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2000/10/17-18 [Politics/Foreign] UID:19500 Activity:very high
10/17   import*
        import edu.berkeley.xcf.coolstuff.*
        import edu.berkeley.cs.research.*
        import edu.berkeley.csua.sysadmin.*
        What do you import?
        \_ I don't go in for imports. Buy American.
          \_ Bridgestone tires.  Nuff said?
             \_ Its really to bad that we have given all of our manufacturing
                to asia.
                \_ We didn't "give" anything.
        \_ please supply frame of reference.
           \_ more like "please supply trailing ;"
2000/10/17-20 [Uncategorized] UID:19501 Activity:nil
10/17   Work at Transmeta:
        mail <jeffwong> if interested
        \_ Yawn.  Should've asked a year ago when it was still cool and
           mysterious.  Now it's just a low power Intel competitor screaming
           for attention.  Maybe next time.
        \_ We've been through this.  You missed the boat.
2000/10/17-18 [Reference/Celebration] UID:19502 Activity:low 66%like:19941
10/17   Happy Birthday raytrace!
        \_ jpgP?
           \_ Grow up.
2000/10/17-18 [Uncategorized] UID:19503 Activity:moderate
10/17   What kind of textbook is used in 264?
        \_ None, it is all papers.  Also, unfortunatly, it is concentrating
           on front end (lexing/parsing), which are essentially solved problems.
           IMO, it should be recombined with 265 and mostly concentrate on
           the back end issues.  -nweaver
        \_ The paper kind.
        \_ If you are planning to take it in the spring, why not go to the
           instructor's web page and see what he used the last time he taught
           the course? Or you could mail him and ask. --Galen
           \_ You should definitely mail the prof, not just trust what
              was used by him/her last time.
2000/10/17-18 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:19504 Activity:high
10/17   How do I page align the offset passed into mmap?
        \_ Carefully.
        \_ What are you trying to accomplish?
           \_ On older versions of FreeBSD its says that
              when I mmap a file, I need to pass in a
              page aligned offset. Normally I do the

    p = (char *)mmap(0,(size_t)filelen,PROT_READ,MAP_PRIVATE,fd,(off_t)0);

              but I always get EINVAL on FreeBSD.
              \_ That line is correct; it works fine for me on FreeBSD.
                 You're getting EINVAL for some other reason -- perhaps
                 filelen is wrong, or fd refers to a socket instead of
                 an ordinary file or device?
                \_ i haven't used mmap in a couple of year. how to you
                   make sure your heap doesn't grow into your mmaped section?
                   do you malloc and mmap over the malloc? -ali
                   \_ I believe that it's the job of the OS to keep that
                      separate.  Just like if you malloc twice with different
                      sizes you expect the OS to not overlap them.
2000/10/17-18 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:19505 Activity:high
10/17   What do i have to change in my apache configs to allow users thier
        own cgi-bin under ~/public_html like it is here on Soda?
        \_ put 'Options ExecCGI' in the section marked with
           '<Directory /home/*/public_html>'
              \_  Thanks, i'll try that though it doesn't seem to be the
                  way it is done here.
                  \_ Unix: more than one way to do it.
                     \_ Perl: many wrong ways to do it.
                        \_ What does Perl have to do with apache, cgis, or
                           anything else on this thread?  Might as well talk
                           about taking your gf to a lap dance sex club or
                           something equally relevent.
                        \_ right and wrong is subjective unless the sys
                           admin says so, cuz they're always right.
                                                        -sys admin
                        \_ whatever is easiest for the sys admin at the time,
                           is the right way to do it and Perl lets you do
                           things the easy way for now. Code extensibility,
                           scalability, portability, that's for academia.
                           \_ Really? I guess I work at the wrong company
                              since we care about that stuff. Getting other
                              people to extend our scalable framework is
                              how we generate a significant portion of our
                                \_ You have revenue?  Time to switch jobs.
                                   \_ Uh, no. I like having a steady source
                                      of income and a regular work schedule.
