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2000/10/2 [Computer/Companies/Google] UID:19386 Activity:low
        \_ alt.motd!
                \_ alt.wall!
2000/10/2 [Uncategorized] UID:19387 Activity:nil
2000/10/2 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:19388 Activity:insanely high
10/01   Netcraft says that is now running Linux
        and OCF is running Solaris. What happened to BSD and DomainOS??
        What is the world coming to?
        \_ a better solution than bsd and domain os?
              \_ I may agree to domain, but BSD kicks sorry penguin
                 butt. Linux has a bad scheduler, vm subsystem, primary
                 fs, second rate IP stack, etc...
                 \_ but it has better press, more IT people willing to
                    try it, more mgmt willing to try it, support for
                    cheap hardware...
                    \_ FreeBSD supports almost all of the same "cheap"
                       hardware and then some of the more expensive
                       "pro" hardware like SCSI RAID, WAN Interfaces,
                       1000BT Ethernet.
                       \_ cardbus???  How about some SMP for my dual
                          \_ SMP(ng) is quite good under FreeBSD. Even
                             the old version of SMP under FreBSD kicks
                             Linux's sorry penguin ass. About the only
                             SMP OS's that Linux is better than is LoseNT
                             and MacOS 1-9 (with the exception that SMP
                             enabled MacOS apps are *much* better than
                             on Linux, because for dedicated workloads
                             cooperative multitasking is superior to
                             \_ How does X kick Y's ass and Y kick
                                Z's ass. Saying such things doesn't
                                show that you have a clue why one OS
                                is better than the other or why one OS
                                or scheduling policy is better than
                                another for SMP.
           \_ DomainOS, okay.  But the BSD thing is open to debate.  It's
              probably more of a religious thing...   -John
              \_ This is Berkeley, we *OUGHT* to run BSD!
                \_ this looks like the same moron, below, who is saying you
                   *OUGHT* to spend hours tweaking geometry settings in your
                   .xinitrc rather than having your windowing system remember
                   your session.  Which is typical of the BSD mindset. -tom
                   \_ I bet you use a lot of windows and waste the
                      resources of your computer all the time. Typical
                      of the Linux/Lose* users.
                \_ This is america, we *OUTGHT* to be driving GM cars!
                   \_ Ford. Toyota is mostly okay too since most of thier
                      cars are built in this country.
        \_ The OCF has been running Solaris for more than 5 years now.
           Domain/OS is long dead.  -alan-
           \_ Sigh. I guess all good things must come to an end.
              \_ and bad things end sooner.
                 \_ But HP killed Domain/OS in order to sell more HP/UX.
                    NIH syndrome killed the better technology.
                    \_ There is no accounting for some people's tastes.
                       Domain/OS was much better than anything HP has
                       *ever* offered as an OS (Don't tell me about HPUX i
                       10.20 or 11, I ran them for about a year, Domain/OS
                       on a 68030 @ 25 MHz was *MUCH* faster than HP-UX on
                       a PA-RISC 100 or even the newer machines).
2000/10/2-3 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:19389 Activity:high
10/02   Netcom shell accounts RIP.  Soon there will be no ISP's with shell
        access left. Time to import shell-loving Indian immigrants.
        \_ when shell access is outlawed only outlaws will have shell
        \_ if there was a demand for shell accounts, an ISP will form with
           shell accounts, charging what it costs to support shell accounts.
        \_ Whole Earth Networks ( still offers shell access.
           not many features tho.
                \_ If I want a 56K dialup with a shell, what ISP should I use?
                        \_ has dialup + shell
        \_ is almost dead too (they got bought out by Verio).
           A harddisk on their listserver crashed, and they didn't bother
           to notify their customers or restore the service.  Apparently
           they didn't have backups of the subscriber list either.
                \_ Their listserv was an unsupported service
        \_ "What the hell, crackers shell even in my neighborhood." --Cube
        \_ My ISP lost my mail spool and didnt have backups.
2000/10/2 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:19390 Activity:nil 75%like:19396
10/02   How do I log onto Soda if I am far away, and don't have permission
        to download any ssh client?
          \_ thats a ssh-in-your-web-browser java implementation of ssh.
             IMHO it is pretty darned good.
2000/10/2-3 [Uncategorized] UID:19391 Activity:kinda low
10/02   Indian ISPs are not common carriers according to the Supreme Court.
        \_ What's a common carrier?
           \_ something that isn't responsible for content.
