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2000/9/11-13 [Computer/SW/Languages] UID:19221 Activity:low
9/10    I need to find the "subsidiary code", also known as
        the "programming unlock code" for an Audiovox 9000 phone,
        so it can be used in Canada.  This is NOT the
        "phone unlock code" or the "keypad unlock code".
        Verizon claims only they have it, and they will only
        give it up for a $285 fee, which is totally lame
        and unfair.  Sound familiar?  Can anyone help
        me out?  Thanks. - danh
                \_ Doesn't help much, but I heard that they will waive
                   the fee if you finish off your 1 or 2yr contract
                   with them. - sagarwal
        \_ Try
                \_ This page rules.  -John
2000/9/11-12 [Recreation/Media] UID:19222 Activity:very high
9/10    How have you guys dealt with people and cellphones in movie theaters?
        This one woman next to me today talked through a quarter of the movie,
        near screaming at one point (guess she was having an argument). I
        told her to go talk outside, and she put her hand up, as if saying
        "I'm on the phone, don't f'ing bother me." Then she told me off
        after she got off the phone. I don't want to leave the theater to
        go get some employee to kick her out. In other words, seems like a
        lose-lose proposition: put up with that shit, or miss part of the
        movie to deal with it.
        \_ look in any good microwave engineering text on how to build
           a microwave power amp, and play noise at all the standard cell
           phone carrier frequencys.  the asshole using the phone will
           think it is broken, and give up eventually.
           in fact, the more i think about it, the more i think this is a
           great idea.  i think i'll build one, then post the needed parts
           from Minicircuits and the schematics on the motd.
           \_ Until you cause a detonation or there is
              a fire in a crowded movie theatre.
        \_ A woman?  Anything you like starting with grabbing the phone and
           chucking it somewhere.  A guy?  Are you bigger?  Does he have
        \_ "<generic polite request>" <hand>
           "I don't think you understand, I'm telling you." <insult>
           <Take phone away and give to usher.>  Have some guts, the rest
           of the theater will back you.  -John
        \_ Hit them.  in the head.  with your fist.  Simple.
        \_ When she sticks her hand up, this is when (if you feel like it)
           say, "*Excuse me*.  Why are you shushing me when you're the
           one speaking on a cell phone?  Can you please leave the theater
           and deal with this please?"  The basic idea is that you free
           this person from their delusion.  If her boyfriend proceeds to
           pound you, well, at least you were right.
        \_ There was once this jerk in the theater sitting in front of
  cellphone, but doing all sorts of things to detract
           from the enjoyment of the movie. I was already in a sad mood.
           I was chewing some gum so stuck it to his chair. I assume he
           eventually shifted enough to get it stuck to his back, but I
           immediately got up and left and didnt stick around to find out.
           It was the 2nd movie i had snuck into that day anyways and as
           usual I was at the theater alone.
                \- if you want to avoid confrontation you should probably
                deal with the theater. but of course the person might be off
                by the time you get back. otherwise you can say humiliating
                and witty things about the person. it helps if they are a
                lamer and you have some amount of wit. and you can always
                follow the person home. --psb
        \_ that's what you get for going to the theatre.  i thought i was
           the only one who can't handle annoying people.  thesedays, i
           rarely go to the theatre.  i wait until it comes out on dvd,
           buy it, and watch it at home on the big screen with dts, etc.
           i would suggest most people to do the same b/c let's face
           it...people are annoying.  -uctt
            \_ if you think watching a movie on DVD at home is anything
               REMOTELY like watching a movie in a theater you are an
               idiot, and I don't care how big you screen is or how
               much money you spent on stereo equipment. -aspo
               \_ Theatre sound system sucks.
               \_ You're right. There's just no way to compare to spending
                  $9 per person, that 'special feeling' of your shoes
                  sticking to the floor, and spending $3.50 for some
                  caffienated beverage.
                  On the other hand, the price of HDTV is a bit steep, too.
                  \_ Damn, I'm pretty antisocial, and going out to movies
                     with friends is one of the few things I actually like
                     doing with other people.  Eating junk food at home while
                     you're watching a dvd just doesn't match up to going to
                     a shithole like Denny's with your friends after a movie.
                     \_ Your place is too much of a garbage dump to ever
                        invite other people there, I take it
                        \_ My place is far from palatial, but that isn't
                           really the point.  I've been going out to movies
                           with my friends and hanging out at dives afterward
                           ever since I got my driver's license, and either
                           \_stop driving cars!!!!
