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2000/12/2-4 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:19978 Activity:high
12/01   Anyone get TeraTerm + ssh to work connecting to Soda?  I changed the
        protocol to blowfish, but SSH mysteriously drops after attempting to
        connect.  (Alternatively, a list of win32 ssh clients would be
        usefull--I didn't find the ones on the csua www page to be useful.)
        \_ It works for me.  Does it give any error messages when it
           disconnects?  Can it connect to other machines than soda?
        \_ Here is the obligatory why don't you install a real os with a real
           ssh client follow up.
        \_ I installed it on my dad's Windows98 box to login when I visit them
           and had no problems (other than getting a new key when we went to
           Mark VI).  -- bcmuller
        \_ Worked fine for me as well, and I've installed it on several
           different machines (win98, win2k, winnt 4)
        \_ Are you sure you're using Tera Term Pro and TTSSH?
           \_ Works for me, too. -ausman
        \_ sshd has been acting up - there have been random times when it
        has refused connections.  From what I know mikeh has been considering
        installing the old ssh.  This is information dated last week - paolo
2000/12/2 [Uncategorized] UID:19979 Activity:nil
12/01   How come there is /usr/bin/Mail and /usr/bin/mail, identical?
        Why not symlink or something?  Make a little more pr0n space?
        \_ try 'ls -i', then read 'man ln' about hardlinks.
           \_ ah, so desu.  never saw a hardlink before.  - clueless
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