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2000/10/6-7 [Recreation/Dating, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:19423 Activity:very high 50%like:19619
10/5    3865   100%    /var/mail
        \_ I sense much mail bouncing tomorrow morning

  \__/ .\/ tweet tweet
  /     /\ beeeeeyatch
   | |
  /\ /\
        \_ Will Mark vi have more mail space?
           \_ When it becomes an IMAP-only server, yes!  Welcome to the New
              \_ Soda ought not dictate the method of reading/storing mail.

                 - old geezer who still uses mh
        \_ Biggest offenders:
           --rw-rw----   1 jon       mail    15399014 Oct  6 00:22 jon
                                         \_  16075605 Oct  6 13:28 jon
           --rw-rw----   1 jon       mail           0 Oct  6 13:40 /var/mail/jon
           --rw-------   1 tse       mail     7157578 Oct  6 00:54 tse
           --rw-rw----   1 muchandr  mail     5164239 Oct  5 22:53 muchandr
           --rw-rw----   1 sky       mail     4765757 Oct  5 23:35 sky
           --rw-------   1 gsu       mail     4387733 Oct  5 19:53 gsu
           --rw-------   1 rbola     mail     4337005 Oct  5 21:42 rbola
           --rw-rw----   1 jstanko   mail     4208883 Oct  5 00:33 jstanko
           --rw-rw----   1 jh        mail     4097161 Oct  5 23:36 jh
           --rw-rw----   1 klee      mail     3988082 Oct  6 00:50 klee
           --rw-rw----   1 rico      mail     3917348 Oct  5 23:37 rico
                 \_ Soda gains sentience, enforces mail reading policy.
                    Film at 11.
                    \_ Requiring an imap compatible reader is silly.  Just
                       dump it in home dirs and let people deal as they
        \_ New list of "offenders" (All under 15 MB quota, but these sizes
           are still unbelieveably large):
           \_ Most of these "offenders" are way below the 15 meg quota
              alloted for mail.
           muchandr  -> 5.0 M
           \_ Muchandr is a repeat offender.  I think he falls
              under the three strikes rule, let's sorry him!
           sky       -> 4.6 M
           gsu       -> 4.2 M
           rbola     -> 4.1 M
           jh        -> 3.9 M
                \_ jh ought to be excused if he comes and playes netrek
                \_ jh ought to be excused if he comes and plays netrek
                   for GB again, umd traitor scum.  -John
           klee      -> 3.8 M
           annes     -> 3.7 M
           rico      -> 3.7 M
           wendyg    -> 3.7 M
           kube      -> 3.6 M
        \_ imho, soda should just forward mail.
           \_ wrong.
                \_ An opinion can't be wrong.  But it would be wrong to
                   implement this opinion.
                   \= okay, IMHO WRONG!!!!
                        \_ Thanks.
                \_ This sounds like a good idea... there are plenty of
                   other places people can do their email these days.
                   \_ IMHO U 12 W210NG D00D!
           \_ imho, user email should wind up in user home directories, and
                    email as you have to store gay porn.
              fall under user quota.
              \_ that's an interesting idea... but then people would
                        \_ Where is it written anyone has a _right_ to store
                 never clear out their mailspool, they'd just let it
                 collect in their 10 meg quota.
                 \_ so??  its their 10 meg quota, who are you to decide what
                    they store in it.  They have just as much right to store
                    email as you have to store hot gay porn.
                    \_ if everyone on soda used their 10 megs of quota,
                       we'd be screwed.  - danh
                        \_ Where is it written that anyone has a _right_ to
                           store porn?
                           \_ Where is it written that anyone has the _right_
                              to store email?
                                \_ It isn't.  The priviledge is part of having
                                   a unix account unless otherwise specified.
                                   Porn is not a promised or implied right or
              \_ Argeed. Use mh. Save a mail spool.
              \_ Ermmm...  no
2000/10/6-7 [Computer/Networking] UID:19424 Activity:moderate
10/6    Pentium 90.  Comm Ports 1 and 2 already in use.  Internal modem.
        Jumper set to Comm3.  However, in the modem set-up under Control
        Panel there is only the option for Com1 and Com2.  What can I do to
        get the modem to work (aside from using com ports 1 or 2)?
