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        \_ Why post this?  I wouldn't recommend rackspace as a colo --oj
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10/13   aaron and ali are cool, they are cruising the labs
        looking for chicks
2000/10/13-15 [Reference/Religion] UID:19471 Activity:very high
10/13   Does the term Arab apply to all the middle eastern people? Or is
        it more specific or more generic than that? Does it imply religion
        (e.g. Muslim) in which case includes most of the middle eastern
        countries EXCEPT Israel?
        \_ arab is not synonymous with middle eastern.  nope, not at all.
           many countries which aren't in the middle east have substantial
           arab populations, such as much of northern africa.
           it has nothing to do with religion-- there are muslim arabs,
           christian arabs, jewish arabs, atheist arabs, whatever.
           i think irani people don't consider themselves arab, or something
           like that.
           \_ You're mostly right. Most Iranians (not Irani, but who cares?)
              consider themselves "Persians", but there are also Iranian
              Arabs. Mostly from the south, where the oil is. There is
              tension between Persian and Arab Iranians. House of Kabab is
              owned by an Arab Iranian, but he considers himself Arab first.
              Arabs usually speak Arabic, so that's an easy way to tell.
              Afghans and Iranians don't speak Arabic (as their first tongue),
              and they don't consider themselves Arabs.
           \_ As far as I'm concerned, Israelis == Arabs.
              But I'm a stupid 'Merican so hey.
              \_ yah they are all just a binch of camel jockey sand niggers
                 anyway right?  Fucking idiot.
                \_ Cool it jewboy. It's just some Hatfields + McCoys shit.
                        and the way all them nationalistic fundamentalists
                        act, man, it's more like "sand _honkeys._"
                        Israelis == Arabs == Bible-beatin' Southerners.
                        troll troll troll troll!
                        \_ hey look at the cute little oriental girl!
        \_ Ali AlabedAlafaelMohammedAhalaha Rahimi, you wanna answer this?
              \_ what about the Iraqians?
                 \_ What about them? Shitheads lead by So-dam Insane.
           Arab (n): An Arabic-speaking gentile-ass who lives in Arabia or
                    \_ so what about the Iranis or the Saudians? How they
                       differ from Israelians? More moderate than the Jordani?
        \_ Sorry to inject reality into this discussion, but:
           Arab (n): An Arabic-speaking person who lives in Arabia or
                     North Africa
           (Therefore not Israeli).  -tom
           \_ As usual, you are an idiot. Tell the Syrians and Iraqis that
              they are not Arabs for me.
                \_ changing "person" to "jewass" or "gentile-ass" is
                   juvenile and boring.  -tom
                \_ defining Arab, as if it needed defining, is juvenile
                   and boring.  The song "Ha" is Juvenile and boring.
                   But "gentile-ass", while juvenile, is not boring. ha!
                \_ They are not Arabs, they are camel jockeys or sand
                   n*grs (whichever racial slur you prefer)
        \_ Regardless nationalistic fundamentalists are the same the world
           over, they freakin' SUCK ASS.
        \_ muslims are not synonmous with arab btw
           \_ E.g. Malaysia and Indonesia are Islamic SE Asian countries.
        \_ note how there are no muslim 1st world countries.  wonder if
           it's mutually exclusive
           \_ Note that there are no Indian 1st world countries.  wonder if
              it's mutually exclusive
           \_ To build a 1st world nation requires intelligence, rationality,
              tolerance, humanity etc. These attributes are completely
              orthogonal to the muslim nature.
              \_ What about the era of Persia?  It was more "1st world" than
                 Europe at that time.
                 \_ They were Persians, not (as you might say), dirty Arabs.
                 \_ yeah, before Islam took over and ruined it
                 \_ What about it? Alexander the Great conqured Persia,
                    and then the Romans and later on the Russians. Face
                    it, the height of Muslim glory came during Akbar's
                    reign in India. Even then, he entrusted the daily
                    affairs of empire to a Hindu, because he felt (and
                    stated in writing) that no muslim could ever posses
                    the requisite intelligence to run an empire.
                    \_ Your lack of historical knowledge is disturbing.
                       The Arab empires during the "Dark Ages" in Europe
                       were larger, more civilized, and longer lasting
                       than any Christian empire.
                       \_ Perhaps in the years between the fall of the
                          eastern empire and the beginning of the
                          renasiance arab nations were better organized
                          than european ones, but only marginally so.
