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2000/10/29-31 [Academia/GradSchool] UID:19592 Activity:low
10/28   I want figures on grad schools like average time to graduate,
        attrition rates, typical GPA/GREs for those admitted, and so on. US
        News has plenty of information for undergrad stuff but at the graduate
        level they don't seem to have much besides their stupid ranking. I'd
        ask the schools themselves but I'd rather save the effort. Are there
        any good resources out there?
        \_ Ah, October, the month of GRE/letter of rec/statement of purpose.
           Boy, do I sure miss it though it's a complete waste of time
                        -rich dot commer who dropped out of grad school in 94
                         \_ are you for real?
        \_ no typical GPA is the answer you'll usually get. Better talk to
           existing students/alumnis. Which schools are you applying to?
           You can always ask nweaver, dpet, ali, etc etc.
2000/10/29 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:19593 Activity:nil
2000/10/29-30 [Recreation/Dating, Reference/Religion] UID:19594 Activity:kinda low
                                                           \_ Smut Markup
        \_ This has been posed to the MOTD at least once before.
        \_ Just proves that you should avoid women at all costs.
           \_ similarly,
              "Couples in conservative rural Egypt do not take off all
               their clothes when they have sex"
              Now THAT's conservative.
              \_ No, its all part of the F*ed up Muslim religion. The
                 same religion that forces women to wear black from head
                 to toe, because men are some how incapable of controlling
                 thier urges or some bs like that.
2000/10/29-30 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:19595 Activity:very high
        Has anyone tried this and got the correct match?
        \_ you are Unclear on the Concept.
           The URL points out what is the correct match for you.
           The question is, were you smart enough to figure out who
        \_ granted Bush is a glorified Quayle, but you dont want a tax cut?
        \_ granted Bush is a glorified Quayle... This aside, dont you want
           a tax cut?
           Maybe you should give voluntary donations to the federal govt.
           best fits you before taking the questionaire.
           \_ Based on the tone of the question, the poster
              was rudely surprised, which begs the questions,
              Original Poster, who was your closest match?
        \_ yes.  democrats are the closest to my viewpoints, then nader, then
           the liberal republicans...and pat buchanan last.
           \_ Basically it told you that you are RED COMMIE PIG SCUM.
        \_ it got me right.  -lila
        \_ moi aussi, I'm a populist leaning conservative, my matches were:
           Cheney, Buchanan, Keyes, Philips, Bush, McCain, with Nader (last).
           Its pretty accurate conisdering I'm a former member of the
           "Buchanan Brigades" who voted for Pat in every primary
           until he left the Republican party.
        \_ Bradley, Gore, Browne, Lieberman, Nader, Cheney, Buchanan,
           McCain, Bush (fairly accurate) --dim
        \_ granted, yes, Bush is a glorified Quayle...
           \_ WRONG! Quayle is not that dumb, but Bush is arguably smarter.
              Bush graduated from Yale and recieved a MBA from Harvard. He
              had a better overall academic record than Gore, who recieved
              at least one D (and many C's) in undergrad work at Harvard and
              failed to complete any of his post graduate work.
                "Gore arrived at Harvard with an impressive 1355 SAT score, 6
                 25 verbal and 730 math, compared with Bush's 1206 total
           \_ Hey!  I hope Bush wins so I can claim that I have a higher SAT
              score than the president of the United States of America:
                "Gore arrived at Harvard with an impressive 1355 SAT score,
                 625 verbal and 730 math, compared with Bush's 1206 total
                 from 566 verbal and 640 math."
              \_ You got into Cal with lower than 1355?!? DAMN. They will
                 let anyone in these days. - alum with 1400 SATs
                        \_ SAT's are meaningless - flunked out with 1490 SAT

                           (780 Math/710 Verbal - yet flunked both English 1A
                            & Math 1A twice, though that was mostly due to
                            lack of interest)
                           \_ WOW! I'm impressed. I've never met anyone
                              flunked out of Math 1A and English 1A. Chem 3B,
                              Chem 162 (Ochem), Physics 112, etc yes, but
                              Math 1A and English 1A, is unbelieveable. Its
                              like 10th grade stuff.
                                \_ Depends on who you had for math.  English
                                   depends on your instructor and if you have
                                   previous writing experience and kiss ass
                                   \_ I took 2 ud english classes and they
                                      were cake. I didn't even have to go
                                      to class ever. I figured 1A was much
                                      easier, I never took it though, I AP'ed
                                      out. Same with Math 1A,1B.
