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2000/10/18-19 [Academia/GradSchool, Finance/Investment] UID:19512 Activity:very high
10/17   I'm a non-CS major and want to go to grad school in CS. Do grad
        schools care what your major is? What kind of chances do I have (with
        good grades etc.)?
        \_ Yes and depends on school.
           \_ I agree.
           \_ I disagree.
              \_ Are you serious?
        \_ Expect to take a lot of undergraduate CS classes. In fact, you
           might want to start already at some other (local? less
           expensive?) school before applying.
        \_ Talk to the graduate adminisistration folks and some profs at the
           schools you'd like to attend.  In many cases, attending classes
           elsewhere first as suggested above can hurt you.
           \_ Might not hurt your wallet. Depends on the situation.
              Usually schools will want you to take remedial work with
              them, but one has to question their motives at times. Taking
              classes may not help but will *never* hurt in spite of the
              scare tactics that Top Ten programs use.
        \_ happens frequently, mostly w/ people who already have Math or
           Physics degree. My former roomate, a former astro-physics Phd
           candidate, dropped out of his Phd program got into a CS Phd
           program back in 96. I'm not saying that anyone should give it
           a try. It is for the selected few. If you don't have a good math
           or technical background or don't have good grades, don't even
           waste your time.
           \_ Ok, so I am hoping for a really good program like Berkeley or MIT
              or maybe CMU. Can anyone say if it is common here? (I'd be a
              math major, so I think I'd have the background needed.)
              --original poster
              \_ Berkeley, MIT, Stanford, and CMU are the top 4 schools.
                 Washington, UCLA, Princeton, etc are second tier.  Whether
                 or not you can get in depends on what you want to study
                 and how much effort you plan to invest.  If you just want
                 a masters degree to boost your salary, then you don't need
                 one of the top tier schools.  A master in systems from
                 Washington will do just as well.  If you're serious about
                 getting a PhD, then you should first figure out what you
                 want to study, and it had better be something you already
                 know something about.  Then you should figure out which
                 professors you want to work with at each school, and read
                 up on their current research.  Then go talk to his/her
                 grad students to get the inside scoop and get a feel for
                 your chances at being accepted.  This is just generic
                 advice about grad school.  If you want to describe your
                 situation in more detail, I can expend with more free
              \_ You need to do something really cool, or show solid time
                 investment and do something somewhat cool.
           \_ oh by the way, anyone can get into a 3rd tier graduate school
              like Santa Clara. So if prestige is not a big deal (e.g. if
              you're not aiming for Berkeley or MIT) then go for it.
              \_ what is considered 2nd tier?
                 \_ Santa Clerkeley
                 \_ UCLA, Princeton, Duke, for instance. Schools with a
                    developing program that's showing signs of hope but isn't
                    saturated enough with prestigious faculty.
                    \_ I would think 2nd tier are those ranked around
                       11-20.  3rd are those around 21-40.  4th, are places
                       like Santa Clara.
                           \_ don't go to santa clara.  it's just a shit
                              school for rich assholes anyhow.
                              \_ it really shouldn't even be deemed a grad
                                 school. just a masters degree purchase program
                              \_ What's wrong with being rich?  Why does being
                                 wealthy automagically make someone an asshole?
                                 Is this one of those "too much time with bh"
                                 communist things?
                                 \_ Yea, I think it should be "rich dumbasses"
                                    instead of "rich assholes".
                                        \_ They got rich by being stupid?  I'm
                                           still waiting to hear the problem
                                           with being rich and why the wealthy
                                           are somehow flawed compared to the
                                           \_ Santa Clara -> rich and stupid
                                              because if you are poor, you
                                              can't afford it and if you are
                                              smart, you go to a better school.
                                              As for why they are rich in the
                                              first place: it's their dad
                                              who is rich.  As for why their
                                              who is rich.  As for why the
                                              dad is rich and yet the kid is
                                              stupid, there are two possbili-
                                              ties: (1) genes work in funny
                                              ways, (2) The dad got rich not
                                              by being smart, but by being
                                              an asshole (i.e. He is a rich
                                              smart and an asshole (i.e.
