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2000/9/15 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:19246 Activity:very high 60%like:17786
9/15    Please please clean up yer shit in /csua/tmp.  -John
              \_ is /csua/tmp same as /tmp? Do both get cleared upon reboot?
                \_ no, it's not, and no, it doesn't.  And soda's only been
                   up 9 days.  -tom
        \_ why don't u just reboot the machine. It's only TEMP.
           \_ but that would ruin the uptime. we all know how UNIX folks
              are so concerned about uptime.
              \_ is /csua/tmp same as /tmp? Do both get cleared upon reboot?
                \_ no, it's not, and no, it doesn't.  And soda's only been
                   up 9 days.  -tom
2000/9/15 [Uncategorized] UID:19247 Activity:nil
2000/9/15 [Uncategorized] UID:19248 Activity:high
9/14    What is the difference between requirements and specifications?
        \_ A requirement is output of market research.  A specification is
           input to engineering.  Something needs to happen to this output
           before it can turn into good input.  This 'something' is difficult,
           probably much more so than actual software development.  Most
           companies get this part wrong and fail.
        \_ No idea what you're looking for, but I would say that the difference
           is whether or not a solution is defined.  You can have a set of
           requirements written out, but it doesn't say how to satisfy all of
           them.  Whereas when I think of a specification, the actual design
           is described, showing how each requirement is satisfied.
        \_ Specifications are hopefully written to satisfy requirements.
           Requirements are "Gimme something that lets me do this".
           Specifications are "This is what will work"
           \_ You're thinking of Requirement (spec) vs. Design (spec).
              Specification is a detailed document for a specifc
              purpose.  Requirement is just one specific type of
        \_ context sensitive language
2000/9/15 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:19249 Activity:nil
9/14    Say I just typed some very sensitive data into a tcsh session.
        How do I clear the history?  rm .history doesn't work.
        \_ whoami >> /etc/motd.public; history >> /etc/motd.public
        \_ history | mail -s 'remove this' root
        \_ history will only save command-line typing, not stuff you
           typed into, say, a vi session.  Anyway, depends on how your system
           has lastcomm set up, clearing your history won't matter.  -John
2000/9/15 [Computer/Networking] UID:19250 Activity:nil
9/14    I have a 2-IP account from @home, with the standard setup (cable
        modem to cheapo hub, hub to two boxes). I just set up samba on
        my linux box to serve MP3's to roomie's win machine. IP routing
        has been set up on both computers, so, hypothetically, when he
        plays my mp3s, no data should go out the hub and come back in.
        Furthermore, when cable modem is disconnected from hub, it still
        works. However, when it's plugged in, the blinkenlichts on the
        cable modem seem to indicate that something is being transmitted
        in both directions, correlated with the mp3 playing.  tcpdump
        shows only smb packets at that rate. What am I missing?
        (presumably something I don't understand about how the routing
        happens?)  flames >& /dev/null
        \_ Write down both IP addresses, netmasks.  Compare subnets.
           Run traceroute to other computer's IP.
           \_ my ip is 24.A.B.C while his is 24.D.E.F (A!=D, etc). @Home
              recommends netmask of however. Also, since I
              have a separate route to him directly (mask
     and he has the same route back, the rest
              shouldn't matter, no? (the latter claim is confirmed by
              traceroute, yes)
              \_ You sound good then.  Cable modem could be blinking
                 lights whenever it sees signal on the Ethernet, but
                 it shouldn't pick up the packets because the dest
                 MAC address != cable modem's MAC address.
                 \_ cable modem's blinkin correlates with whether or not the
                    mp3 is playing. i trust winamp not to be chatting covertly.
                    \_ SMB, right?  There are probably broadcast
                       control packets that the cable modem picks up.
                       \_ Ah. Yes. Rings a bell now. This probably covers it.
                          Fucking braindead protocol.
2000/9/15-16 [Computer/SW/Unix, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:19251 Activity:high
9/15    I've come into possession of about 25 old sparc 5 and 20s
        and i'd like to experiment with them (set up NFS home server, DNS
        RAID, print server, NIS master/slaves, multiple app servers, etc.)
