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2000/9/8-9 [Uncategorized] UID:19204 Activity:nil
9/7     Someone please h0ze the outdated message at the top about NVidia.  thx
2000/9/8-10 [Computer/Networking] UID:19205 Activity:nil
9/7     Is there a command in cisco IOS equivalent to "netstat -a" on unix?
        I want to see what tcp/udp ports a router is listening to.  I'm looking
        at the various "show" commands and can't see it.
        \_ Try portscanning its various interfaces.  Show config doesn't
           give you what you need?  -John
2000/9/8-10 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:19206 Activity:nil
9/7     Goddamnit.  Why do web sites / hosts limit the length of passwords?
        Ooh, increased security by reducing the hashable characters. Good idea
        \_ Because most people are stupid and would forget anything longer
           than their own first name.
2000/9/8-10 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:19207 Activity:moderate
9/8     Shouldnt there be a Trevor Buckingham entry in the CSUA
        Encyclopedia by now?
        \_ There's a Trevor entry in the Playboy encyclopedia. Something
           like loser, reject, etc...
        \_ where can i read the CSUA encyclopedia? --chris
           \_ www.csua then click "CSUA Encyclopedia"... or go here:
              Note: No info on Trevor... what gives?
              \_ The encyclopaedia and be-boys do not lend themselves
                 to cohabitation.
2000/9/8-10 [Computer/Networking] UID:19208 Activity:moderate
9/8     I'm using AT&T's @Home cable modem service, two computers running
        win98.  If I buy a cheap switch like the one below, will I be able
        to share a single IP for both machines without setting up a linux
        box for ipmasquerading (ie, will the switch do NAT for me?)
        \_ Before you spend money on hardware and time on nat configs and such
           why not just get a second real IP from @home and hook three wires to
           a cheap 10mb hub?  Cost is $5/month, it's a real IP, no configs,
           don't need first machine on to get second on the net, etc, etc.
           It would be "just like having a real network!".  Hassle free, works
           for me.  If you're employed you can probably get work to pay for it.
           All this home nat stuff is cute but it isn't a generally useful
           skill for the real world.
           \_ This is option #2 below, for completeness.
                \_ Sorry, I was in a hurry and forgot to state that I was
                   restating the #2 option below as a "best choice" for anyone
                   with $5/month to spare.  But, yes, that was my intention.
           \_ I'm in the "real world" and we use IP Masquerading on a Linux
              box. It's cheaper than having to purchase a 15 IP pack and also
              acts as a firewall because internal IP's are not exposed. We
              don't have a switch, only hubs, so if we didn't do this there
              would be no way to secure the network.
        \_ one computer would have to act as the gateway and needs two NICs,
           (an internal network, and an external network) the second one
           would use a reserved IP number, and be on the internal network.
           \_ NO! If you get a switch that has IP Masq support, it'll do this
              for you...
        \_ 1) A switch (including that one) will NOT work by itself.
                \_ WRONG. Certain switches have firmware support for this sort
                   of thing.
                \_ it will if you have two IP's, nimrod.
                   \_ Please to be recognizing the phrase "by itself", and
                      then pleasantly looking at number 2 below, and then
                      kindly being less insulting next time.
           Win2K Professional and Server (but not Win98) have this thing
           called "Internet Connection Sharing" (ICS).  You need one computer
           running ICS.  This computer will have two network adapters (any
           two will do).  You plug one into the cable modem; the other one
           is connected to the other computer with a crossover cable.
           This second computer has "Obtain IP address automatically."
           Now you can share the connection as long as the first computer is
           2) A lot of cable places have a feature where they can give
           you more than 1 IP address.  In this case you buy the hub,
           connect both computers to the hub, and connect the modem to
           the hub.  Both computers have "Obtain IP address automatically."
           3) Run Linux IP masquerading.  Same hardware setup as 1).
           4) If you're just running Win98 and don't want a 3rd computer
           to run Linux, download WinRoute Lite and use the same hardware
           setup as 1).
           * IP masquerading, ICS, and WinRoute are all NAT programs.
        \_ I bought the Umax Ugate-3000 router/hub. NAT-based and works
           like a charm, including web-surfing, games, ICQ, everything. And
            saves from not always having to have one computer on to share
           the connection.
                \_ How much $$$?
        \_ Anyone tried the Linksys DSL/Cable router (either 1-port or w/
           the 4-port integrated switch)?
