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2000/11/27 [Reference/BayArea, Recreation/Food] UID:19919 Activity:high
4/240   Can anyone tell me where "Little Taipei" is?  It's supposed to be a
        plaza somewhere in the Bay Area with many Chinese restaurants.  Thanks
        in advance.  -- yuen
        \_ Take 880 and exit on warm springs.  It will be on your right side,
           \_ What city is this in?
           can't miss it, it's a big plaza.  There's a Lion supermarket in that
           mall.  Champion Teppanyaki in that plaza is the best teppanyaki
           place I've been.  They don't do a lot of shows like Benihana, but
           the food is excellent.
           \_ do they make you sit next to strangers there?
           \_ The Benihana show is kinda lame and the food so-so anyway.
              \_ The food smells better than it tastes.
        \_ lots of good lookin' young Asian women, you'll love it    -aaron
           \_ And some of them are even legal!
           \_ Are you kidding?  Good looking women in the Bay Area?  Good
              looking _Asian_ women?!  Are they as good looking as those
              in LA?
                \_ Depends on if you prefer them "au natural" or
                   "au mac/bebe/etc..."
                \_ The term "good looking" is a relative statement.  Good
                   looking, compared to say, Berkeley chicks in physics.
                   \_ When I graduated, there were a couple of reasonably
                      good looking women in astrophysics.
                      \_ In my day, we had a CS student who posed for Playboy.
                         Nice gal.
                \- what city is this in?
                   \_ Fremont.
2000/11/27-28 [Uncategorized] UID:19920 Activity:low
11/26   Is it possible to convert from RealPlayer format and .MOV format
        to ASF format?
        \_ Yes.
           \_ How?
                \_ mov2asf
                \_ above poster is asshole.
                   \_ cool.
2000/11/27 [Uncategorized] UID:19921 Activity:nil
11/27   I've been bored recently.  Can someone please post a list of
        classic MOTD flame wars?  Thanks!
2000/11/27-28 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:19922 Activity:high
11/27   How do I kill a process that refuses to respond to kill -9?
        \_ reboot!
           \_ I don't think I can reboot soda.  ps shows that the process (a
              tcsh process) is trying to exit, but it has been doing that for
              6 days.
              \_ Try to kill -HUP the parent process or the process that
                 controls its tty.
                 \_ What if it is the login shell?
                    \_ Ask root to give it a try.
        \_ You don't, in general this is not possible.  If you gave more
           information, then maybe I could give a more though answer. e.g.
           the state of the process. --jwm
           \_   TT  STAT      TIME COMMAND
                Ff- IEs+   0:00.25 -tcsh (tcsh)
                E_- IEs+   0:00.12 -tcsh (tcsh)

              It is trying to terminate, but for some reason it can't.
              \_ try truss and post the results
                 \_ this is interesting.  i did:
                     truss -p <pid> -o foo &
                     kill -9 <pid>
                    And I got "truss: PIOCWAIT top of loop: Inappropriate
                               ioctl for device"
                    Conveniently, the process died.  The output file only had
                    "SIGNAL 9" in it.  Was this the expected behavior?
                    \_ Well, no; but what probably happened was that a
                       device (the pty) finally returned an error from a
                       blocked system call when truss tried to trace the
2000/11/27-28 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Computer/Networking] UID:19923 Activity:moderate
11/27   What is a WINS server? I'm looking on Microsoft's site and it appears
        to just be a DHCP server. Except Microsoft says it developed both
        DHCP and WINS and has submitted them to be new official computer
        standards. Does WINS also do SAMBA type stuff?
        \_ Microsoft invented everything. And once we can get Bush 2.0
           finally installed in office, we can get rid of this anti-trust
           suit so every computer-term can be re-named back to it's
           rightful owner: Bill Gates. Then we can start paving the Bay to
           reduce my commute-time, cutting down the trees to make room
           for more housing, and removing these high gasoline taxes.
              \_ My aren't we hostile. No one can be sure if Bush will
              a republican but by a Democrat.
                 go easy on M$. Many felt that RWR would stop the AT&T
                 breakup but he pushed harder than the Carter Admin. to
                 complete it. Bush may also do the same. Gore may not
                 (several members of his family work for M$).
                 Now as for the rest of your rant, if you are so enamoured
                 on "nature" and the "environment" why don't you log off
                 and leave civilization and go live in the forest as
                 primitive man did.