                                              asshole).  If you are both
                                              smart and an asshole (i.e. a
                                              smart asshole), you get to be
                                              really rich. eg. Billy Gates.
                                              Got it now?
                                              \_ I see.  So this is all Santa
                                                 Clara specific?  Glad you
                                                 have this all worked out.
                                                 \_ Huh?  Wasn't Santa Clara
                                                    what it was about all
                                                        \_ No.
                      \_ What about USCS, SJSU?
                      \_ What about UCSC, SJSU?
                         \_ UCSC's CS program seems to be showing signs of
                            hope -- at the very least, some of their faculty
                            aren't totally anonymous. Still doesn't qualify
                            as "2nd tier" to me, but it may get there soon
                            if they work on it. (This pertinent to grad
                            school only)
                         \_ uh, shit schools for poorer folks.
                                  there's this one asshole at my company
                                  from san jose state, he's a dumbass,
                                  and my cousins went to sjsu.  mind
                                  you, they are not that dumb, just
                                  strapped for cash.  the school
                                  you go to doesn't necessarily
                                  determine how intelligent you are
                                  when you leave...i mean, i left
                                  cal, which is supposed to be a "good"
                                  school, but i have all kinds of
                                  pricks asking me "didn't you
                                  already learn this in school" type
                                  of questions at work, from place
                                  to place.  the best determiner
                                  is mainly how much you push yourself.
                                  \_ From your English and the questions those
                                     'pricks' ask you, it doesn't sound like
                                     you pushed yourself very hard, you lazy
                                     fuck.  I hope you get fired.  You got
                                     quite an attitude for someone who is
                                     obviously dead weight.
2000/10/18-20 [Recreation/Dating] UID:19513 Activity:high
10/18   My company wants to have a recruiting event on campus, but we're
        worried we'll look desperate if we have a raffle for a palm pilot
        or a playstation 2, or something.  What are most companies doing
        these days that's not lame? --been out for a few years
        \_ Good recruiters have a mix of cute (friendly-acting) girls, and
           guys who can pull off back-slapping, I-was-there-I'm-your-friend
           shows.  Break down distrust, all that.  Do it in a professional-
           looking location, followed up by free drinks/food in a decent
           bar or lounge you've rented.  Especially for young, relatively
           inexperienced tech types, there are really proven manipulation
           techniques.  -John
           \_ cute asian girls please! - desparately seeking a date
              \_ tough shit, white boy.
                   \_ I'm asian looking for an asian chick (perferably
                      one like they have on my favorite animes)
                \_ Asian chicks?  Keep em.  sheesh.
                   |- I woud like 1 plz.  Where can i line up ...? -ugly enginr
                      \_ aww man, bring on the stanford whitey cuties
                         instead (see above post)
           get a bunch of luser who just want to win some free stuff.
                         \_ They aren't all that cute, and they are
                            high maintenance. Asian chicks can learn
                            to be low maintenance if you treat them
                            badly enough.
        \_ WINNING STRATEGY: always get cute HR and marketting gals to
           \_ i am a cynical grad student years from graduation who likes
              to get free pens, trinkets, and pizza, and you will *never*
              be able to distinguish me from a bright eyed, bushy tailed
              senior cs major looking to work 80 hours a week.  hahahahahaha!
           recruit. Fuck this nice place nice people crap. Ugly desperate
           engineers need chick. Period.
              \_ Must be cute asian chicks. The traffic to our booth
                 increased considerably once our cute asian chicks from
                 hr/marketing showed up.
                 \_ Yeah and you want to work at a company with people so
                    stupid, they'd sign up thinking they'll get laid with one
                    or more of the hot chicks at the recruiting session.
           \_ To this day I am impressed by JP Morgan because of the
              attractive women in short skirts (who claimed to be real
              employees and not recruiters per se) they flew out from NYC.
           \_ Amen.  Most Cal engineer's monetary needs = met.  Sexual
              needs = unmet.  (I speak for myself mostly)
              \_ Monetary needs = met -> sexual needs = met.  You can purchase
                 high quality sex.  It doesn't have to be a sleazy explicit
                 hooker either.  You can date with your wallet.
                 \_ how do you date with your wallet? EXPLAIN.
