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2000/11/7 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:19660 Activity:moderate
11/6    How do I force the speed and duplex of a ethernet device
        to 100BaseT Full-Duplex under Linux?
        \_ put the line:
           options eth0 options=48
           in /etc/conf.modules and reboot. I have no idea how to do it
           if networking is not a module. -ausman
        \_ This is one stupidity of linux that I hate.
           Here is how you do it in lilo:  Add this line to the
           "image =..." block:
        \_ Perhaps I should have been more specific. Is there a way to
           do this a runtime like on Solaris, *BSD or IOS?
           \_ Only if you insert the ethernet module into the kernel.
              This is why it is a stupidity of linux that I hate.
              I don't know exactly how to do this, possibly something like
              insmod eepro100.o options="ether=0,0,0x30,eth0", but you'll
              need to read up on it.  --PeterM
2000/11/7 [Academia/GradSchool] UID:19661 Activity:low
11/6    Yes I'm stupid and incompetent and I should use Linux and StarOffice
        instead of M$ products. Having that said, how do you put conditionals
        in MS Excel? For example, I want to do =sum(E5:E153) where
        in corresponding Ax:Ex row, Ax is a date less than 365 days
        from today?
        \_ We're stupid and incompetent and don't know.
        \_ Insert->Function SumIf
        \_ you forgot to format your MS HD first, THEN install Linux. Also
           ride bike!!!
2000/11/7 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:19662 Activity:high
11/6   i no longer live in california.  what absurd propositions are on the
       ballet this year? (most entertaining only please.)
        \_ There's a proposition to state fund the CSUA and Trevor
           Buckingham's hot gay sex brothel.
        \_ Ballot. Pathetic from a Cal alum posting on a machine with
           dict installed. Glad you're not voting here. --dim
2000/11/7 [Recreation/Food] UID:19663 Activity:low
11/6    Restaurant review - Peppermint Grill:
        Good cheap burgers, at least as good as bongo.  Make sure you
        specify well done though.  Decor reminds me of happier days when
        I wasn't stuck in this Sodom on the Bay.
        \_ Peppermint Grill >>>>>> Bongo.  They use Neiman Schell beef and
           good veggies.  They also do kebab for the non-burger oriented.
           Great place.  -tom
           \_ I dunno what that Neiman Schell stuff is, but I hope it's clean.
              My burger was raw.  But otherwise, agreed.  Good place.
              \_ Similar to psb being pretentious about foto, tom is being
                 pretentious about beef. "Beef. Ask for it by name."
                        \_ don't call it pretense unless you've taste-tested
                           the burger.  -tom
                           \_ don't call it pretense unless you've seen
                              my photos.
                                \_ psb's pretense had nothing to do with the
                                   quality of his photos.  -tom
             \_ Schell is Dean of Cal's Journalism School.
        \_ Where? Not on citysearch.
                \_ Northside food court.  -tom
2000/11/7 [Uncategorized] UID:19664 Activity:kinda low
11/6    TMTA tomorrow
        \_ T&A?  Where???
           \_ Good sir, please place your right-hand on your chest and your
              left hand on your butt.
        \_ I repeat "TMTA"
2000/11/7 [Recreation/Dating] UID:19665 Activity:insanely high
11/07  I know the MOTD is not the right place to for this, but searches on the
       web reveals too much information.  Anyway, does anyone know of URL of
       concise summaries or know of the answers to the followings:
        1) If I marry a student and have a divorce before she has the potential
           to earn an income, can she still get 1/2 of my options, house, car,
           bank account, investment account, retirement accounts, etc.?
           \_ Yep, but what state?
        2) How are my debts?  Will she also be liable for 1/2 of them if she is
           to claim 1/2 of my possesions?
           \_ Yeh rt.
        3) What if after she has the potential to earn an income?
           \_ Then the potential hopefully is that she'll eventually
              earn more than you and dump you.
        4) Is there any way that I can prevent this from happening short of a
           prenutial?  Something like a trust or irrovocable trust?
           \_ Dont get married. Or have an offshore account.
           \_ A prenup will help, but if she dumps you before earning
              anything, the judge can throw it out.