        I'd like to set up my own little network, connected to my office
        network so I can download software and get outside, but not
        interfering with it. Do I need a router or other network
        equipment? Any good quick jumpstart tutorial you can recommend?
           \_ download and install ipf on one of the boxes. And get
              another sbus nic for it. You'll be set to use that as
              your nat/pat gateway. You should be able to score a le0
              (10BT) nic pretty cheap. If you want to try Solaris, try
              2.6 on the 5's. 7 and 8 were pretty slow on the 5's, but
              they should be fine on a 20. You should also consider
              OpenBSD on you SS 5 & 20's. Its a solid OS that will
              really make your systems shine.
        \_ , see the Advanced Installation Guide
           in the Solaris installation docs collection. You can put
           your network of old sparcs on a private network ( for
           example) behind a box that is running NAT software. This
           way the machines on the network will still be able to see
           the rest of the internet but not vice-versa.
           \_ Make sure that all the netmasks are the same, and that all
              the network card speeds are the same, if they don't all have
              le cards (10Mbit.)  -John
                \_ And duplex.
2000/9/15 [Uncategorized] UID:19252 Activity:nil
9/15    Do you pronounce merry, marry, and Mary the same way?
2000/9/15 [Uncategorized] UID:19253 Activity:nil 60%like:17889
9/15    Why is La Jolla pronounced as La-Hoy-Yeah and Vallejo prounced as
        Va-LAY-Ho? Shouldn't Vallejo be pronounced as Va-Lay-Joe or
2000/9/15 [Reference/BayArea] UID:19254 Activity:nil
9/15    So, is it "the Bay Area" or "Bay Area"?
2000/9/15 [Uncategorized] UID:19255 Activity:nil
9/15    I've made valid non-troll posts yet they still get deleted. Motd
        shall suffer now.
2000/9/15-16 [Uncategorized] UID:19256 Activity:high 58%like:19263
9/15    Did you know that the English prepositions 'to' and 'for' get mixed
        up frequently w/ 'two' and 'four' and has caused a lot of problems
        w/ ATC?
        \_ Do we care?  Do we even know what the fuck ATC is?
        \_ It's all about the NATO phonetic alphabet.
2000/9/15-16 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:19257 Activity:very high
9/15    Is is true that once you start walling on soda you can only marry
        another CSUA'er?
        \_ Yes, just ask norby, tabloyd, ikiru, eric, sony, meyers,
           ERic, jsl, chris, ari...
           ERic, jsl, chris, ari, tom, cynthia...
        \_ Yes, just ask norby, tabloyd, shyguy, ivy, ikiru, eric, sony,
           \_ ari, are you circumsized?
           meyers, ERic, jsl, chris, ari, cdaveb, mikeh, tom, cynthia,
           adr, mel...
           meyers, ERic, jsl, chris, ari, cdaveb, ekim, tom, cynthia,
           dbushong, dawne, alanc, jenni, glass, chamm, marco, jyim,
           nevman, reeser, adr, mel...
           \_ Oh man... ERic & jsl?  sony & meyers?  Weren't they paired with
              other csua people before?  Just because you're in the CSUA
           \_ ari, are you circumsized? --chris
              doesn't mean you're obligated to keep dating other CSUA members.
                \_ only xtine has slept with more csua'ers than jsl has
                 \_ speak now or forever hold your peace
                   \_ "i put the 'grrr' in 'swinger,' baby!!!" --chris
        \_ jj are you worried?
                   \_ didn't anitac sleep with more men?
           \_ ari, are you circumsized?
              \_ he's jewish.  figure it out.
                   \_ how many and with who did she sleep?
           \_ I don't believe tom and cynthia are married.
                \_ They bought a house together - close enough, and as close
                 \_ speak now or forever hold your piss
                   as they're likely to get.
                \_ nor are sony/meyers or ERic/jsl, I believe.  -tom
                        \_ yet.  soon.
