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2000/10/30-31 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/SW/Languages/Web] UID:19599 Activity:moderate
10/29   Lets say I want to schedule a meeting with 30 people, not all of which
        use something like Outlook. Is there a cgi script or whatever that will
        let people just plug in their preferred times on a web page and have
        the tool pick the best time?
                \_ No. Evite does not let your guests select which times
                   they are free and then calculate the best time.
                \_ Also, evite sells that database of your friend's email
                   addresses to spammers.  What kind of friend does that?
        \_ zaplets are pretty useful. Let's you schedule meetings through
           html/javascript in an email... automatically updates your email
           and lets you know when things change. <DEAD><DEAD> (new name)
2000/10/30 [Finance/Banking, Finance/Investment] UID:19600 Activity:nil
10/30?  was there a time change today or something. ?   i only have one
        clock and it's anaolog and i dont wind it all the time, and it
        said thtat the time was over an hour from what it really was, but
        i really thougnt i wound it last night. did that happen to anyone
        else?  is it daylight savings or somthieng.?
        \_ moron
        \_ If you forgot to wind the clock, it would be behind, not ahead of,
           correct time.  Next time think of something more realistic when
           you write a troll.
2000/10/30 [Uncategorized] UID:19601 Activity:high
10/30   This looks like it was shot at Cal (It think you can clearly see wheeler
        in some of the opening scenes). Anyone know when/if it was filmed here?
        \_ Yes, it was shot here last year.  -tom
        \_ You must be an old grad. This thing made so much noise around here
                                \_ grad is presumptious
                                \_ that's presumptuous
           that it was impossible to miss
           \_ I graduated in 97.
2000/10/30-31 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:19602 Activity:moderate
10/30   Moving back to BA soon. Any recommendations for an ISP for unix-shell
        account? Prefer email,ftp,space for a home page, dialup lines for
        Berkeley and San Jose, plus access to all of the erotic-binaries
        newsgroups, like alt.binaries.hotasianchix, Thanks.
        \_ dnai has been a pretty good isp so far.  they appear to
           have dialups in san hoser.   -brg
           \_ I'm going to be moving back and forth between East and South
              Bay, so will be using dialup modem for now. No C@BL3 M0D3M
              for my San Jose area anyways. Already using GN00/L1NUX
           \_ bummer, no more new shell/accts. dnai using rcn now.
        \_ why the hell are you moving back to BA? Rent is NYC expensive,
           traffic is LA bad, gasoline is European high, and gals are
           engineering school ugly (or taken).
                                                          \_ ugly yet taken
                                                             is the rule at CAL.
2000/10/30-11/1 [Computer/Theory] UID:19603 Activity:nil
        \_ so is this under peer review
2000/10/30-31 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java, Industry/Startup] UID:19604 Activity:high 53%like:18800 53%like:19149 50%like:19187 54%like:19369 50%like:19457
10/30   Get a Job! /csua/pub/jobs/Epicentric
        \_ I interviewed there about a year ago.  Pre-IPO?  No kidding?  They
            had planned to IPO this last summer or spring.  Salaries?  I was
            already getting _50%_ _more_ at my current company!  They were
            not willing to negotiate in any serious way.  They had no clue why
            they chose the OS's they were using (as a sysadmin this matters to
            me) and had this OO Java religion to such an extreme degree they
            wanted me to learn java and do all my sysadmin coding in Java,
            not Perl or some shell.  Ridiculous.  And oh yeah, check out the
            business model....  Kids, do *not* join companies like this.  If
            you're already there do yourself a favor and look around.  _Ask
            *lots* of questions_!!!  Epicentric: lame company.
            \_ Yeah, they're java nazis. Their entire product is jsp-based.
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