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2000/11/4 [Uncategorized] UID:19637 Activity:nil
11/3    Old crap deleted in bulk.  -motd trash collector
2000/11/4-5 [Uncategorized] UID:19638 Activity:low
11/3    To the person who said on the motd yesterday (s)he was impressed with
        how the SIA girls stayed calm and helped the passengers after the
        crash, there's an article stating otherwise:
        Was there an article that praised the crew members?  URL please?
        \_ Whee!
           \_ you wont be saying that after i kick you in the nuts!
2000/11/4-5 [Computer/SW] UID:19639 Activity:low
11/4    If anyone prefers 'ack' to '/usr/local/bin/nkf' as a Kanji code
        converter, it is at ~yumin/local/bin/ack.  The manual page in
        Japanese is
        \_ what is the kanji code for nuts?
        \_  what is the kanji for kick?  for nuts?
2000/11/4-5 [Reference/Religion] UID:19640 Activity:very high

        What's with those wacky Germans? First David Hasselhoff now this.
        \_ Go away you scientologist-sympathizer
        \_ What's in that Scientology religion?  Webster dictionary doesn't
           have the word.
           \_ Scientology is a cult.  For more information, please see
           \_ Scientology is some "religion" founded by a science fiction
              author.  I think that says all you need to know right there.
                \_ Christianity is some "religion" founded by a Jewish
                   carpenter's son.  I think that says all you need to know
                   right there.  Islam is some "religion" founded by an arab
                   merchant.  I think that says all you need to know right
                   there.  Judaism was founded by God.  I think that says all
                   you need to know right there.
                   \_ ^God^some now-nameless lower-middle-class merchant or
                      local nutcase, probably somewhere around Phoenicia.
                        \_ Uh oh.. motd user with zero history knowledge
                           spewing again....  Maybe next time, eh?
                   \_ Yeah this is one sweet troll right here.
                      \_ this is a troll: i will kick you in the nuts!!!!
                        \_ This whole thread is flame bait right from the
                           start.  I was simply hammering the point home.
                           All religions are a total crock.  There is no God
                           or Gods.  Blind faith is for the weak minded and
                           the oppressed who aren't making it this time around
                           to give them hope for more luck next time.
                           \_ Good thing my faith isn't blind.
        \_ You seem to miss the my point. I don't understand how the
           religious affiliation of the CEO (not a even a coder) affects
           the useability of a given application. Its completely illogical.
                \_ It doesn't.  Their laws make it clear that they won't do
                   business with or use the products of companies associated
                   with Scientology.  Period.  CEO is a Scientologist?  Then
                   there's a pretty serious affiliation.  It isn't about code.
                   \_ it should be about kicking people in the nuts.
                      fi the scientologists kicked people in the nuts,
                   \_ It should be about kicking people in the nuts.
                      If the scientologists kicked people in the nuts,
                      they would get kicked in the nuts in return
                      and there would be peace and harmony.
                        \_ [motd typo fixing god was here]
                   It is about business.  All business.
2000/11/4-5 [Uncategorized] UID:19641 Activity:nil
11/3    Which dictionaries are starting to incorporate computer terms
        as real English terms? (simple things like email, or scalability).
        \_ websters and oxford both integrate modern terms, but the
           interval of updates is long.
2000/11/4 [Computer/SW] UID:19642 Activity:moderate
11/2    A group of people I know need to find out who created a Geocities
        website.  They are willing to find out by any means necessary.  Is
        there any way of finding information like this out?  Here's the link:
        \_ File a defamation lawsuit and subpeona yahoo & geocities.
        \_ you COMMIE censor
        \_ They're free to exercise their first amendment rights.
           \_ And the defamation lawsuit doesn't need to be successful to
              get the info about who made the website.
                \_ This is exactly all we want.  So we can talk trash about the
                   asshole who runs the site.  I don't believe in censorship
                   and I'm a strong advocate of 1st amendment rights.  But it's
                   pretty chicken shit to state crap like this anonymously
                   \_ The poster needs the anonymity because without it,
                      he would get the shit beat out of him.  At the very
                      least, his claims should be heard out and verified
                      for accuracy.
        \_ Why do you care?  HS football?  Grow up.  You're out of HS.  It
           didn't matter then.  It sure as hell doesn't matter now.
           \_ Maybe he is one of those folks who scored 3 touchdowns in one
              game and is now selling women's shoes.
              \_ I thought it was 4 touchdowns?
2000/11/4 [Recreation/Dating] UID:19643 Activity:very high
11/2    when we're at it my gf has a tendency to scream 'do me hard daddy'
        or 'xyz dad'. at first i thought it was cool but later on she
        sez that she can't get orgazm without saying something about daddy.
        is there something wrong with her? what should i do about it?
        \_ At least she doesn't say do me hard mommy.
        \_ Uh, gee I dunno.. ask HER? quite probably some sexual abuse
           issues in there somewhere.
        \_ Ask her daddy
        \- write a play about it called "moaning becomes elektra" --psb
        \_ what's her phone number? --aaron
        \_ Why don't you start whimpering, "yes, mommy, yes!" and see how
           she likes it.
        \_ Whose your daddy!?!
