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2000/11/23 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:19896 Activity:nil
11/22   I saw someone volunteer a reboot script/tool for win 2000 on
        the motd.  If you are still willing to give it out (or if any
        one else who has it is), please send it to me.  (i will, of
        course, not give out your email). thanks. -crebbs
2000/11/23-25 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD, Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:19897 Activity:high
11/22   Another installment of the OS Wars:

        I recently acquired a dual Pentium Pro system and I'm not
        sure which OS to install on it, FreeBSD SMP (or SMPng),
        Linux SMP or Solaris x86. Any recommendations?
        \_ Solaris x86.  it was running a quaad PII-300 just fine.
           Freebsd SMP is getting there but they are "still working on it"
           I hear Linux SMP is slightly better; NT SMP is even better.
        \_ FreeBSD sucks ass.  It's too difficult to use.  Go with a sane
           Linux distribution.
           \_ I couldn't find "sucks ass" in my technical manual glossary.
              Should I look in my tech dictionary under "religion" or should
              I look under "only used one OS in his life newbie"?
              \_ Why isn't soda running linux!?
                 \_ The linux gurus were out bike riding when the decision
                \_ Solaris for X86 sucks.  If ALL you care about is
                    was made.
           \_ All three are equally easy for me to use. I want to
              know which has better stability and performance.
                \_ Solaris for X86 sucks.
                   \_ correction: solaris on UNSUPPORTED HARDWARE sucks.
                      On the other hand, there are supported athhlon
                      motherboards, for example.
                   If ALL you care about is
                   stability and performance you want BSD. If you
                   want something hip that you can run a flash plug-in
                   (and other new/cool stuff) with good performance/
                   reliability you want linux.
                   \_ hip/cool not important to me. I want decent
                      network, disk and memory performance (both
                      FreeBSD and Solaris should provide this but
                      I don't really know about Solaris x86) and
                      good scheduling performance (near linear
                      scale up with 2 vs 1 CPU in SMP mode).
                   \_ solaris smp still blows away linux and bsd smp
        \_ BeOS
        \_ it all depends on what you want to do with it.
           \_ nfs, ftp, http, ssh. It will be my home server
              which means that I can free up my PII for playing
              around with stuff like the lottery scheduler on
              FreeBSD 4.x.
                \_ For a home server?  Oh please.  Just install whatever
                   you're most comfortable with.  It won't matter.  Are you
                   performing high cpu/fpu number crunching all day for your
                   phd thesis or something?  If not, just install something.
                   I was under the mistaken impression you were doing something
                   where performance might have mattered.  Put in at least 128
                   megs of ram, 256 is better and forget about it.  I can't
                   believe someone is seeking OS vs OS tedium advice for such
                   a trivial use as if it was going to make a difference.
                   \_ Well, I don't want to install FreeBSD SMP if other
                      people know that it is mostly unstable, ditto for
                      Solaris x86. I used to run Linux SMP on my PowerMac
                      and there where times it would lock up at high load
                      (some scheduler run queue problem). That's why I'm
                      asking which is better in terms of stability and
                        \_ Get an old 586, put 128 megs of ram in it, load up
                           your favorite version of *nix.  Enjoy it.
2000/11/23-25 [Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:19898 Activity:high
11/22   I have both fddi0 and hme0 interfaces on my Solaris box. The orig
        config was hme0 but I changed /etc/hosts, defaultrouter, and others
        to use the fddi0 subnet. Then when I finally did:
        % ifconfig fddi0 <my_ip> <etc etc>
        It says: "SIOCSIFMTU: fddi0: no such interface. What's up?
        \- did you plumb the interface?
         \_ reboot!  boot -r !
                \_ plumbed it and now it works, THANKS! There should be a
                   page with all the command line differences between Linux
                   and Solaris, making the hetereogenous *NIX environment
                   more manageable for us admins
                           \_ Try:


                        \- a poor workman blames his tools. it's one thing if
                           some predecessor added some non-obvious thing to
                           the kernel [like when someone commented out all the
                           graphics drivers for soda mark ??? and didnt leave
                           any notes about it] but i think this is exected
                           knowledge of any junior level solaris sysadmin.
                           anyway, you're welcome. --psb
                           \_ so do you know which interface types can be
                              plumbed and which cannot? Don't get all hoity
                              toity cause you know something he doesn't.
                   \_ you admins are supposed to know the difference..
                      thats part of what makes you a sysadmin.  do you
                      want a page with differences between every unix
                      and every other unix out there?  -shac
                        \_ Real admins don't post that sort of whine to the
                           motd or even think like that.  Real admins know
                           how to use the man pages and find what they need
                           to know as issues arise.  Real admins don't see a
                           substantial difference between *nixes.  Please
                           don't lump that person in with the rest of us.
                             \- not seeing a "real difference" between how sysV
                            and BSD do say networking is just being blind --psb
                                \_ It's pretty much the same.  man ifconfig.
                                   \- "networking" != "ifconfig" ... for
                                   example what kind of processing/filtering
                                   you can do in the kernel vs. have to haul
                                   up to userland is vastly different. --psb
                                   \_ This is all true and you're right about
                                      everything you're saying but it doesn't
                                      apply to this person whining that every
                                      version of unix out there isn't exactly
                                      like his favorite Linux distro and no
                                      one bothered to make a convenient
                                      flag conversion chart for him.
