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2000/9/19 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Recreation/Music] UID:19283 Activity:nil
2000/9/19 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:19284 Activity:high 80%like:19292
9/18    I need a good UPS for my *BSD boxen. Any recommendations?
        \_ Stupid Joke Deleted. We've all heard it before.
        \_ stupid censor deleted. stop purging other people's entries.
2000/9/19 [Uncategorized] UID:19285 Activity:nil 61%like:19297
9/18    Advent Software INFO SESSION, 6:15 pm Tues 9/19, 105 Northgate
        FREE ZACHARY'S PIZZA! Bring your resume for PALM V raffle! -mas
2000/9/19 [Uncategorized] UID:19286 Activity:low
9/18    Has anyone recently bought a phone from PacBell Wireless? I'm
        interested in the Ericsson T28W and I'm wondering how much
        pacbell is giving those away for.
        \_ $119
        \_ for new service or just phone upgrade?  they bone you if
           you want a new phone but the existing number.
2000/9/19 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:19287 Activity:moderate
9/18    [Rephrasing]
        I want to build a CPU-intensive, 4-processor Pentium III machine.
        It does not need to be fault-tolerant, mission critical, or have
        RAID.  It just needs to be a fast MPC box with one parallel job on it
        at any given time.  Suggestions? -jctwu
        \_ Some of the big vendors are selling 4/6/8+ processor machines
           so of course it is possible. Most of them are using Xeon chips,
           though. The only thing you're going to need here is the
           motherboard and you're set. What else is there to it? --dim
        \_ BTW, soda was once a machine with 22 386 processors.  Don't know if
           it was PC architecture though.
        \_ AFAIK, there are no motherboard chipsets that support quad PIII
           configurations. You have to go with Xeon and this is fscing
           expensive. But if you buy the box from Dell or SGI, at least they'll
           build it right.
        \_ what kind of job?  might be better off with two dual-processors
           and an appropriate interconnect.
           \_ Photoshop?  SETI@home?
           \_ -jctwu
              \_ it will run over MPI, so you could easily cluster some
                 dual-processors.  with linux you could run bonded 100baseT
                 and get >180 Mb/s between them.  if you need faster comm,
                 you will need gig-ethernet or myrinet, and the switches
                 and stuff start to cost as much as the 4-way or greater
                 inter SMP.  shop carefully. the big SMPs may suffer from
                 serious bus contention if they're not good NUMA boards.
2000/9/19 [Uncategorized] UID:19288 Activity:nil 50%like:19293
9/18    The Daily Cal had an ad on page 2 that said "Fabian- I loved the
        way you parted your hair" with a picture of math-looking guy.
        What was that all about?
        \_ Fabian wants to get some, decides to try an alternative way of
           placing a personals ad
2000/9/19 [Transportation/Bicycle] UID:19289 Activity:high
9/18    What makes a bike turn? The horizontal component of lift makes an
        airplane turn. Does that mean the horizontal component of weight
        shift in a bike makes it turn?
        \_ bike tires have a circular profile (when inflated). the strip
           of rubber running down the middle of the crown is the farthest
           from the center of the wheel (radius), while the edges of the
           crown the closest. when you "turn" a bike at speed, you are
           really leaning into the turn and riding a contact patch biased
           towards one of the edges. the rubber stripes at the inner and
           outer edges of this patch travel different distances
           (circumferences) for the same revolution, and this causes the turn.
        \_ Equal and opposite force.
        \_ It's the horizontal component of the friction on the front wheel.
           Weight points downward, and the horizontal component is zero.
           -- yuen
        \_ no, the horizontal component of lift on an airplane only makes it
           go sideways.  horizontal deflection of air from the tail only
           is what makes it yaw (turn).
           \_ WRONG.
