabin/house rentals where they let
        you rent for only 1 or 2 nights?  All the ones I've seen have like
        3 night minimum.  I need a cabin/house for 6 people (3 couples)
        \_ just stayed in one.. 3 bedrooms plus a fold-out couch slept
           6 comfortably.. could sleep up to 10 w/ sleeping bags and such
           and a 2 night minimum.. north shore 1/2mi off Tahoe Rd. down
           89 towards Homewood... --shac
                \_ Granlibakken is a very nice resort.  They also have
                   an absolutely WONDERFUL weekday (monday-thursday)
                   rate, of ~$70 each with breakfast and lift
                   ticket to Alpine or Squaw.
        \_ Rent a room at MGM and have an orgy.
        \_ Think about the average, what you have they for you?
           \_ Don't you mean "How to think about the average, what
              you have they for you?
              \_ Everybody gotta deviate from the norm.
        \_ Doing a weekend orgy and not willing to pay for the stay?
2000/12/12-14 [Transportation/Car, Transportation/Car/Hybrid] UID:20084 Activity:high
12/12   Does anyone know of a good website where I can get reasonably
        complete and objective evaluation of a variety of cars from a
        consumer's perspective (comfort, reliability, etc)?  I was
        thining of buying a new car, possibly a sports car...
        \_ Test drive them. Your needs are probably unique to you. I know
           people who hate sports cars, because the ride is rough. Sports
           car enthusiasts look at those wanting a smooth, quiet ride in
           disdain. If you drive them you'll find out really quickly which
           cars are for you. --dim
        \_ is a very good way to narrow your choices. -- Marco
           \_ I second that.
        \_ Last chance!
        \_ epinions, carreview
        \_ The words of the prophets were written on the studio walls.
        \_ As much as I hate M$, is a very good site for
           this sort of comparison.
        \_ Buy me your top 20 or 30 cars.  I'll drive them around for a few
           weeks each and report back to you.
        \_ Get the great new book, _Divorce_Your_Car_
           \_ this is written by "Hippie Press", following their great
              hit, "I want to live at home and be spoonfed like a baby by
              my parents - pass the bong please"
                \_ Cool.  Can I find that on Amazong?  They got anything on
                   how to hypnotise my parents into going for this?
        \_ solves all of your problems.
        \_ RIDE BIKE!
2000/12/12-13 [Computer/SW/Languages/Web] UID:20085 Activity:moderate
12/12   where can i buy a retractible metal baton thru mail order?
        \_ carries the ASP batons.
2000/12/12-13 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:20086 Activity:high
12/12   Something happened to CSUA server again?  This morning I was
        unable to ssh in, I have to delete the known.hosts file to
        resolve the problem...
        \_ weird ssh problems this morning.  Looks like the tcp/80 forwarder
            to soda's sshd was getting web requests!
        \_ Me too!
           \_ if it's good enought for shell and ibm...
              \_ I guess ECC Ram and hot swap disks and scalable
                 processing just aren't what Shell Oil needs.
                 \_ maybe they asked for help and got turned off when
                    a freebsd user mouthed them off?
                    \_ they should have contacted an OpenBSD or
                       NetBSD user.
        \_ i've never had a weird problem with openssh, teraterm, putty, etc.
        \_ No problems with OpenSSH on *BSD (inlcuding MacOSX) or
           NiftyTelnet on MacOS.
                \_ openssh sucks.  We should install ssh 2.3.0.  -tom
                   \_ freebsd sucks.  we should install linux 2.2.17 -!tom
                      \_ it really does -!!tom
2000/12/12-13 [Uncategorized] UID:20087 Activity:high
12/12   anyone ever test driven a maserati 3200gt?  I've heard good
        and bad things about it, but I'm not sure which to believe.
        \_ forget it, just the honda prelude 2001, base model.  Good
           power with a decent price...
        \_ get a mitsu. 3000GT twin turbo or a lancer evol 6.
          \_ And how do you plan on getting a Lancer into the US? Change
             some VINs and slap a Mirage badge on it?
        \_ Sunlight on chrome, The blur of the landscape, Every nerve aware..
2018/12/14 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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