                                \_ USE LINUX!!!@11
                           having people come to my place or going to someone
                           else's instead just isn't the same.  If it's good
                           enough for you, great; it just doesn't cut it for
                           me though.
            \_ Is this the same idiot who is hacking DirectTV, and
               boasting to the world about it?
            \_ You actually BUY DVD's? Whatta fool.
            \_ dvds are like $10-$15 with the online coupons.  that's not
               much more expensive than watching it at the theatre.
               sure i like going to the theatre sometimes but usually
               the bad (sticky floors, annoying people sitting around me,
               waiting around in line, etc.) outweighs the good.  i'd
               much rather sit on my leather couch and watch the movie
               on dvd on the big screen along with the nice home theatre
               system since for the lack of quality i get the peace of
               not wanting to kill somebody.  and no...i never boasted
               about hacking directv.  i just boasted about knowledge.
               just like i have the knowledge to bring down computer
               systems...doesn't mean that i go around doing it. -uctt
                \_ Leather couch?!
                \_ Face it.  You are a boastful idiotic thief constantly
                   in need of showing how superior and successful you are.
                   Unfortunately your ego is disproportionately larger
                   than your talents.
2000/9/11-12 [Consumer/Camera] UID:19223 Activity:high
9/10    Has anyone ever bought a large quality of semi-exotic film from
        an online place? any online places with good prices on film?
        i am looking for something like 20-40 rolls of velvia. ok tnx --psb
        \_ S&M ( has velvia 36 for $4.99 a
        \_ S&M ( has vulva 36 for $4.99 a
           roll-in-the-hay, $99.80 for a pro-packing of 20".  I haven't
           found it for cheaper.
           \_ But those are grey market prices.  The USA ones cost $5.39 and
              $107.80.  Are the grey Velvia rolls from B&H in good condition?
              -- yuen
                \-what does "grey mkt" mean in the film world? --psb
                  \_ B&H's definition is that the good is imported and
                     warrantied by the store, not by an authorized dealer.
                     warrantied by the store, not by an authorized dealer.  So
                     the manufacturer does not guarantee the condition of the
                     good because it has no control over what happened to
                     the good during transportation (heat/shock/...).
                        \_ just like
2000/9/11 [Recreation/Dating] UID:19224 Activity:high
9/10    Just curious, do female porn stars use cosmetics on their pussies?
        Female pussies look good on film but never as good in person it
        \_ Female pussies? How about male pussies, aka manginas?
                \_ I've never seen a mangina.  UrlP
                \_ deucy you are the best mangina in my manstable!
           \_ My girlfriend says her pussy belongs to me.  Does that make
              it a mangina?
        \_ I have to disagree.
        \_ Maybe it's the lighting.  Sometimes things look better when
           highlighted with a spot light.  A tungsten light adds warm color
           to it too.
        \_ shave her, it'll look great!
           \_ Tastes better too.  Well, better texture.
2000/9/11-12 [Transportation/Airplane, Recreation/Travel] UID:19225 Activity:nil
9/10    How does gasoline work? I tried their stupid airline
        shit and it totally pisses me off
        \_ you pick from a list of participating gas stations in your area;
           you pick from a list of discounted prices (or name your own);
           you agree to prepay for 10-50 gallons (good for 90 days);
           Priceline either matches your price with the station, or if
           your offer is too low, it will direct you to a more discounted
           station or sign up with a sponsor to get a better offer.
           you can only make one gasoline bid every 24 hours.
2000/9/11-12 [Uncategorized] UID:19226 Activity:nil
9/10    Anybody ever bought a tree from a mail order place?  Do you recommend
        any sites?  Is what you see what you get?  Thanks.
        \_ No trees yet, but I bought all my bare root roses from
  -- there were absolutely no problems, plus I got
           some hard to find hybrids.  My roses arrived fine, and
           are doing great 8 months later. --chris
2000/9/11-13 [Computer/HW] UID:19227 Activity:moderate
9/10    Is there any way to get around address bans on various irc
        servers? For instance, @home just got banned on most efnet
        servers last week..
        \_ you are a moron
        \_ Migrate to Undernet.
        \_ <DEAD><DEAD> you fucking dumbass.
           \_ I tried that before i even posted. Home has was down two
              weeks ago and was down today. Dont know about inbetween.
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