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2000/12/3-4 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:19980 Activity:very high
12/2    Can someone recommend a simple c++ -> html converter?  Thanks!
        \_ echo '<HTML><BODY><PRE>'; cat; echo '</PRE></BODY></HTML>'
           \_ to be correct, you also should replace any <>&" marks with
              their corresponding HTML entities.
           \_ I was thinking the more fancy kind, where they link user-
              defined types to its class definition, color code it, etc.
                                                - original poster
                \_ Don't forget to pipe into a file or cut'n'paste the above.
                   Very important.
                   \_ it's not what the original poster wants, and even if it
                      were, the simplistic cat method above wouldn't replace
                      <>&" symbols with their appropriate HTML character
                        \_ Get a new browser.  Works in mine.
                           \_ just because it happens to work in your browser
                              doesn't mean you should use it.  I also am
                              skeptical that your browser would handle
                              "#include <stdio.h>" correctly.
                              \_ I use emacs in www mode.  You must be using
                                 NS or IE or some cheap clone.
                                 \_ IE is the standard browser. - Bill G.
                                    \_ ED is the standard browser. -- phillip
        \_ LXR, check out - randal
           \_ Thanks, that's exactly what I was looking for.
        \_ I've seen this done nicely in the Metrowerks compiler.  Purists
        would probably argue you can do this with a hack on tags.  was this
        specifically for the web?
        \_ <CODE></CODE>
2000/12/3-4 [Computer/SW/OS] UID:19981 Activity:low
12/2    Another pthreads question. I need to create two threads and
        a shared mutex in my program. In some cases I can create the
        first thread and the mutex, but I have problems with the
        second call to pthread_create. If I use the mutex_destroy
        at this point, my first thread doesn't like it. Is there a
        way to kill (stop) a thread that I've created?
        \_ Sounds like you need a reference count on your mutex.
           Only a guess, as your description is totally vague.
           \_ I'm basically allocating a bunch of stuff in main()
              before any work starts. If any of the allocations
              (threads, memory, mutex, etc) don't work, I try to
              clean up the allocated memory before calling exit().
              My problem is that I want to clean up the threads
              before calling exit() but I don't known how to do
              that. I'm looking for the thread equivalent of
                \_ dude, just read Code Complete. (get it on amazon)
                   cleanup is a trivial problem.
                   \_ Thanks.
2000/12/3-4 [Uncategorized] UID:19982 Activity:low
12/2    what is this REBOL language stuff?
        \_ Exactly.
2000/12/3-4 [Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:19983 Activity:moderate
12/2    what is this apple webobjects shit?
        \_ Very ugly.  Avoid.
        \_ dogfood. Steve Jobs eats it.
        \_ Former NeXT product that apple inherited.
           \_ Correction: Former [crap] NeXt product that Apple [got stuck
              paying for when Steve screwed Apple shareholders].
              \_ I'm not certain when SJ screwed shareholders. I got out
                 while Apple was showing stunning performance. The IMac,
                 Ibook, PB G3, G3/G4, the flat screen and flat panels were
                 all great moves by SJ. Now the Cube, that's a complete flop.
                 Hopefully OSX won't be. I like it so far.
2000/12/3-4 [Computer/Domains, Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:19984 Activity:nil
12/2    The Internet Sucks. I want to give my friend A CD, via one of the
        online sites. None of the ones I've looked at allow me to do this,
        instead they allow me to give him a gift certificate of a specified
        amount, which I find low class. I could just flip him a $20 if I
        wanted to. I'm not worried he'll spend too much of my money, and if
        he did somehow do so, I wouldn't make the same mistake twice. This
        doesn't seem too difficult, now does it?! Any suggestions? -- Marco
        \_ why don't you just give him a blank check?
                \_ uh, amazon allows you to send someone a gift.  -tom
                   \_ pretty much any online site will let you buy something
                      and have it shipped to a different address, but I don't
                      think that's what he wants.
                   \_ Obviously. I want the site to support his choosing the
                      CD, but the charge goes to my credit card. -- Marco
                      \_ Internet sucks? How many brick-and-mortar places
                         allow you to do that? And that's even f2f. Sheesh.
                         Go and try that at Raspukins.
                         Amazon allows your friend to set up a wish list
                         so you can click on it to charge to your CC.
                         Makes buying, shipping and potential returns easier.
        \_ WWW != Internet.
           \_ I didn't say anything about the WWW. Is there any Internet
              service that will do what I want?         -- Marco
              \_ e-mail him, ask him what he wants, buy it, ship it to his
2000/12/3-4 [Recreation/Media] UID:19985 Activity:very high
12/2    New Dune mini series starting this Sunday on the Sci Fi Channel.
        BTW, why was the original Dune movie so not well received?
             \_ 'cause it sucked and only featured Jean Luc Picard
                for 5-10 seconds.
        \_ Because Republicans wouldn't let them recount the Nielson
           ratings until it was rated well.
        \_ because Lynch's movie is really weird and the heavily edited
        version released in the united states is even harder
        to understand than the longer European release plus
        Sting's hardened muscles are very distracting
        \_ Lynch's movie rocked.  I have the 2hr/4hr and 6 hr version.
        the last one was the tv adaptation which had some scenes cut, but
        others added.  - paolo
        \_ I watched tonight.  Pretty slow.  I guess they really needed to
           drag it out to get 6 hours.  So far I think the earlier movie was
        \_ "We have wormsign the likes of which even God has never seen."
                \_ "The tooth!  Remember the tooth!"
2000/12/3-4 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:19986 Activity:low
12/1    Say I want to encrypt some text files that I don't use that often
        (eg, sent-mail files).  Is there any command line util better than
        crypt available to do this?  Maybe something that uses the new DES
        standard? (I don't want to attempt spelling it)
        \_ Use "pgp -e".
          \_ Does this have a batch mode for (de|en)crytpting multiple files?
        \_ You mean the new AES standard.  (And Rijndael isn't _that_ hard
           to spell)
           \_ If you're some anthropologist used to garbage 'languages' from
              the underlife, maybe.
2000/12/3-4 [Uncategorized] UID:19987 Activity:low
12/1    Anyone besides me going to Usenix in New Orleans? -crebbs
        \_ me
           \_ he asked if anyone besides 'me' was going. He already
              knew that you ('me') were going.
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