2000/11/23 [Uncategorized/Multicategory] UID:19900 Activity:high
11/22   How much is cab fare, approximately, from Berkeley to SFO?  also,
        does anyone recommend a particular taxi company?  --chris
        \_ don't know about cab fare, but berkeley to SFO (airport)
           on the east bay shuttle (the blue and yellow vans) was
           10-15 bucks in march.
                 \- without a lot of triffic it's probably going to be like
                    +$50. it will be really expensive. --psb
                    \_ for the shuttle or taxi? AFAIR the shuttle was
                       fixed rate based on distance.
                        \_ taxi is obviously more expensive
           \_ I want taxi.  I don't want to deal with shuttles.  At this point,
              it looks like the price of a taxi to/from will be the same as
              parking my car in longterm parking (which is full now)
              Does anyone have a taxi co. they'd recommend? --chris
2000/11/23 [Health/Disease/AIDS, Politics/Domestic/HateGroups] UID:19901 Activity:high
11/23  A Thanksgiving prayer by WSB:
        Thanks for the wild turkey and the passenger pigeons, destined to
        be shit out through wholesome American guts.
        Thanks for a continent to despoil and poison.
        Thanks for Indians to provide a modicum of challenge and danger.
        Thanks for vast herds of bison to kill and skin leaving the
        carcasses to rot.
        Thanks for the American dream, To vulgarize and to falsify until
        the bare lies shine through.
        Thanks for the KKK.
        For nigger-killin' lawmen, feelin' their notches.
        For decent church-goin' women, with their mean, pinched, bitter,
        evil faces.
        Thanks for "Kill a Queer for Christ" stickers.
        Thanks for laboratory AIDS.
        Thanks for Prohibition and the war against drugs.
        Thanks for a country where nobody's allowed to mind the own business.
        Thanks for a nation of finks.
        Yes, thanks for all the memories-- all right let's see your arms!
        You always were a headache and you always were a bore.
        Thanks for the last and greatest betrayal of the last and
        greatest of human dreams.
        \_ Yes there have been and still are a lot of problems in
           this country, but there are also a lot of things to be
           thankful for.  I am thankful to be in America.  If you
           dislike it so much, you are free to leave, or work
           to make it better.  Whining about it on Thanksgiving is
           just stupid, though.  -immigrant
        \_ I'm thinking that maybe we have the immigration concept all wrong in
           this country.
           We should throw open the borders to people like the immigrant above
           and _kick out_ those who have no clue how good it is here.
           I've been to third world countries (most of Western Europe) and I
           swear one of the best days in my life was coming back here and
           setting foot on American soil again.  Love it, leave it, or change
           it, but don't whine about it.
           \_ you are missing the point of the poem.  Burroughs wrote this
             at a time when most americans didn't realize that there were
             problems with our "Perfect Society".  Note how we're headed into
             quite possibly a republican era - where the little guy can be
             stomped on - it's really easy to categorize people into "the
             lazy" and "the hard working" and to believe in self-righteouness.
                \_ Really?  Burroughs wrote that AIDS came out of a lab? Also,
                   you really think the Democrats are out there "fight fight
                   fighting!" for the little guy?  Where can I buy some?
                   I'm not a blind pro-anything psycho.  Please recognise that
                   politics is about power, not people.  Don't ever let some
                   politico from _any_ party fool you into thinking he gives
                   a crap about you.  They only care about the next election
                   and pork.  And none of this has anything to do with the
                   poem.  I repeat: love it, leave it, change it, but don't
                   just whine about it.  Lucky for you this is a country where
                   you can say such a thing and not worry about getting shot,
                   run over by a tank in a public square or hauled off to an
                   icy Siberian slave labor camp.  This isn't a utopia and
                   whining about it won't make it one.  I got the point.
2000/11/23 [Recreation/Activities] UID:19902 Activity:nil
11/22   Anyone running MacOSX Beta?
2000/11/23-24 [Uncategorized] UID:19903 Activity:moderate
11/23   What's the deal with /var/mail now?  30 MB homedir good, but
        quota -v shows 0k allotted for /var/mail.
        \_ That wasn't supposed to happen; could you please mail root?
                   \_ I got the message.  I fixed this.  --PeterM
2000/11/23-28 [Computer/Networking, Finance/Shopping] UID:19904 Activity:moderate
11/23   Can somebody recommend a cheap wireless phone plan for $20 or less
        a month?  I need it for only emergency only.  And it must come with
        a phone.
        \_ Work gave me a cell.  They pay everything.  It sucks. -- 24x7 slave.
           \_ Ha ha. You accepted the cell phone from work? What
              did they have on you? Did you kill or rape a co-worker?
              Or are you too stupid to live?
              \_ 6 figures and they never call me.  I didn't "accept".  It's
                 part of the job.  I could go with no cell and get half or
                 nothing.  And like John I use it as my free personal phone.
                 \_ 6 figures and no cell. The are afraid to call me. You
                    need to be more important.
                    \_ That doesn't mean much if you don't have a phone.
                       \_ They are scared to ask me to carry a pager or
                          a cell phone. Very scared.
              \_ work gave me a cell.  people from work rarely ever
                 call me on it.  it's great!
                \_ Last time work gave me a cell phone I regularly racked
                   up > $400 phone bills on it.  "Fringe benefit."  -John
              \_ Ooh, y'all six-figure niggas by the name of jigga.
        \_ Consider prepaid minutes + cheap phone.  No monthly charge.
        \_ The cheapest PacBell plan is somewhere around this price... I think
           it might be $25/mo. and usually comes with a phone.
        \_ SprintPCS has a $20/month plan for 20 minutes.  I used to remember
           there being a $15/month plan for 30 minutes.  Oh well.
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