        \_ I assuming you're using windows.  Try diddling with the settings
           for your two serial ports under the device manager.  Maybe try
           to unhook one of your serial gizmos, disable its serial port, then
           use the modem as com<whateverthatwas>, then re-start it.  -John
        \_ What John said but in English: reconfigure the modem to use port
           3 or 4 and disable any other ports via the dip switches that the
           modem should use, then try playing with windows settings.
                \_ When you say reconfigure, what do you mean?  Does this mean
                   to set the jumper on the modem to com3, or something more
                   than this?  Also, I'm not sure what you mean by disabling
                   the other ports.  First off, why do I need to do this?
                   Second of all, what do you mean by "dip switch"?  Anyway, in
                   the windows setting, com3 never shows up?  Will playing with
                   the hardware change this? -clueless (no joke)
2000/10/6 [Computer/SW/Compilers] UID:19425 Activity:nil
10/5    phale the compiler god, are you REALLY that good w/164? Did you
        take 264? What do you think about 264?
        \_  First off, I'm not a god (although perhaps a minor diety).  I took
            264, and I'd say that 264 wasn't very useful for the most part.
            Although it probably depends on who teaches it.  Lately, I am
            finding compilers really boring.  But then again, in my current
            work I am forced to use the piece of shit VC++.
2000/10/6-7 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:19426 Activity:insanely high
10/6    Are women in EE/CS highly contested for?  If so, is it because they're
        desirable or is it because they are rare?
        \_ If you're looking at it from a corporate perspective, female
           engineers are more desirable hiring candidates, because employers
           like to keep their demographics in hiring balanced to qualify for
           equal opportunity employment.
           \_ Female empolyees are more expensive than Male employees. Most
              women have one bad week every month. Thats a 25% reduction in
              efficicy. Plus they all want to get married, pregnant, leave
              early to take care of kids, etc. Don't hire a woman engineer
              if you want to get any work done.
              \_ I would never get laid if I didnt hire female subordinates.
                      \_ considering the appearance of many female engineers,
                         you and a pumpkin or a whole in the ground might
                         be a better bet.
                 \_ R U l00K1NG 2 G3T SU3D D00D?!?
        \_ Women who are hot, smart, expressive, and are like you are rare
           finds.  If you are EE/CS, and review the EE/CS meat, the Bell
           curve has shifted that much over to the right for you.
                \_ expressive? .... like python?
                      \_ like smalltalk.
                   \_ baby, if you do the right things, in no time at all
                      she'll be wanting *your* python
                \_ yeah, and look at all the guys in EE/CS who are hot, smart
                   and expressive.  Hah.  -tom
                      \_ I guess you mean Ali.
                   \_ there are some who are one for three (smart).
                      \_ or two out of three.
                         \_ tom is smart and expressive...
                            \_ And hot! wee-oooo!
                               \_ I believe that it is spelled H0T D00D!
                                  \_ soda% grep "\~raytrace\/ " access.log | wc
                                           21     336    3119
                                     soda% grep "\~lila\/ " access.log | wc
                      most poeple in this world, is only attractive as far
                                            4      62     639
                                     soda% grep "\~tom\/ " access.log | wc
                                            1      14     162
        \_ Old jungle saying 'What do you call a pretty girl in EE/CS class?'
           'A visitor'. Women in EE/CS only get play cause EE/CS geeks can't
           get dates with any other types of women. I've only met a few EE/CS
           women that knew thier stuff. All the others were either getting
           the homeworks from thier boyfriends or were bonking the TAs.
                \_ You obviously never met raytrace.
                   \_ Not being ugly is not the same as pretty.  Raytace, like
                      most people in this world, is only attractive as far
                      as she isn't ugly.  IF you really think she is a beauty
                      then you need to get out more.
                        \_ Although not number 1 on my favorite people list,
                           this is so FUCKED UP
                           severely and positively fucked up.
                           picking on a single person like this was highly
                           inappropriate.  Both of you should be ashamed.
                           The first for setting her up as some ideal which
                           was certain to be attacked on the motd, and the
                           second for taking the bait and attacking her.
                                \_ You miss the fact that there is a long
                                   tradition of someone posting about EECS
                                   women to the motd every few months, and
                                   the response is always "you haven't met
                        \_ You bozo, raytrace is an example of a woman
                           who didn't have to depend on boinking someone.
