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2000/10/19 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:19518 Activity:very high
10/18   I found the correlation between Middle East fighting and the motd:
        (Summary: P4's are made in Israel, which might be bad news for Intel)
        \_ I've made the connection now. AMD is paying the Muslims to bomb
           the jews so that the Atlon will take over the x86 compatible
           \_ There is nothing illegal with this.
              \_ Yeah, and Al Capone was just a "business man".
                 \_ I'm just saying, the US has no jurisdiction in
                    parts of the Middle East.
                    \_ if amd is a us company, the us has laws that say
                       things like "You aren't allowed to break us laws
                       in other countries either"
                        \_ so much for my drug smuggling startup.
                        \_ But a non-US company can break US laws in other
                           countries, right?  If a US citizen is murdered in
                           another country by that country's citizen, US
                           has no jurisdiction over that.  Whoever bombed the
                           ship are supposedly non-US citizens and the bombing
                           happened in another country, so I think US should
                           have no jurisdiction over that either.
        \_ Just buy Checkpoint stocks.  Let God's chosen people earn money
           for you.
2000/10/19 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:19519 Activity:very high
10/18   Does US have jurisdiction in Yemen?  Why is the FBI, a US law
        enforcement agency, conducting investigation on an attack occured in
        that country?
        \_ don't you know that the US has jurisdiction anywhere it wants?
           \_ Speak softly and carry a BIG stick (or an aircraft carrier)
           \_ Yeah, but I mean how do they justify it?
              \_ The aforementioned big stick.
        \_ Presumably, the excuse would be that terrorist attacks as an
           external threat may reflect tendencies that can easily become
           internal threats. I doubt the govt of Yemen gives them much
        \_ A lot of governments "invite" the FBI in when US installations
           or large numbers of Americans get whacked.  While this is probably
           mainly to avoid pissing off the US, it makes sense, as the FBI
           is probably the most technically advanced and experienced
           investigative outfit in the world, like it or not.  -John
           \_ Scotland Yard.
              \_ oh yeah! when was the last time you heard they investigated
                 something big without having to resort to the Big Brother/
                 national DNA database that the Brits have? Using a computer
                 to match DNA samples is easy. Using tried and true
                 investigation methods is not - like most things British
                 it's past its time or is way overrated
              \_ Scotland Yard?  The guys *still* haven't resolved the
                 Lockerbie terrorism.  Sherlock is dead.
2000/10/19 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java] UID:19520 Activity:high
10/18   In Java, if something is not static, what is it called? Dynamic?
        \_ Depends on the something.
        \_ non-static
        \- instance
2000/10/19 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:19521 Activity:very high
        \_ i find it hard to sympathize with people who use uzis and gunships
           against people with rocks.
           \_ Don't you mean rocks _and guns_?  Or maybe you haven't been
              watching the same news footage that I have.
              \_ I wish Palestinians just had twice the military force
                 and experience that Israelis have.
                 \_ Ignorant, knee-jerk, and cowardly.  -John
                 \_ So they could genocide a few million jews?  Or you think
                    the PLO, Hamas, and others would run a truly multi ethnic
                    democracy based on the principles of freedom we enjoy in
                    this and a few other western countries?
       \_ There can be no peace whilst those arab muslims live. To believe
          that the Jews are at fault is the most foolish notion that can be
          entertained. If the Arabs win and Israel is eliminated (which is
          thier desire, don't kid yourself) it will be the greatest failure
          of this nation in its efforts to promote freedom and democracy.
          After Israel comes the flood.
          \_ Not sure if you are serious, or trolling, but who is the
             agressor in most of the clashes?  The Palestinians.  They
             force Israeli police/army to defend themselves.  Has ANY
             Palestinian leader (Arafat) come out and say stop inciting
             violence?  Or protest in a peaceful way?  What's up with the
        \_ Arrafat is an ass, israel offers 40% of its territory and he still
             stone throwing?
             \_ There can be no peace while people who say the other
                side should be exterminated, like this Zionist young
                fanatic above, are allowed to live!
        \_ Arafat is an ass, israel offers 40% of its territory and he still
        doesn't budge an inch. 3 prime ministers dealt w/ arrafat but arrafat
        just wants all of israel. palestinians just want to destroy israel.
        \_ Do you believe these lies you spread?
2000/10/19-20 [Uncategorized] UID:19522 Activity:moderate
10/18   I hope the high tech industry takes a dive so that laid off Santa
        Clara graduates will feel stupid   -bitter Cal alumni making the same
                                            salary as Chico State graduates.
                                            \_ maybe you're a spineless loser
                                               too ineffectual to actually get
                                               the raises your degree SHOULD
                                               entitle you to.
                                            \_ money is nothing.
                                               \_ Yeah, but no-money is
                                                  \_ you are making far more
                                                     than nothing.
        \_ Brian Harvey is a bitter cal alumni making the same salary
           as chico state grads?
2000/10/19-20 [Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs] UID:19523 Activity:nil
10/18   how do you turn off beep in Emacs?
        \_ (setq visible-bell t)  -- yuen
2000/10/19-20 [Politics/Foreign] UID:19524 Activity:high
10/18   No middle eastern country is a good country. Let's leave it at that.
        \_ here here!
                \_ that's "hear hear", xenophobic moron
          \_ what does hear hear mean?
             \_ "listen, listen!"
2000/10/19-20 [Computer/SW/WWW/Server, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:19525 Activity:nil
10/18   Why is soda so jerky and slow today?
        Also, what's up with this httpd process?
        11202 www      99   0   576K   676K RUN     81:53 38.53% 38.53% httpd
        \_ Killed. -root
2000/10/19-20 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:19526 Activity:moderate
10/18   sniff, the recent flame wars on the motd bring a tear to my eyes.
        it has been so long since soda was so energized.
        \_ I was on vacation but I'm back!  -troll
           \_ Idiot. -easily trolled
                \_ Just keeping you annoyed and amused.  -troll
           \_ Someone forgot to apply fire or acid to the tissue.
           \_ Someone should kill him and eat his corpse.
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