           \_ Well, everything except the internet, which was invented not by
              a Republican but by a Democrat.
        \_ Microsoft invented DNS too.  It's called Digital Nervous System.
        \_ Microsoft also created DNA.  Distributed interNet Architecture.
           DNA is the precursor to .NET.
        \_ A WINS server is Microsoft's pre-DNS MS-only idea of how to do
           name <-> IP resolution.  It's pretty brain dead.  If you have some
           specific questions, post again and I'll do my best.
2000/11/27 [Industry/Startup] UID:19924 Activity:very high
11/27   1.  Dial   1-800-888-3999 (it's free)
        2.  Listen to all of the options
        3.  After hearing the 7th option - hit 7
        \_ Good God, man!  Have you been in a coma for 3 weeks?!  Just woke
           up today and read slashdot?  We ALL know, and it's not that funny
           \_ Quack quack quack
        \_ Some of us have accounts with this brokerage and its not funny.
        \_ URL at slashdot please?
2000/11/27-29 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:19925 Activity:very high
11/27   I want to distribute a .c file that I sell with my proprietary
        product.  The .c file is GPL'd.  Do I have to distribute my
        proprietary product for free, now?
        \_ Ask a fucking lawyer.
        \_ Yes. RMS wants it all. Stupid you for picking COMMIE GPL
           tainted code.
        \_ IF you include GPLed code in your program, your whole program
           falls under the GPL.  This is a deliberate "feature": that it is
           viral in nature.  The key difference between the GPL and LGPL
           is that the LGPL, since inteded for libraries, is that only the
           origional portion is under the LGPL, the rest of your program
           is not.  One of the initial bugs in Bison is that the output
           was covered under the GPL and not the LGPL (a situation since
        \_ No.  The GPL does not prevent you from selling your code.  That
           said, depending upon which version of the GPL the file is under
           (there are several, check out for details), others may
              proprietary product.  The .c file is GPL'd.  This means I
              must make available the entire source of my proprietary
              product for free, to anyone that asks.
           be able to freely give your code to others.
        \_ The GPL doesn't affect one bit how much you charge for your product,
              for free to anyone that asks, less medium copy costs.
           it just gives your customers the right to give it away to anyone
           they want at any price they want, including for charge or for free.
           Sooner or later it will probably end up in the hands of someone
           who will do it for free.
           \_ Thanks.  I read the material.  Amended:
              I want to distribute a .c file that I sell with my
              proprietary product.  The .c file is GPL'd.  My proprietary
              product becomes GPL'd.  All GPL'd software must be available
                \_ Only if the .c file is part of your product.  Look at
                   all the major Unix vendors - they include GPL'ed software
                   with their OS'es, but their OS'es aren't GPL'ed.
                   \_ I was talking with a friend about this and the
                      opinion was that if we distribute the GPL'd .c file
                      with the intention that the user can link it in
                      with our source, then it becomes iffy enough
                      that someone can sue us if we don't GPL the
                      entire proprietary product.
              for free to anyone that asks, less medium copy costs.  I can
              still sell my proprietary product for however much I want,
              but I have to give it away free to anyone that asks.
                \_ No you don't - you have to include source or provide it
                   at a reasonable cost for media for anyone who has a
                   binary copy, but you don't have to give it away for free.
                   \_ "less medium copy costs"
        \_ Okay, so I've done some research on the GNU GPL, and the basic
           idea is that if you link GPL'd source with your product, then
           your product becomes GPL'd, and anyone can take your product's
           source and make an improved version of your product.  In other
           words the GNU GPL "encourages" free software, which leaves the main
           revenue stream for GPL'd software to grants and support contracts,
           and co.'s like Red Hat that would pay programmers to write GPL'd
           software.  Is that right?
           \_ there's also the GNU Library license.  take GNU libc.  one can
              link to it and still keep his or her code proprietary.  -dpetrou
           \_ Yes.  This is correct.  The GPL is an evil virus license.
              \_ Well, free software isn't a bad thing.  The GPL definition
                 and intent should just be more clear to the lay programmers.
                 \_ I'm not opposed to free.  I'm opposed to virus licenses.
                 \_ BSD is a free license. GPL (and variations) are not.
                 \_ This is what happens when you get a kook like RMS trying
                    to write a legal document to do something that's
                    questionably legal in the first place.
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