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2000/10/9-10 [Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:19443 Activity:very high
        \_ people who follow sports have A)too much time on their hands
           B)to be dumb to want to follow those overpriced/overpaid
             franchises/players C)to truly ignorant if any of it matters
           \_ He could be a RED CHINESE COMMIE PIG who hates americans,
              OF FRENCH ORIGIN who feels that the inferior boorish yankees
              are diluting the pristine culture of that most favored of
              nations, France.
        \_ damn yengeese!
        \_ yank yank yank
        \_ I hate the metes too
           \_ you mean the NY Mets are not your favorite squadron?
        \_ I hate the Raiduhs!
        \_ I hate Arizona State.
        \_ I hate team sports and their fanatics.
2000/10/9-10 [Computer/SW/OS/VM] UID:19444 Activity:kinda low
10/9    Anyone know of any alternatives for vmware?
        \_ Boochs or Wine
            \_ What's wrong with VMware?
2000/10/9-10 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:19445 Activity:high
10/9    Shouldn't we upgrade to OpenSSH/OpenSSL soon?
        \_ why "should" we? -shac
           \_ Because of inherent weaknesses in the SSHv1
              protocol that are corrected in SSHv2 which
              \_ must protect uber-super-sekrit soda crap?!?
              is implemented by OpenSSH.
                \_ and why then should we use OpenSSH instead of the
                   free (to academic institutions) ssh2 server?  -tom
                     \_ OpenSSH default install allows connections
                        to/from Either SSH 1or2 and at least one of
                        the commercial SSH2 servers doesn't pretend to
                        attempt validation on bad names. (not that
                        that matters on SODA) -crebbs
                        \_ the ssh2 server also allows connections to/from
                           either ssh 1 or 2.  -tom
2000/10/9-10 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:19446 Activity:very high
10/09   Motd poll:  how many CSUAers have children already?
           \_ More interesting poll would be how much longer
              until the child of a CSUAer flames his/her parent
              on the MOTD?
        \_ How many CSUAers are still children?
           \_ I would assume all of us are.
              \_ I don't wanna grow up, I'm a CSUA kid.
        \_ we're all happy creative children until the day we get real
           industry jobs, get married, and become house slaves (ie. you
           buy a 30 year old $850,000 house in Silicon Valley and spend
           all of your spare time and savings on house work).
           \_ While you are complaining, you seem quite proud that you
              bought a $850000 house, and quite happy that you are now
              a house slave.
           \_ Who says you have to get a job/house in SV?  I left the valley so
              I could have a house *and* raise a family on one income. -emarkp
                \_ where do you live? MONTANA? KENTUCKY? ARKANSAS?
                   \_ ARKANSAS, the state that brought you Bill Clinton.
2000/10/9-10 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:19447 Activity:nil 52%like:19430 60%like:19433
10/6    Readline enabled wallall in /csua/bin/wallall-rl. Bugs to mogul.
2000/10/9-10 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus] UID:19448 Activity:low
10/09   How do I get emacs to reread the contents of a file
        and junk the contents of the buffer corresponding to
        that file? I know I can C-x C-f to re-read, but I'm
        looking for something like C-r in Lynx.
        \_ I can suggest M-x revert-buffer (you could bind it to some other
           key sequence, though C-r is not recommended).  --sowings
           \_ I won't use C-r, C-x r maybe. Thanks.
2000/10/9-10 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:19449 Activity:nil
10/09   How can you find out if someone is logged in at any of
        the instructional computers?  It seems like there would
        be a finger command to do this.
2000/10/9-10 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:19450 Activity:moderate
10/09   Has anyone played Opposing Forces and/or Deus Ex?
        Are they as good as the original Half-Life (engaging
        story, game-play, etc.)?
        \_ OF - fun but a little short.  A good expansion pack that is
                faithful to the original.
           DX - I liked it, but others don't.  Brings out the limitations
                of the unreal engine and runs like ass on a non voodoo card.
                Oh and it falls apart at the end like most games do, but
                at least ti is fun getting there.
        \_ DX is a groundbreaking game that has some minor tech problems,
           nothing that fast hardware won't solve.  OF is also fun, not
           quite as good as original Half-Life with the exception of one or
           two puzzles that are actually better.  Both games are well worth
           your time (though OF kind of wimped out on the what-are-you-
           supposed-to-be-doing-in-Black-Mesa thing).  If it's an either/or
           situation, though, I'd say get Deus Ex.   -blojo
           \_ Which one has a better story line? Yeah, I know that
              most people consider the story pretty irrelavent in a FPS,
              but my first FPS was Marathon, so I like FPSs with a good
              story line.
        \_ If you want story, play BG2.  That game is TOO - DAMN - BIG.
           \_ BG2? Do you mean Bauldur's Gate 2? Its a RPG. I want FPS.
           \_ BG2? Do you mean Bauldur's Gate 2? Its a RPG. I want an FPS.
              I prefer to kill things in real time rather than wait my
              turn. A good story makes the killing more fun.
2000/10/9-10 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java] UID:19451 Activity:insanely high
10/9    Informal poll-- CS class that you got the worst grade in (use dot):
        003 . \_class was too stupid to waste the hour on the final (oops)
        60a/61a . (I was in high school and MUDding-- Oops)
        61B .
        150 ...
        162 ...
        164 .....
               \_ killed by COOL, Aiken, and MOSS
        170 .. (yeah, embarrassing, but i can't cut cakes!)
        174 .
        182 .
            \_ fuck cogsci (took it before they added CS projects)
        264 . Grade of D, impressive for a grad class.   -blojo
                          \_ no it's not
                \_ what happened?
        \_ i think this statistic is useless. you also need to know how many
           people took each class. 186 might have no dots because noone took
        264 . Grade of D, impressive for a grad class.   -blojo
           \_ look at current enrollment (on; the numbers
              have changed over the years, but the ratios are still
              reasonably similar
                \_ that doesn't tell you how many motd geeks took it.  only
                   no-life dweebs like achoi and cmlee took 186.  -tom
                        \_ Hey!  I took 186!  Oh wait, I have no life either.
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