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2000/11/20-2002/5/1 [Uncategorized] UID:19854 Activity:nil 63%like:19809
11/20   Read the MkVI FAQ linked to on the main webpage before mailing bug
        reports to staff@csua.  Complaints on wall/motd will be ignored.
2000/11/20-26 [Computer/HW/CPU, Computer/SW/Editors/Vi] UID:19855 Activity:nil 63%like:19789
11/16   Thanks to AMD for donating Soda Mark VI, an Athlon/700 with 768M RAM.
        Thanks to the CS dep't & the TDA project for the 160+GB of disk.
2000/11/20 [Uncategorized] UID:19856 Activity:nil
11/20   Who's John Galt?
        \_ I am John Galt. -- Jong Galt.
        \_ Ah, but who is anyone?  Who are you?  Who am I?  Best not to dwell
           on such things, lest the horror of the void consume you.
           \_ I am the one.
        \_ I'm Tiger Woods...
2000/11/20 [Uncategorized] UID:19857 Activity:nil
11/20   Where are the old parts for Mark ($current-version - 1)? Are they
        free? I'm interested in the video card.                 -gamer
        \_ Uh,I think it's an 8M diamond stealth or something lesser.
           No sane gamer would want it.  --PeterM
           \_ Unless he's a minesweeper.
2000/11/20-21 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java, Recreation/House] UID:19858 Activity:nil
11/20   What is resin (relating to java servlets not plants)?  Is it a competitor
        of weblogic / Dynamo?  Is it good/bad? Inquiring minds want to know.
        \_ resin in the stuff left over in the bowl. If you are desperate
           you can sometimes get a hit off of it.
            \_ I know stoners aren't the brightest lot but which part of
                "not plants" did you not understand?
                \_ He's talking about hash, not plants.
        \_ crappy software, if you're going to use it for large scale
           production deployment, you might want to look elsewhere.
2000/11/20-21 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:19859 Activity:high
11/20   There are a lot of motd watchers.  Any of you figured out who are the
        troll(s) that have been turning the motd into a political slutfest?
        I miss the good old days of the motd where we fight over OS, penis
        size, asian women/white guys, rice-mobiles, etc.
        \_ Who are the trolls on the motd?!  That's like handing out
           speeding tickets at the Indianapolis 500!
        \_ How do you track who's mucking the motd?
        \_ when in doubt, blame reiffin for a troll.
                \_ I'll take blame for anything, true or not.  Sure, I'm the
                   troll.  I wrote everything.  Even the stuff that happened
                   when I was idle or not even logged in.  hax0r el8!  -reiffin
                   when I was idle or not even logged in.  hax0r el8!  -reiff\
                   \_ i can edit the motd without being logged in! - danh
                        \_ nearly all the political stuff is verifiably
                           reiffin but he's too much of a coward to sign
                           his name.  -tom
                           \_ I am sure some of them had to be mine. -- ilyas
                           \_ I've written some of it. Mostly for fun
                              though; I'm suprised at the number of
                              people who seem to take it seriously.
                              I guess sarcasm and jokes are lost on
                              motd'ers. ----ranga
                                 Wow, I never knew that before, thanks! -ausman
                              \_ Sarcasm is hard to detect through ascii?
                                 Wow, I never knew that before, thanks! -ausm\
                              \_ guilty here, too.  -erikred
2000/11/20-21 [Computer/Networking] UID:19860 Activity:high
11/20   PacHell (PacBell) now has this stupid PPPoE over DSL crap. Has
        anyone successfully gotten Linux or FreeBSD to run on this?
        URL would be nice.
            \_ no, the better question is, has anybody gotten their Macpoet
               garbage to work on their g3/g4 machines?!  I have had all
               the dsl stuff at home since last week but can't get
               the software to work;  everything is set exactly as they
               tell you in the the enclosed readme file.  Worse yet,
               the tech support is awful, and even if they could send
               someone out, I'm hard pressed for leave time.  The earthlink
               classic excuse was, "Uh...yeah, dsl service has been sporadic
               in the Bay Area...Just try logging in several days from now..."
        \_ redhat 7 comes with the roaring penguin pppOe package available
           as a service to install
        \_ We use Linux (RedHat 6.2) with RP-PPPoE (not w/ PacBell though):
        \_ What's the motivation for using PPPoE?
