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2000/9/29 [Uncategorized] UID:19360 Activity:nil
9/28    PSX2 will be limited volumes. How many sodan's have
        sold thier souls (or thier bodies) for one already?
2000/9/29 [Uncategorized] UID:19361 Activity:nil
9/28    Where have all the really good motd flame wars gone?
        \_ what did you have in mind?  I'm sure I could oblige.
           all I see that's lacking is full-on B1FF style.
           \_ Well, I tried really hard to get a flame fest
              going with the Sun thing, but it didn't work.
              Tom only posted once and Ali was absent. I
              wonder what topics would bring soda's finest
              (in a manner of speaking) out of the wood work.
2000/9/29 [Recreation/Dating] UID:19362 Activity:nil
9/28    So, in looking for what LEIA actually is, I remembered some
        very, very special Star Wars sites: (old, but necessary)
        * : star wars personality test
        *               : has link to SW gangsta rap
        But be warned, the second is an embodiment of everything bad
        about Flash AND cracker rap...
        \_ StarWars, a poor imitation of Star Trek. Those SW fans
           are lunatic slashdotters. Even Voyager is better than SW.
2000/9/29 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:19363 Activity:very high
9/28    What am I doing wrong here? Doing exactly what TFM says:
        % echo line_oneline_two | sed -e s/line_oneline_two/line_one\nline_two/
        \_ You shell swallowed the \ from the \n.  You need two of them:
        % echo line_oneline_two | sed -e s/line_oneline_two/line_one\\nline_two/
        \_ or, if this is literally what you're trying to do, you can just
           use gnu echo which will do printf style formatting, or use
           printf on bsd:   % printf 'line1\nline2'
2000/9/29 [Consumer/TV] UID:19364 Activity:very high
9/28    While watching the olympics, does anybody else get an urge to see
        a huge bomb explode in the stadium and see all it all go down in
        flames on live TV?  Just Oklahoma, but LIVE.  It's sick, but I
        fantasize about watching hundreds of thousands of people screaming
        for their lives and going down on live TV.  Is something wrong with
        \_ i'd say you grew up watching too many violent movies/tv shows
           but since you are too chicken to act them out.. you're just like
           the rest of us. watch Robocop DVD and listen to producer's
           comments in that scene in teh boardroom where ED209 goes berzerk
        \_ You've been playing too much CS, and need to stop losing to
           the terrorists.
        \_ No.  Please report your thoughts to the authorities immediately.
        \_ put your money where your mouth is.  Are you going to start
           it, or just want to watch it passively on tv?
2000/9/29 [Uncategorized] UID:19365 Activity:nil
9/28    Synchronized diving?  What's next?
2000/9/29 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:19367 Activity:nil
2000/9/29-10/1 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:19368 Activity:moderate
9/29    Why are pro basketball players playing for the U.S. but not
        in games like baseball?
        \_ Because they're BASKETBALL PLAYERS.  Geez!
        \_ those baseball players are pros
           \_ the real baseball players are currently in a pennant race
                   \_ That wouldn't be known at the time the team was
                \_ those who are not could be playing in the Olympics.
                   \_ That wouldn't be known at the time the team is
           \_ Who are the baseball players on the U.S. teams?  Are they
                AAA farm system players?
              \_ Yes.
        \_ because they are weinies who go on strike because X million
           dollars a year isn't enough money for them.
                \_ To play a child's game.
                   \_ I have to pay $0.25/minute to see live adult games vs.
                      $0.08 ($15/3 hours) for a live baseball game.
        \_ Um WAKE UP CALL:  Someone almost lost to Latvia.  -John
2000/9/29-10/2 [Computer/Networking, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:19369 Activity:moderate 54%like:19604
2/29    Way cool jobs.  See /csua/pub/jobs/webMethods
        \_ So.  What's so cool about working there again?  Do they do
           interesting things?  Or is all this free-snackage supposed
           to distract us from the fact that the company does boring shit?
            \_ you mean B2Bi isn't major excitement?
                \_ get over yourself
           \_ I'll ignore the fact that you are just trying to bait me and
              answer the question seriously.  The cool thing about working
              at webMethods is that the people here are really positive and
              have lives outside of work.  The daily grind is somewhat
              better than most places, but it's mostly because of the
              people rather than the work. That said, webMethods is doing
              a lot of things that haven't been done before, rather than
              putting yet another shading on version 236.4 of some browser.