                          Even during the height of thier power, muslim
                          rulers outside of india ran countries in which
                                 \_ Does this qualifier makes any difference?
                          the average citizen was quite poor and had little
                          freedom.  They can hardly be considered 1st world
                          as superior civilizations existed in non-muslim
                          dominated parts of the the world at the same time.
        \_ Alexander never conquered Russia and such country did not even
        exist yet. A collection of feudal city states that later united as
        Kievan Rus' more or less has been paying off the Mongols to leave
        them alone for 300 years but as the Kievan Rus' government seat was
        in Kiev, you could just as well argue that it was actually the
        ancient Ukraine. There was neither Moscow (only 850 years old) nor
        St.Petersbourgh (negligiable age). Few of those cities are now in
        Russia, but they were never a capital of any country by such name.
        What I believe to be the oldest of the bunch, called Novgorod was
        actually a democracy. (strangely, it means "new town", not to be
        confused with my hometown Nizniy Novgorod ( "lower new town" ) that
        was build later than this, but still before Moscow. Could you have
        ment Genghis Khan? The Mongols weren't much of conquerers, because
        they never could live in a town for more than a couple of days, but
                \_ "a couple of days" is enough time to wrap you in blankets
                   as stomp on it with horses as a token of honor.
        they obviously didn't lose any time. Slavs are supposed to be blond.
        All it really took to kicking them out was to stop mutual backstabbing
        that's all.                                     -muchandr
           \_   One day an old polish jew, living in Warsaw, has his last light
              bulb burn out. To get a new one he'll have to stand in line for
              two hours at the store (and they'll probably be out by the
              time he gets there), so he goes up to his attic and starts
              rummaging around for an old oil lamp he vaguely remembers seeing.
                He finds the old brass lamp in the bottom of a trunk that has
              seen better days. He starts to polish it and (poof!) a genie
              appears in cloud of smoke.
                "Hoho, Mortal!" says the genie, stretching and yawning, "For
              releasing me I will grant you three wishes."
                The old man thinks for a moment, and says, "I want Genghis
              Khan resurrected. I want him to re-unite his mongol hordes,
              march to the Polish border, and then decide he doesn't want
              the place and march back home."
                "No sooner said than done!" thunders the genie. "Your second
                "Ok. I want Genghis Khan resurrected. I want him to re-unite
              his mongol hordes, march to the Polish border, and then decide
              he doesn't want the place and march back home."
                "Hmmm. Well, all right. Your third wish?"
                "I want Genghis Khan resurrected. I want him to re-unite his--"
                "OK OK OK. Right. What's this business about Genghis Khan
              marching to Poland and turning around again?"
                The old man smiles. "He has to pass through Russia six times."
        \_ Every who lives in the Middle East is Middle Eastern, but Arabs and
        Israelis are Semitic and Persians are not. The former two could never
        find any chemical / biological warfare agets that worked on one but not
        the other, and not for the lack of trying...    -muchandr
        \_ John, I forgot I owed you an explanation on Czechs. The Czech
        design bureau is Tatra (they did do trucks, but are not Russian),
        the firm who hired them was the new Bugatti under Romano Artioli,
        and yes, correct again, they are currently buiding 18 cilinder
        monsters under Bugatti label for VW AG, whose Ferdinand Piech, by
        the weirdest fluke is the designer of Audi Quattro yet majority
        shareholder of Porshe and direct descendant of Ferry Porshe. Porshe
        had to finally part ways with the aircoled boxer 6 in 911, which was
        getting too hot and too noisy at three something liters displacement
        and switch to watercooling like the rest of the wold, so imagine
        their surprise when they found out that the Czech government Tatra
        limosines, that were absolutely silent is actually an aircooled 8 of
        some 4 or 5 liter displacement. That was probably the largest modern
        aircooled car engine. Very impressive. EB110 supercar was theirs, and
        the new ones you can find at I don't think
        VW would've dared a crack at Bugatti themselves. They were already
        scared shitless of having to do Bentleys and Lamborginis ...

2000/10/13-14 [Uncategorized] UID:19472 Activity:nil
10/13   Stevens died? When was this??