                \_ Access control - think DHCP with account name/passwd reqd.
                    (Easy to shut off if you don't pay your bill, just disable
                   Also easier to throttle bandwidth down to the rate you're
                   paying for, so you don't complain when your higher than
                   average rates drop down to normal as more people sign up,
                   and easier to share infrastructure with other ISP's & keep
                   the billing straight.  (At least that's what the tech at
                   our ISP said off the record.)
           \_ but it is over DSL.  I thought the ISP can easily disconnect
              you at the central office.  BTW, doesn't PPPoE sound weird?
                        \_ Editing a file is much easier than sending someone
                            out to your neighborhood CO.
                Ethernet is designed to be a broadcast medium but PPP is
                    \_ well, whatever it is, it's a fucking piece of shit.
2000/11/20-22 [Recreation/Dating] UID:19861 Activity:very high
11/19   Whatever happened to that guy who found out his girl friend
        had a long dating history.  I wonder if he left her.  If so
        Has he been regretting.
        \_ chasing amy
        \_ Was it dating or prostitution or a big time party girl whore?
        \_ she's diseased.
          \_ don't start rumors, we want the truth.
             \_ You can't handle the truth!
        \_ Yeah, is that guy reading the motd?  Please respond (that guy)
        \_ I wonder what girls think whether he should ditch that girl.
        \_ well, I am a guy. I say if you are bothered by her past, then
           leave her.  She made her choice when she was screwing around
           in the past.  There is no need for *YOU* to be end up with the
           leftovers.  If you don't make such painful choice right now,
           that will be one thing which will always on your mind later.
           It's not worth it.
           \_ If she's still continuing her polyamorous ways, then this advice
                is fine.  If not, then this is crap advice.  If you can't
                handle the fact that she's had more experience than you, then
                that's your problem.  When you break up with her, be a man
                and admit that it's because you can't handle it; don't cover
                up your inadequacies with stupid talk of "leftovers."
                \_ Can I assume this is from a female?
          \_ She wasn't a ho, she just had a lot of past boyfriends.  The
             \_ what if she told him that she did prostitution before because
                she was a confused, can she be considered "leftover"?
             guy was just some religious loser.
2000/11/20 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:19862 Activity:nil
11/19   There is a particular alt.books newsgroup I'm looking for
        but it doesn't seem to be on agate. How do I get it added?
        \_ send mail to usenet@agate asking for it.  I've found them
           to be quite responsive.
2000/11/20 [Uncategorized] UID:19863 Activity:nil
11/19   Anyone know anything about Kleiner Perkins Financial Group?
        We're trying to get them to give us money (my company).
        \_ They're (supposedly) the best. The best, Jerry, the best.
        \_ they back like half our clients.. supposedly provide
           very good guidance and management as well. -shac
2000/11/20 [Uncategorized] UID:19864 Activity:nil
11/19  - Geddy Lee's new album.
2000/11/20 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:19865 Activity:nil
11/19   hey root, now that soda is upgraded, can you upgrade the Cal
        football team? I mean, I don't mind losing, but EVERY year??
        This is getting embarassing.
        \_ Before you can do that you need to uninstall Tom Holmoe, and find
           a better coaching package.
           \_ Let's bring back Bruce Snyder
              \_ I hear he needs a job!
                 \_ I think USC already cleared room on their harddrive
                    for Snyder.
              \_ Was there any reason ASU uninstalled Snyder?
        \_ Instead of donating obsolete disk to the CSUA, you rich alums
           should donate to the football team. I bet Cal Athletics would be
           much more responsive to your gift-giving inquiries.
           \_ it's funny. I mentioned donating to CSUA (to root and
              politburo) and they flat out refused saying that they have
              enough already, yet we still have problems with disk space.
                \_ Where are the problems with disk space NOW?  type df
                    and point it out to me.  And how would you feel
                    if you donated disk only to find out that the CSUA
                    had 200G of unused disk lying about?  --PeterM
           \_ It's a Catch-22. I refuse to donate until the Cal football
              and basketball teams start living up to their potential.
              Yup, I help lower Berkeley's U.S. News and World Report
              ranking.   -bitter alum
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