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2000/10/5 [Politics/Domestic] UID:19412 Activity:kinda low
10/4    motd content critical of Republicans censored by ranga.
        \_ I didn't say all of the things that were attributed
           to me.
        \_ I like Republicans.
           \_ Sadly, that's far more intelligent of a comment than
              most of the motd postings deploring Democrats.
           \_ I only eat vegan meat. - (fucker)
              \_ You eat only certain Gardenburgers?
                 \_ No, (s)he only eats the meat of vegans.
                    \_ I'm safe. - vegitarian
2000/10/5 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:19413 Activity:insanely high
10/4    Don't forget to REGISTER to vote before 10/10!
        \_ This time, try registering nonpartisan.  Gets them republicrats all
           in a tizzy.
           \_ Uh no. - registered republican
        \_ What's the easiest way to register? Post Office? or should I
           just stand on Sproul and wait for someone to come by asking me to
           sign a petition.             - unregistered
           \_ Wait for one of the main annoying absentee ballot forms to
              show up in your mailbox. Fill it out and then you can vote
              in the privacy of your own home. In fact fill one out for
              your friends, and help them all make the "informed" decision
              they might otherwise not make.
2000/10/5-6 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java] UID:19414 Activity:nil
10/4    What's the difference between a token and a lexeme? I just don't
        see any. A token is defined with regular expression. If "while" and
        "for" are tokens for C/Java, why are they also lexemes? What about
        identifiers (variable, constants)? Aren't they BOTH token and lexeme?
        How come Aiken makes a distinction?
        \_ If your symbol is the field "numPoints", the the token is an
           Identifier and the lexeme is the string "numPoints".  For "123"
           the token is Integer and the lexeme is the value "123". In
           short, token = type, lexeme = value.  If you call "if" a token,
           then the lexeme is redundant because the lexeme is just the
           name of the token.  But if you lump if, while, else, etc. into
           the Keyword token (or token class, if you prefer), then the
           lexeme becomes relevant.
2000/10/5-6 [Recreation/Dating] UID:19415 Activity:insanely high
10/04   Someone please explain why Silicon Valley lacks fine Indian women?
        My parents want me to get married and they're scaring me when they
        talk about arranged marriage (what do you think about Chatterjee's
        daughter?) Christ! What should I do? -almost 30 Bengal
           \_ psb is that you?
        \_ So what do you think of Chatterjee's daughter? Is she any good?
           Perhaps you can do a favor to the guys down below asking for a
           GF by posting her email address here.
           \_ psb is that you?
        \_ Call Reddy Realty. Affordable Housing And Even More Affordable
           Women (tm)
           \_ Yeah!  H. Raj Reddy!!  I used to write all my checks to him.
              Oh the memories of a leaky apartment and fixing everything
              that went wrong myself.  -reminising alum
              \_ You too?  Do all Reddy apts leak for some reason?
                 \_ No, mine just have a lot of roaches.  I'll admit that
                    me and my roomies further excerbated the problem.
        \_ all those Indian polygamists hogging up the women.
        \_ Old jungle saying. "What do you call a pretty girl in India?
           A tourist."
        \_ ijut. Do you want your marriage to last, or do you want to get
           a typical california gold-digger who ditches you after a few years
           and gets half of what you have, AND half of what you make for
           the next 20 years?
           If you want it to last, listen to your parents
           \_ No true. Most Indian girls are gold diggers too. Talk to a
              lawyer before you get married. Get a strong pre-nup and then
              just for good measure, transfer critical assets into a
              unrevocable trust. Not even Feminazi Bleeding Heart Liberal
              Lesbian Man-Hater judges can take the money away from you
              in divorce court if it is in a unrevocable trust. Don't think
              that this is romantic? Old jungle saying "Women come and go,
              money is forever."
        \_ Just marry a nice jewish girl.  -John
           \_ oh sure. She wont divorce you to spend your money.. she'll
              just spend it while she's with you :-)
                 \_ zactly, and she won't spend all morning bugging you about
                    whether the dot is centered.  -John
                    \_ One would be lucky to still find a Indian Girl who
                       cared enough about religion to wear the "dot".
              \_ Old jungle saying, "All women wrong, pick less wrong woman".
                 Regarless of who you pick they will eventually screw you
                 worse than you screw them.
                        \_ The bindi is aesthetic
                           \_ Perhaps for you North Indians whose conception
              No        3
              Can I get a girlfriend first?     1
                              of proper hindu behavior has been corrupted by
                              years of occupation by arabs.
                                \_ You people are so lame. What's it take
                                   to offend someone these days?  -John
        \_ just marry a nice asian gal, pref. one who doesn't speak
           that good of English language and still knows how to cook.
        \_ Half Italian women or ones from eastern european countries are
           hot stuff :-)
        \_ just make sure you all sign pre-nups!
           \_ sheeit.  why don't you just make sure you marry the right woman
              \_ Old jungle saying, "All women wrong, pick one less wrong than
                 others". Regarless of who you pick they will eventually screw
                 you worse than you screw them.
           \_ Sheeit. Conceal your wealth in off-shore complex trusts so
              that you don't actually own anything or pay any taxes and for
              the love of Vishnu DON'T TELL ANY WOMEN.
              \_ I agree. But you should still get a prenup. The kind that
                 says that if you get a divorce, she will pay you money.
        \_ Retrurning to the topic, most of the attractive Indian women
                                                \_ this is an __\/
                                                \_ url/pics please
           in the area live in San Francisco.
           \_ where in sf?
                \_ portrero hill
        \_ how many (married) soda guys have a prenup with their respective
           wives? (or vice versa) --chris
           \_ Yes       0
              No        4
              \_ Are you people stupid or what? Married without a prenup,
                 you will be paying for this mistake the rest of your lives.
