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2000/10/4 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:19401 Activity:moderate
10/03   So who won the first presidential debate?
        Bush            -1 - No balls
        Gore            -1 - No policies
                             \_ and bush has these?
                                \_ Yes, but don't think for yourself, now.
        yermom          0
        !psb            1
        tjb             0
        linus           2
        the girl with the big titties in the audience  8
        \_ I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky
2000/10/4-5 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:19402 Activity:low
10/03   hardware question:  I'm trying to install an IDE hard drive into
        a mac G3 that came with a scsi drive as the primary drive.
        The installation works OK, except that I can't save or install
        anything onto the scsi anymore nor the desktop;  I can however
        save on to that new IDE drive and then drag and drop stuff onto
        the scsi.  I've gone through 3 hard drives, through apple tech
        support, and quantum's tech support, and nobody knows what the
        problem is....anybody out there know how to fix this?  Thanks.
           -- j
        \_ shoulda bought a scsi drive instead of skimping on ide.
           \_ yeah, they are nice, but the price is not right.
              I may still opt for that if I can't get the ide solution
              to work out, but that's way overkill for my purposes.
OA              to work out, but that's way overkill for my purposes.
       \_ I think that you need the U66 cable.
            \_ thanks, I will check that out.
2000/10/4 [Uncategorized] UID:19403 Activity:nil
10/03   "I will not let you down!" -Gore
        Anyone else think he spoke too soon?
2000/10/4 [Politics/Domestic/President/Reagan, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:19404 Activity:very high
10/03   Bush: "I don't care what the vice-president says, he doesn't
        believe in testing our kids" and hold schools accountable.
        "...we need to test our students"
        \_ Gore - lies about Grandma taking up-the-ass for $120 bucks while
           his dog takes the same up-the-ass for $20 .. turns out his example
           is made up. also, Gore special interest ends only after he gets
           his money from the monks.
           \_ All this is largely irrelavent. All politicans exagerate to
              some extent. What Bush-lick needs to focus on is not these kinds
              of mistakes, but rather the effect of BOREs misguided policies
              on ordinary americans.
        \_ There is only one issue that _clearly_ distinguishes these bozos:
           abortion.  Everything else is muddled.
           \_ Government Regulation. if Bore GR++, if Bush-lick GR--.
              Taxation               if Bore TAXES++, if Bush-lick TAXES--.
           \_ Not quite right.  Gore has a little more clue on the
              debt.  Gore is anti-tart reform, Bush is pro tart reform.
              \_ Bore doesn't have a clue about the debt.
        \_ Look, they are the same guy in different suits (though not even
           that last night at the debate). The only good reason to vote for
           Gore over Bush is because there are a few people in the his party
           who actually do give a shit. Anyway, everyone in the Bay Area
           should vote for Nader since Gore is going to win here by a large
              \_ The valley's prosperity is due to the economic policies of
                 great men like Ronald Reagan. Bill C was smart enough to
                 keeps his hands of the economy, Bore isn't that smart and
                 will screw it up.
                 \_ The Great Ronald Reagan almost screwed our country
                    permanently with his insane budget deficits. Clinton
                    put us back on an even course. Tax-and-spend liberals
                    in his party notwithstanding, Gore is far more likely to
                    persue fiscal responsibility.
                       \_ You are completely ignorant. Read the Wall Street
                          Journal some time. The budget deficit that he grew
                          was wartime spending. America has always run budget
                          deficits during wartime. Since we won the cold war
                          (which was possible only because of the zero-sum
                          option of RWR) we can start reducing the deficit
                          just like it was after all wars. BORE won't help
                          with this, he would just like to spend all the
                          money on more government programs.
                          If any of you think that the COLD WAR wasn't a real
                          war, you should try talking to members of the
                          armed forces who served during that time. It was a
                          real war and RWR fought it like a real war and he won.
                          By winning he secured our freedom for generations to
                          come. So it cost some $s. Better to sacrifice a few $s
                          for long term freedom and prosperity.
                          \_ You have obviously been reading the WSJ editorial
                             pages and confusing their fantasy version of the
                             world with reality. The Reagan budget deficits
                             were mostly caused by foolish headed tax breaks for
                             the rich justified as "trickle down economics."