                        \_ Can you keep your opinions to yourself?
                           who are you to publically discuss her level
                           of attraction anyway?  and who are you to dismiss
                           those who find her attractive so quickly?
                           this is so FUCKED UP severely and positively
                           fucked up.
                           \_ look I'm not saying she is ugly, I'm just
                              saying she isn't really all the remarkable
                              one way or the other.  And you know, that
                              generally non remarkably pretty (or ugly)
                              people are still attractive cause basically
                              the human body is attractive. Just she isn't
                              worth trotting out as a gorgeous CS girl,
                              cause if that is as gorgeous as CS girls get
                              then the comment that there are no gergeous
                              CS chicks out there is right on the money.
                              \_ For most sodans, live female human falls
                                 into the attractive category.
                                 \_ i don't knew who raytrace is, but damn,
                                 this is some funny shit.  you guys have
                                 really mellowed my friday.
                           \_ Hi lila!  People have a right to discuss their
                              opinions!  It's in the constitution somewhere!
                                \_ uh, why would you think i wrote that...
                                   i don't try to censor people, and i
                                   generally sign my posts.  -lila
                              \_ Actually, its in the Bill of Rights, which
                                 is technically not part of the Constitution.
                                 \_ Umm it is an amendment to the constituion.
                                    That makes it part of it.  Dumbass.  The
                                    thing to correct people about is those
                                    idiots who think the Decleration of Indep.
                                    is part of the constitution (Life, liberty,
                                    and all the fucking jazz)
                                    \_ Amendments are add ons to the
                                       constitution. They are not part of it.
                                       Ask a constitutional lawyer. There is
                                       a difference.
                   \_ no I haven't. Who's raytrace?
                   \_ Any pics?  Her home page doesn't have any.
                   \_ leave raytrace alone.  singling out a woman
                      on the motd is so fucking pathetic.
                      \_ I bet you're trying to score with her, that's
                         why you are defending here on the motd. Typical
                         EE/CS geek: "Hey baby, they were beating you up
                         on the motd, but I posted telling them to lay off.
                         How about a date? I promise to bathe the week before."
                         \_ pathetic. once again.  i'm female, straight and
                            \_ Are you going to swindle your man out of his
                               hard-earned money because he wasn't smart enough
                               to get a prenup?
           \_ Not all EE/CS students are geeks who can't get play with
              non-EE/CS chicks.  Those who can't deserve what they get.
              \_ If you are any good at EE/CS you won't be interested in
                 getting play.
                 \_ This sounds more like sour grapes than anything.
           \_ Eva Chan was cute.  Anyone knows where she went?
              \_ got pix?
                 \_ No, I wish I got some.
           \_ Where do all the lonely geeks go?  Now you know.
                 \_ They're all posting on the motd looking desperately for
                    pics of female ee/cs students.  I already knew that.
2000/10/6-8 [Uncategorized] UID:19427 Activity:nil
10/6    Go Tux Racer, go tux racer, go tux racer, go....!
2000/10/6-7 [Politics/Domestic] UID:19428 Activity:high
10/6    What's the term that describes being penalized due to a new law
        change, that was once legal before?
        \_ Fucked by COMMIE loving democrats.
                \_ Fucked by RACIST hate loving republicans.
           \_ Hi ranga
        \_ ex post facto.  after the fact
        \_ This is only if the law is retroactive.  Retroactive laws
           are unconstitutional.
        \_ "nerfed"
2000/10/6-7 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Computer/HW/Display] UID:19429 Activity:high
10/6    Good Games to test out a new system(950 Athlon, ATI Radeon)?
           \_ rouge, nethack, xtrek, xblast
                \_ You mean "rogue"?
        \_ Riana Rouge is a good test
        \_ Why'd you do that?
        \_ Life
        \_ Counter-Strike!!!!!!!!
        \_ Freespace 2.
        \_ Homeworld: Cataclysm
        \_ MS Flight Simulator 2000
        \_ Where can I get such a system?
2000/10/6-7 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:19430 Activity:nil 52%like:19447
10/6    Readline enabled wallall in /csua/bin/wallall-rl. man readline for
        details.  Mail root to let them know how much you want this to be the
        default.  Bugs to mogul.  -mogul
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