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2000/12/10 [Politics/Foreign, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:20059 Activity:high
12/8    Welcome to the United States of Texas. All hail Emporor Bush.
        \_ Your spelling proficency is quite awe inspireing.
           \_ That's how Bush would have wanted it spelled.
                \_ 4 years from now there will be absolutely no
                   difference no matter who's in office: the country
                   is run by bickering idiots who can't get anything done,
                   who care more about their own pockets and party
                   politics than public welfare or the well being of
                   the greater country and world about them.
                   \_ Well, if you had supported someone else
                      during the primaries we wouldn't have had a fucking
                      idiot like Bush or someone as off-the-wall as
                      Gore running against each other.
2000/12/10 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:20060 Activity:very high
12/9    in tcsh, when setting environment variables such as EDITOR or PAGER, is
        there a way to specify command-line arguments?  or do I have to point
        those variables to scripts instead?  thanks.
        \_ depends, what about dotfiles? .exrc, .emacs
           \_ I mean something general, that would work for programs that don't
              have dotfiles or environment variables to store default settings.
              \_ Well, does the program read the shell vars or does the
                 shell act on behalf of the program? Whose responsiblity
                 should it be?
              \_ Whose responsibility should it be? The shell or the program?
                 What about what happens with mail when you
                 set PAGER='more -V' in .mailrc
                 or when you 'setenv PAGER 'more -V' and try to 'man more'
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