                    \_ Look for gold diggers. Cal is full of them.
                 \_ I agree. Gold diggers are easy to come by. Just make
                    sure you don't fall in love (they won't make that mistake).
                    And in case you decided to get married, please create a
                    irrevokable trust and get a prenup. We have enough homeless
                    as it is.
                        \_ Too late for some CSUAers....  RIP.
        \_ Trilogy threw a party at Blake's with free beer for minors. And
           they're planning on getting a busload of people down to
           Dave&Buster's next week. Be Like Them.
           \_ What does Trilogy make goddamit?
              \_ Folks in Austin call Trilogy 'Cult on a hill.'  Trilogy is
                 evil.  Think about how boring their products must be, and how
                 hard they must work new hires if they have such a large scale
                 geek courting campaign in place.
                 \_ I know two guys who went there straight out of school...
                    They said after the first six weeks, it isn't so bad...
                    And the first six weeks aren't more work than big
                    cs16[249] projects.
              \_ uh ... free beer?
                 \_ yea. free beer. why?
        \_ Hire female strippers and give lap dances
           \_ yes, I agree
           \_ You mean, make the strippers give lap dances.
        \_ Be a lame company which does dumb and destructive things with
           patents and face the Wrath of Nick outside the Woz.
           \_ Things like what?
              \_ RAMBUS
                 \_ What did Nick do to RAMBUS?
        \_ Only a PP or PS2? Try raffling 2 or 3 laptops or Trips for Two
           to Paris
                \_ Go for TiVo's or ReplayTV's - no one needs them more than
                    CS students with evening midterms and all-night projects
                    in the labs.
        \_ Why not explain that your workplace is relaxed, supportive, and
           full of wonderful, interesting people? Smoke and mirrors will
           only work if you want to hire bozos.
           \_ Uh huh.  Every place is just wonderful to work at.
              \_ Not. Most startups are pretty shitty. So are most large
                 companies. If people knew what it was like to work at
                 say Cisco with its endless bickering, meetings, schedule
                 slips, shitty managers, crappy IS etc., they would probably
                 want to work somewhere else. - cisco alum
           \_ 1. The question was sarcastic and rhetorical;
                     \_ work sucks no matter which way you make for most
                        of us, that's why it's called work.
              2. I think you're confusing good lazy w/ bad lazy.
        \_ Bring a few trinkets, pens, postit notes, keychains, lights with
           the company logo and web site and give these out. When people
           come to get the stuff, tell them about your company, what you do,
           the kind of people who work there, etc. Explain why its a good
           place to work and you will get good people, otherwise you will
           get a bunch of lusers who just want to win some free stuff.
2000/10/18-19 [Computer/Theory] UID:19514 Activity:very high
10/18   Anyone here take any actuarial exams? Anyone know what its
        like to be an actuary? I'm graduating with a applied math degree (CS)
        next year and I hear actuary's make decent money.
        \_ what does the CS in CSUA stand for?
                \_ Crazy Shitheads
           \_ Criminally Supercilious?
           \_ Cum Suckers
              \_ Cock suckers
              \_ Cunt su... no, it can't be that.
           \_ Computer Science
                \_ It can't be that.
           \_ Commuter Science
           \_ Cognative Science
                \_ or if you ever could spell: "Cognitive Science"
           \_ Completely Silly
           \_ Casual Sex
                     >- Cow Sex
           \_ Cow Shit
           \_ Creaky Sysadmins
           \_ Cal & Stanford
           \_ Clitoris Studs.
2000/10/18-19 [Uncategorized] UID:19515 Activity:nil
10/17   Congrats to ajani,  That's a good name "Intractable.NET"
2000/10/18-19 [Uncategorized] UID:19516 Activity:nil
10/17   Somebody asked about this awhile ago-- how to find a user logged
        in anywhere in soda.  Read /usr/pub/ from your
        instructional accounts.
2000/10/18 [Uncategorized] UID:19517 Activity:high
10/17   _ We already loaded Dragonfly on the library network. You should
        not concern yourself with these issues. Just leave it alone and
        forget about it.
        \_ Sorry, I couldn't resist baiting the elitist geek.  -guilty
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