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2000/11/25-27 [Uncategorized] UID:19907 Activity:nil
2000/11/25-27 [Reference/Languages] UID:19908 Activity:low
11/24   Wow, are up with the times:

        Main Entry:     1fuck
        Pronunciation:  'f&k
        Function:       verb
        Etymology:      akin to Dutch fokken to breed (cattle), Swedish
                        dialect fokka to copulate
        Date:   1503
        intransitive senses
        1 usually obscene : COPULATE -- sometimes used in the present
        participle as a m eaningless intensive 2 usually vulgar : MESS
        3 -- used with with transitive senses 1 usually obscene : to
        engage in coitus with -- sometimes used interjectionally with
        an object (as a personal or reflexive pronoun) to express
        anger, contempt , or disgust 2 usually vulgar : to deal with
        unfairly or harshly : CHEAT, SCREW
        \_ formatting corrected. -motd format !god
        \_ Isn't it a acronym for Fornication Under Consent of King?
           \_ Also "fornicate under carnal knowledge" and a long list of
              \_ see below
           \_ that's folk etymology. a.k.a. myths. the earliest known
              usage, contrary to webster, is 1308 [OED], which very
              distinctively marks it as a verb and places it in
              context that makes any acronym-based derivation unlikely
              (the postulated acronym source just can't be old
              enough). also note cognates (NOT borrowed) in 2 north
              germanic languages; chances are this word has been
              around since mid-first millenium AD at the very least.  -alexf
2000/11/25-27 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:19909 Activity:moderate
11/24   Thanks to the beauty of SoCal TV, I now know about the ultimate 1337
        piece of software:
        \_ uh, what's so '1337 about this?  it looks like any other 3d game to
           me, except for being Christian
           \_ if you have to ask, you don't know.
              \_ well, DUH.  If I knew, I wouldn't be asking.
                \_ Those who tell don't know, those who know don't tell.
                   \_ s0rr4, i gu355 i'm n07 31337 3n0u6h 70 r3ad th3 m07d
                        \_ ><-/\]<7|_Y.
2000/11/25-28 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:19910 Activity:low
11/24   Is there anyway to keep all that spam mail from Taiwan going
        through the Soda system?  I'm starting to get sick of it.  To
        whom can I forward copies of the spam mail?  It's always a
        different user, like this time it was from lover@soda - but
        all the return addresses are to Taiwan... and of course, it is
        like all in Chinese which blends real well with my Japanese
        fonts making some really ugly output.  --mtbb
        \_ Use procmail.  If return-address = taiwan, purge.
                \_ bouncing mail with a non-resolvable host
                   works great for me. if you can't reply to a mail,
                   it is not worth reading. --aaron
                        \_ That works, too.  Pick your poison.  I filter all
                           spam into a folder and check the headers once a
                           week just in case, then zap the whole thing.
                   \_ recipeP
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