        \_ Rich Stevens?  Just over a year ago:
2000/10/13-14 [Reference/Religion] UID:19473 Activity:insanely high
10/13   What is wrong with those arabs? Bombing American vessels, killing
        Israeli soldiers, etc. Do they want to get nuked or what?
        \_ enough of this racist bickering.  it hurts you know.  if you
           want to know the two sides, please see--
           arab point of view:
           israeli point of view:
        \_ What is wrong with those Israelis? Opressing Palestinians,
           killing children for throwing rocks, etc.  What is wrong with our
           government that sends my tax dollars to them every year?
           \_ The Israelis did not start the fighting. The criminal
              \_ Basically why are the so f'ed up?
              PLO keeps inciting them. How do you think this nation
              would react if a bunch of thugs kept killing its citizens?
              Israelis have shown remarkable restraint despite numerous
              \_ that's pretty ridiculous.  "the fightning" has been going
                 on for thousands of years.  read the bible.  it's probably
                 the only true bit.
              \_ restraint? Almost all the deaths over the past three weeks
                 were Arab deaths. As of this morning, it was 7 Israelis
                 and 90+ Palestinians that died.
                    \_ The PLO started the killing. The Israelis are
                       defending themselves. Besides its all that dick
                       head Clintons' fault. He pushed the Israelis
                       and the PLO too far too fast in the hopes of
                       making himself look good. Its not our place to
                       force other nations to the peace table.
                 \_ This is deliberate. The Israelis cannot exchange one
                    life for another given the population disparities.
        \_ what is the intent of your question? is it to incite thought
           or comments? it does a pretty poor job. if you're just looking
           for an answer, the answer is "no." -ali
           \_ why do you appear to be offended ali? It's just a naive
              question coming from a stupid ignorameous.
              \_ or a troll.
           \_ I find it hard to understand why these people feel they
              need to resort to such actions. Do they think that they
              can be violent without inciting a response? What is it
                    \_ Several religions are notably peaceful: Hinduism,
                       Buddhism, Quaker(ism?). Of these only hindus are
                       willing to take up arms in *extereme* cases.
              about that religion that makes people behave in the most
              irrational ways?
              \_ Because they are completely f'ed up.
              \_ let me assume that by "that relgion" you mean "the
                 arab religion" in which case i would have to reply
                 with "you fucking imbecile. learn some culture before
                 you decide you have an opinion about something," thus
                 swiftly dismissing the discussion. -ali
                 \_ He means Islam.  Most arabs are also Muslims.  Don't
                    be a greater idiot than usual ali.
                    \_ which is even worse. he's saying that the act
                       was incited by religion. that's bullshit. i think
                       culture in general had a lot more to do with it.
                       if he wants to say "religion has a greater influence
                       in their culture than anything else" then i'll still
                       have to call him an idiot. the implied causality
                       in his question is completely fatuous.
                       \_ I don't understand why these people act in the
                          manner that they do. My understanding is that
                          they are driven by the "will of god" (as they
                          percieve it), thus I conclude that thier religion
                          (if you can all it a religion) leads them to it.
                          There is also historical precedence for followers
                          that particular "religion" inciting conflicts where
                          it is unnecessary, the Moors in Spain, the Sultans
                          in India, etc.
                                \_ As opposed to the Christians who brought
                                   the Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition, and
                                   numerous other atrocities in the name of
                                   their religion.
                                   \_ Um, as I recall the reformation
                                      corrected most of these problems.
                                      How come there hasn't been a similar
                                      move in islam?
                                      \_ To expect reformation from a
                                         people whose heritage includes
                                         murdering their prophets chosen
                                         successor is the height of stupidity.
                          \_ palestinians might be driven by the hopeless
                             desperation intrinsic in being systematically
                             oppressed and denied fundamental human rights.
                             think about it.
                             \_ NOT! The PLO is a bunch of murdering thugs.
                                They would be criminals whether or not they
                                were "oppressed". If you wish to speak about
                                oppressed people in the Middle East, only the
                                Israelis fall into that category.
                                \_ israel has violated numerous international
                                   human rights laws.  palestinian refugees
                                   don't even have the right to return.  look
                                   at the facts.  zionism is racism.
        Both the Palestinians and the Jews have a reasonable claim to the
        same piece of land. Because of various reasons, mostly religious,
        a significant minority of each party is not willing to consider
        the others position and is willing to resort to any provocation,
        including mass murder and terrorism, to advance their agenda.