              Note that AOL is NOT "an ISP". Therefore the article does NOT
              rule "ISPs are not common carriers"
2000/10/2-3 [Academia/StanfUrd] UID:19392 Activity:very high
10/02   Both 101NB and 101SB exit to Embarcadero and University shows
        Stanford with the top of the O blotched so that it looks like
        Stanfurd. Was that done during the big game? It's pretty funny :)
        I bet the wild Cal Indians did it.
        \_ haha haha ha hahah.  I bet you were one of those people who
           were picked on a lot as a kid.
           \_ who _was_
              \_ No.  The proper correction is "as _kids_".
                 \_ You're a blithering idiot -- but it's not worth the
                    effort to flame your egocentric ass.
                    \_ "those people who was..." is obviously incorrect,
                       therefore the latter person is correct with "as kids".
                       Also "you were" -> "you are", not that it's worth being
                       pedantic.  And who's being egocentric?  -pld
                    \_ The second person is correct.  Because "of those
                       people" doesn't make sense standing by itself,
                       "who...picked on..." doesn't make sense modifying
                       "one".  So it must modify "people", therefore the
                       plural.  Also, "you were" should be "you are", as in
                       "YOU are the egocentric blithering idiot"; or "You
                       ARE flaming, even though you say you aren't."  --pld
                       \_ Sentence parsed w/o prepositional phrases:
                          "You are one who was picked on a lot as a kid."
                          \_ No.  Without the prepositional phrase, it is
                             "I bet you were one."  Understand now?  Your
                             sentence has similar sound and meaning, but it
                             is structurally different.
        \_ Happens all the time.
           \_ i've been driving by there for 3 yrs and i just noticed it for
              the first time a few weeks ago...  define "all the time."
              \_ At least since 1989 or so. I lived in Palo Alto from
                 1984-1991 (when I went to Berkeley). I didn't start
                 driving till 1989 and so noticed it then. The sign gets
                 changed every so often and the "o" gets painted over soon
                 after. Obviously not since the beginning of time. But
                 more than a decade.
2000/10/2-3 [Transportation/Airplane] UID:19393 Activity:high
10/02   What is a fly boy, or a fly girl?
        \_ Flyboy: Pilot in America's Armed Forces, ca. 1944.
           Fly girl: "In Living Color" dancer, or hot streetwise cutie.
           Fly guy: (archaic) Hip-hop/R&B-style non-scrub man.
           Fly: dope, fresh, cool, ca. 1980-1993.
           Fly: dope, fresh, cool, ca. 1975-1993.
           \_Fly: (constant) zipper that opens up to the crotch in a pair of
           SuperFly: super + (dope, fresh, cool)
           McFly: Loser/Winner (depending on your time traveling abilities)
                \_ Spanish Fly: Herbal supplement causing genital itching
                   (Apparently the spanish think different things are dope.)
           "Aiko Aiko ainess.  My fly boy gonna set your fly boy on fire."
2000/10/2-3 [Computer/SW/Editors/Vi] UID:19394 Activity:high
10/02   What kind of hardware will Mark VI have?
        \_ 22 386/25s. We're going to run a new experimental SMP OS called
           Dynix/PTX 4.0.1
                \_ That was mark iv, not vi.
                        \_ We're hauling it "out of the closet" for reinstation
                           as soda.csua.
                        \_ Will emacs be allowed on mark vi?
                           \_ NO, it will be replaced with a symlink to ED!
                              ED!!  ED IS THE STANDARD!!!!  TEXT EDITOR.
                                \_ This only works if you get it right.
        \_ I'm wondering if I had anything to do with that... I knew that guy
           since junior high school before he freaked out and became a
           Catholic Socialist terrorist.
           \_ who the fuck are you? You can't take credit if you don't sign
              your name. -- sqwrt, keeper of vowels
2000/10/2-3 [Uncategorized] UID:19395 Activity:nil
10/02   Parents coming over from India, need to get them good dental plan.
        Need recommendation. Thanks.
2000/10/2-3 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:19396 Activity:nil 75%like:19390
10/02   Going to India next month and need a ssh client there. How do I log
        onto Soda if I am far away, and don't have permission to download
        any ssh client there?
          \_ thats a ssh-in-your-web-browser java implementation of ssh.
             IMHO it is pretty darned good.
        \_ you can also use s/key.  http://www.CSUA.Berkeley.EDU/skey-howto.html
        \_ I like the windows program for skey at
           it also includes binaries for dos, mac, sunos, ultrix, and source
2019/01/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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