                   \_ nor are cdaveb and mikeh, god forbid
                      \_ I believe they _are_ married?  --chris
                                \_ mikeh != ekim
           \_ ari, are you circumsized? --chris
              \_ he's jewish.  figure it out.  --chris
           \_ mehlhaff's married?!  to whom?  --chris
                \_ note the list above is conveniently paired
                   \_ so shyguy and ivy finally tied the knot?
                 \_ speak now or forever hold your penis
             \_ yer mom
           \_ who is ikiru? not some tall svelte brunette from the old days?
                                \_ yes, her.
              \_ wow.  you are a newbie.  she's an oldtimer csua female.  i
                 don't suppose you know who vctoria is, either then.
                 \_ How come the name is different on finger ikiru@soda?
                    Ah, must be changed for marriage. Too long for
                    hyphenation. I see now. And remind me, who is vctoria?
                        \_ i is for ikiru, Euphrasia Lavette Alzena Guri
                                 Scientia Ventura Ikiru; and then
                           j is for more ikiru, Alvera Ganbatte Gelasia
                                 Curvilinearjky... van Bezooijen
        \_ *name removed*  are you worried?
             \_ Nah;  man, if I had to marry anyone else in soda I'd
                shoot myself first.
        \_ No.  It isn't.  -walled on soda before but not married to csuaer.
                                \_ Are you married to non-csua'er?  If not,
                                   doesn't count.
                                   \_ I am married to a non-csua, non-berkeley
                                      person and I used to wall a lot.  College
                                      romance didn't work for me.
           \_  have you set a date, mehlhaff and jsl?  or is this some sort
               of fake engagement?
2000/9/15-18 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:19258 Activity:nil
9/15    Someone mentioned a security hole proftpd versions post 1.2.0pre9
        (though the web page seems to think anything after 1.2.0pre9 is o.k.)
        Can someone tell point me to specifics. I'm running pre10, but older
        than the date that was specified. More info please.
        \_ if there was one, it would probably be in the bugtraq archives
        \_ yes, see; no successful exploits are known yet (or,
           if there are, they've been an extraordinarily well-kept secret). And
           yes, older pre10's are still [theoretically] vulnerable.
2000/9/15-18 [Health/Dental, Health/Eyes] UID:19259 Activity:kinda low
9/15    I need to get myself health insurance, but I don't know anything
        about health insurance.  What are the advantages/disadvantages/
        differences of an HMO or a PPO?  Also, what is an advisable
        deductable to choose?  What is important to watch out for in choosing
        a policy?  Also, are insurance policies typically like month-to-month
        where you can cancel any time, or are they like apartment leases with
        contacts that last, say 1 year, that you cannot cancel?  Thanks!
        \_Get yourself an agent. An agent is in a much better position
        to discuss this with you than anyone on Soda. Look in phone book
        or email me if you want info for one. Keep in mind that individual
        health insurace is very expensive as compared to group. I'd
        recommend that you get insurance through group if you can,
        but it doesn't sound like you can. -williamc
        \_ HMO's are really great until you get sick and need a PPO.
        \_ If you're young and healthy, pick the CHEAPEST coverage you can get.
           Your company (if you're going through your employer) should have
           given you a comparison chart of what each programs would cover.
           Rule of thumb: try not to pay over $10-15 for doctors visit (the
           so-called 'copayment'); find the cheapest program that allows a
           physical exam every other year, allows good drug prescription
           coverage and if it comes with dental, something that would get
           that teeth cleaned twice a year for free too. If you've always gone
           to a specific HMO such as Kaiser, Humana, Alta Bates etc and com-
           fortable with them, get HMO. (although they may not be the best).
           If you don't have a specific physician (or don't care for one), pick
           a PPO, then get a directory from the insurance company and pick a
           a doctor in the network. When I was with Mutual of Omaha they let
           met pay month-to-month but the coverage is for the whole year.
           You may find something better. *shrug* - jthoms

MARK VI will be forthcoming sometime in january.  if you don't like the
crashes volunteer to HELP THE PEOPLE SET IT UP.   Other than that,
deal with your uptimes of less than a week.
