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2000/9/21-22 [Recreation/House] UID:19300 Activity:insanely high
9/21    want some greens to cover the open soil in back yard.  any
        recommendation?  want something that's low in maintainence and
        less water.  lawn is too costly.
                \_ OBASTROTURF. (Or rioanjii type of rock garden)
                \-ice plant --psb
                \_ creeping thyme  -tom
                \_ isotoma, aka blue star creeper for more of a "mossy" look.
                   psb's and tom's recommendations are good, too.  plus
                   gazenias work well. --chris
                \_ Green cement.
        \_ I'd add in a japanese garden.  Stones and bamboo and maple.  Once
           you put it in, it's very low maintanance.  Especially if you use
           a lot of stone.  Plus it increases the value of your house.
           \_ If you do bamboo, keep the bamboo in a pot when you plant it.
              Bamboo is a very invasive plant.  I have a Japanese style garden,
              I left out the bamboo. --chris
              \_ bamboo will grow right through a pot.
        \_ Weed
        \_ lawn is too costly?  It's $7/roll of sod.
        \_ AstroTurf(TM)
        \_ cement, then covered with green paint.
           \_ lawncrete!
        \_ thanks!  didn't know there were so many these so called "ground
           cover" thingy..  going to get them this weekend.
           \_ I think the csua needs to hit bottom.
2000/9/21-22 [Transportation/Car] UID:19301 Activity:high
9/21    My 91 Sentra needs transmission work. Need recommendation. Thanks.
        \_ SR20DET engine/tranny swap.
        \_ junk yard.
        \_ GoodWill.
        \_ Seriously, Midas will do a decent job, but its like $700. Your
           car isn't worth that much. Dontate it and get the tax write off
           and buy another one.
           \_ I'm sure the car is worth more than $700. Take the car to
              a Nissan specialist in your area. They cost less than the
              dealer (who doesn't?) but use OEM parts. --dim
        \_ Off to Sentra Heaven.
           \_ senatra haven?
2000/9/21-22 [Uncategorized] UID:19302 Activity:nil 66%like:20291
9/21    Is it possible to transfer money from one account to another using
        PayPal, without penalty?
2000/9/21-24 [Science/GlobalWarming, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Japan, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:19303 Activity:high
9/21    international no-car day!  see
        \_ *.cz?  Like they'd miss their cars for a day in the Czech republic.
           I'd like to see something like International Fix Your Fucked Up
           Third World Country Day coming from a place like that instead.
           \_ Do you know your geography? The Czech republic is a modern
              European nation. Just because it's considered Eastern Europe
              doesn't mean that it's a Third World country.
                \_ It's not a third world country.  It's just a poor,
                   decrepit ex-Soviet-bloc nation suffering from 40+ years
                   of commie mismanagement.  Otherwise, quite nice.  -John
                   \_ What's the definition of third world then?  I thought
                      "thrid world" is the PC term to describe poor countries.
                        \_ "First" or "Old" World = Europe.  Don't forget that
                           Bohemia/western Czechoslovakia/Czech republic has
                           historically been a political and cultural center.
                           "New" World = Americas.  "Third" World was some
        \_ Will this finally make the LINUX! RIDE BIKE! people happy?
           \_ no but it will make lotus notes save the universe.
                           mid-20th-century play on that to describe all
                           the second-rate backwaters discovered afterwards
                           with economic problems.  -John
                           \_ % webster "first world"
                              Etymology:      after third world
                              Date:   1967
                              : the highly developed industrialized nations
                              often considered the westernized countries of
                              the world
                              apart from getting the order of usage wrong (i.e.
                              third world -> first world rather than the other
                              way around) and being ignorantly eurocentric,
                              you're correct.
              \_ then it doesn't sound like he has a problem with geography,
                 does it? it's more of an economics deficiency he has.
                 \_ No deficiency.  Have you seen it?  I think you need to
                    check on what the word "modern" means.  CZ is a third
                    world country.  Just because they're vaguely white doesn't
                    make it a modern western nation.  They're little different
                    from any South American banana republic.  It isn't just
                    blacks, hispanics and other non-whites that live in the
                    Third World.  Thank you both for trying though.
                    \_ Have you ever travelled outside the Bay Area?  -John
        \_ Nobody noticed.  Some cities had even worse traffic.  Barely
           anyone even knew it was happening until they heard on the news
           what a flop it was this evening.  -John
           \_ Cars are here to stay (at least until transporters become
              generally available).
        \_ Chech know a thing or two about mechanical engineering and cars.
        Pop quiz: which Western car compay buy out entire Tatra design team,
        why they did it and what they are working on now?