                                        \_ Where'd you get the idea that
                                           revenue = steady job?  Your 9-5
                                           ass can be fired just as fast as
                                           <DEAD><DEAD>.  The guaranteed job
                                           days were over decades ago and they
                                           weren't so guaranteed then, either.
                                           Go check out the market.  Go read
                                           up on the bogus accounting practices
                                           at places like MS and Cisco which
                                           require ever higher stock prices to
                                           keep their companies afloat on a
                                           giant river of hope and accounting
                                           mismanagement.  Think pyramid
2000/10/17-18 [Academia/GradSchool, Computer/SW/Editors/Vi] UID:19506 Activity:very high
10/16   I've noticed that my connection to soda has become more and more
        laggy.  A traceroute yields:

 4  http://GE.cory-gw.EECS.Berkeley.EDU (  1.513 ms  2.688 ms  1.718 ms
 5  http://gig8-1.snr1.CS.Berkeley.EDU (  1.878 ms  2.186 ms  3.110 ms
 6  http://soda.CSUA.Berkeley.EDU (  73.560 ms  11.496 ms  12.904 ms

        Is this another artifact of old hardware that will be solved with Mark
        \_ No.
                \_ The .43 subnet is shared and overloaded. Blame the XCF
                   and every prof you ever had who thought it was OK to run
                   windows and use exceed to run programs remotely from unix.
                   \_ Are they still doing that crap? -cal alum
                   \_ granted, the XCF probably has right to use the net
                      since they do something useful like host
                        \_ gimp?  Who cares about gimp?  Who decides that gimp
                           is a good use of bandwidth?
                           \_ Gimp seems to me to be a bloated piece of GNU
                              crap. I haven't been able to do a single useful
                              piece of work with it. The pict editor in WP or
                              MSW blows it away. So what if its GNU/OSS/Free.
                              Sometimes commerical is better. After being a
                              die hard member of the Linux crowd, the thing
                              that I learnt was that most of these people don't
                              understand RMS's almost communist view of how
                              software should be written. -recovering Linux user
                                        \_ Ho!!! Almost COMMUNIST!  Gee if only
                                           america were almost capitalist
                                           instead of almost corporatist
                                        \_ sure it isn't more anarchist?
                                \_ uh, gimp is analagous to photoshop, not
                                   to a pict editor.  If you don't understand
                                   the difference, perhaps you're better off
                                   with an OS for morons.  -tom
                                      \_ Let me put it to you in a way that
                                         you can understand. I can use VI to
                                         edit/create pictures/photos better than
                                         GIMP. I can't believe how bloated
                                         GIMP, GTK and Gnome are. What
                                         ever happened to people writing clean
                                         high performance code that did not
                                         require every available clock cycle
                                         in order to run?
                                   \_ and anyone who uses photoshop
                                      professionally would be an idiot to
                                      try to use gimp for the same ends.
                                      Gimp is a cool piece of software for
                                      playing aorund with if you are just
                                      geeking away with it, but photoshop it
                                      is not... by a long shot.
                                      \_ GIMP isn't even as good as PS 2.0,
                                         forget about anything reasonably
                              \_ Communism rulez.  Too bad it doesn't work.
                                 Have you read the Communist Manifesto?
                                 You could get free sex under Communism,
                                 you know.
                                 \_ We used to call it "rape".
                                 \_ If it involves people being forced to
                                    have sex, I want no part of it.
                                 \_ Perhaps if you are a sodan male who
                                    can't get laid and can only think about
                                    getting laid (rather than freedom,
                                    liberty, prosperity, etc) then COMMUNISM
                                    is right for you.
2000/10/17-19 [Finance/Banking] UID:19507 Activity:high
10/17   What does that Washingtom Mutual ATM policy mean? Does it mean
        that you can have a BofA ATM card and use a WM ATM free of charge
        or does it mean that WM customers can use other bank's ATMs free
        of charge?
        \_ It means that if you have a BofA ATM card, you can use a WM ATM
           without being charged by WM.  That said, I believe that BofA may
           hit you with a $1.50 charge for using a non-BofA ATM, but I'm
           not certain of this.