              A special type of trust, where you can access the assets
              and are a trustee but the trust isn't in your "name" will
              prevent her from touching your money. There are problems
              with this though, since it can only be used to secure pre-
              marital assets. After you get married you are SOL. The
              best option is to only get married if you can affort to
              lose big. Unless you are a multimillionare, no woman is
              worth it. Remember women come and go, money lasts a
              \_ My girl sticked with me through thick and thin.  No
                 amount of money is worth more than her.
                 \_ yermom doesn't count.
                    \_ Hehe.  Did ya gain all that cynicism when yermom
                        dumped you and your dad?
        \_ Why should all of this matter to you if want to get married?
           Just be happy that a woman will even give you the time of day.
           Consider whatever she takes when she leaves you for someone who
           is less of a self righteous asshole to be the price of getting
           your lame self laid
        \_ I guess you're just trying to cover your ass in worst-case
           scenario, but it sounds like you expect a divorce. If that's the
           case you deserve half your assets taken away. ie, don't marry
           unless you're positive you're gonna be in it for the long haul
           (so issues of potential income is a non-issue)
        \_ You people with your antiquated notions of love and romance
           really crack me up. If you get married without preparation,
           you *will* get screwed (far worse than anything you can do to
           her in bed). Women cannot be trusted and you should be prepared
           to defend what is rightfully yours.
            \_Look, the fact is that marriage is a LEGAL partnership. Once
              you get married you get to enjoy certain legal benefits,
              such as reduced tax rates (in single income families), etc.
              The price you pay for this is that your PARTNER is entitled
              to half the marital assets. Period. If you are so screwed in
              the head that your money is more important than your wifeor
              husband, then you deserve what you get. Anticipating
              nonexistant problems goes a long way toward creating them.
            \_ If you don't trust women, don't marry them. No problem.
             \_ This thread has come up before and there's always one guy who
              rehashes the same story.  Can you tell us exactly how your wife
              screwed you over?  Why the divorce and the subsequent money
2000/11/7 [Science] UID:19666 Activity:nil
2000/11/7 [Computer] UID:19667 Activity:high
       \_ nah, this is better:
          \_ The pics are missing.
2000/11/7 [Computer/SW/WWW/Server] UID:19668 Activity:moderate
11/07  If the URL is HTTPS, why do some sites have a popup to ask me to accept
       a certificate while others don't?  For the sites that don't, are they
       pretending to have SSL turned on?
       \_ The ones that don't prompt you are using a certificate that
          your browser has already accepted, like one from Verisign or
          Thawte.  You can verify that the connection is really SSL by
          checking for the key in the corner of your browser.
       \_ Could be that your browser is set to automatically accept certs
          from a trusted certificate authority.  You can check the browser
          to see which ones you will automatically trust.  If the browser
          doesn't recognize the CA as trusted, it will prompt you for
2000/11/7 [Health] UID:19669 Activity:nil
        Why did they doctor this photo? Ideas?
        \_ Looks real to me.  Staged, yes, doctored, doubtful.
2000/11/7 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/TJB] UID:19670 Activity:insanely high
11/07   Poll:
        CSUA Snob Award goes to:
        psb:    1 for idiotic post about teaching grad level math to freshmen.
        tom:    2                                   \_ where?
        ali:    2 for being a rude know-it-all Muslim asshole
                        ali, are you a Moslem? _/
                        \_ not sure, but he sure acts like one
                        \_ Are you Hindu?
        \_ CSUA Moron Award goes to:
           kchang: 1
           tom:    1
           \_ tom isn't a moron. he can think sometimes and knows lots of
              facts. he's an ass, snob, and jerk, but not a moron.
           nra fanatic: 1
        \_ CSUA Beboy Award goes to:
           tjb:    1
           !tjb:   1
2000/11/7 [Uncategorized] UID:19671 Activity:nil
11/07   truely amazing:
        \_ Uh, NOT something I would've wanted to see.
        \_ What's useful about that?  If they were able to push instead of
           pull the truck with their things, it'd be something really useful.
        \_ what good is kung-fu in this day and age when you have AK47s?
2000/11/7 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:19672 Activity:nil
11/7    Someone please tell me the story of Xchoi? who is achoi? bchoi?
        Why are they famous? Finger shows user not found. Squished?  -freshy
2019/08/22 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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