        As far as being 'vaguely' white which I take as they don't quite
        fit a canonical definition of white, how to do explain
        disproporationate representation of Czech chicks among the ranks
        of 'supermodels'?       -muchandr
        \_ Volkswagen, right?  They bought Skoda too.  -John
               \_ Volkswagen is a joke. In fact all european cars are jokes.
                  The only car manufacturers that matter are American and
                  Japanese. With Japanese you get quality, with American you
                  get power. - Proud owner of a 260 HP Lincoln that routinely
                  smokes the finest that Europe has to offer.
           \_ that proves they are 'vaguely'! Per the current fashion trend
           \_ When was the last time you bought a Czech car?  I don't see
              many trambant dealers around.
                \_ Moron.  Trabants were East German and they're a massive
                   cult object (like VW bugs.)  Tatra were/are a Russian truck
                   design bureau.  And Skoda (Czech) is about as big as
                   Saturn in the US.  -John
2000/9/21-22 [Computer/SW/WWW/Server, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:19304 Activity:moderate
9/20    My Web page is getting an excessive number of hits from a
        particular domain. What's a good way to block it?
        \_ ipf
        \_ Talk to your web server admin or read your web server docs.
        \_ ACL on your router
        \_ /bin/rm -rf $apache_dir $http_docs_dir
           \_ OK I'll forward that request to root@csua right now
        \_ use windows!
2000/9/21-25 [Transportation/Car] UID:19305 Activity:nil
9/20    What's a good place in Berkeley to get my car's fuel injection and
        fuel filter cleaned? How much does it typically cost?
        \_ fuel filter = $8/filter at pep boy's + you have to know how to
           relieve the pressure on your fuel system or
           $16 for the filter + $15 labor at any shop. I recommend
           oil change centers or Pep Boy's tune up package than
           full service repairs / gas station places.
        \_ $15 labor at any shop and you say, "BTW, I've got a filter in
           the back seat. Can you use that one?" Total cost = $23.
2000/9/21-22 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:19306 Activity:nil
9/20    Is there an easy way (on a linux box) to see what process is
        controlling what port?  [Port 53 is still opened on my computer
        but i thought that 1.) Bind 8 was no longer using port 53 and 2.)
        named is running as a user (named) who shouldn't have permissions
        to use low number ports, right?]
        \_ 1) no.  2) no.
           \_ 2 is not done by default, but you should definitely do it.
              Simply: move all your slave domain cache files to a subdir
              and chown it writeable by user/group "bind" (or whatever).
              Then run named -u bind -g bind.  Voila.
                \_ And then check port 53.
        \_ lsof (RTFM for details)
        \_ Use windows!
2000/9/21-22 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:19307 Activity:kinda low
9/20    A friend of mine got hacked through wu-ftpd, (right about the time
        I was wisely moving to proftpd).  He was woken up by the irregular
        clicks of his hard drive and was able to disconnect them.  They
        were attempting to install a root-kit called "anivnew"  Has anyone
        heard of it?  Where can i find more info? [i've searched the web to
        no avail].  There was a "ps" command, which i can see how it would
        be useful to disguise what was going on, but it seems to work
        correctly (i.e. i can't figure out what kind of activity it doesn't
        report).  Also there is an SSHD serve included in the kit.  WHY?
        (A poster mentioned that they want to secure their "victim" site but
        that seems like an inadequate explanation).
        \_ Well, duh. This wu-ftpd problem has been reported and fixed months
           ago. Anyone who still runs the old vulnerable version deserves to
           be hacked IMHO.
        \_ By replacing sshd, they can patch it to 1) Sniff passwords
           2) create a backdoor 3) Disable logging
                \_ By using sshd they can hide better from intrusion detection
                   & tracking systems
                        \- btw, do you know what version the trojan sshd claims
                        to be? there might still be a way for a good IDS to
                        detect it. if you can mail me the src or binary,
                        i would apprecaite it. would like to work on a
                        detection heuristic for our IDS. --psb
        \_ proftpd had a remote root hole not too long ago...  (doesn't
           hold a candle to wu' though =)
           \_ that one apparently never got exploited
           \_ In the same way that openbsd reports long lists of exploits
              and holes, mostly, they are proactively discovered and patches
              released before the rest of the world knows about them.  All
              software projects have bugs.  Some are fixed before they get
              abused, others are fixed after.  I prefer the former.
        \_ USE WINDOWS!
2000/9/21-22 [Recreation/Pets, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Korea] UID:19308 Activity:moderate
        \_ What is this, some kind of GOOK recipe book?
           \_ "How to stew your round-eye yankee POWs" - flavoured
              with agent orange.
        \_ sick.  i did see a skinned dog being sold.  i almost threw up
           and i did go into hysterics in the middle of a very busy korean
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