        In such a situation, no peace is possible -ausman
                                   \_ Israel has reacted in the only
                                      fesiable way. If America was
                                      surrounded by enemies we would
                                      arm our borders and take enemy
                                      land to buffer our people as much
                                      as possible. Don't give me that
                                      human rights bs. Israel MPs did
                                      not order hits and bombings on
                                      civilian targets for terrorizing
                                      people into getting what they
                                      want. The PLO did that. They are
                                      criminals and those that stand
                                      with them are criminals also.
                                      \_ you sound like a brainwashed
                                            \_ Refute the argument you
                                               anti-semitic pig.
                                               \_ how does anti-semitism
                                               fit into this?  it's anti-
                                         \_ you sound like a brainwashed
                                            Hamas idiot.
                                            \_ I believe that the terms
                                               "brainwashed" and "idiot"
                                               are superflous when used
                                               to refer to the Hamas.
                                               Membership to that elite
                                               organization requires a
                                               level of mental capacity
                                               which is rarely seen in
                                               most humans (at least ones
                                               that are born with a brain).
                 \_ No, it's religion in general. All religions are about
                    equally fucked up. The jews and their state, the
                    Muslims and their jihad, the Mormons with their preaching/
                    converting, the Christians with their Crusades.
                    \_ There are several religions which are peaceful.
                       Hindus, Buddhists, Quakers.
                       \_ Hindus have a reputation for fighting. Well, India
                          does, to say the least. Put three hindus in a room
                          and you get three points of view.
                          \_ Disagreement is different than resorting to
                             violence. Hindus are extremely risk averse,
                             and will chose to take up arms only if all
                             other options have failed.
                    \_ Religion is a sham and a crutch for weak-minded
                       people who need strength in numbers.
                       \_ If you believe this, you do not understand
                          religion. Read a book by Joseph Campbell and
                          perhaps you will understand. Oops, I forgot
                          you and your WWF brothers don't know how to
                          \_ I am very well read in Joseph Campbell.
                             Jesse may or may not have good reasons for
                             his belief, but the idea itself is sound.
                             \_ How can it possibly be sound? Please
                                \_ Let's take religions that define a god.
                                   None of these gods exists as described.
                                   \_ What Campbell books have you read?
                                      I'm not sure how you arrived at
                                      this conclusion, but you have not
                                      understood eastern religions at
                                      all, specifically hinduism. In
                                      hinduism God is defined as
                                      all that is. Only God exists,
                                      all else is just an aspect of
                                      \_ Arguing about hinduism and many
                                         Eastern religions can get very
                                         hairy (many are more philosophies
                                         than religions), and becomes
                                         distracting from the core
                                         When we talk about traditional
                                         Christianity, the notion that
                                         the Christian God does not exist
                                         is much more self-evident.
                                         \_ From my readings of christian
                                            texts written by christian
                                            saints, the concept of God
                                            is similar to that of many
                                            eastern religions. I think
                                            that perhaps the traditional
                                            Catholic or Protestant view
                                            of God may be incomplete
                                            \_ From my reading of the Bible,
                                               the Christian God is an
                                               entity as well as a concept.
                                               This entity does not exist.
                                               \_ I admit that I have not
                                                  read the bibile in its
                                                  entirity. Perhaps the
                                                  entity as described
                                                  there in does not exist.
                                                  But the original post
                                                  does not specify a
                                                  Christian God.
                                                  \_ Is it not safe to assume
                                                     that Jesse Ventura is
                                                     speaking of, for the
                                                     most part, Christians?
                                                     I didn't read the whole
                                                     Bible either; it's
                                                     pretty clear after a
                                                     few chapters, though,
                                                     that the Christian God is
                                                     put forth not only as a
                                                     concept but an entity.
        \_ The US isn't going to nuke anyone ever again.  The political
           fallout just ain't worth it.
           \_ This is a policy started by Truman. He was too scared to
              use the bomb that he hampered his generals in Korea from
              decisively winning that conflict leading to the diminished
              usefulness of our most powerful weapons.
              \_ Are you intentionally being a complete idiot?  You might
                 as well have said, the unfortunately outcome of WWII lead
                 to the termination of Auschwitz as the most powerful
                 killing machine the world has ever seen.  Follow that by,
                 can we just release biological weapons over the general
                 vaccinity of the middle east?  I'll bet you'd like to
                 torture POW's, too.