                        \_ Got married right out of college, didn't have
                           enough money to even pay the lawyers fees for a
                           prenup.  Have no intention of getting divorced and
                           needing to worry about it.  (Besides, she makes as
                           much as I do.)
                           \_ Bwahaha. You'll be paying the payments on her
                              and her new wealthy boyfriend's sports cars.
           \_ i am gonna have a prenup, demanding that she has to put out
              whenever i want.
                              \_ She's probably already got the paperwork
                                 ready. If you see her going to the doctor
                                 get ready to run, cause she's creating a
                                 paper trail for spousal abuse.
              Can I get a girlfriend first?     2
           \_ she's gonna have a prenup, demanding that I have to put out
              whenever she wants.
2000/10/5-6 [Uncategorized] UID:19416 Activity:nil
10/04   An Encounter Of The mconst Kind

        10/04/2000, 7:58pm. Walking home to the southside ghetto after
        a day at Soda, already under the cover of Berkeley's
        orange-tinted darkness. The empty stretch of road between Doe
        and the Campanile is, as always, unlit and
        unpopulated. Step. Step, step. Rustle somewhere a few dozen
        feet behind. Step, step. Rustle, rustle. Step. Rustle. Mind
        turns to unpleasant thoughts, as feet begin to veer off to the
        right. At a 90-degree angle, a familiar shadow is revealed.
        "Mconst?" "Yea. Hi." "Hey. What's u---" The campanile bell
        strikes loudly right above. In an instant, his usual facial
        expression transmogrifies to that of utter horror and
        disbelief. "Gotta run!" he gasps, darting madly in the
        direction of Sproul. "Wait...", but he is already turning the
        corner of Wheeler, and, in that last brief moment, a strange
        apparition flashes and vanishes. I rub my eyes. No, couldn't
        have. Or then, perhaps... And thus I'm forever left to wonder,
        did the 'fro really become a pumpkin?
2000/10/5-7 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:19417 Activity:moderate
10/5    How do you disable telnet to require only ssh?
           \_ go to and look for the install instr.
        \_ rm -f /kernel
        \_ depends on your OS.  For most of the modern unixes you can
            just comment out the telnetd line in /etc/inetd.conf
            \_ And send a HUP to inetd. I forgot to do that once...
               \= killall -HUP inetd
                    \_ only if you're using a sun, jon. ;)
                        \_ Actually it's pkill on Solaris (7+) -alan-
                       \_ its in /usr/bin on FreeBSD
                \_ or REBOOT!
                    \_ go back to your NT box.
                        \_ 95! 95!  95 is the standard OS!
2000/10/5-6 [Reference/Celebration] UID:19418 Activity:nil
10/5    Happy birthday Linux!  10/5/1991
2000/10/5-6 [Uncategorized] UID:19419 Activity:very high
10/5    I don't care what you say.  Zippers are amazing.
        \_ The one on my jeans is in "semi-automatic" mode. Tends to unzip by
           itself at regular intervals, without prior notice. Screw zippers.
           \_ This is only because you are a fat bastard.
        \_ Mine broke this week.  I'll have to buy a new backpack. =(
          \_ Buy jansport.  You can melt the zipper with a flamethrower
             and they'll still replace.
                \_ Buy Silicon Carbide. You *can't* melt the zipper with a
          \_ Was it Y2K-compatible?
             \_ Y2K or YKK?
        \_ Yeah, but they're quite harsh on the penis if it's hanging out.
           \_ why don't you join the rest of society and wear underwear?
             \_ why don't you join the rest of society and learn to read.
                did you miss the "hanging out" part?
                \_ yeah, hanging out of the zipper, everything else is an
                   assumption on your part
2000/10/5-6 [Computer/SW] UID:19420 Activity:nil
2000/10/5-6 [Computer/SW/Compilers] UID:19421 Activity:very high
10/5    How do you know whether you're going to ace CS164 or barely going
        to pass it? I kick ass in flex and regular expression, but I'm
        having a little problem with this LL LR LALR theory. Help.
        \_ I hate compilers and I didn't understand half of the material, but
           for some reason the prof gave me an A+.  So being good/bad at the
           subject doesn't always mean you'll get a good/bad grade.
        \_ regular expressions is just a small part.  But I wouldn't worry
           about LL, LR, LALR too much as you should have plenty of time to
           digest it.  And afterwards, the course takes a completely different
           direction and becomes annoying anyway.
           direction and becomes annoying anyway. -phale
           \_ hey bitch, I liked cs164.  Back off you little shit. -aspo
              \_ hey slut, I liked 164 as well.  Even TA'd for it.  But just
                 because I liked it doesn't mean I'm going to sugar-coat my
                 answer.  -phale
                 \_ bitch, after the LL, LR, LALR stuff is when it got
                    \_ Yeah!  bitch!
2000/10/5-6 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:19422 Activity:high
10/5    Taking Ethnic Studies and compiling a list of racial adage
        (e.g. Drunken Irish, Stingy Jew, Inscrutable Asian, etc). Thanks.
        \_ That's Lying, Backstabbing Jew to you, Mister.
           \_ How about Riceboy, Chinaman, Japs and nigger?  -- Asian
            \_ unclear on the concept aren't you?
               \_ No.  Please explain.
                \_ he is looking for 1 or two word racial sterotypes,
                   not racist names for different ethnicities.
        \_ Stingy scot, angry German, fat ugly rude stupid whiny nasal-
           voiced chubby-kneed-women polo-shirt-wearing tourist American,
           DAMN MONKEY NIP, heterosexual San Franciscan, polite New
           Yorker, greasy wop.  -John
        \_ Lazy mexican.
        \_ Kiasu Singaporean.
2018/12/16 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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