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2000/9/25-26 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:19319 Activity:moderate
9/24    Anyone know of any C RPC (rpcgen) libraries available under Windows?
2000/9/25-26 [Finance/Banking, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:19320 Activity:low
9/24    is it just me, or do new techno cds make older cd players skip?
        \_ How can you tell?
2000/9/25 [Uncategorized] UID:19321 Activity:nil
9/24    Stick it in.
        \_ Oh, baby, yes!
2000/9/25-26 [Recreation/Activities] UID:19322 Activity:insanely high
9/24    Mountain Biking is an Olympic Event?  Since when?
        \_ I couldn't believe that windsurfing was an olympic sport!
        \_ It's been in the Olympics since Atlanta.  Ride bike!!
           \_ The next big Olympic event, hacking LINUX while
              RIDEing BIKE!!
                 \_ hey, speed-walking is an underappreciated sport
                    of the summer olympics, why not mountain-biking?
                    Just ask structural engineer Dennis Riley (see the
                    yellow pages).
        \_ Cannondale, Trek and Specialized wanted some publicity.
           \_ I doubt it, they never advertise outside of bike magazines.
              Mountain biking is a much better sport than a lot of the
              schlock in the olympics.  -tom
              \_ such as?
                 \_ That one winter sport where you have brooms and a big
                    hockey puck (?) and you try to... actually, I dunno WTF
                    the goal of that "sport" is.
                    \_ Curling.  To land the puck nearest the goal.
                 \_ Equestrian.
                 \_ Ballroom dancing
                        \_not an Olympic event.
                          \_ What about lap dancing?
                \_ Equestrian Ballroom Dancing.
                 \_ Olympic Porn
                       one man vs. another, not groups of men. (I am
                       using man/men in the gender netural form).
                 \_ gymnastics and diving immediately come to mind
                    \_ The Olympics are ment to showcase the best
                       unaided physical talent that mankind has to
                       offer. I would say that gymnastics and diving
                       come closer to this than biking. I agree about
                       the synchronized swimming though. Not really
                       a sport. And I think that team sports have
                       no place in the olympics either. It should be
                       one person vs. another, not groups of people.
                       (For example, I'm opposed to BBall as a olympic
                        \_ Well, team sports, and sports involving "assistive"
                           equipment such as rowing sculls, have been part of
                           the Olympics since its inception, so the idea that
                           they have "no place" exists only within your
                           head.  -tom
                           \_ I don't remember the ancient greeks rowing.
                              AFAIR, the only rowers in greece were slaves
                              on athenian trireens (sp?). Anyway, the
                              following URL has a list of the original games:
                              Other than the equestrian events, all appear
                              to be unaided (I don't consider the javelin
                              or the discus a aid) mano-a-mano events.
                                \_ I was referring to the modern olympics.
                                   The Greeks weren't amateurs.  And exactly
                                   how does chariot-racing not involve
                                   assistive equipment? -tom
                                   \_ I didn't know about the chariot-racing
                                      when I originally wrote my post. One
                                      learns something new everyday. I guess
                                      that chariot-racing means that biking
                                      qualifies as a sport, but I still don't
                                      see how team sports (such as BasketBall)
                        I thought chariot racing was a Roman thing? _/
                        Also, I was under the impression that the
                        original Olympic events consisted of stuff
                        which would be useful in chasing down Persians
                        and knocking in their skulls (marathon, javelin,)
                        so does war qualify as a "team sport?"  -John
                       \_ try person/people you illiterate fool.
                          \_ I have corrected my post O Wise ONE!
                 \_ I heard go was once an Olympic sport.  Holy cow.
                    \_ Although go and chess are true tests of
                       human abilities, they are not tests of
                       human physical abilities which are what
                       the olymipics are supposed to showcase.
        \_ BTW since when did beach volleyball become an Olympic event?  I
           couldn't help mumbling "WTF" when I saw it on TV.  Is the court
           smaller than a regular volleyball court?
           \_ beach volleyball is a more legitimate sport than anything that
              requires judges and subjective scores to determine the winner
              \_ Please join the committee to add Bowling to the
                 Olympics by any means necessary!
                        \_ bowling was a demonstration event in '92 and
                           '96 I think.
                           \_ A demonstration of what? American Lower
                              Middle Class Stupidity?
        \_ I thought synchronized swimming was bad enough, but synchronized
        \_ It'll never be the real Olympics until it's done in the nude.
           \_ That would definitely improve NBC's pathetic ratings.
           \_ Women's events in nude only. Men's would be kinda sick.
                    \_ well, you have to keep in equal for men and women.
                \_ Only the oversteroided bodybuilders would be outright gross.
                   \_ I didn't know there was a women's body building event
                      in the olympics. Yes, watching that would be gross.
                      Also, the underage girls events would be kinda weird
                      too. But some sodans get off on that.
                          \_ did you see the women's u.s. weight-lifting
                             champ?  damn, she's fucking fat, but she
                             can bench...
        \_ Is badminton an Olympic sport?  Has it ever been?
           \_ Are you asian?
              \_ Yes I am, but British and Danes play badminton too.
                 \_ The Brits also eat crumpets and sing God Save the Queen.
                    They are a nation of has-beens whose collective ass has
                    been kicked so often that they need socialized health
                    care to look after it. Why in GOD's NAME would you want
                    to take up a sport played by Brits?
                    Danes, well Hamlet was a dane and we all know what
                    happened to him (and his mother and his uncle and his gf).
                 \_ The Swedes play badminton too.  They used to have a
                    world champion who has the best footwork around.
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