                \_ quite simply, that page is confusing at best, and
                   technically wrong at worst.  You can turn a plane without
                   banking it  (its called a 'slipping turn'?).  The rudder
                   controls the 'turning' part, the yaw, which is even
                   mentioned on that page.   that Gleim page is  more of
                   an instructional one that tries to simplify things.

        \_ Bunch of dumb asses!  You turn the steering wheel, so it turns!
                \_ Haven't you guys ever seen the experiment where you hold
                        a spinning bicycle tire in your hand and try to turn
                        it along an axis perpendicular to the one about which
                        it is spinning?  I can't really explain it, but I
                        believe this is related to why a bike turns if you
                        lean over.  If the bike was moving, but the wheels
                        were not spinning (for example if you were sliding on
                        ice), then you would fall over instead of turn if you
                        lean.  It's conservation of angular momentum or
                        lean.  It's conservation of angular momentum.  When
                        you lean, you change the angular momentum vector.  To
                        conserve angular momentum, the bike changes direction.
2000/9/19 [Uncategorized] UID:19290 Activity:nil
666     HAIL THE GOAT!!!
2000/9/19 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:19291 Activity:nil
9/18    Windows Me! Everybody buy Windows Me! Show those linux and Apple
        freaks what superior products from Microsoft are made of.
2000/9/19 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:19292 Activity:nil 80%like:19284
9/18    I need a good Fedex for my *BSD boxen. Any recommendations?
        \_ stupid censor deleted. stop purging other people's entries.
2000/9/19 [Uncategorized] UID:19293 Activity:nil 50%like:19288
9/18    Page 2 of Daily Cal: There's an ad that says "Fabian- I loved the
        way you parted your hair."  What's it about?
        \_ I SOLVE PROBLEMS. - OSU. (703) 555-0146.
2000/9/19 [Uncategorized] UID:19294 Activity:nil
9/19    What's the cheapest place to get Palm V?
2000/9/19 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:19295 Activity:moderate
9/19    How many of you hide at work to avoid house work?  Eg, constantly
        using the I need to do this project excuse to 1) use cleaning service,
        2) pay somebody to mow the lawn, 3) eat out all the time, 4) avoid
        family visits, etc.  Has "I-work-for-a-startup" become an excuse for
        totally slacking off on life's other responsibilities?
        \_ Look, if I can bill $100/hr working, It'd be stupid to spend
           10 hrs a week cleaning/doing house work when I can work that time
           (for $1000) and pay some lackey $10/hr to do the housework.
2000/9/19 [Industry/Startup] UID:19296 Activity:nil
9/19    My company was just acquired by Sun. What's Sun like? Good/Bad?
        \_ Probably a lot better than Cobalt. At least they have products.
        \_ What happens when a company buys out another? Does the old
           company simply cease to exist? Do they generally relocate?
           Do both upper mgmt teams merge?
2000/9/19 [Uncategorized] UID:19297 Activity:nil 61%like:19285
9/19    INFO SESSION TONIGHT: Advent Software of San Francisco
        6:15 pm, 105 Northgate, meet Cal grads on staff at Advent
        FREE ZACHARY'S PIZZA, bring your resume for PALM V raffle!       -mas
2000/9/19 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:19298 Activity:nil
9/19    ECOMMERCE! Gotta love that csmajors email list
2000/9/19 [Recreation/Dating] UID:19299 Activity:nil
9/18    Would you go out with a woman taller/guy shorter than you?
        Any difference? More than 2inch? More than 6inch?
        \_ Definitely at least 12 inches and 2 inches in diameter. -yermom
        \_ height doesn't matter, only size.
           \_ thickness
        \_ From my experience, shorter women seem to have more of a problem
           with my height than taller women.  My girlfriend is about 3
           inches taller than me, and so is my ex.  - shorter guy
        \_ My last girlfriend was about the same height as I am, but with
           heels, she turned 6'3" instantly, putting me a tad shorter than her.
           Doesn't bother me at all; it's actually a lot of fun.
2018/12/16 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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