        \_ I thought I heard on the radio ad. at the end that if you
           are not a WM customer, you may be charged a fee.
           \_ Yes, by your *own* bank or credit union. --dim
        \_ Nothing. It means Nothing. Washington Mutual is a POS company
           that has no respect for its customers or its employees. It took
           a decent local bank like Great Western (I was a customer of thiers
           for 12 yrs) and turned it into one of the worst banks in the
           world. - now with bofa
                \_ HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA!!!! So, yes, you have proven you have great
                   'taste' in banks by moving to BofA, so well known for their
                   top notch customer dis-service.
                      \_ washington mutual is still a piece o shit though...
                         i mean, there will be a big ass line and only
                         one teller up processing it.  what's up with that?!
                         \_ Gosh, and all these people are *forced* to _choose_
                            WM and _can't_ go anywhere else?  Maybe it's worth
                            it to wait in line to get real service?
                         \_ because they actually offer low-cost checking
                            and dont force everyone to the ATM. ANd that
                            they actually offer "service". WAMU is NOT THAT
                            BAD compared to someplace like BofA, my god!
                            WHen i'm there they have almost all teller
                            windows open, plus two in the express line.
                            \_ BofA is much better in terms of teller
                               access, longer hours, more locations,
                               no ATM fees, friendlier customer services,
                               better online banking, integrated credit
                               card and checking account information and
                               quicker error correction. WM took months to
                               sort out errors, along with being unfriendly
                               to customers and employees. I banked at the
                               same branch (GW) for 8 years, and most of the
           my companies credit union for ATM/cash/car loan.  Satisfied
                               tellers loved GW and left within 6 mo. of the
                               buyout because WM treated them like shit. I
                               went to BofA because most of the people I
                               knew at my GW branch went to the local BofA
        \_ in the two years that I've had my mortgage with WM, I've had to
           call them three times in regards to various accounting errors.
           I've done my banking (checking/savings) with Wells Fargo for
           the past 7 years and never had a problem.  My coworker formerly
           with Home Savings Bank which was bought out by WM walked into
           WM one day and was told she did not have an account with them.
           She had to wait around for over an hour before they found her
           account.  I have zero trust in WM.  Unfortunately, I also have
           a 30 year mortgage with them.
           \_ I used to. I then changed it to wells fargo mortgage when the
              rates were lower.
        \_ These days I use Net@Bank for most of my banking needs, and
           my company's credit union for ATM/cash/car loan.  Satisfied
           with the arrangement so far.  BofA sucks from what I remember.
           I retain a low limit BofA credit card for shady online
2000/10/17-18 [Uncategorized] UID:19508 Activity:insanely high 50%like:19927
10/17   Poll on the heaviest concentration of fine women (one dot per
        category per person please):
        Santa Barbara   .
        Santa Cruz      .
        Berkeley        1**-10000000000000000
        UCLA            .
        Irvine          .
        Florida         ..
        San Diego
        Arizona         .
        Hawaii          .
        Japan Reality   -100000.000
        Japan TV        ...........
                        \_ Ummm, this is just fucked.  How many asiaphiles are
                           there on soda?
                            \_ Sigh... It's called "Yellow Fever".  Get it
                               right.   At least try.  "asiaphiles"?!  Sheesh.
                            \_  I once read a poll where most U.S. men were
                                "asiaphiles" as you say..  [yikes, can't
                                use "..." anymore after this poll!!!]
                           \_ But have you been to Japan to see it yourself?
                             \_ Hey it said women not schoolgirls!  --oj
                                \_ I saw many fine women over 45 in Japan.
                                \_ Worked in Japan for 7 months and saw many
                                   fine decent young woman (not schoolgirls)
                                   at workplace and on the streets.
                                   --- non-Japanese Asian
                        \_ one person probably added ten dots
                           \_ This is soda, they all think that Japan is
                              loaded with real life {look/act}alike
                              Anime Chicks.
                                \_ It is.  In comic books and on film.
                                   \_ Clarified.
        Texas           .
                        \_ Who?  Anna Nicole Smith?
                          \_ You gotta check out Baby Dolls!!!
                             \_ urlP?