                                      out English, Math and Chem.
                                        \_ If you did that in my English 1a,
                                           you'd get a big fat F.  She actually
                                           took attendance and lowered your
                                           grade by a full letter for each
                                           unexcused day after the second
                                           on who you take it from.  I'm sure
                                           I can find you a math 1A prof that'd
                                           be more than happy to flunk you.
                                           Prof Woo comes to mind....  There
                                           are others.
                                              \_ Attendence? WTH, its college.
                                                 Anyway I stand corrected.
                                           \_ Please provide name.  Gracias.
                                      \_ the english 1A/1B classes are like
                                         engineering labs, not lectures.
                                         each class is <20 students and there
                                         are weekly writing assignments and
                                         in-class writing oexercises, so
                                         attendance is important.
                                         \_ I only took ud english classes,
                                            I stand corrected about the
                                            ld english classes.
           \_ This seems like a fair matter of fact page on the candidate's
              academic records:
              \_ Wow. If I took those courses I would sue for slander to
                 keep my transcript from going public. I can't believe
                 that BORE thinks that he's bad ass hard-core academic
                 stud, when all he took were frigging arts/humanities
                 course. Any moron can get decent grades in humanities
                 classes, esp. at a private school where the *customer
                 is always right*.
                 At least Bush as the humility to admit that he's not
                 the brightest on the block.
                 Anyway The last pres. (and perhaps only one in the 20th
                 century) who could pass something like the average Cal
                 ciriculum (50 series, 7 series, 61 series, ud techs)
                        \_ Not including any spelling classes obviously.
                           \_ Yeah, I can't spell. so what?
                 was Carter. He was arguably one of the *worst*
                 presidents. Contrast that to Truman (never went to
                 college), Reagan (Eureka College) or Lincoln (home
                 Success in the Presidency is more than simply academic
                 \_ Being POTUS has to do with leadership, not academia.  I
                    don't want BH for President but I'm sure he got better
                    grades than either of the current major candidates.
                    \_ BH?
                        \_ Hello?  Brian Harvey?  Is BH dead or something?
                           \_ Whose Brian Harvey?
           However, dont you want a tax cut?
           You dont want experiments with school vouchers, or a
           portion of your SS tax to give you a higher rate of return?
           Maybe you should voluntarily donate money to the
           federal government.
           \_ Huh?  Is that sarcasm?  -confused
              \_ Huh? What? Get a clue.
                        \_ Gosh, I guess I should've picked it up from the tone
                           in your voice or something.  I see Cal is still
                           desperately in need of personal interviews prior to
                           accepting new students to weed out the pricks like
        \_ Buchanan, Cheney, Keys, Hagelin (wtf)... Lieb and Gore Last
2000/10/29-30 [Politics/Domestic, Reference/RealEstate] UID:19596 Activity:nil
        \_ Also see <DEAD><DEAD>
2000/10/29-31 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:19597 Activity:low
10/29   I need a good, inexpensive ISP to host a web site; suggestions? CGI
        a must, access to an SQL DB would be even better.       -- Marco
        \_ Check out
           \_ ask dbushong/geordan/scotsman about
              \_ we just buy net from, but they rock pretty well.
                 they have kickass connectivity, fu through most levels of
                 people you deal with, and their fremont colo center is very
                 cool  --dbushong
2000/10/29-30 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:19598 Activity:very high
10/29   Regarding all this voting stuff, urls, opinions, etc.  Since at least
        80% of sodans aren't going to vote, what's the point in discussing it
        or bitching about the candidates?  Is this just one of those motd
           \_ I believe that the 20% who are going to vote (or have already
              voted) discuss their points of view on the motd. The honest
              exchange of ideas (and opinions) is a good, our republic
              was founded on it and sustains itself from it. ----ranga
              \_ Vote Early. Vote Often.
        \_ Speak for yourself.  I am going to vote.
           \_ And this is why I'd prefer if even more of you *didn't* vote.
              Did I say "100%"?  Nooooo....  If you can't read and understand
              a simple sentence, you shouldn't be voting.  -original poster
           \_ keep in mind that 50%+ of the Sodans are _ineligible_ to vote as
              \_ Where do you get this information? --PeterM
                 \_ observation
                        \_ There was a green card check to join the CSUA?
                 \_ Based on the publically available list of known Sex
                    Offenders. Felons can't vote AIR.
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