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2000/10/15-16 [Uncategorized] UID:19485 Activity:nil
10/14   Has anybody used AT&T Digital Phone service for their connection?
2000/10/15-16 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China] UID:19486 Activity:nil
10/15   I just watched the QuickTime preview for Crouching Tiger,
        Hidden Dragon, but it wouldn't be out in the US till Dec.
        and I will be out of the country when it comes out. Anyone
        know if it is available in Chinese with sub-titles? The dubs
        usually suck anyway.
        \_ The pirated copies have been available for some time, and there
           isn't an offical release yet since it's still in theaters. --oj
           \_ Are there any stores in the south bay renting copies?
              Or do I have to download the DiVX/ASF via hotline?
2000/10/15-16 [Academia/UCLA] UID:19487 Activity:moderate 88%like:19492
10/15   (1 am)  What's with all the cops around campus and telegraph?
        \_ homecoming.  lots of losers from ucla in addition to our own.
        \_ I passed that way at 3am, gap had its windows broken,
           telegraph was cordoned off from channing to bancroft -jones
        \_ bunch of frat types decided to break windows,
           at hot topic and footlocker and the gap, someone
           pulled a gun and shot it off, causing many angry cops
           to appear with guns drawn, and everyone fled for their lives - danh
2000/10/15-16 [Uncategorized] UID:19488 Activity:nil
10/15   Motd summary (at least I don't purge it)
        - Middle east
        - Can't we all just get along
        - LOL
        - 1st grade class on ebay
        - LOL
        - Win2k. 3 finger salute
        - LOL
        - People who read the motd are loozers
        - People who write to the motd are loozers
        - LOL
2000/10/15-16 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes] UID:19489 Activity:high
        \_ 1 *Michael Constant (cs61b-oi) 5 49246 sec. 6
           i think mconst wants to be cool. but this is not cool, using
          cs61b account as login. it's not cool.
           cs61b account as login. it's not cool. -ali
           \_ I had ctest-aa, but it didn't work (the home directory wasn't
              owned by the account), so I told Hilfinger and he gave me a
              random 61B account instead.  --mconst
              \_ ok. that's very cool. i was wrong. -ali
                 \_ Go home ali. -- ali #1 fan
              \_ This is true, 61b accounts that start with -o tend
                 to be reserved for "other" usage. -former 61b TA
           \_ Perhaps you could ask why he had to use one.  #1 MCONST FAN!!!!
              \_ you're right. i just assumed he was trying to show off.
Berkeley CSUA MOTD:2000:October:15 Sunday <Saturday, Monday>