           \_ that's for gay homo travel agent office queers who play
              MS solitaire all day
2000/9/8-10 [Uncategorized] UID:19209 Activity:nil
9/8     How do I change the drive letter on my WinNT4.0? Thanks.
        \_ User Disk Administrator (under Administrative Tools)
2000/9/8-10 [Uncategorized] UID:19210 Activity:nil
2000/9/8-10 [Computer/Networking] UID:19211 Activity:nil
9/8     Linksys DSL router/switch. Does anyone have this beast. How
        does it compare to a typical PC box doinng NAT feature-wise?
        The reason I am interested in it is because I'd like to share
        my connection with my housemates and yet, I don't want to leave
        my PC on 24/7 -akop
        \_ I bought one.  It works.  My setup is have it as a DHCP client
           getting dynamic IP from cable provider (AT&T/MediaOne), and
           serve as a DHCP server to the computers.  I haven't tried
           much of the additional features (filters/DMZ/etc.), different
           setups or how it compares to similar products.  Setup was easy.
2000/9/8-10 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:19212 Activity:high
9/8     I'm trying to buy a wicked fast PC. i don't need more than 512 megs
        RAM and don't need more than 20 gig disk. i don't need spiffy grfx
        (some texture mapping would be nice though). what should i buy? what
        kind of ram, what processor, what kind of bus chipset? thanks.
        \_ /csua/tmp/newpc
         \_ thanks, but i'm guessing you're either stupid or you can't read.
            i'm looking for a "wicked fast PC" where cpu speed is key. i
            don't need a '"cost-effective" for-home or for-business PC'
            i need something that runs really fast. for example, a 733 mhz
            machine you're pointing out is clearly suboptimal. thanks for
            trying to help anywys.
            \_ you are welcome, now shut the fuck up and go away.
            \_ if you want faster than that, then you want a dual using
               an 840 chipset and RDIMMs.  This is bucks but you can do
               it.  Look at for this. -jctwu
                \_ RDIMMs are not fast.
                   \_ Sure.  But if you want a dual without too much
                      headache you must get RDIMMs with an 840. -jctwu
                      headache you must get RDIMMs with an 840.  I'm not
                      implying that the 840 or RDIMMs are fast, even
                      though it looks that way. -jctwu
                   \_ Right.  If you want dual CuMine Pentium III's,
                      you are forced to get an 840, which forces you to
                      get RDIMMs. -jctwu
            \_ Hmmm.  .  .  I'm guessing you're either stupid or just grossly
               misinformed on what makes a machine fast.  CPU speed is rarely
               the bottleneck in machine speed.  Unless you're doing
               something that is very specifically CPU intensive (and, for
               that matter, not memory intensive-- why the 512 meg max?),
               that 733Mhz processor will do just fine.
               \_ i'm neither. i need fast memory, and don't need more than 512
               megs of it. it's not a bizarre question. you will notice that
               i asked "what kind of ram, chipset" implying that i understand
               that cpu clock rate is not the only issue. and yes, i want
               fast disk as well. jusxt not more than 20 gigs. apparently,
               you folks are confusing disk and memory size for disk and
               memory speed.
                  \_ So what are you doing that you need this wicked fast PC
                     for?  You've said you don't need buff graphics, so what
                     is all that speed going to?  Office Apps (heh).
                     \_ array processing (number crunching).
        \_ What are you going to do with it that doesn't need disk or tons of
           memory or even good video, but a lot of CPU?  Sounds like you
           should be building an SMP box or thinking about a high-end alpha
           or something.  Are you looking for FP performance or integer?
2000/9/8-10 [Computer/Networking] UID:19213 Activity:moderate
9/8     Monopolies suck! Due to an administrative glitch, PacBell has
        royally screwed up my companies DSL service to the point where we
        have to put in a new order and wait 4 weeks(!) for service. And
        switching providers wouldn't help since this is a problem at
        their central office and all providers run on PacBell wires anyway,
        right? Anyone know of anything we can do about this?
        \_ DSL is for cheapasses.  Get Wireless T1.
           \_ provider? I haven't heard of anything wireless going over like
              \_ Check out this page, some of them do upto 1.5 MB


                 A friend of mine runs his company's main link using a
                 1.5 wireless T1 link. It rocks. I would get it but I have
                 good DSL service through firstworld.

                 You are right PacBell SUX!!!!!
                 \_ soda> nslookup
                    *** localhost can't find Non-existent host/domain
                 \_ thanks!
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