        \_ had a gf who put her head on my lap and while I was petting her
           head and playing with her hair she said how much I made her feel
           like she was with her dad.  Seeee YA!  Outta there!
           \_ It's not wrong to pet your daughter.  as long as it isn't
              heavy petting.
                \_ It *is* wrong when the girl you're sleeping with tells you
                   that all the time.
        \_ Every little girl loves her daddy.
        \_ All of you need to watch High Fidelity.
           \_ What does High Fidelity have to do with "daddy"?
              \_ Poster must mean "In Fidelity"
2000/11/4 [Politics/Domestic/California, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:19644 Activity:high
11/3    Support yer CSUA gals! Support Lila Patton and vote on
        \_ ew.
           \_ to the site or to Lila?
              \_ To each his/her own.
        \_ is that you, kchang?
        \_ "unable to locate the server <DEAD>"<DEAD>
        \_ do you mean
2000/11/4-5 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java] UID:19645 Activity:high
11/4    I need a program which will "read" a serial port and output which
        pins are jumped (connected).  Any pointers?  If i have to program
        it myself (not a programer but i'll manage) what is a good (easy
        more important than robust) language to learn - and what is a good
        reference to start with - for this kind of a project?
        \_ Microsoft DDK
        \_ Chances are you want to use the parallel, not serial, port.
           What is the OS you're gonna use?  What are you trying to accomplish?
        \_ Java Communications API:
           \_ I've used this. It's really straightforward... It works fine
              under Windows and Solaris. Haven't used the Linux version
              (written by a 3rd party, not Sun)
        \_ Assembly.  Get right to the hardware.  Should be lots of stuff on
           the net to deal with ports already written for you.
           \_ The original poster is "not a programmer".  Writing stuff
              \_ kcik the poster in the nuts.
              at the device level is hard, esp. in assembly.  My guess
              is that whatever he/she is trying to do is redundant, but
              more information is necessary in any case.
              \_ yeah, but you dont really have to *learn* assembly
                 to do this in assembly.  if you find the right files on the
                 net, which is not hard to do, they will tell you how
                 to use the assembly commands "in" and "out" in a C program.
                 you just put these in a function, and do the rest in C.
              \_ kick the poster in the nuts.  [typo fixed.  -motd typo god]
                 it's really not bad.  i did it and i am also not a programmer.
                 \_ Thanks for making my point better than me.  (no sarcasm)
                        -original person who suggested assembly
                 \_ That's not what I would call "assembly programming".
                    Using in and out (which are often available as standard
                    functions, and are unavodable when dealing with raw
                    hardware) is different from writing the driver in
                    assembly (which is almost never necessary).
                    \_ Speaking of in and out, did you try kicking it
                       in the nuts?
2000/11/4-5 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:19646 Activity:high 50%like:19648
11/5    VOTE GUSH d00d5!!!\goout.asp?u=
        \_ I'm not surprised.  That's bush for ya.
           \_ Uhm, ok.  Larry Flynt, man best known for porn and being a Gore
              supporter makes unsubstantiated claims and provides no evidence.
              Where's the Bush connection?  And uhm, even if "Mister" Flynt's
              story was true... uh... so what?  Abortion is legal.

              All I see is a rich porn pusher trying to ruin the
              life of some poor woman to use her as a political pawn.  If I
              was her and some prick some Flynt was investigating my life, I'd
              be upset too.  Is this a character issue thing?  I'd think the
              left would want to avoid character issues like the plague in
              this year's elections....
              \_ It is to display the hypocrisy in Bush's claims of integrity.
                 Not like the right destroyed Monica Lewinsky's name too.
                 This is fair game.
                 \_ Lewinsky was sucking cock in the whitehouse.  In the Oval
                    Office for Christ's sake.  Do not compare some innocent
                    private citizen getting sucked into Flynt's bullshit with
                    Monica's stained dress.  And if you check, you'll find it
                    was Hillary & crew destroying ML, not the right trying to
                    ruin what little reputation and shreds of credibility she
                    had.  Flynt is the last man on the planet to be pointing
                    out character flaws in others.  Sources are important.
                    I'd believe my magic 8-ball before I believed Flynt's
                    completely undocumented lies.  This isn't the first time
                    Larry has pointed a finger and never presented a single
                    speck of evidence.
                    \_ Lewinsky was kicking nuts in the white house.
        \_ you hozer. At least TRY to do the obvious simplification:
           \_ what was the last "wild unsubstantiated rumor" the flynt
              pushed?  last time i checked, he usually had lots of
              evidence to back himself up
              \_ He kicked someone in the nuts
        \_ double-hozer. This does NOT make bush a hippocrit. Bush specifically
           said he was only against late-term and "partial-birth" abortion.
           \_ there is no such thing as a "partial birth abortion"
              go do some research.
              \_ go to the reference desk at the library an kick the librarian
                 in the nuts.
           This was just a "regular" one.
           oops. Although apparently, it was illegal at the time.
                \_ Although "everyone was doing it" at the time.  Sort of like
                   how it's been ok to lie to a grand jury under oath for the
                   last 8 years so long as you're lying about something you
                   feel isn't important....
                   \_ everyone is kicking people in the nuts.
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