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2000/10/12-13 [Academia/Berkeley/HKN] UID:19455 Activity:kinda low
10/11   When are UPE candidates selected?  Is this a done deal for this
        semester already?
        \_ Yes, done deal. See list posted all over Soda
        \_ HKN is better than UPE (organization, variety of services,
           more rich history, more interesting events, smarter officers)
           \_ You don't get a choice. EECS<==>HKN, LSCS<==>UPE.
                \_ EECS>LSCS is implied in the above post, STUPID.
2000/10/12 [Recreation/Dating] UID:19456 Activity:nil
10/11   stupid dating post nuked.
2000/10/12-14 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:19457 Activity:nil 50%like:19604
10/11   InterVideo is hiring SW Engineers.  /csua/pub/jobs/InterVideo
        \_ Do we have to hack rewt and chmod the permissions as part
           of the qualifying process?
        \_ -rw-------  1 chug  csua  3028 Oct 11 17:20 InterVideo
2000/10/12-13 [Computer/HW/Printer] UID:19458 Activity:nil
10/11   What is PostScript Level 1,2,3?
        \_ Adobe added features to the language over time.  A collection
           of added features is assigned a "level".
        \_ It is a incidious plot by Adobe & HP to force you to buy a new
           printer every few years. - Stuck with a HP LJ IIIsi and pissed
           that it can't be upgraded to PS level 2.
2000/10/12-13 [Computer/SW/Apps/Media] UID:19459 Activity:nil
10/11   Can windows media files be accessed through http or do you need a
        server? if yes can somone point be to an example of a streaming
        video embedded in a web-page?
        \_ any _file_ can be accessed through http.  Whether or not your
           browser will do anything useful with it depends on the mime
                \_ There's also the question of whether or not the client
                   (Windows Media Player) will support streaming via http.
2000/10/12-13 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:19460 Activity:high
10/11   Pointer to how to make a secure ftp connection from cory to csua?
        \_ man scp
          \_ use ssh to port forward a port from cory to soda, then use
             ftp -P to connect to that forwarded port.  Don't forget to use
             passive mode.
             \_ it's -p
                ftp -P 9001
             \_ ssh -L 9001:csua:21
                ssh -L 9002:csua:20 (can you do these two at once?)
                ftp -p -P 9001 localhost
                \_ I tried this ssh -L 9001:csua:21 from home and it just spit
                   the usage info back at me.  So i tried it locally (i.e. from
                   HERE) and it did the same thing.
                   \_ You need to add the remote host:
                      ssh -L 9001:csua:21 csua
                        \_ I had tried that but it just logs me in!
                           \_ The port forwarding is a side-effect.
                              As long as you are logged in, the port
                              forwarding is on. I suggest using scp
                              unless you really, really need ftp. -- jsjacob
2000/10/12-13 [Uncategorized] UID:19461 Activity:moderate
10/11   Is 264 interesting and worth taking, assume you loved the undergrad
        version of it?
        \_ who's teaching it?  graham 264 after aiken 164 was boring
           and spent _way_ too long on parser crap.  263 is a lot more
           interesting if you're into abstract analyses and transformation.
           265 is where you go into instruction scheduling and such.
        \_ when I took 264 from graham, the course lacked good organization.
           and yes, she spends an eternity on lexer/parser stuff, so as to make
           up for what some of the grad students didn't get in their ugrad
           her lectures were crappy and scatterbrained.  and yes, she spends
           an eternity on lexer/parser stuff, so as to make up for what some of
           the grad students didn't get in their ugrad
2000/10/12-13 [Recreation/Dating] UID:19462 Activity:very high
10/11   I am looking for ideas for a first date.  Does anyone have ideas?
           \_ look up the usernames of all the females on ocf/soda/cory
              and send them a spam message offering to date them. Follow
              up with all those who don't send death threats. Some have
              success with this others don't. YMMV.
        \_ If you have to ask, you don't know.  Plus you can get better
           advice from Playboy articles than the soda motd.
           \_ He wouldn't be asking if he knew what to do. DUH! Get a CLUE!
        \_ look up the usernames of all the females on ocf/soda/cory
                                            \_ why do you assume
                                                she's a lesbian?
                I'm assuming that the poster is a male _/
                (or as close to it as you can get with
                a motd poster asking for mating ritual
                advice) looking for a date with a female.
                I didn't think about all of the sick and
                disgusting and perverted homosexual matchups
              \_   :o-:
                that you are apparently facinated with.
             why do you assume there are females on cory?_/
           and send them a spam message offering to date them. Follow
           up with all those who don't send death threats. Some have
           success with this others don't. YMMV.
           \_ Not *getting* a date, but what to do for an activity.
              \_ I suggest xtrek or the multi-player version of
                 hack if your are a UNIX type. If you are mac or
                 pc try Q3A or UT (whichever you prefer).
                 Or you could try the one of the following cliched combos:
                 {movie|miniature golf|play|opera|beach}/{lunch|dinner}
        \_ try the spicy tuna hand roll
           \_ try the spicy fish taco
              \_ I hear eating lots of garlic really turns the girls on.