              If you want to know what things, try for
              a start and mail me for details if you are truly interested.
              We have done a good job of leaving the "whine about things
              but don't fix them" crowd behind when we left UCB.  -mel
              \_ "The daily grind is somewhat better..."  You need a better
                 job my friend.  I don't view my work as grind.  It is
                 both interesting and stimulating.  I look forward to
                 coming in to work.  All the fake smiling faces in
                 neighboring cubicles won't change the fact that you don't.
                \_ Loser.  Work != your life.  It just pays for it.
                   \_ Of course it's not.  I didn't say my life was boring.
                      Why should my work be?
                   \_ Actually my work is a large part of what I think
                      is interesting about my life.  If you can't envision
                      this, perhaps you should find more meaningful work
                      to do.  -blojo
                      \_ my work is play. I can't believe they just gave me
                         another $10K raise to have fun every day and learn
                         lots of cool stuff and have lots of toys to play with.
                         And i have great coworkers and we just took a 3 hour
                         lunch today to go to the movie theater.
                         \_ And?
                         \_ That was because everyone thought they deserved
                            a 3-hr lunchbreak because they've been putting
                            in > 70 hour weeks, right?
                            \_ I only work ~10am-7pm and mondo bennies.
                               Have not been in on a weekend, yet.
                               \_ Where is this?
                                  \_ Probably Cisco, Sun, HP or IBM.
                                     \_ You're right. How did you know? hahaha
                                        \_ Been there, done that. Will soon
                                           be doing it again. Small co recently
                                           bought by one of the big 4 mentioned
                                           \_ You sound very Bechtolsheim-ish
                                  \_ Italy
2000/9/29 [Politics/Domestic/911] UID:19370 Activity:nil
9/29    If you see a crazy driver weaving in and out of the lane (maybe
        he's drunk?) can you call 911 on your cellphone? Or is it reserved
        for something that has already happened, like an accident?
        \_ if the person is a hazard to himself, to others, or to property,
           a call to 911 is justified.
2000/9/29 [Recreation/Dating, Uncategorized/Profanity] UID:19371 Activity:high
9/29    You erase my messages about pussy, I erase your messages about you.
        \_ And if 'you' = 'pussy'?
           \_ % dict intestinate
              No definitions found for "intestinate"
2000/9/29-10/2 [Computer/SW/Unix/WindowManager] UID:19372 Activity:high
9/29    I am using GNOME and it keeps accessing my cdrom drive even though
        it doesn't have anything in it. So my var/log/messages gets filled
        VFS: Disk change detected on device ide0(3,64)
        messages. How do I stop this stupid behaviour? I have turned off
        autoplay. That didnt help the problem.
        \_ rpm -e magicdev      --mogul
        \_ stop using gnome?
        \_ gnome is trying to emulate windows, including windows suck.
        \_ And the obligatory: Get a Real OS!
        \_ Upgrade to a real window manager such as AfterStep, TWM or Aqua.
           \_ Since when was GNOME considered a window manager (or Aqua)?
              TWM is the sorriest excuse for a window manager. It barely
              \_ TWM is a sorry excuse for a window manager? What do you
                 use E(yecandy)nlite(not)nment? Window Braker? Real men
                 don't need a GUI, screen and /bin/sh is enough for them,
                 but in case real men have to startx (god knows why) they
                 stick to the basics TWM! And name one essential feature
                 that TWM lacks that others have?
                    \_ Window Shading. That's why I use afterstep (but
                       with all the GUI crap turned off), I'm xload,
                       xclock --digital and one rxvt only. Occasionally a
                       netscrape window.
                    \_ The ability to make a window smaller without having
                       to drag it bigger first.
                 \_ Does TWM have virtual desktops now?  Or are you going
                    to assert that feature isn't essential? --PeterM
                        \_ That feature isn't essential. -brg
                           \_ SUBSTRACT AND BRANCH IF NEGATIVE IS THE
                              STANDARD! WINDOW MANAGER.
                                \_ Okay, that is taking it a *little* far.