                             And I *did* serve in the armed forces during the
                             cold war, did you?. It is not the same thing
                             as being shot at.
                          \_ yeah, kick  some central american butt!
                             \_ It was russian COMMIE butt that we kicked.
                                Soviet Communism has been consigned to the
                                ash-heap of history, just as RWR predicted.
                                \_ Soviet is gonna fall one way or another.
                                   If you think RWR toppled it, you really
                                   have no clue about why communism or command
                    \_ Regardless of Reagan's "almost" screwing our country
                       and Clinton's cigar wizardry, Greenspan is far more
                       accountable for preventing *possible* recessions
                       and that still says nothing about Gore, his retarded
                       tax policy, his taste for opportunistic lying
                       (campeign funding), and a propensity for
                       irresponsibility and unaccountability. But I'm sure
                       you're right about his likelihood to "pursue"
                       fiscal responsibility better than Bush... after all
                       the pursuit of responsibility
                                   economies fails.
                    \_ Reagan "almost" screwed our country; Clinton "almost"
                       screwed Lewinsky, Lincoln Bedroom, Arlington,
                       Missile Guidance... whatever.
                       Get it straight brainiac.
                       Greenspan put us back on course.
                       And that has NOTHING to do with Gore... who indeed
                       is more likely to pursue any responsibility than Bush
                       who has had more practice being it than pursuing it.
                       Oh, forget I said that... go back to your fantasyland
                       You'd vote democrat regardless of who's running,
                       probably because your parents did you pathetic
                       reasons that companies like Cisco and Sun are able to
                       little snailsniffing automaton for whom thinking-for-
                       onself is a terrifying enemy.  - (fucker)
                       \_ GreenSpan was appointed by Reagan and has shown
                          himself to be a supply-sider.
                 \_ Our prosperity is in spite of the economic and moral
                    policies of mediocre presidents like Ronald Reagan. The
                    Federal Reserve and regulations in banking and stock
                    markets, established long before rr, helped fuel and
                    better sustain recent stock market manias. And the more
                    tangible prosperity is due to the great minds & ideas
                    coming out of universities like UC Berkeley and Stanford
                    and companies like HP, Cisco, Sun and products like
                    Netscape Navigator, Solaris and Yahoo. Not due as much
                    to those punks in washington (dc).
                    \_ RWR's visonary insights into economics, including
                       his choice of Alan G. as FED Chariman, are the sole
                       \_ "sole reason"? You LOSE right here
                       reason that companies like Cisco and Sun are able to
                       prosper. The reduction in Coroprate Taxes and Corporate
                       Regulations that RWR made allowed people to do business
                       more efficiently leading to unprecidented growth and
                          \_ I paid BC + AB salary in taxes this year. I
                       prosperity for all americans including morons like you
                       who would otherwise be panhanlding on the streets of
                       RWR believed and implemented SSLF principles. His
                       leadership has restored America's Greatness.
                       \_ In that case, why is Greenspan advocating the
                          use of the budget surplus to reduce the national
                          debt instead of cutting taxes?
                          \_ I believe that some of the deficit ought to
                             be repaid, but that is not what Bore will do
                             with the "surplus". He will expand government.
                                \_ Err ... debt and deficit are two very
                                   very different things, even though one
                                   leads to the other.
                       \_ The regulations I refer to were implemented in
                          FDR's time. Plus, I am 95% sure I earn more than
                          you and believe me Reagan did not do that for me,
                          you  rabid, foaming-at-the-mouth fascist hypocrite.
                          America never needed it's Greatness restored
                          because it never lost it. Republicans are all
                          for affirmative action for the rich, like S&L
                          bailouts and pandering to the religious freaks.
                          \_ I paid BC + AB salaries in taxes this year. I
                             will pay more next year. If it was not for
                             RWR, I would never have had the opportunity
                             to earn as much as I do. His vision was an
                             america where everyone could be rich, rather
                             \_ This is fucking hilarious.
                             than an america where no one can ever be rich
                             (socialist democrat ideal).
                             \_ Wow, a republican who is proud of taxes
                                enough to use them to try to justify his point
                       \_ No, it was the other way around: products by
                          Cisco Sun etc. helped improve corporate efficiencies
                          and reduce costs which led to higher profits and
                          greater ambitions (both in small/large and old/new
                          companies which in turn contributed to stock market
                          gains. Not just "lower taxes" which is all that
                          republicans can ever say.
