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2000/10/28-30 [Uncategorized] UID:19588 Activity:moderate
10/27   The Asus CUSL2 is a pos.  Don't buy it.  If you did buy it, and it
        works for you, please say so.
        \_ I bought three for new PCs, and they all work fine; a co-worker
           bought one for his P133 upgrade, and it works fine. -jctwu
        \_ What's POS about yours?
           \_ I don't know about the poster, but my roommate had to return
              two of them because of bad motherboards. 1/3 seems pretty
              shitty to me, but he's a Modern Dance major, so maybe he just
              shitty to me, but he's a major, so maybe he just
              fucked shit up...
                \_ Fuck off bitch.
              \_ The BH6 when it was the overclocking choice was real good;
                 I noticed a drop in quality as it became really popular.
                 Could be same thing has been happening with the CUSL2.
        \_ Make sure you're using PC133 DIMMs (check serial nos).  Although
           they're supposed to work with PC100s, it didn't work for me one
2000/10/28-30 [Uncategorized] UID:19589 Activity:nil
10/27   Dude, the Aiken/Widom family is SICK:
        \_ No, just slightly odd.
2000/10/28-30 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:19590 Activity:moderate
10/27   I saw this poll on, I'm curious how everyone else came
        out.  How many of you fellow Sodans:
            - Waited in line for a ps2 and didn't get shit: 1 (me)
            - Waited in line and scored a unit:  1
            - Never planned on buying one: 3 (games are for wussies)
            - Never planned on buying one: 2 (game consoles are for wussies)
            - Preordered wisely and avoided bs: 1
            - Got a Japanese PS2 back in March: 2
            - Lazy bastard who'll get one in a few months: 3
            - Will get one when I can wander into a store and jsut buy
              one off the self.  If the current new of Dreamcast
              games doesn't live up to the promise that is: 1
            - are bleeding-edge and tired of giving Sony money,
              so will be buying a DC with Dance Dance Revolution,
              Shenmue, and Jet Grind Radio sometime very soon: 1
            - I don't think that word means what you think it means : 1
            - All of the previous is false: 1
            - thought that PS2 was a very old computer from ibm the first
              time you read this post: 2
            - don't play games. - 1.
2000/10/28-31 [Consumer/Camera, Academia/Berkeley] UID:19591 Activity:low
10/28   What is a good place in Berkeley to get film developed & get a PhotoCD?
        The ASUC place has lost a couple of my rolls before, so they suck.
        \_ Custom Process near the 4th street yuppie area.
           Otherwise, I think you're stuck with Kodak, who has lost
           negatives for me.  -sony
        \_ <DEAD><DEAD> off your photos and you get the back
           with photoCD and they get scanned online as well.
        \_ Sarber's on Solano -- or
        \_ make sure u want photoCD, not pictureCD... photoCD is hella
           more expensive, and if you don't need the resolution and
           dynamic range, it may not worth the price.
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