                        \_ Virtual desktops are a feature for wimps. Real
                           men who need additional windows fire up screen.
                        \_ i've found i prefer 24" hdtv format displays to
                           virtual desktops.
                    \_ well vtwm does.
                        \_ essential feature twm lacks: the ability to
                           save your session.  -tom
                           \_ this is what your .xinitrc is for, session
                              saving is a *BAD* idea.
                                \_ What a visionary you are.  -blojo
                                   \_ A clever cracker can get lots of
                                      information about you from the
                                      saved session files.
                                        \_ he'd have to be a lot more
                                           clever than you.  -tom
        \_ blackbox is nice.
        \_ icewm is a sweet balance between features and bloat.
2000/9/29 [Recreation/Dating, Uncategorized/Profanity] UID:19373 Activity:high
9/29    New discovery! Your ear wax tastes like a girl's pussy!!! TRY IT!
        Some people say pussies take like raw fish, but it really tastes
        like your ear wax.
        \_ Stop spreading rumors like this. Some people on soda have never
           had pussy and will believe you.
           \_ Well, we all know it feels like warm apple pie.
              \_ You watched American Pie too many times.
                 \_ Well, I don't feel much of anything. My cock's too small.
2000/9/29-10/1 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:19374 Activity:high
9/29    Question for all the taiwanese members of soda. Why do most
        citizens of taiwanese background keep voting democrat despite
        the fact that democrats are setup to surrender taiwans freedom
        to RED china.  Similarly, why do jews vote democrat even when
        it is apparent that democrats want to give as much of israel
        as possible to the arabs?
        \_ don't generalize; most citizens of taiwanese background don't vote;
           they're too rich to give a shit
        \_ don't generalize; most citizens of taiwanese background don't
           vote; they're too rich to give a shit
        \_ don't generalize; most citizens of taiwanese background
           don't vote; they're too rich to give a shit
        \_ Poor stupid fool: you're confusing political beliefs
           on the American liberal/conservative deficrat/rejectican
                 dictate what Israel does, you are severly misguided.
           scale with economic systems. Go back to preschool and
           buy a clue from those as ignorant as you.
        \_ Hmmm... Nice troll.  What are you suggesting, that jews
           should vote Republican and get in bed with Chrisitian
           \_ Not all republicans are christians.
              \_ And not all Christians are part of the Christian
              \_ Of course, but that's not the point.  Republicans
                 it's a very complex issue, and if you think USA can
                 dictate what Israel does, you are severely misguided.
                 \_ Yeah but without all the US support Israel gets it would
                     be hard pressed to continue to exist.
                 represent more conservative (in some dimensions)
                 forces; jews tend to be more liberal.  As for Israel
                 -- it's a very complex issue, and if you think USA
                 can dictate what Israel does, you are severely
                 \_ Yeah but without all the US support Israel gets it
                    would be hard pressed to continue to exist.
                    \_ And then the nukes would fly! (or more correctly,
                       be driven to their destination) WooHoo! Onward to
                       the valley of Megiddon! Let's see if those new
                       testament wussies are really right.
        \_ The question "why don't Jews vote republican" shows such
           a fundamental lack of understanding about Judaism and Jewish
           culture that is not really possible to answer it.
                 \_ not to mention there are plenty of jews who don't
                    agree with isreal's politics.  Oh and BTW isreal
                    could survive without US intervention these days.
                    \_ not from a military standpoint. u.s. companies
                       equip much of israel. their sales are subject to
                       u.s.government approval. and some stuff have not
                       been ok. the fact israel has nukes is also in no
                       small part to the u.s.
        \_ Maybe because said taiwanese & jews care more about what the
           politicians want to do to this country since it affects them
           directly, and no matter what they say, it won't really affect
           taiwan & israel directly.
        \_ To know the answer, go and read their public forums.
           The answer is pretty silly.  I got depressed reading them.
        \_ The question "why don't Jews vote Republican" shows such
           a fundamental lack of understanding about Judaism that it
           is not really possible to answer it.
           \_ Nowhere in my question do I ask why they don't vote
              Republican, rather my interest is in determining why
              the insist on voting democrat. There are other alternatives
              to the democratic party.
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