                 \_ I guess you just don't get "eating fish tacos", huh?
                    \_ that's really stupid
                    \_ what?
                        \_ <DEAD><DEAD>
        \_ spend so much money that you can't possibly ever live up to the
           resulting expectations. Oh, and do things like go to a concert,
           movie, or night club so that you don't ever actually talk.
           \_  Heh.  I like to take girls to a cafe.
        \_ Don't forget to deny her in case she offers you oral sex.
           \_ :o
              \_   :o-8
                   \_ pencil d*ck.  It's :o=8

        \_ A dozen of red roses will do just fine.  And a nice romantic
              \_ If you send roses you must not sign your name!
           \_ Don't forget to ask your waiter to leave a "Magnum" brand
              prophylactic on the receipt tray.
              \_ to accomodate the "larger gentleman"?
                 \_ That's what he meant.
        \_ You mean you've never been on a date?
           \_ He's posting on the motd for advice. What do you think??
              DUH! Of course he has never been on a date.
        \_ try to avoid making it out the excursion as being a "date",
           it'll tend to remove the social pressure you'd probably
           both feel as such.   you're asking this person to go out
           and have a meal, watch a movie, play pool, bowl, go swimming,
           golf, play tennis, play quake, etc etc whatever is the fancy.
           it's up to you...after all, if you think about it, there's
           only so much you can do with other people or another person.
           as a personal suggestion, dinner at a nice restaurant works
           ok although it doesn't rate highly in the originality department.
           and don't show up with roses or any sort of flowers, DO
           something else by all means.  flowers are a bit too cheesefuck
           for a first date...whatever the case, try not to label
           the event as a date when you are speaking to the person you
           want to ask out.    -- swings
                \_ excellent advice -- I've told a number of women that
                   I don't date (true) but we can go out and have fun,
                   hang out together, fly kites, etc. They're much more
                   receptive to the kite idea than one might think :)
2000/10/12-13 [Consumer/TV] UID:19463 Activity:high
10/12   A product i'd buy: like tivo except the subscription service
        sends the timecode of the advertisements in your area over
        your existing isp.  then the tivo thing delays the show long
        enough to splice them all out automatically.
        \_ Tivo runs linux. Just get your local 311T3 H@X0012 to
                   is this "12" a hex DC2, octal NL, decimal NP, or what?
                   \_ 12 is the 311T3 way of writing R
           change it for you.
        \_ The problems:  1)  Automatically recognizing commercials is a
           HARD problem, which would be necessary for the system to work.
           As soon as commercial recognition keys in on something, the
           TV stations whill change things, making it a losing battle.
           2)  The networks would throw a shitfit and do everything they
           can to stop your product.  They are annoyed enough with
           ReplayTV's skip-30-seconds button.
           \_ There are VCR's that do this already.  They've been out
              for 3 or 4 years at least.
                \_ As much as I love my TiVo, this is one area my VCR kicks
                   it's butt in - it does a very good job of automatically
                   recognizing & skipping commercials.
                   \_ What brand/model?
           \_ Just do it the Hadden Industries(tm) way.
              Autodetect sudden increase in volumn level. Aha! its a
           \_ I'm thinking they pay someone to watch it live and log the
              ad boundaries.  that's the value-added service: provide
              me with a list of advertisement intervals I can use to
              remove my own ads.  better than pbs donations!
2000/10/12-13 [Recreation/Dating] UID:19464 Activity:insanely high
10/12   Is there a good stripclub near Santa Rosa?  My girlfriend wants
        a lapdance, from either a stud or a chick.
           \_ crazy horse is a good place to go for a lapdance.  The
              girls attractive.  If you want to get a good lap dance,
              expect to pay extra.  "good" is measured by two variables:
              squirm factor (SF) and hand movement (HM).  SF is whatever
              unusual things the dancer does to you to turn you on without
              actually fucking you or giving you oral.  HM is a measurement
              of how much you can touch a dancer without having him/her push
              your hands away.  a good experience will have high SF and low
              HM.  yeah....crazy horse.  yup...for $40, you can practically
              feel up your dancer EVERYWHERE just short of poking
              things into holes (that depends on the dancer of course).
             \_ Mitchell Brothers, Crazy Horse on Market...two suggestions.
                A friend of mine took his girlfriend to Mitchell Brothers,
                they went for a private dance -- the stripper got funky with
                with his gf, and then left them with a condom to "finish."
        \_ As if.
        \_ There are some farms around there, I think.  I seriously
           don't recommend a laptance from a stud, since she'll look sort
           of goofy with HOOF MARKS ON HER FACE.  And I can't imagine why
           she'd want poultry dancing on her.  -John
           \_ Either hoof marks or splinters...
        \_ Hey, this is a serious question.  I need a place where both
           of us can get hot rubbing from nekkid girl from Spokane.
          \_ Go to San Francisco --oj
             \_ Mitchell Brothers, Crazy Horse onMarket...two suggestions.
             \_ Mitchell Brothers, Crazy Horse on Market...two suggestions.