                 \_ You misunderstand my point. Why should we have weapons
                    if we are too afraid to use them?
                    \_ We SHOULDN'T HAVE NUKES!
                       \_ I totally agree. We should replace our tactical
                          nukes with space based weapons platforms. Big
                          Guns in the Sky that can defend America's
                          freedom from her enemies whereever they be.
        \_ If you play Civilization III, you'll realize the precedence
           of power in different civilizations:
            military units < religion < mass media < lawyers + injunctions
           To advance in civilization, you must research research research.
           As you approach industrialization and information revolution,
           you need units that are more deadly than the previous era but
           at the same time pose less physical threat. Religion served
           well as a weapon, but that era is over.
           \_ lol! Civilization III does not exist yet.  It's Civ: CTP.
2000/10/13-14 [Computer/Companies/Google, Computer/SW] UID:19474 Activity:nil
10/13   StarOffice source released.
2000/10/13-14 [Computer/Networking] UID:19475 Activity:nil
10/13   I got a cable modem and I'm runing RH 6.  My networking is setup
        through DHCP.  The problem is that when I log in to GNOME or try
        to start apache I get a message about not being able to
        determine the local host name.  This prevents apache from running
        and also causes problems when I ssh to my home machine from outside.
        How do I fix this?  Thanks.
        \_ fix /etc/resolv.conf.  Also you should set ServerName in httpd.conf
2000/10/13-14 [Uncategorized/Profanity] UID:19476 Activity:nil
10/13   Fuck geekporn:
        \_ aren't those the switchblade symphony chicks?
           \_ not all of them
        \_ I dont get it. where's the pr0n?
2000/10/13-15 [Reference/Religion] UID:19477 Activity:high
10/13   Regarding the discussion below, is Muslim the proper term for
        those people who live in the Middle East, North Africa, Persia
        and follow (to varying degrees) the teachings of Mohamad?
        \_ a guy i work with who is one of the brightest, most multitaleneted,
           fun to work with , hard working people it's ever been my
           privelage to work with is a muslim, and he's from new york.
                -a jew who is not a predjudiced asshole
           \_ He must not be a practicing muslim, as the attributes
              you describe he has are mutually exclusive to the practice
              of islam.
        \_ Muslim is the name for followers of the religion of Islam.
        \_ In my language Mohamad rougly translates to "Exterme Imbicile".
           Thus his followers can be refered to as Extereme Imbiciles.
           \_ which language, if serious?
              \_ The term Mohamaden is used to describe Muslims. This
                 is general written Maha (meaning great/extereme) and
                 Mudan (meaning imbicile/idiot) in most Indian languages.
                 \_ "most" -- indoeuropean or dravidian?
                    \_ I would say most sanskrit (indoeuropean) based
                       languages. Dravidian "languages" is somewhat
                       of an oxymoron, as they are most closely related
                       to primitive grunting than a real language.
                       Most scholars consider dravidian "language" forms
                       to be the native language forms of india, since
                       sanskirt was introduced much later by the vedic
                       invaders whose origin is much disputed.
2000/10/13 [Uncategorized] UID:19478 Activity:nil 75%like:19480
10/11   Are there any places with both guys and girls dancing.  GF wants
        to go see guys, but says I can come along.  But I want to see girls.
2000/10/13-16 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:19479 Activity:nil 53%like:19493
10/13   I have Windows 98 OSR 2. Is it worth upgrading to Windows 2000?
        Any compatibility issues with games?
        \_ lol! If there's anything to upgrade for you, it is Windows ME.
        not Win2k.  Win2k are for Business Environment.  For regular home
        users, it'll be an overkill.
           \_ lol!
           \_ lol! Don't listen to these sons of goats. Win2k is fine for
              most newer games.  lol!
              \_ lol!
        \_ Win2k has loads of compatibility issues with games - it's just
                not a gaming environment.
           \_ Also won't work with your random cheapo peripheral (think:
              webcam, funky sound input card, etc etc)
2000/10/13-14 [Uncategorized] UID:19480 Activity:kinda low 75%like:19478
10/11   What are the good places to see guys stripdancing.
        Are there any places with both guys and girls dancing.  GF wants
        to go see guys, but says I can come along.  But I want to see girls.
        \_ You're Wormfood Dude! Ditch the Bitch.
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