                          \_ The economic environment created by RWR is what
                             what allowed companies like Cisco and Sun to
                             form and succeed Without his leadership in the
                             early 1980s (for those of you not old enough to
                             remember, 1979-1980 were years in which this
                             country experienced the greatest economic down-
                             turn since 1929) these companies and scores of
                             of others could never have been created. Supply
                             Side and Laisse-Faire works, RWR proved it;
                             we are enjoying the fruits of his labor.
                             \_ Wow, i guess RWR created the Internet then.
                             \_ Since 1992, CSCO has gone up like 80000%
                             \_ It's not often that us engineers are given
                                our dues for making America great!  So,
                                please don't take away our credit, asshole!
                                If you want to hero worship RWR, go learn
                                from Monica, ok?

           \_ it's really pretty ridiculous to make this assertion.  Well,
              it's not ridiculous when you have no real knowledge of the
              candidates' positions.  But if you did, you'd know that they
              differ on most issues.  -tom
2000/10/4 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:19405 Activity:moderate
        \_ Hmm, all of them have slim waists, but none of them seem to have
           nice chests except maybe Miss South Carolina.
          \_ you fucking idiot, they all have gorgeous bodies
             \_ But I personally perfer D- or DD- cups.  E- is too big though.
                \_ I prefer double DD's one in each hand. -Bill Clinton
                   \_ Who'd prefer only in one hand?  You like woman with only
                      one boob?
                   \_ What size is Monica?
                \_ I want dem titties with big ol' strech marks!  Cos Dat's
2000/10/4-5 [Academia/Berkeley/HKN, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:19406 Activity:nil
10/03   Does anyone have old exams from 174 (particularly
        from semesters where Sinclair or Blum was teaching) that they
        would share, or pointers to an archive?  Thanks.  -dlwhite
        \_ There's a number of them in HKN's online exam file:
           If you're still a student, you can check out many more in
           hardcopy at the HKN office (345 Soda); there should be
           somebody there on any weekday between 10 and 4.
2000/10/4-5 [Uncategorized] UID:19407 Activity:low
10/04   "No longer can we rely on hope and prayer, waiting around futilely
        for Jesus to return."
        \_ this is not really for real.  this site was put
            up by the same goofball who printed up the unabomber
            manifesto and offered to give the unabomber royalties
            if he admitted to writing it.  he runs jolly
            roger press, his po box is next to mine. - danh
2000/10/4 [Politics/Domestic/SIG] UID:19408 Activity:nil
10/04   Is it REALLY true that Republicans are mostly SIG (special interest
        group) aging Caucasians?
2000/10/4-5 [Uncategorized] UID:19409 Activity:kinda low
10/04   If someone could explain the difference between SpinWay, Bluelight,
        and whatever company that uses SpinWay, I'll take him/her out to
        TopDog. One hot dog only. Thanks.
        \_ Login?
           \_ no, do you?
2000/10/4-5 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java, Computer/SW/Languages/JavaScript] UID:19410 Activity:very high
10-04   is it possible to learn javascript without knowing java?
        if so, any recommended books?  thanks.
        \_ Yes. Try JavaScript HandBook. BTW, javascript and java
           are not related, except that the both have the string java
           in them.
           \_ javascript syntax is loosly
              \_ ......?
        \_ JavaScript = LiveScript, or something equally dumb, originally.
           check first, then O'Reilly's 1000-pg. DHTML
        \_ Aren't some of the JavaScript features implemented underneath
           with Java in the browser? This would shed some light onto
           Netscape's naming decision... and also why I get what seem like
           applet errors sometimes from what I'm pretty sure is Java*Script*.
           \_ AFAIR, the only thing that they share is the security stuff.
2000/10/4 [Politics/Domestic, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:19411 Activity:nil
10/04   Anybody else think that height is an issue in presidential elections?
        The last president < 6 feet tall was jimmy carter, and we how the
        circumstances surrounding his election.  Gore is like 6' 1" and Bush
        is just under 6 feet right?
        \_ It's not absolute height, its relative height.
           The taller presidential candidate always wins.
           Unless he can somehow avoid ever standing next to his
           competition for the whole election run. Not.
2018/07/15 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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