                A friend of mine took his girlfriend to Mitchell Brothers,
                they went for a private dance -- the stripper got funky with
                with his gf, and then left them with a condom to "finish."
                \_ how funky?
                   \_ they were both naked (the women), the stripper was
                      at least at 2nd base with his gf.  which of course,
                      turned him on...
                      \_ I don't see why he would leave a condom if they
                         were both women. Perhaps there is something I don't
                         know about women that is specific to strippers in
                         this particular establishment.
                         \_ uh...THE STRIPPER (SHE) left THEM (the guy and his
           \_ Are there any CSUA chicks who would give your gf a lapdance?
                            gf) a condom.
                            \_ when I read it, the phrase was:
                               "...and then he left them..."
                               It was since been changed.
                      \_ What is 2nd base? -nerd
        \_ Plenty of CSUA studs who'd give your gf a lapdance.
           \_ Aren't there any CSUA chicks who would give your gf a lapdance?
        \_ Back to the original question, I found The Gold Club to be pretty
           good. (Howard & 4th St, SF) All of the girls there are independent
           contractors; so most of them don't care about house policy. I found
           most to have medium to high SF and even some have high HM. $20 for
           one and they have a "Red Room" special, $100 for 3 dances and any-
           thing goes. (well, kinda) There are plenty of couples in there too;
           your gf may feel more comfortable there than going to "cock-heavy"
        \_ Are there any places with both guys and girls dancing.  GF wants
           to go see guys, but says I can come along.  But I want to see girls.
2000/10/12-13 [Computer/SW/Compilers] UID:19465 Activity:insanely high
10/12   OK, quick poll to see how many motd-readin' CSUAers were warez
        kiddies at one point (Ever call a ware 0-day? Ever ask for elyt xs?
        Or ever use leech zmodem? Don't be embarassed, you were 12!):
        Yes ....
        No  .
        \_ Does using your Apple][ to dial numbers to get free long distance
           count? If so, count me in.
        \_ Back when I was a kid, software was free or we had to write it
           \_ Using ThinkC/TurboPascal on a MacSE.
              \_ For me, using (floating-point) BASIC and machine code on
                 Apple ][+.  -- yuen
                    \_ Actually my first computer was a TI 99/4A. I wrote
                       programs on it in basic and saved them to audio
                       tape. I used to be able to skip to exact programs
                       on a 45 min tape by listening to the sound made
                       when fast forwarding (it changes pitch as it gets
                       closer to the end of the tap). Those were the days.
                       The first computer that I had with a compiler was
                       the Mac SE. Damn it was a nice machine. Ran word,
                       pagemaker, photoshop and compilers with a 68000
                       and 1 MB Ram (eventually upgrade to a whopping 4).
                 \_ goddamn it, thats when programming was programming.
                    programs on modern computers may do more, but there
                    was a satisfaction in entering a whole program in
                    hex and having the thing work that can never be
                    matched with a compiler. -apple ][e haX0r
                    \_ Toggling in the entire OS on the front panel
                       of the computer a la Seymour Cray is *satisfaction*.
        \_ yup, used zmodem.
             \_ hmodem with simultaneous up/download with 4k chunks on
                my 14.4 when everyone else is crawling at 2400...
             \_ Used zmodem too, but not for warez.
           \_ super zmodem with simultaneous tetris and hot/gay chat
           \_ Using softICE to crack your momma's pussy.
                                     \_ don't you mean yermom
                                        \_ or yo mama
              \_ dewd, you must be the 700th person to get in there
        \_ I'm sure that lots of us were warez h0zers.  I was, back in HS.
           Still, that was a long time ago... the whole scene is very
           different now.
2000/10/12-13 [Uncategorized] UID:19466 Activity:moderate
10/12   Follow on to the current /. poll. Favorite fictional place
        to go on a vacation:
        \_ GSV Gray Area
        \_ Akbar & Jeff's Airport Snack Bar, where the elite meet to eat
           reheated tasty treats.
           \_ Akbar & Jeff's Algorithm Bar, where the 133t meet to
              discuss NP complete
        \_ UM-Beta 1
2000/10/12-14 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:19467 Activity:kinda low
10/12   I'm trying to upgrade my FreeBSD 4.1 RELEASE system to 4.1.1
        STABLE but I can't get a hang of this cvsup thing. What is
        the idiot admin's way of upgrading a FreeBSD system? Optionally,
        can I just use anon cvs to grab all of /usr/src and run
        make world?
        \_ 1. go to cvsup in the ports, do a make install
           2. take a look at /usr/share/example/cvsup (or something)
           3. update the ports first.  cvsup 4.x-ports_supfile
           4. update the src cvsup 4.x_src_supfile (or something similar)
           5. build new kernel
           \_ Read /usr/src/UPDATING, as it has some good tips.  In general,
              the procedure after cvsupping is:
              # cd /usr/src
              # make buildworld
              # edit /sys/i386/conf/YOURKERNEL
              # make buildkernel YOURKERNEL
              # shutdown now
              # make installkernel YOURKERNEL
              # make installworld
              # mergemaster
              # reboot
2018/12/11 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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