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2000/9/28 [Uncategorized] UID:19350 Activity:nil
9/26    Someone please repost the personality check URL? Thanks.
2000/9/28 [Reference/Religion] UID:19351 Activity:nil
9/27    motd formating god was here.
2000/9/28 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:19352 Activity:nil
2000/9/28 [Uncategorized] UID:19353 Activity:high
        it's a good day to die... by roasting to death
        \_ Same for Davis and Cerritos.
        \_ The bug got patched. Screenshot in /csua/tmp/global_warming.jpg
           [oops, perms fixed]
2000/9/28 [Reference/Religion] UID:19354 Activity:nil
9/27    mmtd formating(sic) god was here.
2000/9/28-29 [Uncategorized] UID:19355 Activity:high
9/28    What is LEIA/2.90 and why does it keep showing up in my logs?
        \_ because you are being visited by that browser/crawler??
           \_ Thanks.  But what is it, a browser or a crawler?  Has anyone
              heard of it??
2000/9/28-29 [Recreation/Dating] UID:19356 Activity:high
9/28    Looking for 3-D porn. urlP.
        \_ <DEAD><DEAD>
           \_ Very nice pics, but they're not 3-D.
              \_ Digital Asian Chick!!!
              \_ Actually I'm asking because I'm a 30 year old virgin and
                 I've never seen a real pussy. I just wanna see it in 3-D
                 to see its texture, vulva height, clitoris size, etc.
                    \_ Get cable or watch anime its probably good enough
                       for you.
                 \_ Man, first time I've heard a person interested in
                    vulva height.
              \_ What's the matter with all of you?!
2000/9/28-29 [Computer/Networking] UID:19357 Activity:very high
9/28    I have two DSL lines (one personal, one for work). What's the best
        way to manage that on one PC? Right now I do a lot of wire swapping
        and IP reconfiguring. Is there a better way?
        \_ It's called "routing". Possibly integrated with a magical device
           called a "hub"
           \_ How rude!
           called a "holub"
           \_ How wuuude!
              \_ how stupid!
                 obviously, the person has no exposure to routing and hubs,
                 otherwise they wouldn't be asking the question. How dare you
                 call me "rude" for taking the time to give the idiot the
                 correct direction to go in.
                 \_ Ok, I'm the idiot who posted the question. Yes, I've
                    heard of routing and hubs, though I may not know
                    apparently as much as you do. I know how to share an IP
                    over multiple computers, but not multiple IPs to one
                    computer, and that's all I was asking for. And why am
                    I an idiot for not having exposure to a particular
                    topic? That would make all of us idiots to at least
                    some degree.
                    \_ We're all idiots to at least some degree.
                    \_ One way: get two ethernet cards and hook up each one to
                       the different DSL lines.  Might need to make some static
                       routes.  Depends on your OS.  It can be done on one NIC
                       on most OS's with a hub but that's ugly, IMHO.
        \_ For legal reasons, swapping wires is the best way to deal with
           is swapping wires. If at anytime the corporate net and the
           internet are connected together by you, you can look forward
           to a PINK SLIP and a CIVIL SUIT.
           \_ well that really depends on what the company's policies are
              and what was agreed to in order to receive dsl from them now
              doesn't it...
           \_ Some of us don't work at lame companies.
2000/9/28 [Computer/SW/OS/VM] UID:19358 Activity:nil
9/28    Anyone heard of vmware?  Is it good?
        \_ my friend just joined vmware as dir of product marketing...his
           judgment has been good in the past...
           \_ Its pretty good as long as you have a fast machine (~300 PII
              or higher).
           \_ It's great for testing out, say, how a webpage loads
              under 9xNetscape.  However, it's horrible if you want
              to send something to a port or anything like that.
              Regardless it's the best option; use it, love it.
        \_ vmware is good.  Get a free evaluation key and try it out.
           Too bad it's not free...
2000/9/28 [Transportation/Airplane] UID:19359 Activity:nil
9/29    FuzzyBuddy: is it true they have this jet flying around Swiss
        airspace with the MickeyD's label painted all over it -
        serving McD's at 10,000 meters? Holy Fondue.  -mtbb
        \_ Yup!  And a McDonalds train car too, where they serve big macs
           to commuters.  And a cheese train and a phantom of the opera
           plane too!  "fire!"  -John
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