\_ Any chance of leaving MK V up as a playing-around machine?  -John
        \_ hahahahahaha hhahahahahahah.
2000/9/15-18 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:19260 Activity:high
9/15    What's up with soda recently? Why all of the reboots? Maybe
        its time to upgrade to FreeBSD 4.1 Stable? Or OpenBSD 2.7?
        \_ There aren't REBOOTS, child, they are CRASHES.  Soda is less
        \_ They aren't REBOOTS, child, they are CRASHES.  Soda is less
           stable than my NT workstation at work.
           \_ what do you use your NT box for? A door stop? A paper
              weight? Playing solitare/minesweeper? Find me a NT machine
              that can support 300 concurrent remote logins and serve
              web pages and mail and all the other stuff that soda does.
              here. We ought not switch to a inferior Finnish update,
              regardless of how nice Linus is as a person.
              \_ It's a development box.  And soda used to be stable once
                 with 300+ concurrent users and everything.  And then something
                 broke and it crashes every week.  Stop giving the stupid,
                 wrong excuse.
                 \_ Okay, find me a NT development box that can do as
                    much with *developement* code (NT is released code).
              \_ Find me an NT machine that can support 1 remote logins.
                           \_ Use UWIN, David Korn's only redeeming
                              contribution to software.
                        \_ Come meet our office Citrix server.
                 \_ Does soda run MS Office, etal? That's all that counts.
                        \_ Not for what soda's used for it doesn't.
                    \_ It could run MS Office very easily. Either via WINE
                       or VMWare or via StarOffice which is in the ports
                       collection. But your NT machine couldn't hold a candle
                       to what soda does (on so little) every day using FreeBSD.
                    \_ What an incredibly stupid question.
        \_ This machine will not be upgraded.  There is no point, only Mark VI.
        \_ Time for Redhat Linux
           \_ Uh, this is What part of
              do you not understand. The BEST OS in the KNOWN UNIVERSE
              (4.4 BSD: A REAL Operating System for Real Users) was built
              here. We ought not switch to an inferior Finnish OS,
              regardless of how nice Linux is as an OS.
              \_ Mikeh is the last FreeBSD vp we'll have.  Deal with reality
        and linux you freebsd fascist. Have a day.
                        \_ Then expect alumni to seize power and restore
                           sense to your senseless linux crap.
                           \_ bwhahaha.  do it then.  take the athlon
                              make it yours.  go on.  run bsd on it.
              \_ and yet 162 is being taught on win2k next semester...
                 \_ ARGV! ARGC! I can't fscking believe this.
                        \_ Didn't you hear? Windows NT is better than Unix.
                           It's been scientifically proven. That's why all
                           the computer scientists are switching to it.
                              \_ By M$ scientists no less.
                                 \_ You mean M$ scientologists.
                           \_ I thought it was because all the idiots at
                              UPE were complaining to the CS profs to buy
                              more worthless junk.
                           \_ Roughly but not quite. There is always
                              \_ HP-UX doesn't count as worthless anymore?
                 \_ It is? Who is teaching it and is this something that may
                    change semester to semester?
                 \_ And if that isn't enough, they're also using Java. Next
                    thing we know Berkeley CS will be taught on Windows boxen
                    using C# abd visual basic.
                        \_ This is when Berkeley goes from being a University
                           to a trade school.
                           \_ Roughly. There is always
                              some sort of trade-off between teaching
                              students something mildly marketable
                              so they got they don't come out completly unaware
                              of the current tools, and theory.
                              Each class, you will learn how to use
                              current tools of the trade, but it doesn't
                              change the content of the examination
                              or knowing the underlying ideas.
                    \_ Java's not so bad, at least it was invented by people
                       who work at a company that would not exist except for
                        \_ Ray Neff put Sun on the map!  -John
        \_ OpenBSD is SMP now?
           \_ not yet. soda is SMP? I though that went out when we
              switched from DyNIX.
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