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2000/9/16 [Consumer/GPS] UID:19261 Activity:moderate
9/15    Been pretty happy with my Garmin GPS till I got on Concorde. It
        was then that I realized that it could only register up to 999MPH.
        What the fuck?
        \_ If you were an engineer at Garmin, would you worry about people
           in supersonic airplanes needing to know their speed from a GPS
        \_ Why do you think they had to ground all the concordes?
2000/9/16-18 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:19262 Activity:moderate
9/15    I've got an extra Pentium 200 MMX lying around and I've
        been toying with the idea of installing Plan 9. Anyone
        tried it? Any +/- experiences?
        \_ Plan 9 is very easy to install.
           \_ How fast is it? Would it run well on a P200? And
              what sort of stuff can I expect in terms of a GUI
              and graphics?
                \-plan9 would run on a p66. --psb
                  \_ how well?
                        \- at least one of the p9 insiders for a long time
                        ran it on a motorola 68k sun3. i think it was dmr but
                        that might not be right. --psb
        \_ Sell me your Pentium 200 MMX processor.  I will pay you
           $35 plus shipping.
           \_ Well its more than just the proc. I've got the MB,
              ram, a couple of HD's and a extra power supply. I just
              don't have a case, but I was going to pick up a cheap
              on a WS or HSC.
2000/9/16 [Uncategorized/Profanity] UID:19263 Activity:nil 58%like:19256
9/15    Did you know that the English prepositions 'suck' and 'hole' get mixed
        up frequently w/ 'fuck' and 'mole' and has caused a lot of problems
        w/ yermom?
        \_ Do we care?  Do we even know what the fuck ATC is?
        \_ It's all about the NATO phonetic alphabet.
2000/9/16-18 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus, Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs] UID:19264 Activity:high
9/16    What's the benefit of joe over vi/pico?  It seems like it contributes
        the worst aspects of both.
        \_ joe is a minimal version of jove.  jove is a supposedly minimal
           version of emacs.  It's for people who know emacs key commands,
           but don't use any of emacs' useful features.  If you're considering
           it, you have enough clue to use (and should be using) vi.
                  \_ uh, no. You should be learning emacs.
                int he unix world? --psb
                \-what is the point of using an editor other than vi or emacs
                  in the unix world? --psb
                  \_ You dont need 20 megs of quota/free space to install jove.
                           \_ ED! ED is the STANDARD EDITOR!
                        \_ emacs configuration is ridiculous.
                            \- configuration is not the same as extension.
                                by ridiculous do you mean "hard"? what is an
                                example of something that is ridiculous? the
                                only think i can thing of is "there are some
                                subtleites to swapping DEL and BKSPC". --psb
                                \_ here's an example of a minimal .emacs
                                   to solve emacs' most egregious configuration
(set-variable 'make-backup-files nil)
(set-variable 'auto-save-default nil)
(global-set-key "\C-h" 'delete-backward-char)
(setq default-major-mode 'text-mode)
(setq initial-major-mode 'text-mode)
                                   Besides the fact that the defaults are

                                   stupid, the syntax is horrendous.  -tom
                                        \-emacs has made a conscious trade off
                                        in power for simplicity ... e.g.
                                        functions which dont naturally take or
                                        require numeric arguments behaving
                                        differently when called with an arg, or
                                        0 or a negative arg. but what it does
                                        do tends to be well thought out ...
                                        which is different from "easiest to
                                        use". i find programs that bury stuff
                                        on some random nested pull down menu
                                        to be far more annoying. there are some
                                        legit complaints [many which have been
                                        fixed since say emacs 18.59] but i
                                        havent heard them from the people
                                        complaining. [e.g. it did kind of suck
                                        when you wrote stuff in the scratch
                                        buffer and typed C-xC-c and lost your
                                        changes. --psb
                                        \_ the thing is, it's "well thought
                                           out" by a fuckin' lunatic.  -tom
                                        \_ So dont complain when people want
                                           a ferarri instead of an F350 truck.
                                \_ I believe that he is referring to the
                                   extent with which one can configure emacs
                                   as being ridiculous.
                  \_ Because something better needs to come along.
                     \_ no little grasshopper, the best is already present,
                        and its name is ED!
                        \_ Does ED have C/C++ context highlighting?
                              \_ If you need context highlighting then your
                                 fu is really weak. REAL MEN don't need pretty
                                 girly colors to tell them what is a struct,
                                 int, void etc. REAL MEN understand C code by
                                 looking at it.
                           \_ context hilighting is for sissys. Real men
                              use ED. You are obviosuly not ready for the power
                              and responsibility. Go back and play with your
                              pirated copy of Visual Studio. Weenie.
2000/9/16-18 [Computer/Networking] UID:19265 Activity:high
9/15    I got pacbell DSL, with PPP over Ethernet,
        westell wirespeed DSL modem, can I hook up
        more than one computer without a unix gateway box?
        I can't find any documentation on the web on
        whether if and how to set up dhcp + natd through the
        modem, if it's possible
        \_ Look into a NAT hub/switch.  Line -> modem -> hub -> multiple PCs.
           Or, PacBell could offer multiple IPs.  Same setup as above,
           except the hub/switch does not run NAT.  Someone here should
           know if PacBell offers more than one IP.  Finally, the NAT
           hub/switch must work specifically with PPPoE.
        \_ get the router by linksys.  it's like $140 or so.  it supports
           PPPoE, etc.  I've installed it on a PacBell DSL network at
           my friend's office and it works well.  It also works as a
           rudimentary fireall.  -uctt
           \_ Last I heard the Linksys PPPoE support was in beta.  Office
              DSL was probably not PPPoE but bridged.
              \_ Linksys blows. get the Netgear RT314/Zxyel P314 or
                 the Umax Ugate.
                \_ anecdoteP
        \_ Windows 2K (and Win98SE, I think) has a net connection sharing
           feature. Refer to the system documentation for details.
2000/9/16-18 [Computer/Networking] UID:19266 Activity:nil
9/15    The named on my linux machine listens on a non-privileged UDP port
        in addition to the standard ports. Should I be worried? (can't find
        anything in the docs/faqs, and dont want to udp scan someone else's
        box to match behavior)
        \_ I believe newer nameds use unprivileged ports to do recursive
           queries (ie, where someone requests a record it doesn't have and it
           goes out and looks up the answer). --Galen
                \- isnt the motivation there named doesnt have to be a
                privilaged process? of course there are other ways around
                that and continue to run on a low port. --psb
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