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2000/11/5 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers, Computer/SW/Security] UID:19647 Activity:high
        \_ wow.  maybe l33t h4c0rs can go there to get mecenary jobs.
           \_ 3733t HaxX0rz w1LL k1cK y)u 1n the nu7z.
              \_ religion sucks.  It does nothing but bring an endless
                 lists of wars and senseless deaths.
                 \_ not to mention kicking people in the nuts.
2000/11/5 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:19648 Activity:high 50%like:19646
11/5    VOTE GUSH d00d5!!!
        \_ kick both candidates in the nuts!  kick third party candidates in
        the nuts!\goout.asp?u=
        \_ I'm not surprised.  That's bush for ya.
           \_ Uhm, ok.  Larry Flynt, man best known for porn and being a Gore
              supporter makes unsubstantiated claims and provides no evidence.
              Where's the Bush connection?  And uhm, even if "Mister" Flynt's
              story was true... uh... so what?  Abortion is legal.

                       \_ abortions would not be necesary if all guys
                          were kicked in the nuts really hard.
                          \_ How true.  Perhaps a federally funded program
                             supported by a KickNuts Tax of 3.5% off everyone's
                             income?  A worthy cause and it'll shrink the
                             Federal Government.
              All I see is a rich porn pusher trying to ruin the
              life of some poor woman to use her as a political pawn.  If I
              was her and some prick some Flynt was investigating my life, I'd
              be upset too.  Is this a character issue thing?  I'd think the
              left would want to avoid character issues like the plague in
              this year's elections....
              \_ It is to display the hypocrisy in Bush's claims of integrity.
                 Not like the right destroyed Monica Lewinsky's name too.
                 This is fair game.
                 \_ Lewinsky was sucking cock in the whitehouse.  In the Oval
                    Office for Christ's sake.  Do not compare some innocent
                    private citizen getting sucked into Flynt's bullshit with
                    Monica's stained dress.  And if you check, you'll find it
                    was Hillary & crew destroying ML, not the right trying to
                    ruin what little reputation and shreds of credibility she
                    had.  Flynt is the last man on the planet to be pointing
                    out character flaws in others.  Sources are important.
                    I'd believe my magic 8-ball before I believed Flynt's
                    completely undocumented lies.  This isn't the first time
                    Larry has pointed a finger and never presented a single
                    speck of evidence.
        \_ you hozer. At least TRY to do the obvious simplification:
        \_ double-hozer. This does NOT make bush a hippocrit. Bush specifically
           said he was only against late-term and "partial-birth" abortion.
           This was just a "regular" one.
           oops. Although apparently, it was illegal at the time.
                \_ Although "everyone was doing it" at the time.  Sort of like
                   how it's been ok to lie to a grand jury under oath for the
                   last 8 years so long as you're lying about something you
                   feel isn't important....
2000/11/5 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:19649 Activity:high
11/5    When I checked my RH 6.0 Linux machine this morning I had the
        following message on all my xterms:
Message from syslogd@mymachine at Sat Nov  4 05:09:19 2000 ...
        /var/log/messages had some stuff like
Nov  4 05:09:19 mymachine 173>Nov  4 05:09:19 rpc.statd[416]: gethostbyname err
or for ^^^^bffff75c 804985090909090687465676274736f6d616e797265206520726f722
       followed by blank lines and repeated messages about not being
       able to glue message parts together.  I disabled most services
       like telnet, rlogin, ftp, etc. a long time ago, and I try and
       keep things secure.  Have I been hacked?  Is it time to reinstall?
       \_ Most likely, yes, and yes. What you probably don't realize is that not
          all services your machine provides are handled through inetd. Make sure
          you uninstall any packages with names in the following set: rpc, nfs,
          nfslock, *statd, *lockd, *usersd. Unless you *know* you want to run
          NFS/RPC-affiliated services on your machine, you should NOT have these
          installed -- they account for the majority of breakings on RedHat
          machines due to a ridiculous number of security holes.
          installed -- they account for the majority of break-ins on RedHat
          machines due to a ridiculous number of security holes.  -alexf
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