        New York        ...
        Utah            . highest percapita fine white chicks
                        \_ Yeah, but it gets a little tiring when every time
                           you fuck one they try to convert you.
                        \_ no wonder polygamy is legal there.
                         \_ It isn't.
        Ireland         ....................

        And for the women, "fine hunks of male meat":
        Berkeley                                 \_ ooh!
        UCLA            .
        Japan           ..... (rich horny Japanese businessmen with small dicks)
                        \_ Japanese penis, so small; So small!
                           \_ small but potent
        Yermom's place  .
2000/10/17 [Computer/SW/Editors/Vi] UID:19509 Activity:nil
10/17   Mark VI >> Mark EMACS
        \_ Mark ED! Mark ED! Mark ED is the STANDARD!!! Mark. Mark?...
2000/10/17-18 [Industry/Jobs] UID:19510 Activity:insanely high
10/17   So I was sitting in a cafe doing some homework and I overheard
        two people discussing disciplinary action against this 14-year-old
        Cal student who was "hacking" something on a campus library
        computer.  Mentioned was the fact that
                a) no malicious intent was involved, "he just wanted to use his
                   own OS"
                b) the dragonfly OS was installed,
        but I couldn't find any info on what this could mean.  These weren't
        technical people, so they might have mistaken OS for application
        These people were to decide what punishment was fair for this kid,
        and they had no clue as to what actually happened.  Does anybody
        else know any details?  Who is this kid?  What did he actually do?
        \_ He should be expelled and charged damages.
        \_ Why are two non-techincal persons making decision on something
           involving technical issues?
                \_ because Congress has taught them that's the way things
                   are done in this country.
                \_ It isn't a technical issue.  This is an administrative
                   punishment issue.  If you punched someone out on campus,
                   it wouldn't be a boxing/sports issue.  Stop being an
                   elitist nerd.
                   \_ Except that if you don't know what "punching" is but
                      only learn from the book of regulations that "punching"
                      is prohibited and someone committed it, you won't be
                      able to decide on fair puhishment.
                        \_ I've never been a professional boxer.  I know what
                           punching is.  I've never been a professional sys
                           admin but I know what violating system security and
                           replacing the installed software is.  The details of
                           the crime are not important.  What is important is
                           that this moron did something wrong and must have
                           understood in advance that this was a Bad Thing.
                           He had intent.  He didn't accidentally replace the
                           system software.  Time to go back to HS or JC for
                           a few years and learn to grow up and then try a
                           real school again where other students don't have
                           time to sit down at a fucked up terminal this idiot
                           broke.  Try hacking your corporate network, see how
                           *that* gets handled.  Expect to lose your job and
                           get sued for damages far beyond your ability to pay.
2000/10/17-18 [Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:19511 Activity:high
10/17   How are network interfaces configured in Unix?  As far as I know
        they are full-duplex, but someone's asking me to verify and I
        see nothing on it in man pages, books, etc.  Indeed, the only
        thing I found in man pages was "shutdown", to "shutdown a full-
        duplex connection".  Strange but true...
        \_ man ifconfig
        \_ They're not configured in Unix.  The Unix spec doesn't include
           ethernet device details.  Configuration details for individual
           flavors vary - you may need to specify a flag to ifconfig,
           change a setting with ndd, or recompile your kernel, depending
           on what OS you are running.  Today's lesson: If you want help,
           give enough information to get it.  With "Unix" that almost always
           includes the real OS name, be it Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD, Ultrix,
           or god knows what.
           or god knows what.  (And quite often includes OS version number,
           and for Linux, which distribution.)
           \_ Solaris.  I figured if I couldn't find anything on it for
              Solaris it was fair game for any flavor of Unix, sorry.
                \_ Solaris defaults to auto-negotation with the switch.
                \_ Just one unless using ed and/or Perl.
                   ndd -dev /dev/<network device> can adjust it.
                   See for the FAQs.
           \_ How many ways are there to /bin/ls -l?
                \_ If you want to display groups, two: one with -g, one
                        without, depending on BSD or SysV style.
2019/02/16 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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